Chuck hated his life. He was geeky, ugly, and smart. He was happy that he was smart, but the fact he had graduated early and was in college meant he was teased even more. He was nineteen however everyone in his classes was twenty or twenty-one. It meant he wasn't old enough to go to bars and since he looked younger, he couldn't get away with using a fake I.D.

Chuck grabbed his school bag and walked down the stairs to go home. The bell had rung and everyone around him was chatting and talking. Chuck had no friends. He rarely paid attention to anyone anymore. He used to. He used to try to talk to the students in his classes, but they glared at him. He wasn't part of any group, which meant that he didn't deserve to be spoken to. Breton Collegiate College prided itself on being one of the most elite colleges in the state. Chuck had only been allowed entrance because of his perfect marks. He would not bring down the average of the school and had actually increased it dramatically.

"Ouch." Chuck cried out and saw the floor rushing towards him quickly. It took him a few seconds to realize that he had fallen down the last four steps and was now laying flat on his back. His school bag had gone flying. He looked up and watched as one of the football cheerleaders, Parker, stepped over him to go up the stairs. He saw for a split second that she wasn't wearing panties and saw no hair against her pussy. Chuck watched porn at home on his computer a lot so he knew what a hairy and hairless pussy looked like.

"Ouch." Chuck felt a pain in his side and could only wince as he watched her kick him between the legs.

"Don't you dare look at me that way you pervert. You are disgusting and I should call the police." Parker's voice was high and squeaky. It was also hoarse from all the screaming she did during cheerleading practice. Chuck lay there stunned. He closed his eyes and listened to the tapping of her high heels going up the stairs.

Parker was the first student that Chuck had tried to talk to on his first day of school. Parker hadn't been wearing her cheerleading uniform that day and she looked kind and gentle. Chuck had said hello and her face had turned from happy to angry. She had spat in his face, demanding he move away from her immediately. It wasn't until later that he found out that you don't talk to any of the cheerleaders unless they talk to you first. That had been the first of many mistakes that he had made during the first few weeks of school.

Chuck opened the door of his house and was thankful when he heard nothing. His mother was overbearing and loud. She was always asking why he had no friends. He dropped his school bag at the front entrance and ran up the stairs.

Lying on the bed, he thought to himself that he wanted to fuck her. He was always so horny and spent hours jerking off to porn online. He desperately wanted to fuck her. It was a need, a want. Chuck closed his eyes and imagined Parker flirting with him. He imagined her begging him for sex. He played in his head how he would say no at first, making her beg even more. He then would grab her, pull her into the hallway, and fuck her brains out. Chuck rolled over and fell asleep.


Chuck rushed out of the house to school. He had fallen asleep around four in the afternoon and didn't remember anything other than his mom banging on his door at eight. He was going to be late for school. He got dressed quickly and ran out grabbing his school bag on the way out. He felt strange, but had no idea why. He tried to remember what he had done when he got home, but couldn't. By the time he got to school, he pushed the strange feeling he had out of his head. He needed to pay attention at school.

His first three classes were fine. He sat at the back and didn't make eye contact with anyone. He copied the notes the professor was writing on the board and pretended to look interested. When the bell rang, he got up quickly and snuck out the back door of the classroom.

He glanced up and saw Parker walking down the hall alone. The moment she saw him her facial expression changed. Instead of the evil look she usually gave him, she actually smiled. The smile then turned to a flirty pout. By the time she was next to him, she was biting her bottom lip, sucking on it gently as the tip of her tongue flicked against her teeth.


Chuck gulped. She was wearing one of her white uniforms and her nipples were pressed against her top. He knew that look. All the porn stars had that look when they were about to cum. He had watched enough videos to know that.

"You must be new. I'm Parker." Parker leaned over and kissed Chuck softly. Chuck gasped. His cock reacted violently to her kiss, throbbing in his pants. The cum rushed from his balls and he tried everything in his power to stop the impending orgasm.

"I'm Chuck." He blurted out those words. He was cumming in his pants and couldn't stop. It wasn't helping that she had pressed herself against him and was slowing rocking her hips against this cock.

"I have to tell you a secret." Parker leaned over and sucked gently on his earlobe. His cock swelled immediately and had he not just cum he would probably have blown his load again. "I always give the cute new guys a blow job as a welcome present."

Chuck closed his eyes. Suddenly the events of last evening came flashing back. He had not fallen asleep, but instead had gone online. He had found a site from a woman named Delilah and had called her up. She had told him that she could make him a new person at school. Chuck didn't really believe it and from his point of view, he looked the same. Obviously, Parker thought he was someone different. For all he knew she might see a big tall muscular football player type in front of her.

Chuck whimpered. Parker was pressed up against him hard and had slid her small hand into his pants. She was stroking his cock so hard that he couldn't think. Chuck gasped as he felt a hot wetness envelope his cock. He looked down and the blonde cheerleader was deep throating him. He could feel her throat push against the tip of his cock.

"Fuck." Chuck grabbed her hair and pulled her back and forth on his cock. She wasn't going fast enough for him to cum. He jerked her back and forth at the same speed he jerked his cock with his hand. He was grunting and moaning, pulling at her hair. It was so empowering to have this bitchy cheerleader kneeling on the cold tile floor, allowing him to face fuck her.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth slut." Chuck had no idea where those words came from, but he didn't care. He felt like he was in a porno and was going to enjoy every minute of it. He yanked her hair hard and exploded into her mouth. He held her head against his cock until he felt her swallow. He wanted to make her swallow all of his sticky hot cum.

Chuck looked down and Parker was still kneeling. Her eyes were looking up at him adoringly. Chuck was in heaven. He was full of confidence and, at the same time, in awe that she would do anything he wanted. He knew what he wanted.

"Stand up." Parker stood up quickly and followed him like a little puppy dog to the closest bathroom. Chuck was completely horny, but still had some common sense. He was not going to fuck her in the hallway. He entered the bathroom and motioned her to climb up on the counter. The bathroom was gross and smelled bad. Most of the boy's bathrooms at the school did. Parker sat up on the counter and spread her legs. Chuck could see that she was wearing pink and purple panties. He groaned.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Parker's eyes were wide and sultry. She was definitely horny and definitely wanting to be fucked. Chuck groaned. He knew he should lick her pussy or something, but he couldn't wait. He wanted to fuck her and wanted to fuck her now. He pulled down his pants and pushed against her pussy. Her panties were in the way so he grabbed them and yanked them down her smooth muscular legs. He then pushed in hard and moaned. Her pussy was so tight and so wet. He gripped her hips and banged away at her tight hole.

"I want to do this more. I want to be your girlfriend."

Chuck couldn't believe his ears. She was seriously begging him to date her. He grunted and continued to fuck her. Had he not just cum in her mouth a few moments before he wouldn't have lasted as long as he did. He felt his balls tighten and he didn't even think to stop. He exploded inside her and felt his cum coat the walls of her pussy.

"Wow." He looked at Parker. She was sitting on the dirty counter with her skirt around her hips. Her pretty panties were on the ground and he could see his cum oozing slowly from her pussy.

"Can we do that again?" Parker was giddy. She wanted to have sex with this him again.

"Sit next to me in English class and I'll think about it." Chuck laughed. He had gotten what he wanted and knew that she would sit the rest of the day with no panties, his cum oozing out of her pussy. He grabbed her panties as a token and rushed to class.

Chuck spent the next two classes thinking of only two things. The first was whether she would actually sit next to him in English. The second was whether he was going to wake up and realize it was all a dream.

Chuck didn't need to wonder much longer. The moment he sat down in his English class Parker wandered over and straddled his hips. Chuck could only grin.

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