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Chuck and Sarah Ch. 01


Chuck and Sarah -- Twist of fate in Paris

"Here are a few things you might need to know or maybe just forgot."

Just kidding!

I originally wrote these stories (I already wrote two more and probably there is even more to come) during the last year for the german board. In fall 2009 a major german TV-Network had aired four or five episodes of
"Chuck", but found the viewing rate not satisfying enough to show more. (A swiss network had aired the first two seasons until now, but doesn't seem to air some more)

Well the Network's loss was the Internet's win.

So I took on the honorable task of showing the german speaking audience what they're missing. Not by retelling the episodes themselves, but by creating stories to fill in "gaps" like the one, this story is supposed to fill.

This story-line is set between the episodes "Chuck vs. The other Guy" (3.13) and "Chuck vs. The Honeymooners" (3.14) and finally explains, how Chuck and Sarah eventually got together. That's a part, I've really been missing in the show. I bet you did too.

Being a genuine fan, I filled the gap myself.

I hope, you'll enjoy my ideas and like the way, I see our beloved couple.

Feedback would not only be appreciated but actually asked for, so tell me, how you liked my stories.

BTW... I want to thank meanblackjack for his helpful advice and the -- unfortunately necessary -- editing, as I'm not a native speaker, and my language skills turned out to be a bit rusty.


Chuck -- Charles Irwing Bartowski, Codename Charles Carmichael -- Central Intelligence Agency's most unusual special agent stared down at the dark waters of the Seine. Holding onto the one woman he loved most in the world and slowly pulling her up and back into safety, while his enemy's body was slowly sinking into the dark depths of the river Seine.

Only moments ago Chuck was forced to kill his former colleague and senior special agent Daniel Shaw by shooting three 9mm P.A. bullets in his chest, because Shaw tried to kill agent Sarah Walker, the woman, Chuck now kept hold of. But Chuck hadn't had the time to feel bad about his first real killing...

Shaw had -- already dying -- grabbed Sarah's hand and was dragging her over the balustrade, while he fell of the bridge, they were standing on. Chuck had took hold of Sarah literally the last second and prevented her from being pulled into certain death.

Holding Sarah in his arms, Chuck realized, neither his training as a spy nor the fact, he's carrying the "Intersect 2.0" - a top secret database, combining the intelligence of several clandestine agencies with the "how-to-dos" for countless purposes -- in his head would ever tame the fear of losing Sarah.

Shaw had tranquilized Sarah minutes before using an yet unidentified neurotoxin to immobilize her for a while so he could kill her after she had witnessed his treason. He was determinate to hand over all secrets of the "Intersect" to the Director of the RING -- an international secret crime organization aiming to achieve world domination -- and to become a Member of the RING. Chuck was afraid of her dying right there in his arms, and fears like this have always inhibited his ability to "flash" - to access the "Intersect".

A deep numbness felt on him, when he saw her falling off the balustrade, but his muscles were vibrating with a power never felt before as he made a leap to catch her. His recollection of the moments between Sarah's fall and him pulling her into the safety of his embrace where a foggy blur. Only the burning feeling within his heart and the pain in his soul facing a world without Sarah in it were real to him -- and the sheer desire to rescue her by any means was all that mattered.

He stroked her long blond hair, pulling a stray strand from her forehead, and kissed her face, inhaling her scent -- she still smelled a little bit of the different flavors of Fro Yo, she had been selling for two years now to cover her assignment of protecting Chuck, and from which she on occasion used to pinch a bit. Chuck kissed the soft eyelids hiding the most beautiful gray eyes he had ever seen. He encased her in his embrace like into an armor, protecting her from the world, while tears welled up his dark brown eyes. Her lips were slightly open, and he laid his lips softly on hers, tasting her breath -- sweet, but faint... Like she's already gone... Like he lost her in the end.

Almost mechanically he felt for her pulse... And found it... Weak, fast and fragile like a rose's scent in a storm. Had Shaw eventually succeeded in taking away the most precious, Chuck ever had?

Chucks trembling lips were on Sarah's ear, as he whispered:

"Sarah, Jenny, Sam... What ever might be your real name... I can't go on without you. Without you I wouldn't be neither the man, nor the spy I am."

He was absolute positive, she could hear him.

"You've saved me so many times during the last three years, but now, when you need me, I can't do a thing..."

"Agent Bartowski? Are you and agent Walker wounded?"

Chuck rose in a swift move, as the voice suddenly appeared behind his back, and before he knew it, he aimed his gun at the source of the voice, ready to protect Sarah's life, ready for another kill .

A young Marine from the US-Embassy in Paris stood there, his hands lifted in defense and a pacifying gesture.

"Sir... We secured the perimeter and Col. Casey sent me to tell you that he learned which sort of toxin was used to tranq agent Walker. He and a one of our medics are on their way, to make sure agent Walker will get well again."

He watched Chuck carefully, his hand on his own gun. Although being on the same side, the young Marine kept a cautious eye on the 6'3ft. tall CIA-Agent before him... Ready to shoot, if necessary.

Chuck immediately lowered his gun, when he realized the young Marine's words and looked at the man.

"I'm sorry, Marine." He mumbled towards the young man.

"Never mind, Sir... I understand..." the Marine said and obviously relaxed.

Chuck must have lost his earpiece without realizing it, when he pulled Sarah back onto the bridge. Casey would have probably being searching both of them all over the place. Now he even could hear his backup team, and one voice was unmistakable.

"Bartowski!!! Where is Walker???"

Casey's voice was rolling thunder in a deep and narrow canyon, and people not familiar with him would have dropped dead from fear, facing him at this very moment, but Chuck knew him for a long time and was aware that Casey was like this, when he cared for someone.

Somewhere deep deep down inside, Casey must have a soft spot -- That's at least what Chuck was convinced of.

The three of them have been a team for three years, relying on each other blindly and trusting each other completely. That was the only reason why Chuck let the visibly concerned NSA-Agent and the medic near Sarah, as a precaution still holding his gun ready. If Casey registered -- what he probably did -- he didn't comment it at all. He would have understood.

Colonel John Casey USMC, currently ex-agent of the National Security Agency, had witnessed for the last three years, what a rocky road Chuck and Sarah have been taking to find each other -- although they felt in love the very second they met.

Most of the time, Casey was tempted to kill both of them for being so indecisive and simply annoying. In his opinion, what was dangerous, wasn't them being in love with each other, but doing all this to and fro, they were pulling on.

As time went by, Casey finally realized, what kept Chuck going, and let him succeed. His big heart and his integrity... And his love for Sarah.

On the other hand, Sarah, who was already a top agent before, exceeded herself every time the sometimes pretty clumsy Nerd Herder Chuck Bartowski was concerned.

Casey had to face the fact grudgingly a long time ago that although Chuck and Sarah's relation was highly dangerous, it couldn't be any other way. As unorthodox and irregular their approaches were, as efficient and successful they have been.

"Agent Walker will be well soon, Gentlemen. The toxin was only supposed to immobilize her and should be out of her system soon. She just needs rest and sleep." The doctor calmed both of them down, packed his stuff and left.

"You should take her to the hotel, Bartowski. I'm staying and will take care of business. We can talk later." With these words, he gave him a hesitant pat on the shoulder -- a mere miracle for a man like Casey -- and spun in his heels, turning to the Black Ops team, he had gathered "off the record", as their mission in Paris wasn't neither consulted nor approved by Washington, and the team officially never have been there to rescue agent Walker... And Casey himself had been sacked by Gen. Beckman herself earlier.

Casey liked "the Kid" - he named him that way, when he was in a good mood -- and was very impressed, how the guy had developed. From a geeky and clumsy Nerd to one of the best agents the joint security agencies ever had. Chuck wasn't only the "Intersect 2.0" but also a great man Casey had really respect for -- although he would never admit this to him.

Suddenly he turned back to Chuck.

"Chuck..." He hesitated, unsure whether he should go on... "Everything ok with you, Chuck?" His gaze went down to the gun for a second, Chuck was still holding in his hand.

Officially Chuck had already passed his "Red Test" the execution of a predetermined Person as he had to kill a RING-Operative. But, only Sarah, Chuck and Casey knew, that Casey had killed this mole to help Chuck pass the test and also to save his life, as Chuck wasn't able to shoot when his opponent was about to pull the trigger. Chuck was a great spy, but he would never be a killer.

"I had to, Casey! He would have given the RING all of our Intelligence! I had to avert this!" Casey nodded... And didn't believe a word.

Nothing in heaven or hell would have forced Chuck to kill... Except for Sarah being in present danger. He didn't kill Shaw for the sake of democracy or security, but only to rescue Sarah, and wouldn't have pulled the trigger, if Shaw himself hadn't tried to pull the trigger first.

Casey sighed silently and hoped, the boy would be ok.

"I know, Chuck... I know..."

He patted his back once more and returned to the Black Ops team, leaving Chuck and Sarah alone.

So tenderly and careful as if Sarah was made out of bone china, Chuck lifted the 5'7ft. tall "Valkyrie" -- a pet name, Chuck's best friend Morgan once had named Sarah out of afraid fascination. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the car waiting in the curb. He held her in his arms the whole ride back to the hotel, whispering gentle words into her ear, keeping her warm and caressing her.

When they finally arrived at the hotel, the driver volunteered to help Chuck, but Chuck wasn't listening at all. He carried her on his arms, her head bedded at his broad chest. Through the hotels doors and across the fortunately almost empty lobby and only set her down once they had crossed the doorstep to their room and he could lay her down onto the bed.

That's when he felt how exhausted he was and he sank to the floor next to the bed trembling, and almost weeping. Two insights hit him, almost simultaneously. By a hair's breadth he had almost lost Sarah -- and he killed another human being... intentionally.

The only two other "killings" on Chuck's record -- although not his fault -- had been the heart attack of an obese FULCRUM-Killer and the tragic window fall of a psychologist working for FULCRUM -- a subsidiary of the RING, first occupied with copying the "Intersect" - within 24 hours... And both purely accidental.

The killer had been chasing Chuck and his ex-girlfriend Jill up the stairs into an attic... And died the very moment he wanted to beat them to death. The psychologist attempted to push Chuck out of an open window, tripped and fell out of the very same window, plunging 15 stories deep, before Chuck could even help him.

But it was different with Shaw. They had looked into each others eyes, and both knew only one of them could survive... Chuck simply reacted faster.

After what felt like an eternity, Chuck succeeded in standing up. Pouring himself a double scotch, Johnnie Walker Black Lable, a recommendation, he got from Casey, he drained at once. His head was spinning and felt hot and he was aware of not having any reason to get drunk and he wasn't supposed to do so either...

Sarah was alive and fine, but she would need him soon enough. Sober.

But for now, Chuck wasn't a super-spy... He was just a man... A man who almost lost his biggest -- his only true -- love... A man with fears.

Because he wanted to be with Sarah, Chuck committed himself to everything the agency asked of him, Risking his life several times and eventually sacrificing his freedom as he downloaded the "Intersect 2.0" to his brain. Saving it from the RING's grasp.

Because he wanted Sarah to consider him an equal partner, dedicating himself to the sake of the ones he loves. He became one of the best agents, the clandestine services ever had, putting himself in second place on behalf of a better and safer world, and would rather die than fail before Sarah's eyes. It was Sarah, who taught him to dedicate himself to a higher aim and bring the necessary sacrifices... He was ready to sacrifice himself, if necessary, but he wouldn't ever sacrifice Sarah... Not again... Not after what happened back in Prague...

He'll never make the wrong decision again!

Tired and exhausted he leaned his head on the bed Sarah was now peacefully sleeping in, resting for a few moments. Sarah's hand was lying only inches away on the brink of the mattress and almost touched his hair, and as Chuck closed his eyes, he almost could feel her fingertips caressing his head. Sarah still wore his mother's charm bracelet he gave to her on their second Christmas together. The very same day, Chuck had witnessed her executing a RING-Operative, who knew, that Chuck was the "Intersect", in order to protect Chuck and his family.

First he was shocked, but after the decisions and actions he had to make, he could understand her much better than he could then. After all that he had to learn and do the last three years -- especially within the last couple of hours -- he understood her even better. Sarah was willing to do everything necessary to protect him.

He took a deep breath, stood up, locked the doors and secured all entrances and exits -- like he had learned in his training. All of his thinking was aligned towards her safety, and now he would use all of his abilities and knowledge to protect her, like she used to protect him.

Afterwards he finally began to remove Sarah's partly soiled, partly torn clothing: The messy and ripped red coat, the bruised black high heels, the black tight pants, that used to highlight her firm and sensuous buttocks, the black sweater, that accentuated her perfectly trained physique, the tattered stockings, that adulated her slender, long and strong legs...

Eventually she only left wearing her flimsy burgundy lacy panties and matching bra, and Chuck at once blushed heavily as he realized who was lying before him, and how much the sight of his partner, protectress, female friend and girl of his dreams -- all in one -- aroused him. How defenseless she was... This vulnerable girl, that dashed around the country with her father for years, and instead of being protected by her father, learned from him, how to steal and to defraud... The scared girl, being faced to decide either to go to federal prison for fraud, or to join the CIA at the age of 18, the gentle woman, only able to let her shields down, when faced with certain death, the loving person, being so deadly at the same time, the girl, loving her pizza vegetarian and without olives...

It startled him very much, to see her so helpless. Because to him, it was always her, who helped him. He leaned forward and planted a kiss right on the spot, where the poisoned dart hit her shoulder.

"I love you, although you've never told me your real name... Sarah... Jenny... Sam..." He sighed and accentuated every name with another kiss.

Shooting Shaw wasn't easy for Chuck. He knew very well, he would have to deal with killing a person on purpose for a long time. But, although he even could understand Shaw's motives, and suffered because of killing him... He'd do it again, if he had to... Without hesitation. He couldn't and wouldn't lose Sarah again!

Shaw had lost his wife, fighting the RING -- killed by agent Sarah Walker, who was sent to her "Red Test" by a rogue CIA-Agent. When Shaw learned the truth, he lost his mind, and lived up to his revenge -- at any cost. Chuck totally understood him, knowing pretty well he would do the very same, if he looses Sarah.

The effect of the toxin had finally worn off, and Sarah had drifted from unconsciousness into a deep and dreamless sleep, and in her sleep her face showed only relaxation.

"I'll never again allow for you to get into such a danger, Sarah. The time has come for me to become the kind of spy, you've always seen in me -- and the kind of partner you always deserved." His voice waved softly in her ear, when he whispered the words.

While he coyly, and without disturbing her privacy wrapped her into one of the hotel's PJs, he gently kissed her face and afterwards pulled the covers over her body to tuck her in, because he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable when she wakes up later. Eventually he sat on the couch by the coffee table, to compose his report for General Beckman -- his superior at the NSA.

And there would be a hell of a lot to explain!

The mission in Paris was neither approved nor even noticed by her. Chuck and Morgan had tried to inform her, but regarding the pretty long bill, she had received for Chuck's last "rescue mission" -- the one including the tank -- she couldn't quite be convinced by their explanations. So he and Morgan had to reactivate Col. John Casey, former NSA-Agent, been released from his duties in order to prevent being charged for treason.

In his mind, he was formulating quite another report.

While he was watching the still sleeping Sarah, the last three years passed by before his eyes.

How much she had rocked his entire world, when she entered the Buy More -- then his daytime, and now his cover job -- and approached his desk at the Nerd Herd, asking him to fix her mobile.

Later he had learned, this was just a trick to get to know him, after Bryce -- Bryce Larkin, former best friend, roommate back in Stanford, alleged traitor and CIA-Agent gone rogue -- had mailed him the whole "Intersect"-database, and Chuck accidentally uploaded its content into his head, when he opened the mail.

Even later, when he stood with Sarah, who was supposed to bring him in and get him locked up in a detention facility forever in case he's really the "Intersect", there was no difference. He stood on that heliport on a rooftop at night, caught in both her and the then not yet promoted Major John Casey's line of fire. Casey, who's assignment was likewise to capture Chuck, but for the NSA instead. While Sarah and Casey were pointing their guns at each other, while both of them wanted to capture Chuck and lock him up, he only had eyes for Sarah, and hoped for a future with her.

When Casey and Sarah were assigned by NSA and CIA to be his handlers, Chuck was really happy his and Sarah's cover included them being a couple deeply in love -- a piece of cake for Chuck to pretend as he had fallen for her from the first second. He had realized since, that she felt the same way about him, although she had a hard time admitting this to both herself and him. Still she was way to concerned about him and wanted to protect him.

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