tagGay MaleChuck and John's Public Pool Fun

Chuck and John's Public Pool Fun


Chuck and John met in their freshmen year of high school. Almost from the first football practice where they met their personalities meshed. They had been inseparable best friends from the beginning. In high school they shared classes and the normal experiences. They double dated to the prom and boasted to each other about their sexual adventures with the girls. Chuck led John in losing his virginity to a cheerleader by several weeks, and the same girl serviced John for his first time! Chuck the bolder one set up that pivotal date for John to get laid. They joked about "beating their meats," but were straight. All that changed within weeks after graduation.

In that first summer after their 18th birthday and high school graduation Chuck and John both ended up with physically demanding jobs, landscape helper and freight truck loader respectively. After 8 hours of hot work they took to the local public swimming pool in the evening to cool down, and that's where the fun began!

It was near dusk and the boys were diving off the pool edge. John was in the water and Chuck was on the deck. John dove under the water, and with John under Chuck dove in near him. Chuck's dive was close to John and when John looked through the water he could clearly see Chuck's trunks down far enough to expose pubic hair. For an explicable reason the view in the public pool of Chuck's hair excited John.

When they both surfaced John asked, "Did you fix your trunks?"

Chuck replied, "What?"

John, "Your trunks dummy. They almost came off. I could see your hair, and I don't mean on your head!"

Chuck looked at John and said, "Really, and why were you looking?"

John replied, "I wasn't looking for it, but I saw. Dive harder and those baby's could drop lower."

Chuck always the bolder looked around to the other swimmers nearby and said, "Should I dive harder?"

All John could say was, "You wouldn't."

Chuck came back with, "You want to bet?

John, "Okay I'll go for a buck, but everything has to show?"

Now Chuck looked around again and said, "The bet's on!"

Chuck jumped up on the deck, and for some reason John started to notice the start of an erection.

Chuck was on the deck peering around again. He yelled to John, "Go under." And John headed under water. Chuck dove on an abrupt angle and plowed into the water. John staring toward the side of the pool saw Chuck break the water very near him and yes his swim suit was way down! Shit his erect penis was totally above his suit. Not only that Chuck's dive brought the penis close to John's shoulder. Did it touch?

They both surfaced, and Chuck said, "That'll be one buck."

John said, "Damn you did it!"

Chuck's comeback was, "Yah and there still down. If you don't believe me take a look."

John dove under and swam real close, and sure enough Chuck now clearly erect was still exposed.

John surfaced and this playing in public had really aroused him. John said, "You've got a hard on. I saw."

Chuck looked at him and said, "I'm sure you did, I saw how close you got. Have you ever ... messed around with a guy?"

John, "Played doctor with a buddy long time ago. He's moved. Nothing really."

Chuck said, "Never did, but I guess I've thought about it."

John could only say, "Same here. I'm excited."

Chuck said, "Mines still out take yours out."

John never replied, but even from on top of the water Chuck could tell John's trunks were moving down. They both looked around. Chucked dove under, and the wash of the water moved John's dick."

When Chuck surfaced he looked around to see how close others were to them in the early evening and said, "Want to play?"

John couldn't reply, but while watching for others his right hand reached under the water and wrapped around Chuck's penis. Chuck could only say, "Shit feels good!"

Then Chuck said, "Please?"

So there under the water in a public swimming pool John started to jack his friend off. So many thoughts went through them, but they were on a path they both wanted. Chuck could only say, "Shit John that feels great, man great!"

John kept to the task one time diving under to see his hand at work! Chuck's body started to rock and his hips were thrusting into John's hand. Chuck said, "Now please now, fast, fast, faster, pound it!" John hand worked a feverish pace up and down Chuck's cock.

John said, "I want to see when it goes. Tell me."

Almost at that moment Chuck growled, "Now! Oh baby now John!" and John went under. With his hand in motion and head close by Chuck's hips gave one massive push and his load spurted forward into the pool water. John held his breath and kept pumping. He stayed down as long as he could then surfaced.

Chuck could only say, "Oh shit John that was great! Oh shit!"

Well that was the first night of public pool fun of the summer. More adventures would come on other days and nights, and from that point forward Chuck and John became even better friends.

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