tagLoving WivesChurch Friends Ch. 09

Church Friends Ch. 09

byPeter Duncan©

Just as with all brides Penny's wedding day was stressful. As she walked down the aisle of the church on her father's arm she felt proud to be her father's daughter. He had weathered the grief of losing his wife and had begun circulating in the community, even having dated a couple of women. Penny hoped that he would find someone and get married. She knew how much he needed a woman, and felt a further surge of pride that since the night of her mother's death, when she was a junior in college, he had never said a word to her about the fact that Penny went down on him that night. She knew that any woman would be lucky to have him. Midway down the aisle she saw John's beaming smile. Although twitching in a nervous tic at the side of his mouth he seemed genuinely happy at the prospect of being married to her. She certainly was with him. She was saddened though, by the fact that her mother was not there to see her daughter taking this big step into a life of her own.

In the car, on the way to the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia, she felt proud to be riding beside her husband. Myriad thoughts went through her mind, about how they would progress as a couple, and how they would be perceived in the community. She allowed herself to think of children, but that would be a long way down the road, after John and she had discovered what the possibilities of being a couple held for them. But mostly she looked forward to her first night in the wedding bed and what wonders of man and woman-ness were in store for them. She longed to feel a man's cock, her husband's cock, working in and out of her pussy. She knew what it was like to have John explode in her mouth, or on her belly, but longed to know what it would be like for him to be exploding inside her. She'd been on the pill for a month before the wedding, and wanted to feel his cum inside her so badly. Her thoughts caused her to get so wet that she thought her panties were awash in her vaginal fluids, and she was afraid that she would soak the upholstery of the car.

Penny was sitting tightly next to John, driving on the West Virginia Turnpike (there were no seatbelts in 1962, and the front seats of cars were bench seats). She started caressing John's leg and he, having an idea what Penny had in mind, opened them accommodatingly. She unzipped him, fumbled with his hardened cock and pulled it free of his BVDs. Holding it in her hand she inspected it in the daylight, looking at the smooth skin that formed from the base of his cock to his prepuce (foreskin) that covered his helmet, drooped over at the end like a puckered tassel. Enclosing his foreskin in the circle of her index finger and thumb she skinned it down, exposing his reddish silver glans, similar to the color of a turkey gizzard. She bent forward and licked it, tasting the faint saltiness of his urine, then formed her mouth into an oval and slid her wetted lips over his head to where his foreskin bunched, and then licked the clear ooze from his slit, slathering it over his sensitive head. Penny felt the car veer slightly, then straighten, knowing that her husband was having trouble concentrating on his driving. But being young and impetuous she thought little of the danger.

Slowly, taking his cock in between her lips making short slides, she listened to the drone of the engine punctuated by John's quiet moans. Then pulling her mouth off his cock she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly jerked him, kissing him on the side of the neck as he drove. Penny knew, because his ass was wiggling on the seat, that John wasn't going to last long. She lowered again and began sucking. The disturbing yet pleasurable thought of her father's cock in her mouth, the night of her mother's funeral, entered her mind, and she quickly forced it out. She licked and sucked, making loud noises, then took his plumped penis deeply into her mouth and began fucking it in earnest, knowing that she would soon feel the pressurized squirts of his warm cum. But something strange happened. John put his hand under her chin and tried to raise her head away from his cock saying, "I'm gonna cum baby."

She remembered her father saying, "No Penny, "I'm going to cum!" And she loved John even more for acting the gentleman on their wedding day, just as her father had been so thoughtful of her comfort the night of her mother's funeral when out of compassion she acted to console him. She resisted the pressure of his hand grunting," uhuh, uhuh," as her mouth took him deeply inside, sucking harder and faster.

John put both hands on the wheel and sank into the seat with a loud, "For Christ sake baby," feeling his balls spasm, releasing the sticky whiteness that flowed through his cock and exploded from his slit, splashing his load against the back of Penny's throat, making her uvula drip like a rime coated stalactite.

He was brought sharply back to reality by the keening siren of the police car behind him. As he pulled off to the side of the road Penny sat up and patted her hair, licked her lips and swallowed hard.

"Have you been drinking son?" The policeman asked.

"Uh...no officer, I haven't. We just got married and we're on our way to the Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs."

"Well, you were weaving all over the road, and I thought you might have been driving drunk. I thought you were alone in the car," he said as he put his hands on the open window and hunched down to look at Penny, noticing her wet lips that were devoid of lipstick. "Uh, I guess your bride was sleeping. Then looking at John he winked and said, "Nice. Looks like you're a lucky man. Congratulations to both of you...and, why don't you wait until you get to the Greenbrier?" He smiled broadly and said," It's a beautiful place, and the only accident you might encounter there could be a baby nine months done the road," which he punctuated with another wink. "Be careful now." He handed his driver's license back to him, then held out his hand for John to clasp and shake saying, "Drive safely Mr. Hargreaves. And, you two have a nice life together."

It was after nine p.m. when they pulled into the portico of the opulent Greenbrier. Penny had seen pictures of such places but, her father being a man of limited means, had never been able to take his family to such an establishment. As soon as John gave his name at the desk it seemed that the lobby came alive with interest. While she was waiting for her husband to register two bellmen passed her and said, "Welcome to the Greenbrier Mrs. Hargreaves. It was the first time since the wedding ceremony that she had been referred to by John's last name. It felt both odd and pleasing. She felt like such a big girl, so sophisticated. But she was at a loss as to how they could know her name so fast, not knowing that in a luxury hotel as famous as the Greenbrier the signals went out immediately. The bellman put their luggage on an elaborate polished brass cart and said, "I'll be up to the room immediately Mr. Hargreaves," then nodded to Penny and acknowledged, "Mrs. Hargreaves."

John opened the door, picked Penny up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. She loved the gesture—and the room. It was elegant: silk wallpaper on the walls, a lush green carpet, the bed was large, and high off the floor with a lace canopy hanging over it. The furniture was cherry and the chairs were upholstered with plush green velvet. She had never seen anything like this, and she was overwhelmed.

John put her down and said, "Welcome to the Greenbrier Mrs. Hargreaves," kissing her for the first time since the ceremony.

It sounded wonderful coming from him, and Penny softened her lips to accept his kiss, opening them slightly to allow space for his tongue which she knew would be coming soon, and it did. They stood, their bodies pressed into each other, their kissing igniting fires of passion in the tinder between their legs. John's hand raised the hem of her skirt and his fingers tiptoed up her hose until they felt the nakedness above her stockings. She'd been oozing since sucking John's cock in the car. Her thoughts of its warmth and hardness, which would be the first one in her virgin pussy, made her insides bubble.

When his hand touched her soaked panties John said, "Jesus Christ Penny, you are so fucking wet! He zipped down his pants and eagerly pulled out his cock, while moving Penny back toward the bed.

"No John," Penny said breaking the clench and pushing him away, "We're going to do this right—make it special. I want to get cleaned up for you, and put on my negligee and peignoir.

John smiled and said, "I'm sorry baby, I am just so hot for you."

"I'm hot for you too baby," she said, blushing, "in case you didn't notice how soaked my panties are."

Penny took a shower, put on the favorite items in her trousseau, her pink negligee and peignoir set, made herself up and touched to her earlobes and wrists the expensive perfume that her friends from college had given her. Her palpitating heart was in her mouth; electricity flowed through her body, her nipples touching the soft fabric netting of her negligee feeling almost painful with their fullness. And tingling currents ran from her breasts to her clitoris as she anticipated the feeling of her husband's rigid cock sliding inside her pussy. She felt so in need of it that her wetness sagged from her pussy and dampened her inner thighs. She opened the door.

"You are so beautiful honey," John said with a smile, standing in dark blue silk pajama bottoms, naked from the waist up, his chiseled muscles highlighted by the soft lighting. He held out his arms and took her hands as she came close, connected, and pulled her to him.

They kissed, both eager for their first coupling. John led Penny to the bed and helped her up on the high mattress. Penny wiggled over to the middle of the mattress, not bothering to pull back the soft chenille spread. She lay her head on the downy pillow, opened the front of her peignoir, and pulled her negligee up high on her thighs. She bent her legs, sliding the bottoms of her feet along the cool silky fabric and spread her knees.

John pulled the string on his blue silk pajama bottoms and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out, standing fully naked in front of his bride, his muscular body framing the rigid protuberance of his penis offset by the dark curly pubic hair, and his dangling scrotum showing the fullness of his semen charged balls.

Penny opened her arms, her eyes sparkling with welling tears, barely able to breathe.The vision of her husband naked, ready to ravish her, and bring in into the sorority of those who knew the first penetration of a male organ.

John climbed up on the bed, walked on his knees, his hard cock wagging back and forth until he was between Penny's open legs. He put his right hand on his cock and stroked it twice, inched closer until the tasseled prepuce was almost touching her puffy lips. He touched her pussy with his left hand, sliding his middle finger along her groove.

She had seen him naked before, had been naked with him more than once, had felt his hot cock against her tummy as he dry-humped her, pumping his cock against her stomach until he came, then sliding through his cum until his cock softened. So many times she wished to soften her resolve and let him fuck her, just once. But she knew that it would not be just once. And now, with her head propped on the pillow she could see down her stomach and abdomen, through the valley between her breasts. She watched him holding his cock and she waited for it to touch her. After today in the car she thought that she may not have had anymore vaginal lubrication to give, but the floodgates opened in the bathroom, and once again and she could feel the silky fluid building inside her vagina, inundating her labia and trickling down the crack of her ass, coating the puckered circle of her anus with its elegance. It had been like that all day; such was her anticipation of having John's cock forced itself inside her pussy.

She winced with pleasure as she felt his head sliding in her groove, gathering her moisture and then coating her clitoris with her vaginal fluid collected along the way. He had learned his lesson well as she had explained to him more than once that her clitoris did not get wet with the rest of her pussy, that unless he made it wet with his fingertip, or saliva from his tongue, it would hurt when he rubbed it. And then she thought that as much as she loved his tongue on her clitoris, there never had been a time when her juices didn't flow in sufficient volume to be used as a lubricant. But today her excitement almost caused the liquid to bubble up to the swollen node. She bit her lip, waiting to feel his head stretching her vaginal sphincter.

"Oh yes John," she cooed as she felt his smooth, tapered head probe her portal, knowing that he'd peeled his foreskin back. "Yes, oh yes," she gasped when her vaginal ring expanded with the taper of his glans. It felt to her that the inside of her pussy was literally gurgling with her copious flow. "Oh baby, baby yes," she whispered passionately when she felt the ring of his gathered foreskin, now bunched just behind the flare of his head, filling the spot that excited her so, just inside her pussy (the g-spot had not been identified as such at this point in the 60s). But she knew that the first two inches of her pussy felt more excitable than its depths.

"Fuck me John," she hissed loudly as she watched her husband, now propped up on his extended arms, his palms flat on the bed, his back swayed like a well ridden horse. And as he bent further his ass disappeared from view as his cock slid deeply inside filling her with a rapturous ecstacy that caused her mouth to form and oval and expel a long "ooooh." She felt his balls nestle in the crack of her ass, and his pubic hair matt against her soft brown curls. The warm skin of his tummy kissed hers, and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist to capture his bulk and savor the feeling of it inside her.

Keeping his full weight off her with his elbows, his chest flattened her breasts, and, just as she wished, John kissed her passionately. Her arms embraced him and she kissed back, feeling gloriously deflowered by the length and girth of her husband's cock that now plugged her grateful pussy.

Feeling justified at not letting him fuck her along the way over the last two years, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations, feeling his cock throbbing inside her, wondering if John could feel himself against his tummy through her abdomen. Feeling the animal emerging from her soul she began to snort, opened her legs and cried out," Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

John slid his hands under each cheek of her ass, rose up on his knees using his chin on the pillow as a lever and fulcrum, and raised her bottom off the bed. Slowly at first his cock moved in and out of Penny's pussy. With each retraction the raised rim around the back of his head squeegied her juices from her vaginal walls, and caused her fluidity to drip down the crack between her buttocks. With each thrust his balls slapped her sodden flesh, making a wet clicking sound with the next retraction. As his cock slid in and out, wet futching noises escaped from her the tight ring of her pussy. He was in heaven. True, he had known many girls since high school; but nothing had been as satisfying as this, fucking the girl who had denied him for the last two years, fucking his wife, my wife, he thought with a self-satisfied smile. Then he went back to his ecstastic copulation.

Penny's legs bent and straightened like a frog on its back. Her toes pointed to the ceiling and her legs stiffened with each thrusted penetration of John's cock. She felt his abdomen slapping hers, his balls slapping her ass, accompanied by the wet squishing of his swollen member inside her sodden cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she commanded through clenched teeth, "I want you to ream me. I want you to shoot your cum inside me and fill my pussy. All of her self-applied sexual attentions had prepared her for this moment, and she was on the verge.

John had never held back for so long. He had masturbated and cum while Penny was in the bathroom, readying himself, hoping that he would pleasure his wife in the way that she had fantasized during the trip from the wedding. He squeezed his anal sphincter so tightly that it began to ache, an ache that permeated his slapping testicles. He needed release and she gave him permission.

"Cum for me baby, I want you to fill me," she implored, bucking wildly to meet his thrusts. "Do it now baby-- Now!"

John's face was taught from his effort to keep from popping his load and needed release. And with the last thrust his lungs forced a blast of air through his vocal chords which both whined and shouted, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH," as his balls contracted, forcing the pool of his seed to be expelled deeply into Penny's pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh," escaped from Penny's mouth and her legs vibrated in a death-like spasm, and then, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," as she felt the release and the contractions of her pussy.

Gary kept fucking for a little longer, his cock now sliding freely through the mixed lubrication of his semen and Penny's generous flow. The head of his cock was now at its highest state of sensitivity, his ecstasy mixing with painful surges until his nerve endings began to numb.

Their breathing having slowed, they cuddled on the bed, now both naked. John's back was propped up on the pillow, with Penny's head resting on his chest. Her breasts softened against the hard muscles of John's abdomen, and she was almost purring at the touch of his hand on her sexually charged breast. She looked down at his flaccid penis, still glistening with the emollient of her juices mixed with John's semen, feeling his cum and her juices leaking unashamedly on the expensive chenille spread. She reached for his cock with her left hand, flopped it around and giggled.

"Something funny Penny?" John asked warily.

"I was just thinking," she said, as she peeled back his foreskin, allowing the cum that had been captured under the sheath to run down to the tip of his penis, "how amazing it is that your cock can be all soft and wrinkled one minute, and then hard and pulsing the next.

"Honey?" she queried.

"What baby?" John questioned her question.

"I want you to make love to me all night. I want you to fill my pussy with your hard meat, to cum inside me until I flow like a volcano, to make my pussy lips red and swollen so that I know that our waiting for the last two years has meant something."

"You've come to the right guy baby," John said as he felt the wrinkles of his penis begin to iron themselves out....

to be continued...

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