tagLoving WivesChurch Friends Ch. 06

Church Friends Ch. 06

byPeter Duncan©

We closed the door and Charie, standing wrapped in her damp and redolent sheet, looked at me sheepishly. "Do you hate me honey?"

I remembered the girl in the car two and a half years ago who pleaded with me not to put my cock in her pussy, the wife with whom I had enjoyed wild sex for the last year and half, the woman who after visiting the porn shop in New York City that became obsessed with having another man's cock in her pussy. "Let me just say, my love," I said, "you are a different girl than the one who stopped me from fucking you in the car that December night. I thought perhaps that John and Penny would be the aggressors. But you stole the show."

"Do you hate me honey?" she repeated.

"If you don't hate me Charie, then I don't hate you." I replied feeling the sensations in my groin again.

"But I was the one who pushed it. These people are friends from Church Gary. I'm terrible. I don't know if I can face them tomorrow. And what if anybody else at church were to find out?"

"Did you have a nice time tonight honey?" I asked.

She looked at me with her big blue eyes that showed evidence of tears in the corners. I took her in my arms, my hands caressing up and down her body, feeling the evidence of hers and John's sex. I hugged her tight and whispered in her ear, "I love you baby, and tonight was the most exciting thing that has happened in our marriage." I felt her melt into me relaxing from what she feared, and I continued. "Right now honey I'm so horny for you. I want to eat your pussy and taste John's cum in you. And I want you to suck my cock and taste Penny's pussy."

"Oh God," she said, flexing her knees up and down like a little girl who needed to go to the bathroom, "Oh baby, I love you so much. You make me such a happy woman."

I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom, laid her on the bed and opened the sheet. I dropped my robe to the floor, my hard cock flexing and waggling, climbed on the bed, straddled her face then bent down to her red and puffy lips. She had my cock in her mouth, sucking, slurping and moaning in muffled gasps. I pulled her legs up covering her pussy with my mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth and gasped, "Oh, God Gary, I can smell Penny's pussy on your cock."

I liked what she said, and liked it even better when she sucked me deep into her mouth again. But, I was busy licking and kissing her cunt, tasting the difference of tonight in comparison to all of our other nights together. I licked her semen laced juices around and around her clitoris, and she came with an ecstatic whoop, then went back to my cock, intent on swallowing another of my loads. This went on for over an hour, Charie experiencing orgasm after orgasm, and me cumming, wilting, and twenty minutes later, fucking her and cumming again.

Neither of us remembered going to sleep, but awoke in the morning, our arms and feet entwined. The bed was rumpled and so were we. I looked at my watch and it was 7:45. We had to be at church at 8:30. Neither of us felt like even a quickie. Our parts had been over-used and our minds were sated with sexual thoughts. It was good that we were going to a place where we could consider our souls.

John and Penny greeted us as if last night didn't even exist. That was alright with for that day. We knew that it was important to keep our secret tightly locked. Huntington was a small town, and a forest fire of suspicions and accusations could start with a mere whisper.

Sitting in the choir loft I viewed the congregation and wondered what they would say if they knew of our shenanigans the night before. I kept glancing over at Penny, but she didn't return my gaze, acting as if I didn't even exist. But when the obese minister got up in the pulpit and announced his sermon title: All Have Sinned and Come Short of the Glory of God, I saw Penny's cheeks flush ever so slightly, as her face turned obliquely toward me wearing a devilish smile. I saw the back of John's head turn (he was sitting in the front row of the choir), first toward Charie who was also in the first row, and then to Penny, who quickly wiped the smile from her face, folded her hands and listened intently to the minister talk.

We didn't even say good-bye to them after church, and wondered as we drove home in the car, if last night was the end of our friendship. On Wednesday we received a note in the mail. It was in Penny's flowery handwriting:

Dear Friends, We are at a loss as how to continue, but Saturday night was more exciting than John and I could have anticipated. We have had these feelings for you since we first met, and hoped that we might become intimate friends. Who would have expected how intimate a friendship could really develop? We want you to know that neither of us had done this before, even though my mouth is a bit randy some times and you might expect that we are pros. We're not, just curious, at least as curious as you two. We want to continue, but need to take some time before we do. We want to be cautious to keep tongues from wagging and losing our jobs at the church. But, if that were to happen, we would wish that our friendship would continue. We wonder if your love making has become more intense since Saturday night. Ours certainly has. And while we have been making love, we have thought of you two often, remembering the warm touch of our bodies. Let's just act like friends at church. We can go to dinner again, and to the club, and talk. We need to plan very carefully so that our secret can remain just that.

Your friends in lust and love, Penny and John.

On Wednesday night we planned dinner again, and a drink at the club.

to be continued...

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