tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChuck! Fuck Ch. 05

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 05


Authors note: thanks again to my loyal readers. I've received a surprising number of encouraging feedback emails. I always welcome your comments and suggestions! For those of you unfamiliar with our story: please check out Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4, or watch an episode of "Chuck" to get visuals for our characters. Thanks!

The two men stood, watching her impassively for a moment. One was black, a large hulking man with large almost soft brown eyes that flicked casually over her exposed, flawless form. The other man was shorter (about 5 feet, 10 inches) with short-cut blond hair and deep, dark blue eyes. They both wore black t-shirts and jeans.

It began quickly. They both moved towards her and began stripping their clothes off. The black man reached her first, put one of his massive, cool hands on her taut midsection and allowed it to move upwards and roughly cup her right tit. He cruelly pinched her nipple and she gasped, turning her head as he circled behind her.

Now the other man was in front of her, naked with a gigantic 8 inch dick, thick and with a lot of veins, pointing right at her. She stared at it dumbly then felt herself moving towards it as the massive man jammed her towards the ground. Laughing, he pushed her face forward.

The white man's mushroom tip, already slick with precum slapped against her pretty lips. She moaned, resisting. But the smell of his musk was in her nostrils. Angrily she realized she was getting aroused, her throat dried up. She quickly swallowed, and good timing too as the man behind her thrust her head forward onto his partners dick.

The thick, hard member was in her mouth now and she began sucking, reluctantly at first. Then she found herself hungry for it and noticed that there was a warm feeling developing between her legs. To her horror she heard the big man behind her sniff the air, then say: "Mmmm, smells like cunt juice." A second later, two big black fingers were probing her shaved slit and she moaned around the dick in her mouth. Fingers from his other hand started probing her ass.

Sarah moaned in protest and clenched her pink rosebud tight, trying to keep his probing fingers out. That was a bad idea. The fingers were withdrawn and she suddenly felt a powerful smack on her ass. It stung more than any spanking or fall she could ever remember and her eyes welled up a bit. Then he smacked her ass again. And again.

"You'll obey us, slut or we'll just make this a bit more raw and painful for you." The man behind her said. She didn't reply. She was half terrified, half aroused as she sucked the other man's big prick. He pushed forcefully further into her and she relaxed her throat muscles to take as much in as possible.

The heavyset black man behind her watched this pretty blonde CIA agent sucking his cohorts dick. He decided he was through fingering her holes. His hardening, 9 inch dick seemed to agree with him. So he pushed her on all fours, and his buddy knelt at her head to keep feeding his cock into her wondrously talented mouth. And the man behind her pulled her smooth pussy lips apart and drove his dick in quickly.

Sarah screamed as best she could with a dick in her mouth. Her mouth opened enough so that that big prick fell out and her head hung limp as her pussy was overloaded with big black dick. It was so wide, it felt like it would split her in half. She just hung there, head limp, hair mussed, tits bouncing as the man thrust into her from behind. Suddenly her hair was grabbed and a dick was being fed back into her mouth...

Back in the first room, Chuck was conflicted. His heart ached, wondering about Sarah, praying she was alright. As much as the thought of her being ravaged tore him up, another side of him realized that, unless there was a virtual army of men in that room, Sarah would make it just fine. That was a relief. But still, he worried.

Adding to his conflicting emotions was the fact that Jill had unzipped her leather outfit and taken it off. She now held her whip, and wore her knee-length leather boots, but nothing else. And she had backed her wet pussy onto Chuck's hard prick and was slowly fucking him.

Chuck also was enjoying, or at least experiencing the new sensation of a vibrator in his ass. Jill had gently shoved it in there, after making him beg her to stretch his ass. He wasn't sure he enjoyed having that vibrating bullet up his butt, yet with Jill's wet pussy fucking him, he wasn't complaining.

Jill was taking full advantage of Chuck's hard, thick dick and was impaling herself, slowly, leisurely, at her own pace on it. Again and again. She moaned and toyed with her clit as she slowly fucked Chuck. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes Chuck who had never done anything wild or interesting while they were going out. And now he had a vibrator up his ass. Mmmm...and he seemed to like it, judging by how hard he was.

Jill started to crave the taste of his dick. Reluctantly, she pulled herself off his prick, which was now smeared with her honey. Chuck moaned as she stopped and Jill was swift in whipping him, punishing him for daring to speak without her having ordered it. He quickly lapsed into silence and watched, wide-eyed, as she adjusted a lever on the side of the board he was strapped to. Slowly the board reclined back, turning into a table. Chuck was starting to look a little panicked.

With a smile, Jill removed that look by using a remote control to turn up the vibrator in his ass to a more intense level. Chuck's wide eyes half-shut now and he let out a soft groan. She raised the whip high in the air, but he stopped. Slowly, she lowered her head down and began a slow, teasing licking of his big shaft. A few minutes later, she was busy sucking.

Suddenly, there was a noise in the other room. Loud noises. The door burst open and Sarah stood there, a pistol in one hand, wearing high heels, but otherwise completely naked. Chuck noticed that what appeared to be cum was trickling down her chest. Damn, there was a lot of it!

"Freeze!" She ordered.

Jill, with a devious grin, slowly slid her mouth down fully onto Chuck's cock and froze there. But her tongue didn't freeze. Chuck groaned slowly.

"Get your mouth off him!" Sarah ordered.

Jill slowly, reluctantly moved her wet lips off Chuck's hard member. She made a soft sucking sound as she stopped. Chuck groaned.

Sarah looked concerned. "Chuck, are you all right?"

As soon as Sarah's pretty blue eyes were off her, Jill sprung into action. She leaped backwards, grabbed a hold of her whip, and sprung towards Sarah. The leather strap wrapped itself around the gun, jerking it from Sarah's hands. The next moment, Jill was on top of her and they tumbled to the floor.

Chuck, still strapped to the table with the vibrator up his ass, groaned and tried to crane his neck to see what was going on. Beside him, the two women struggled. Sarah, naked, was pinned beneath Jill, also naked. As Chuck watched in shock, Jill managed to subdue Sarah for a second. Slowly, she kissed the blonde on the lips. Sarah struggled free, pinning Jill to the floor beneath her. Jill giggled as she felt Sarah's big perky tits press into her. "Mmmm...that feels nice Sarah." She gazed at Sarah's hardened nipples and licked her lips, tried to lean forward to suck on one.

Sarah restrained her. "Don't move." She ordered in an icy voice. Jill cast her playful brown eyes up at the naked blonde now sitting astride her stomach. "Chuck, are you alright?" Sarah asked.

"I guess you could call it that." The man with the INTERSECT brain moaned from the table. Sarah turned to look at him and try and figure out why he was groaning so much. As she did so, Jill slid downward, like a snake, until her head was directly beneath Sarah's legs and her face was buried in Sarah's well-fucked cunt.

"Oh!" was all Sarah could manage to get out. Her arousal roared back and crashed around her as Jill's expert tongue found her clit and began steadily strumming on it.

Jill, for her part, was quite surprised and happy to find the blonde CIA agent's tight juice box was working overtime. She moaned softly as three different tastes tricked down her eager tongue and down her throat. She could taste the cum from the two men (useless idiots, by the way, she thought to herself) and in addition, she could also taste the freely flowing cunt juices from Chuck's cover girlfriend. She lapped eagerly at Sarah's cunt.

Jill's hands, stuck at her side by Sarah's strong arms, slowly pushed upwards. Sarah, lost in a world of startled pleasure, was too busy rocking her clit up and down on Jill's mouth to stop her. Slowly Jill's hands crept upward, slowly feeling and teasing the pale, soft skin of her nemesis CIA agent. Finally, Jill's fingertips reached those glorious boobs. Slowly she teased both Sarah's nipples.

"Oh, fuck YES!" Sarah cried out, tilting her head back.

Chuck, straining to watch and straining not to cum, lest he be able to escape his bounds on the table, now saw Jill take control. She toyed with Sarah who moaned like a whore. Then Jill made her move again.

Quickly Jill overpowered Sarah. The two naked women wrestled on the floor briefly, but it was confusing. Sarah groaned as Jill's tits and hardened nipples pushed into her. Jill's hands expertly worked that soaked pussy as her mouth locked onto Sarah's sweet, pretty mouth. The fought their way over to the table where Chuck lay.

As Chuck watched with wide eyes, Sarah's cute bubble butt was thrust into the side of the table. They were standing now and Sarah was pinned against the table by Jill. Sarah's hands were free and worked quickly behind her. She released Chuck's leg bonds and then his arm bonds. Freed at last, Chuck leaped off the table. The vibrator fell out and he was standing naked to the two women, with a rock hard erection.

Jill stopped kissing Sarah for a moment and they both half turned to face him, arms still around each other. They looked him up and down then looked at each other. Jill said: "What should we do with him?" and then began kissing Sarah again before she could answer.

As Jill's warm, pretty mouth moved down Sarah's neck, Sarah gasped aloud "We've got to fuck him. Oh I need to be fucked again."

Jill gave an "mmmm" of agreement. Her hands snaked protectively around Sarah, one hand dipping to her cute butt and toying with her sweet pink asshole. Sarah gasped and her eyes immediately widened. Chuck, watching, tried so hard not to cum. Jill smiled slowly at him and pulled Sarah away from the table. "Stand against the table, Chuck." She ordered.

Chuck dumbly did as he was ordered. Jill easily placed the obedient blonde CIA agent against him and with her own hands delicately guided Chuck's hard prick into Sarah's soaked cunt. "Oh God! Ugh...I don't know how long this will work for!" Chuck sputtered nervously as his big fuck weapon was doused in Sarah's pussy juices.

Jill grinned, went to her toy collection, found a butt plug and put it up his ass quickly, without mercy. Chuck yelped and made a contorted face. "That should help." Jill purred sweetly. "Now fuck her, Chuck. Fuck her like you never fucked me before. Use her good..."

Sarah was bent at a forty-five degree angle, in a haze. Chuck slowly began fucking her. Jill got underneath Sarah, squatting over the floor and put her tongue up at the intersection of their two pelvises. She licked Sarah's cunt as Chuck fucked her. In addition, she put her smooth hands up under Chuck's balls and began caressing them.

Already working on the next chapter, but suggestions and ideas make it faster! AND please vote! Thanks you guys!

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