tagErotic CouplingsChubby Chaser Ch. 01

Chubby Chaser Ch. 01


**This is a continuation of the adventures of the main character from the "Quid Pro Quo" three part series.**


I'd been irreparably changed by the whole affair and would be a "Chubby Chaser" for the rest of my days.

...six months later I was training a new employee named Ankine Kazarian, a blonde from Armenia. She's got at least two hundred pounds on her five foot four frame with most of it in her tits and one hell of a thick heart shaped butt.

So what if she has a little bit of a gut?


I sat in my window watching the sparse activity on the bank floor before my eyes wandered over to her desk. She looked awkward and a little anxious in her first week as a loan agent and most of our coworkers held her in acidic content for her leap from teller to loan agent-in-training. Me, I wanted in on that huge, squarish butt. Ankine Kazarian however seemed to be oblivious to my overtures however and this only made me try harder. We maintained a friendly enough relationship since my days training her but there was always this sort of disconnect. I couldn't put my finger on it but she had some sort of barrier up whenever I was near. I made sure to keep my "creeper vibe" to a minimum only faltering once at a company party.

Ankine wore this form fitting red dress that put her charms on display and I just couldn't get enough of her exaggerated hourglass shape. It was pretty obvious that the dirty blonde had some pendulous boobs through the material of her dress. She was wearing a strapless bra and what appeared to be a thong plainly visible through the tight material. Ankine had an innate love of the drink that came back to haunt her in a mishap on the dance floor with a coworker who wasn't me. She lost her footing in some too high heels sprawling out on her belly and inadvertently causing her dress to ride up on her wide hips. For a minute I was treated to the sight of a peach colored thong buried between her pillow sized ass cheeks. She squirmed about on top of one of the lucky guy that had been dancing with her making me green with envy. Most of my drunken coworkers had a good laugh at her expense while I was stuck at my table with a raging boner for a good twenty minutes.

The image of her wide, squarish butt haunted my nights for a few weeks prompting me to make a number of overtures towards Ankine that went nowhere. It almost felt like someone was sabotaging my efforts to bag this hefty honey. Every time I closed my eyes I seemed to get closer and closer to that big fucking ass and new minute details would be revealed. Sometimes I noticed the deep cleavage Ankine possessed due to her habit of leaving one button too many undone on the blouses she wore to work. Sometimes it felt almost like she was trying to tease me on purpose. I imagined burying my cock in-between her fun bags and giving her the mother of all pearl necklaces when my phone rang.

"Don't you have anything better to do than gawking at Ms. Kazarian?!" It was the bank president who'd been watching me the entire time and I quickly mumbled my compliance awkwardly returning to work.

I'd been irreparably altered after my experiences months ago with my former supervisor finding myself looking sideways at any plus sized women I encountered. I definitely had a type preferring my women to have what apparently were rare body types for larger women. The pear shape and what amounted to an exaggerated hour glass figures. Kind of made sense seeing as how I was somewhat of an "Ass Man" before my experience with Melanie Santos. It seemed as if my coworkers were cock-blocking due to the fact that I rarely found myself alone with Ankine. One evening I decided to blow off some steam finding myself in a local pub near my job during happy hour.

"So tell me something true my friend; you prefer the fat girls?" I'd been sitting at the bar working on my fifth Heineken when I heard a familiar voice call out to me. I was more than a little surprised to find Ankine sitting at the end of the bar working on a very large glass of wine. She was Armenian and spoke with a thick accent that was hard on the ears initially. She still found a way to look uncomfortable in her own skin sitting there on that stool with a too tight skirt. Today she happened to be wearing what looked like a billowy peasant's blouse with a mismatched, rough looking sports coat covering her prominent chest.

"Pardon me?"

"Your friends there at work; they say you have a preference for the fatties." She was a little off putting but direct and I guess she'd worked up some liquid courage.

"Who the fuck said that shit?" I guess I was a little bit liquored up as well.

"Most of the people who work with us; they have been telling me of the fucking pig Melanie Santos that you stuffed before she got "moved" to a little itty bitty bank." She punctuated her explanation by emptying her glass.

"Oh is that right?"

I decided discretion was the better part of valor and continued drinking while Ankine stared a hole in the side of my head waiting for an answer.

"So it must be true since you refuse to answer; I was right about you after all." Her thick, alcohol soaked voice stirred something nasty inside of me.

"Oh and what's that Ankine?"

"You do like fucking the fatties and that means I could never make fuck with you because that would mean I was a pig too." She fished around in her purse for a wad of bills which she waved at the bartender who was none too pleased with the blue language she was using.

"You're not a pig?" Her big blue eyes widened at my insult and I laughed inside as her mouth became this gaping maw of outrage.

"Listen up mother fuck; you could never hope in your deepest dreams to have some of me. I know that you watch my ass all the time and that's all you get fuck face." The bartender was tapping my drunken coworker on the shoulder to abate the attention she was drawing.

"I love bacon." I raised my glass and smiled at Ankine.

She swatted at the bartender hopping down from the stool on rubbery legs to confront me. She surprisingly made it over to me in three strides pouring her drink over my head. I was drenched from the top of my head to my crotch from her drink of choice.

"Oink, oink." The fire flashed in her eyes as she swung an open palm at my right cheek. I caught her wrist at the last moment before I was struck.

"Asshole!" We struggled a bit before she calmed down a bit as the bartender threatened to cut both of us off. She looked over her shoulder glaring at the tattooed and pierced gentleman as if he were scum of the earth.

"Relax, we're just talking aren't we?" My hand was already resting flat on her right ass cheek luxuriating in the subtle curve of her backside.

"Fuck you." Ankine practically spat the words in my face before shoving me in the chest and hitting the exit.

"Bartender, a bottle of your best please." Moments later I found Ankine half a block down sitting in one of those covered bus shelters. I watched her staring out at the street wondering what had got her so riled up that she spent over two hours drinking after work. When I'd been assigned to train her months earlier, Ankine had been overly kind measuring her words and going out of her way to be helpful. Apparently version one of this suddenly abrasive blonde had been some sort of unnecessary ruse to perhaps secure my undivided attention. Once she'd been tapped for an early promotion it was like all knowledge of me had slipped her mind. She was actually a conniving cunt for all intents and purposes and I intended on having some more fun with her.

"Have you no shame fuck face?" I simply nodded finding a seat next to her and offering her one of two glasses I held. Ankine seemed content to drink with me as I filled her full of cheap wine. At about the fifth glass she leaned into me snuggling and staring deep into my eyes.

"Do you think I am fat?"


The darkened cove just inside her apartment door and adjacent glass table afforded me just enough room to bend Ankine over it as my frantic hands yanked that form fitting skirt past her wide hips. Her smooth pale skin shown bright in the darkened alcove as I got my first look at Ankine's rather wide butt. She had this longish looking ass with these wide hips that flared out dramatically before unconventionally cheating what would have been a natural curve into a straight line that merged with her jiggly, plump thighs. The was no curve in the back giving her butt the illusion of deflation and that was a bit disappointing. She was wearing a lilac colored thong that rode high on her hips. The flimsy garment helped to make her ass look rounder than it actually was.

"Is my ass fat enough for you?" She drunkenly slobbered doing her best to hold onto the glass table behind her door where a pile of unopened mail rested.

"Nope; but it'll do." I'd already fished my cock out using my other hand to pry her doughy cheek aside to reveal her visibly wet snatch. I liked the way her flesh conformed to my probing fingers and took a minute to enjoy touching her.

"You are real jerk." She commented in a half grunt looking down at her hard wood floor. All I could see was the back of her head covered in a mane of dirty blonde hair. I used my legs to spread hers a little wider as I took the time to slip on a condom.

"Yeah, but you're still gonna fuck me anyway bitch." A little jolt of electricity shot through me as I dug my fingers into her pliant hips shoving my cock into her sloppy cunt as hard as I could. I didn't care how long I lasted or if she came or not. I was stoked that I was fucking Ankine Kazarian from the back even though others had conspired to stop me from bagging this heifer. I dropped my pants to my ankles bending at the knees to enjoy her flabby ass from the subtle curve at the bottom to the dimpled top of her lower back. The clapping sound of her butt hitting my pelvis added to our drunken tryst as I pounded her mercilessly caring little for her needs. I felt like talking a little more shit because of her actions earlier but I didn't want to do anything that could potentially stop me from cumming all over her big ass. Ankine continued mumbled something in her native language while I pushed herder into her from behind. She was obliged to press her hands flat against the wall behind her door as her gasps and grunts grew louder. I pried her cheeks apart with little effort and rubbed a thumb on her brown-eye making her toss an elbow back at me.

"Don't you try it; I'll castrate you gay bastard!!" She threatened adding fuel to the fire.

Her ass jiggled and changed shape as I pounded it; I wondered just how old she was because of the watery nature of her back porch. Ankine was doing her best to move with me but I worked in a counter rhythm to any movement she made frustrating her on purpose. She snarled dropping to her knees and taking me right along with her.

"If you move a little bit over I can perhaps enjoy-!!" I did the exact opposite colliding with her pee hole on a few instances.

"It hurts fucker man!!" She complained twisting her hips from side to side before lying flat on her stomach. I really couldn't tell you how I did it but I never disengaged ending up sprawled across her back in a prone position.

"Perhaps you'd like the bed; I can be naked for you?" Ankine was trying to bargain with me but I was too far gone to care. Ankine Kazarian was getting fucked hard and it was the only way I was going to stop was by blowing a load all over her big, pale ass. I could feel my inner thighs and balls tightening up in advance to an impending climax as she continued awkwardly wiggling her hips in a vain attempt to shake me off. It was elementary that as soon as I pulled out to remove the condom she would find a way to fuck up my orgasm so I had to be smarter than her.

"Ankine, you want to go to the bed and fuck?" I panted into her ear almost losing my lunch from the rancid stench of her breath.

"Yeaaaah, I-I make fuh-fuck good for you asshole!!" She was tightening up around me in spite of all her complaints.


"I-I promise fuck man!!" She was close to exploding but I didn't want that. I rolled the exposed part of the rubber down until it was touching her ass cheeks.

"OKAY!!" I yanked my cock out of her cunt resting it between her cheeks as several loads of jizz spewed across the buoyant surface of her wide butt. Ankine squirmed and tried to turn over but my weight held her in place until the last bit of my lust dribbled out into her rear cleft.

I basked in the glory of my conquest for a few seconds before quickly standing and pulling my pants up before Ankine's eyes. She was still lying on her belly shaking the drunken cobwebs from her head. I admired my mess as I reached for the door knob.

"That's it?" She questioned in a husky, accented voice dripping with indignation.


"What do you mean "what"; I haven't cum yet or did you not notice?" Ankine was definitely frustrated as I buckled my belt noticing the wine I'd bought on her small glass table.

"Tell you what Ankine, you can keep the bottle." I quickly stepped over her prone body letting myself out as she shrieked in rage.


It was a Friday night when I'd hooked up with Ankine so I had two days between the last time I'd seen that soft, big, curvy ass and the Monday morning of the beginning of my work week. I'd decided to go

John Malkovich on Ankine acting like nothing had happened. So I made it a point to subtly avoid any real interaction with Ankine at work. The moment she arrived I could feel her eyes burrowing into me but I held fast to my resolve to ignore her abrasive ass. I noticed she was wearing a form fitting grey dress with some calve length boots probably trying to get my attention. It accentuated her large breasts and longish, wide derriere but did her no favorites in the midsection calling attention to her muffin top. She accentuated her ensemble with some beads around her neck but my gaze wandered to her backside which was shamefully displaying her VPL (Visible Panty Line) and the fact that she was wearing the skimpiest thong she could find.

She kept shooting glances my way trying to catch me looking but I was too slick for the angry loan officer. I noticed that she made it a point to walk within five feet of my teller window every time she escorted one of her clients out. When this didn't work, she feigned assisting a customer using the hapless retiree as an excuse to approach my teller window.

"Yes Ms. Kazarian." I responded robotically to all of her questions draining any hint of emotion or recognition from my voice. It was fun seeing my new foil bristle and seethe with feminine rage. By mid-day Ankine was making some serious rounds in the workplace gossip circles. A few female employees were already tickled to death over my antics and the bank president was shooting daggers at me with his eyes. I think he may have had a thing for Ankine but I really didn't want to find out. I knew I was going to fuck her at least one more time but I was determined to show her how bland she was by doing absolutely nothing after railing the living hell out of her the prior evening. It had been everything I wanted and more, completely animalistic and disposable.

"YOU ARE A PLAYER OF THE FUCKING GAMES!!" I'd been hailing a cab when she stormed towards me livid and raw with emotion.

"Hello uhm, Ka-Kazarian right?"

"You know who I am; you've been playing with me all FUCKING day and you are ASSHOLE!!" Ankine was wrapped in a thigh length white overcoat that looked quite stylish against her dirty blonde locks. Her nails dug into my arm as she shook it trying to get some reaction from me.

"Uhm; okay I'm going now." I slid into the back of the cab and she followed me squeezing in tight with a crazed look in her eye.

"WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH YOU FUCKING MY ASS HARD LAST NIGHT AND PLAYING GAME THIS MORNING?!!" I noticed the cab driver looking in his rear view mirror and winked with a smirk on my face. Ankine followed my gaze to the driver and rapped on the bullet proof glass with her fist.

"MIND YOUR OWN AFFAIRS INDIAN FUCK!!" He flipped her the bird and I had to literally stop her from punching my driver in the ear.

"Chill out Ms. Kazarian; get something to eat with me?" She snarled something in her own language and turned towards her passenger side window in a huff. Her heavy breathing was audible as my eyes rested on her exposed creamy looking thigh.

Twenty minutes later we found ourselves in a basement eatery that I'd become enamored with six months earlier while hanging out with friends. The Italian restaurant had an excellent lasagna and cheesy garlic bread combination that was my guilty pleasure food. I'd snagged a paper from a nearby rack reading it while Ankine stared at me from the other side of our shared booth. I had read my horoscope and was halfway through the crossword puzzle when she reached across the table snatching the paper. I watched non-pulsed as Ankine ripped the paper to shreds before tossing it back across the table at me.

"You know Ankine; you might want to see someone about that mean streak."

"I did not come here to look at you read the fucking paper!!" She had this piercing glare that kind of bore down on you. This woman was used to getting her way in no uncertain terms and she didn't care what anybody thought of her. I'd managed to get under her skin enough to force her to out herself at the office.

"Oh and what did you come here for?" Ankine paused surprised by the question.

"Y-You ask me to dinner."

"But you were so angry with me before about all kinds of things, real or imagined Ankine. I just want to be clear that about why you're here sitting in front of me." Her blue eyes narrowed

"You are real piece of work asshole; you play a lot of fucking games like you are the king or something motherfucker." She was doing a slow burn realizing I was having a little fun at her expense. There were more than enough eyes on us due to her thick, raspy voice and accent.

"So we're not fucking after this dinner right?"

"Whu-WHAT?!!" She clutched at her blouse inadvertently shaking her large breasts for my enjoyment. Ankine surprised me by flushing red apparently worried that some of the other patrons were privy to my rather blue question.

"It's a simple question; are we or are we not-FUCKING right after this dinner?"

"How can you say such fucking things to me; don't you know how to treat a lady asshole?!!"


"Then how can you talk to me like some fucking WHORE?!!"


"I DON'T UNDERSTAND FUCKER MAN?!!" Ankine looked legitimately confused leaning forward and tantalizingly resting her breasts on the tabletop.

"Look honey we both know what you are; I'm just trying to establish the price." I have to give our waiter Jerry kudos for rolling through the proceedings as he filled Ankine's glass with a pitcher or ice cold water which she then proceeded to fling right into my face. My eyes followed her wide hips and longish looking ass as Ankine stormed out of the restaurant.

"I guess I'll have the lasagna to go." I said non-pulsed reaching for my wallet.


The moment Ankine turned her key in the lock my hand shot up between her thick thighs cupping her sex from the back. I gave her the mother of all wedgies driving the material deep into her crack. Her butt was softer than it should have been as I squeezed one of her pendulous breasts rolling the thick nipple and accompanying material between three fingers. It was like she had been waiting for me to make a move pushing her ass hard into my crotch. She was already sweaty in anticipation as we clumsily made out way into the now familiar alcove behind her front door. I drew the front of her skin tight dress up to find a wafer thin patch of intricately detailed material between her legs. The tiny lime green crotch of her thong was sewn with a leaf-like pattern and I found myself admiring the handiwork.

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