tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChuck! Fuck Ch. 03

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 03


Authors note: thanks again to my loyal readers. I've received a surprising number of encouraging feedback emails. I always welcome your comments and suggestions! For those of you unfamiliar with our story: please check out Chapters 1 and 2, or watch an episode of "Chuck" to get visuals for our characters. Thanks!

Sarah stood in the doorway, toying with her soaked pussy and watching as Morgan and Ellie fooled around in the shower. Now, Ellie was kneeling, taking Morgan's dick into her mouth. Sarah moaned softly. Ellie! I never knew what a slut you were! She thought. Sarah bit her lip. Now, the ice-cool blonde/CIA agent was starting to get frustrated. The glass shower wall was opaque, and she couldn't see all the details she wanted to.

Lucky for Sarah, Ellie apparently was tired of the confines of the shower. The water turned off and Sarah watched carefully as Ellie guided Morgan to a large rug on the bathroom floor. She made him lie down and said softly: "We're going to take a break from fucking so you can lick my pussy. Remember the clit I showed you? Just take your tongue to that, Morgan..."

Morgan nodded and watched as Ellie crouched over him, lowering her sweet nectar down onto his waiting tongue. That was enough. Sarah couldn't stand it anymore. Besides, she could now clearly see Morgan's cock and she needed a cock in her tight little twat.

Sarah moved in now, easily discarding her loose sweatpants and loose shirt. She stood naked in front of Ellie, over Morgan's body. Ellie, seeing Sarah, froze, then made a move to get off of Morgan's face. Sarah grinned, put a finger to her lips to keep Ellie quiet, and motioned her to stay.

Warily at first, Ellie relaxed. Sarah winked at her and positioned her dripping wet pussy over Morgan's throbbing, uncut prick. Slowly, she sank herself down, impaling herself on his fuck shaft.

Morgan, lost in the sweet, sticky bliss of Ellie's pussy, tried to look up, startled at this new sensation. Ellie, obligingly, moved up so he could see Sarah Walkers cute, blonde, fair-skinned body bouncing up and down on his prick. He almost came.

"Look who joined us, Morgan." Ellie said laughing. "Chuckie's girlfriend apparently wanted some of the action."

"Oh my God..." Morgan started. He didn't finish what he was trying to say, because Ellie lowered her pussy back to his waiting mouth. She looked at Sarah and the girls exchanged a giggle. Sarah then rolled her eyes slightly and moaned as Morgan's dick sank all the way in. Fuck, he was wide. Wider than Chuck, possibly. Mmm...but not as long.

"Oh...yeah....oh God, he's big, isn't he?" Ellie asked

"Yeah." Sarah panted. Her eyes opened and locked with Ellie's. Ellie moaned as Morgan's tongue re-discovered her clit and went to work.

Sarah, moving deep into her world of lust, decided to take advantage of this moment when Ellie's guard was well and truly dropped. She leaned forward, grasped Ellie's shoulders, and kissed her. Instantly, Ellie's eyes flew open and she resisted, but Sarah held her tight. Ellie started to relax.

Sarah had, in her worlds of experience, done far more wild things than this with other women, and men. She hungrily tasted Ellie, one hand caressing Ellie's ample tits as the other hand slipped down her back and traced its way down Ellie's cute bubble butt.

Poor Ellie. Sarah thought to herself. This is probably something pretty new and wild for her. But she seems to like it. Sarah noted Ellie's tongue was now exploring Sarah's sweet mouth. Sarah embraced Ellie and let the feelings wash over her. Soon, another sensation broke through. Morgan had caught a glimpse of what was going on when Ellie re-adjusted herself to get at Sarah better.

"Oh!" she said aloud. Looks like someone else isn't used to girl-on-girl either. She thought. But the thought was a quick flash in her mind, now she was leaning back and enjoying the sensation of Morgan's cum spurting into her. Ellie watched and moaned, and her hands tentatively found Sarah's taut stomach. Sarah, with Morgan's cock still in her spurting a hell of a lot of cum, watched in a lustful daze as Ellie slowly let her hands move up to cup Sarah's perky tits. Both Ellie and Sarah moaned, louder than Morgan was moaning, as Ellie caressed Sarah's beautiful rack.

Morgan, to his credit, kept licking Ellie's cunt until she came. After that, Sarah sat on the edge of the sink, pretty legs splayed, as Morgan repeated his performance on her cunt. With her guidance, Morgan's tongue soon brought her to orgasm. Not the best she'd ever had, but enough to hold her over. As she came, she watched Ellie as much as she could, and told herself. Next time, it will be Ellie licking my cunt. Ohhh that will be good...

Sarah released Morgan and got dressed with Ellie.

"Let's do this more often." she said to Chuck's gorgeous sister.

Ellie nodded, turned a bit red from embarrassment at all the wrong things she had just done, then giggled. "Let's. It was fun. Thanks Sarah." And she smiled warmly at her new playmate. Sarah kissed Ellie's pretty mouth once more, than smiled back.

"My pleasure."

They left, leaving Morgan spent, on the floor. He lay there, almost unconscious, for quite some time. Until Ellie returned, looked disgusted and told him he had to get out of the bathroom.

Later that day, Chuck told Ellie and Devon (and Morgan) that he and Sarah were going out for the day. A romantic getaway. Ellie and Devon were supportive, Morgan a bit put out. Morgan was consoled, however, by discovering a Video Game Hall of Fame twenty minutes away.

In reality, today was the CIA's turn to take a crack at giving Chuck some basic agent training. Sarah drove the rented convertible on the half-hour drive to an Agency training facility. For a brief return to her home turf, she was dressed in heels, a business-skirt and blouse. Chuck had done a double take when he first saw her that morning. The clothes Sarah wore weren't cut in a slutty way or anything, but the simple fact that she was wearing them made them hot.

Chuck watched her as the drove. She smiled at him and reached over, giving his crotch a gentle, teasing rub. Chuck moaned and enjoyed it...until she stopped a second later.

"Tease." He accused.

Sarah didn't say a world, she just gave that self-assured smile and kept driving.

Chuck was feeling a bit mischievous. And horny, thanks to Sarah. Her hands stroking his package while she just sat there, looking incredibly sexy. It was warm out, the top was down, and her long hair flew behind her as she guided the car down a quiet country road.

Chuck put his hand on her thigh. Sarah had opted out of pantyhose, it was far too warm to bother. Chuck gently stroked her middle and inner thighs. Sarah, still a bit horny and glad to see Chuck had a naughty side, gave a small smile of encouragement. And spread her legs further apart as she drove.

Now Chuck's hard-on grew quickly. His eyes widened and he started to shake slightly from excitement. And nerves. Sarah felt his hand tremble as it slid further up her thighs towards her already hot, wet snatch. She looked over at him and slowly wet her lips. "Keep going, Chuck." She said, just loud enough for him to hear.

Chuck's fingers moved past her panties now, pushing them aside as he sought her wet cunt. He moaned as his fingertips got soaked in the sticky juices. His thumb and forefinger found her clit and slowly massaged it. Sarah, still driving, put her head back and moaned.

"Whoa. Hey-uh-Sarah...you're still driving. Maybe this should wait?" Chuck said, reluctantly moving his fingers away.

Sarah looked at the dashboard. "We're almost half-an-hour early." She concluded. And with that, she pulled the car off the quiet road, onto a turnoff that was shielded (sparsely) by a few trees. She calmly parked, unfastened her seat belt and Chuck's seat belt, and quickly took off her panties. Chuck's eyes (and dick) grew at the sight of her lacy underwear. He undid his pants and pulled them (and his boxers) down. Sarah gasped slightly and Chuck grinned, feeling a surge of confidence at the fact that his massive boner could easily upset that CIA-agent composure.

"Mmmm...Chuck." She said. She put his seat back slightly, moved over, and straddled him, guiding his dick to her wet lips. Putting her hands on his chest, she took control, slowly, tortorously, lowering herself down onto him.

Chuck was surprised. Sarah's snatch was still hot, wet and tight. But somehow, it wasn't as painfully tight as last time they fucked. He had no clue that Sarah's pussy was stretched out this morning by his friend's wide schlong.

Chuck was eternally grateful that Sarah favored blouses. Sexy and easy to get off. Already, he had caught quite an eyeful of her cleavage this morning, for every time she moved the right way, the spaces in the blouse between each button expanded, allowing him to see those perky, milky white tits just inside.

Now his hands were on her bra, trying to get it off. She laughed as he fumbled with it. "You'd think they could make these things a little more user-friendly." Chuck grumbled.

"Oh, so you're the user now?" Sarah asked with a giggle as she undid the bra for him. Chuck moaned as he felt her tits and Sarah moaned as she felt his cock grow a bit inside her.

Chuck, imbued with a sense of confidence, looked at her with an unusual cockiness. "Yeah, maybe I am the user. How does that sound to you?"

"Mmmm, Chuck...I like that." She put her arms around his head and brought his face to rest on her perfect boobs. Chuck moaned and started sucking on one, at the same time he bucked his hips in the seat and really started pounding his CIA handler. Sarah let out a little scream as his head rubbed against her cervix. "Oh God...just like that...oh God, yes Chuck! Fuck me!"

Sarah's cries had attracted two hikers, Dan Johnston and Jim Wright. The two were new college grads, buddies who had gone to a good old boy college here in Virginia and had decided to do some hiking over the summer. Imagine their pleased reactions upon hearing the moans and cries of a girl in the woods.

They exchanged a look. "What the hell?" Dan said quietly.

Jim grinned. "What does that sound like to you?"

Dan nodded. "Let's get a closer look."

The two moved through the woods cautiously, until they came to the edge of the road. Sarah was still fairly audible on this quiet morning and the two followed the noise until they came on the turnout. They stood, two or three tree's back from the turnout, and stared at the scene in front of them.

Sarah was wearing her skirt, and heels and that was it. She was now bent over the passenger seat, facing the windshield, as Chuck slid his wet, 9-inch dick in and out of her from behind. His big hands caressed her swaying tits and Sarah's own fingers were toying with her clit as she was fucked.

"Holy shit." Dan whispered.

Jim stared and rubbed his crotch. "What should we do?"

In the car, a cellphone rang. It was Sarah's. Annoyed, she picked it up.


She listened for a moment to the voice on the other end of the line. Her eyes widened slightly, and then she hung up abruptly.

"What is it?" Chuck asked.

"It's Jill, Chuck. She was in transit to a different detention facility and she escaped. And they think she's coming after you."

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