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Chuck and Sarah Ch. 02


Chuck and Sarah – Beneath Costa Gravan Sun

This is the second of – so far – three stories I wrote about the lovable and tough spy couple Chuck and Sarah, and it was originally set after the end of season three. Unfortunately the scriptwriters of the series had other plans and assignments for Team Bartowski, so this story could be considered as happening in a parallel universe ;-)

It's funny, the writers actually wrote an episode (Ep. 4.04 "Chuck vs. The Coup d'Etat") pretty similar to my story-line... Well... I think passionate minds run the same way.

Inveterate Chuck-Fans will easily spot the details the screenwriters and I weren't sharing ;-)

- - -

I think it's about time to learn something about the other persons appearing or being mentioned in "Chuck and Sarah – Turning Point Paris" and to get to know them better. Who are these characters in Chuck's and Sarah's life, wrongly considered "minor characters", at all?

Of course our spy-couple remains the center of the story, but like in the series so in my opinion these characters are very relevant and influencing to the main characters.

Enjoy the read and as usual I'd appreciate feedback.

I also want to thank
meanblackjack for editing this story, too. I hope this time you had less errors to correct ;-)

* * * * * * * * *

A faint offshore wind, languidly floating over the waves and carrying the scent of the vegetation and the hot, bare rocks, brought the relaxing chirr of the cicadas and blew feathery over a meager, deserted beach that provided no shade to hide from the midday sun.

A lizard lazily snoozed on a boulder reaching over the water at the seaside and enjoyed the hot rays of sun, heating the rock it laid on, getting warmed by it's glow. Undoubtedly it was a great sensation to feel how the blood, heated by the sun, ran through the hematocryal body, helping the saurian to develop it's agility and fast reactions. This agility was the warrantor for the critter to get it's prey, and actually, ever since this lizard had escaped it's eggshell, every hunt was successful and the reptile used to get what it wanted. Being a hot and sunny day, and with it's shadow was right underneath it, the odds were pretty good for the current hunt to be likewise successful.

Right in front of the saurian, a big, fat and undoubtedly tasty dragonfly landed on one of the flowers growing from underneath the boulder. What ever the lizard planed to do next faced with this yummy goody, would probably remain it's secret forever, because in this very moment quite a few rocks fell onto the boulder, burying the reptile before it could do anything.

The dragonfly took off with almost an artistic maneuver, like making fun of the lizard, flew up the cliff and, passing a group of humans, further into the inland.

- - -

"He Morgan! For heaven's sake. Watch your step, little dude! I've told you not to go to close to the edge of the cliff! It would be so not awesome if you fall."

Devon, called "Captain Awesome" or just "Awesome" pulled Morgan back by the neck of his shirt, away from the crumbling brink of the cliff, and back onto the hiking trail, while his wife Eleanor – short Elli – unscrewed her canteen and allowed herself a swig of cooling water to wash down the dust in her mouth.

"Morgan... What might be that interesting down there to let you constantly take the risk of falling off the cliff?" Elli demanded to know.

Devon knew it pretty well, but wanted to have Morgan's back. Down at the foot of the cliff in a small cove a state-of-the-art and very expensive speedboat, painted in the colors of the Costa Graven Coast Guard, was anchored, and on it two very special people were enjoying the sun. Those people were the reason for Morgan's interest.

Down in the cove, on board of the "Renovación", the officiating prime minister's newest toy, Chuck and Sarah laid on the padded laying area and let the sun literally burn on their skin. Sarah's body, less covered but uncovered by her scant bikini, was the true reason, Morgan was walking at the edge – both literally and figuratively.

Morgan, quite small and pretty bearded, was a single again, after he declined his ex-girlfriend Anna's attempt to get him back after she dropped him like a hot potato. Although he wouldn't ever admit it, he was a little jealous of Chuck's luck with women – especially when Sarah was concerned. He was living with Chuck and Sarah already for a while now. He couldn't avoid to cross paths with the – sometimes only lightly dressed – blonde, not only Chuck considered gorgeous.

But Morgan also knew the other side of the story.

Indeed Chuck did have four breathtakingly beautiful and witty girlfriends within a short time. But, Jill didn't really count, as she only utilized and manipulated him to uncover his secrets. Also, both Lou and Hannah were Chuck's desperate attempt to cope with the rejection from Sarah's side. Chuck and Sarah were good for each other and also made for each other.

Nevertheless this didn't change anything about Morgan feeling quite lonely when he was with this two – almost sickening happy – couples – despite that hope named Alex, that dawned for him at the horizon.

"I just wanted to have a look on the boat, the prime minister had provided our lovebirds with." he explained. "And I'm wondering, why am I climbing over boulders instead of diving into the cool waves of the Caribbean sea."

We wanted to leave them a little privacy didn't we? After all we've been through... Especially those two, don't they deserve some time on their own?"

Elli cast a glance over at Morgan.

"Oh have we forgotten about who disturbed them last time?"

Elli was right, of course, and yes, it has been Morgan, who, with the help of Casey, had tracked down the train to Zurich and therefore interrupted Chuck and Sarah's vacation. In defense of Morgan it has to be mentioned that Chuck and Sarah went AWOL in Paris and neither the CIA, employer of both of them, nor their friends and relatives knew where they were. That's why Casey got authorized to force Morgan into helping him tracking down Chuck and Sarah.

And it has to be added, that Chuck and Sarah, when Casey and Morgan had eventually found them, had already took down an INTERPOL-Team protecting the life and intelligence of a former ETA-Terrorist, who had turned himself into witness-protection, therefore they were hardly on vacation at all.

But Morgan understood where Elli was trying to get at.

"Yeah... You're right, Elli..." he admitted contritely. "But I do envy them, you know? I know you understand., don't you?" Elli took him in her arms and hugged him amicably.

"Morgan, you're a very nice and kind guy. Don't worry. You'll find a woman, loving you and being good for you. Who knows, maybe you've already met her..." she comforted him... and couldn't believe saying this to him... and actually meaning it.

But Elli had been almost forced to change her mind about Morgan Grimes due to the recent events. In the end, Morgan wasn't only Chuck's best buddy, but had also been an irreplaceable support to Chuck, when Elli and Chuck had lost their parents, and, as weird it might have appeared to think off – and to Elli it didn't only appeared weird but almost unbelievable – Morgan actually did way better as a spy and secret carrier than Devon, the cool, handsome and well-trained surfer-dude and doctor, she had married. Contrary to all expectations Morgan was a reliable and courageous man... If he wanted to be.

When Devon joined the hug, Elli sighed and snuggled unconsciously against her husband. Devon's embrace always made her feel secure and gave her that feeling of safety, she often had missed lately. To witness her father being murdered before her eyes, to learn her brother, his girlfriend and their neighbor John Casey being spies...

All of this was to much for the sensitive Elli. Though she found support in her husband's arms, who she loved dearly and desired wholeheartedly. That's how it was since they met and fell for each other, back then at med school – when they made out at the broom closet before even having the chance to introduce to each other.

Morgan quickly and discreetly backed out of the hug and left Devon onto his place, grabbed the map and the compass and egged them up on hurrying up.

"C'mon... Let's finally climb up to this chapel." he reminded.

Actually he was very happy for Chuck and Sarah and Elli and "Awesome"... But he'd be much happier if he also had a girlfriend he could rely on and share his life with.

After a while – long enough for Morgan to roll his eyes and inwardly yell: 'Get yourself a room!' – Elli and Devon eventually had finished kissing and hugging, and they went about climbing up to the Chapel Santa Rosa. Devon and Morgan hoped to reach the chapel soon enough to be showered, relaxed and festively clothed on time for the prime minister's formal dinner. Elli on the other side hoped for some legends to not only be legends.

- - -

Chuck enjoyed the cooling breeze that was more intense on the water than it was on shore, and that, like a mild balm, soothed the heat of the blazing sun on his skin. He opened his eyes and turned around to look at Sarah who, facing him, laid there with closed eyes on her tummy. To prevent herself from annoying tan-lines she had untied her bikini top.

"Are you sleeping, Darling?" he asked in a whisper. Her relaxed features and the complete lack of any reaction were a clear sign to him, she'd really dozed of while catching rays of sun blissfully.

Being raised in Southern California, he didn't need the "Intersect" to know his girlfriend with her blond hair and gray eyes had to be careful, not to risk a sunburn due to her fair complexion. Therefore he rose and squat over her, applying a generous amount of suntan oil to his hand, pre-warming the oil, for it had cooled in the shades, and coated her skin with it. First he dedicated himself into oiling her arms, shoulders and neck, then, after he had pre-warmed another – slightly bigger – load, he oiled up her back and finally he did her legs with a third and forth load. In doing so he massaged and caressed her skin far more than it would have been necessary to only protect her from ultraviolet rays.

Chuck enjoyed to touch and caress Sarah, and bit by bit the oiling up turned into caressing and fondling. Her skin drank the protecting oil almost thirstily, so Chuck applied another lavish amount on her skin and kept rubbing, now clearly massaging and relaxing her muscles. The oil gave her lightly tanned skin a silky and sensuous shimmer, and once again Chuck was stunned by the strong and lithe muscles beneath her tender skin that didn't at all interfere with her slender and supple frame. Applying gentle pressure, he roamed her body with his fingertips and enjoyed when she sprawled under his touch like a little kitten.

What Chuck didn't knew was that Sarah hadn't fallen asleep at all – on the contrary. She had been both watching him with almost closed eyes and enjoying the warming sun on her skin already for a while, when he stirred. She still couldn't believe how she could have misjudged his physical features like that. She'd let herself being misled by his assumed softness into ignoring the fact that Chuck with his 6'3ft. wasn't that weak and clumsy she and Casey had thought, but in fact had a well trained and athletic body, being not only strong but also skillful and forceful – besides being very canny and persistent when it comes to seducing her.

When she saw his eyes open and him turning to her, she shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She didn't knew why she did so, but she was somehow curios, what he would do, considering himself been unwatched. Because of her closed eyes she could only rely on her other senses, feeling him approaching her, squatting over her and nearing his hands after a while. The familiar scent of suntan oil got to her nose and she knew, what he was up to.

'How cute... He's worries for me being sunburned.' She smiled inwardly and enjoyed the attention and care, he was blessing her with.

When his caresses became more intense and intimate, she had trouble suppressing her sighs and moans and it was only due to her training and experience in resisting physical torture that she didn't gave herself away when he started to tease, treat and arouse her on purpose... Apart from her getting even more excited every second. Her pulse wouldn't even be normal given the criteria for a hummingbird. It took her a incredible concentration and composure not to reveal herself, when Chuck bent over her and his lips almost touched her ear.

"You should have practiced pretending to be asleep a little more, Agent Walker." He whispered in her ear and slyly kissed her neck. "Or did you actually think I wouldn't notice?"

Chuck had a very fine sense for Sarah, and he didn't miss her being obviously not dozing but enjoying and wanting to be treated. A request – although unspoken – he couldn't and wouldn't recline.

While he kissed her neck, he let his body sink on hers, and started massaging the oil into her skin with his whole body, grinding his groin into her bum and showering her with kisses.

"How did you know?" Sarah asked, purring with joy and writhing beneath him. "What gave me away? Please tell me, Chuck." she breathed.

"Just before I touched you, you've held your breath for an instant. In addition the corners of your mouth had twitched and so I knew, you're trying to hide a smile." he explained, breathing his words tenderly into her ear.

Then he grinned, nibbled her earlobe and whispered, holding onto her wrists at once: "And, of course, I just bluffed. I could have been all wrong, but when you answered me, I knew for sure."

Sarah tried to sit up and to fight against his weight. "You can't be serious, do you?!" She wriggled beneath him like an eel, trying to break free. "Don't tell me, you've tricked me, using this lame dodge, Charles Irwing Bartowski!" she shouted.

Finally she managed to roll over and to look into his eyes. Her charming smile, hitting Chuck straight to the heart, belied her mock angry words. He could clearly see both the wink and the fascination she was feeling for him in her eyes.

Both savored this game since they had played it the first time, back then in Paris. Although differing in skills and expertise, both were almost even when it comes to power and adroitness, and both loved to match with each other, when they made out. It wasn't in their blood to cave in. This fact didn't only made their whole relationship, also in bed, a sort of tug of war, but also made sure for them always to be in top form.

Using a quick move, Sarah wrested her wrists from Chuck's grip clasped him with her shapely legs, dragging him with a slight twist of her hip around and eventually straddling his chest.

"That much about 'screwing'" she cooed. It was then, she realized having opened her bikini top for the sake of a allover tan. Both saw the top laying next to his head on the padding and grinned.

"Oops... Did you loose something, Darling?" he cheeky grinned.

No matter how often he'd called her "Darling", it always made her a pleasant goose-skin, and like now, sent shivers down her spine.

'Chuck is so completely different from Bryce...' she mused.

Her relation with Bryce, her former partner, had been romantic and sensuous, but they had been spies in the first place and, only coming second, lovers. But with Chuck it was the contrary. She fell in love with him way before he even became a spy, and although they were unbeatable as a team, they were lovers first, and this love made them the spies they were. First of all they were a couple... That happened to be spies. No matter if as lovers, as partners or as members of the team... They were on the same wavelength and complemented each other in every aspect.

"Right... It wouldn't be fair for me being the only one losing something..." she purred, letting her lips gently touch his ear – and with a swift jerk ripped his swimming trunks down.

"You seem to enjoy this, don't you?" she chuckled, feeling his stiff manhood slapping her firm butt.

The initial shiver turned into a tingle, spreading from her spine down her belly to her womb. She stripped his trunks totally off and looked at him. His smile made her heart beat faster, even sometimes skip a beat, and she was tempted to bend forward and to give in to her desire, when an idea hit her.

Grabbing his trunks she jumped up and leaped off board into the chilling waves of the Caribbean sea, shouting: "Catch me, if you can... Maybe I'll give them back to you then."

"Just you wait till I get you. You'll get something too... A pounding!" he laughed loudly, when he ran after her and as swift as an arrow dived into the water.

- - -

"She's so beautiful!" Eleanor exclaimed spontaneously, when she spotted the tiny chapel of Santa Rosa at the very edge of the cliff. "Devon, Morgan... Hurry up. You have to see this."

Both men exchanged glances, as to say 'Women are wackos. Why are we doing this to ourselves?'

Of course both of them knew pretty well, why they had took the exhausting climb upon themselves. On the one hand, they wanted to explore the area they were guests off, on the other hand, the prime minister had told Elli of a custom in his country that made her eyes sparkle and her sense of romance dream.

The chapel of Santa Rosa was famous for her gorgeous roses all over Costa Gravas. The legend said that every woman adorning herself with a rose from the chapel's garden for the man she loves, would have a life full of love, passion and happiness. Although Devon and Morgan kept rolling their eyes on her, deep down inside both of them were romantics themselves. Above all, it wasn't easy to object Elli.

Santa Rosa's chapel was a quite small building made out of brownstone, being faded out by the sun to a faint rosy color, matching with some of the lighter roses. At the most a handful of people would have fit inside the small oratory, but it was set amid a splendid flower garden. Even Morgan had to admit, he hadn't seen such beautiful roses before. The roses' scent was so intense, all three of them felt a little lightheaded, and the purple color of the roses next to the cliff were suggesting, the legend, that the roses were colored with the lifeblood of Santa Rosa, the patron saint of the island, were true.

Intoxicated by the roses odor and breathless from the exhausting climb they rested in the shade of some trees at the cliff. They relaxed having a snack and enjoyed the reinvigorating view onto the sea and the tongues of land framing the cove beneath them on both sides.

"It's just beautiful here, I can't remember when I felt so good the last time." Morgan sighed, when he had tucked the remainders of their picnic into his backpack and gazed over the sea, leaning on a tree... Lost in thoughts.

"Hey, do you think Casey would fulfill his threat and kill me if I ask Alex out?" He asked after a while, facing Devon and Elli.

It has been a huge surprise for all three of them, to learn, Col. John Casey, a textbook example for patriotic soldier and notorious maverick, had a daughter, inheriting her mother's beauty and her father's fighting spirit. It was almost inevitable for Morgan to fall for her. Unfortunately he couldn't be positive about her feeling the same. Casey for sure wasn't pleased at all.

"Would that stop you?" Devon asked.

Elli just said: "You have to ponder whether she's worth it." and smiled at him. "Just because you got a bloody nose from Anna, this hasn't to hold true for Alex. And I don't think that John is going to kill you right away... Although he often said so himself."

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