tagLoving WivesChurch Friends Ch. 11

Church Friends Ch. 11

byPeter Duncan©

"What's that grin on your face for John?" she asked.

It was Saturday morning. Penny was lazing in bed, when John, who had just gotten out of the shower said, "I was just thinkin about tonight babe, got all horny in the shower and started to jerk off. But I thought, why waste a perfectly good load down the drain. So here I am."

She looked at the tent created by John's cock protruding into the towel that he'd wrapped around his waist. God, he's so horny, she thought as she smiled up at him, realizing that her pussy would be seeing more action today than most days, feeling the hint of moisture that would soon be leaking out of her labial dam.

"Voila," he said as he whipped the towel off and presented his waggling member. "Prepare to meet your fucker," he added before tearing off the covers, then grabbing her ankles and pulling her ass to the edge of the bed. He raised and parted her legs causing her pussy lips to open with a wet click. "You've been playin with yourself, haven't you Penny," he accused.

Her cheeks flushed as she meekly nodded her head yes. "You've caught me again." But what she didn't tell him was that she was thinking of Gary's tongue exploring her groove the way she remembered him doing it last Saturday night. She wished that John would follow the same path and cover her pussy with his mouth before putting it in. But she knew he wouldn't.

John held his cock in his right hand, peeled back his foreskin, wet his bulging head in Penny's groove and slid inside. He wasted no time as he started pumping, first slowly, then a little faster.

She loved the feel of his cock inside her, but yearned for John to be more romantic and give at least as much time to foreplay as he did to the act. She loved to be fucked, there was no mistaking that—loved the feeling of his cock filling her pussy, massaging the spot, that would later be called "g-spot," as it parted her supple cylinder that opened with each thrust and closed when he pulled back. She loved the feel of his mons pressing against hers as he was deep inside her, his scrotum caressing the cleft of her ass.

But she wished for orgasms in foreplay which would lead to greater orgasms throughout their loving. And she loved the coming down orgasms when cuddling, something she had only experienced on their honeymoon at the Greenbrier—until last week when she slept with Gary. Maybe the big lug will learn something from him, she thought, as her legs flexed and released, her toes reaching for the ceiling. She knew that she wasn't going to get off with John just fucking her, so she started titillating her clitoris with her fingers. Just before John shot his wad inside her pussy, she touched off her orgasm and whooped, scissoring him with her legs, hoping that he would be tender with her and cuddle and snuggle.

There was never a time when John didn't savor it. He'd always loved to fuck and loved to cum more than anything else, including his music. He never thought to control it, and it always happened so fast. So he wanted to do it over and over again to enjoy the sensation of his seed being planted.

Looking back on his learning curve he had come into his own, so to speak, in his second year of college. Because of his prominence on campus he could have had almost any girl he wanted—hated using condoms, which he had to do if he was going to come to full term in a girl's pussy. But he solved this problem with a female music professor, Margo Manfried, a transplanted German who was in her mid forties, and had undergone a hysterectomy. But that didn't stop him from trying it out the coeds. More often than not he would go in bareback, and just pull out when he was ready to cum, usually pressing himself on their bellies and oozing his hot semen on their nubile skin, then spreading his aloe with his own belly. With the more adventurous girls he came in their mouths.

When he met Penny, sex with the coeds stopped. But Margo was a secret that he kept well hidden until graduation. Penny satisfied his need to cum, by taking it in her mouth and often swallowing, while Margo, the dominant older woman, unbeknownst to Penny or anybody else on campus, including Margo's aging husband, satisfied his other needs. Now, as he spurted his load inside Penny's pussy he felt once again like he had been confirmed as a male.

He was refreshed and lusty and, now that he was living in a different sexual world, wanted to experience something a little kinkier, knowing that the action would put his flaccid cock back on a fast track to an erection. It had been at Charie's suggestion last Saturday night that he sucked his cum out of her pussy, something he'd never done with Penny, sharing a snowball with her, trading his semen back and forth while they kissed. Initially, he found it repulsive, but because of Charie's wildness the kink grew on him very rapidly. And the third time that they fucked that night, when Charie made him take his cock out of her pussy and cum in her mouth, the kissing and the interchange had already begun to excite him.

Surprised and excited by John's unexpected action, Penny oohed when he licked her sloppy vulva, going limp before tensing for her second orgasm. She was so pleased that her husband had finally done what she had been longing for for such a long time.

He found that he now enjoyed the slickness and musky taste of his semen mixed with his wife's feminine essence, which had changed the texture of her pussy in a way that he had previously been ignorant of. He stretched his tongue and dug the tip inside as far as he could, lapping white gouts of sperm-filled semen which he gathering behind his teeth and under his tongue. He slurped and blew, making wet farting noises that she responded to by flailing her legs. The tip of his tongue slid around the sides of her clitoris and licked semen from between her hood and clit, the way Charie insisted that he must do it to her. Funny, he thought, I've been married to Penny for over a year and she never suggested anything like this. And then in one night, a stranger tells me what to do to please her, and also tells me that it will drive my wife crazy. For the first time with Penny he felt that he was taking on the role of a more sophisticated lover.

For Penny, the experience was a new one with John. This experience of swapping with Gary and Charie seemed to carry with it benefits that she hadn't bargained for. She'd thought it would be just something new and exciting—wicked—not expecting it to have an improved effect upon her loving with John. So, closing her eyes after her second orgasm she welcomed John's slippery lips, excited at the musk of their compounded fluids that wafted to her nose. And she was almost overwhelmed when John spent time cuddling with her. It was only a short time, but something she had not been accustomed to. I wonder what we will bring away from tonight's gambit, she thought.

Dinner at the small Italian restaurant was excellent. The conversation was much more natural than the last time they went out. Their having been together naked in bed with the other's spouse brought with it an ambience they never felt with other friends. They sat in a booth, husbands facing the other's wife.

Charie, facing John on the inside of the booth, being the natural aggressor, felt safe from view and made the first move under the table. She had kicked off her pumps and reached out with her foot, her toes caressing John's lower leg. John responded by removing his loafer, and they began playing footsie. They all laughed when Charie said, "John! What is your foot doing between my legs?"

Penny looked around warily, wondering if others in the restaurant had heard Charie's comment. Apparently it had only seemed loud to her. She was taken aback when Charie took hold of her hand and put it on top of the bulge of John's foot, which was squirming in Charie's crotch. Her face flushed and she jerked her hand away, feeling that this was all wrong. When she felt the top of Gary's foot caressing the back of her calf, she at first checked the length of the table cloth with her hand. Then feeling at least protected from view she reluctantly opened her legs, allowing his foot to find the softness of her pussy.

Since Thursday, at lunch, Charie had not been able to keep the vision of Penny's willowy body walking into the restaurant from her mind. As Penny walked Charie's eyes went to Penny's sensual hips, swaying while she walked. Each step caused her fluid breasts to jiggle ever so slightly. She tried to imagine if Penny's labia made any kind of movement down below. Did her lips slip and slide, or did they merely purse together? It was then that a hidden desire surfaced. Remembering the porno flick, on her honeymoon, she had found herself being aroused at the sight of the naked woman in the film, wondering if her pussy would taste and smell like her own. A couple had been behind she and Gary in the screening room, and they were obviously making love, at least to the extent of using their hands and fingers. Charie had an overwhelming urge to turn around, take hold of the man's hand and smell his fingers, suck them into her mouth and taste what another woman was like. She felt strange and wicked, but she liked what she was feeling. Since that time, she often played with herself, getting her fingers wet and sucking them, thinking of the close-ups of the woman on the screen, thinking of the unknown woman behind her who was moaning because, what must have been her escort's finger working in her pussy. It was this thought that moved her to grab Penny's hand and put it on John's foot, which was working between her legs.

Penny, feeling uncomfortable, caressed Gary's leg. She moved her foot up Gary's calf, then hooked her foot behind his lower leg, tentatively encouraging him to get more into the action. Gary—not as tall as John—scruntched down into his seat and parted Penny' stockinged legs. His toes wiggled on her bunched panties. She glanced around to make sure that nobody in the restaurant was noticing the activity under the table, then scruntched forward slightly so that Gary's toes could work in her groove. Once again, she felt so wicked, and somewhat guilty. Her breath quickened when his big toe touched her clitoris, and she wanted to moan out loud but calmly controlled the urge. She felt that this was so wrong, yet so right. How could it be wrong, and right? How often had she felt this way? And how often had she prayed to God about her feelings? The way she felt about the new relationship with Gary and Charie. The way she felt when she masturbated in church, the way she felt when she sucked her father's cock, when she was in college, after her mother's funeral. She felt guilty about it all, but she loved it. The way she felt when...


She hadn't thought of Miriam since she graduated from college, beginning to practice not thinking about her on her graduation day, after she had met Miriam's parents, after saying goodbye—forever. The memory must have been triggered by Charie taking her hand and putting it into her lap while John was playing footsie with her crotch. It was wrong, she thought. So much of what she thought and what she was doing was wrong. Would God forgive her?

Miriam Stern had been her roommate for her last two years at school. A member of a prominent Jewish family from New York City, she was much more confident than Penny. She was tall and thin, a redhead with freckles, and she had smallish breasts. Quite liberal for the times, she was a rebellious young woman, attending a Christian university in the face of her parent's urgings to matriculate to a liberal eastern school located in Boston. At the same time she was critical of the school's fundamentalist teachings, and often got herself into trouble with other students by taunting them about their "backward" religious expressions.

Penny didn't like her at first and considered requesting another roommate. But, when she told her parents about her intention, her mother reminded her that she was a Christian, and that Jesus accepted all people, regardless of their differences. She prayed with Penny, as she did in all difficult decisions, and convinced her to stay with her eclectic roommate.

Through exercising her mother's philosophy Penny grew to like Miriam very much, often coming to her defense when other students reviled her, passing on the "Jesus accepted all people" principle that her mother convinced her of. But sometimes Miriam's views caused her much distress. Penny was committed to remaining a virgin until she married, and Miriam was promiscuous.

"It's a whole lot of bullshit about a piece of skin," she would often say about an unbroken hymen; and, "You're not a woman until you've felt a man's cock filling your pussy. Fucking is heaven on Earth, and orgasms are Heaven."

Penny began living through Miriam vicariously, much to her internalized guilt, but found herself being sexually aroused when her roommate would come in after a hot date and tell her about what the guy did to her, and what she did to him.

"They love blowjobs," she said, "more than anything in the world. So, if you go with a guy and don't want to let him fuck you, and you want to keep him on the string, give him blowjobs."

"But, then I wouldn't be a virgin," Penny protested.

"Bullshit! Blowjobs don't take away your virginity. They don't break any skin."

Penny prayed about this, but got no answer. But being influenced by Miriam, when one of the fraternity boys she dated insisted that she feel his cock, she did it, something which thrilled her the first time, making her feel guilty, but also causing her to look forward to the next time. The next time he convinced her to suck it, which she did tentatively, thinking what Miriam would do. But the boy had a short fuse and he came in her mouth, which disgusted her, and she spit it out. When Miriam asked her why she looked so guilty after she had come in from the date, Penny told her that he was disgusting—that he had ejaculated into her mouth, and she had spit it out.

"Disgusting?" she said, "You've just discovered the Holy Grail, as far as guys are concerned. It's an acquired taste sweetie, and let me tell you this: if you let a guy come in your mouth, you will be able to protect your virginity forever."

So, Penny acquired the taste, loved the feel and the thought and reality of a hard warm cock in her mouth, and relished the warm cream that topped off her lover's excitement. She felt like a missionary, never having to fulfill the position.

She was intrigued with Miriam's raw sexuality and her obvious disdain for moral strictures—jealous of the enjoyment Miriam got from her forays. But, through Miriam's talking, she learned more about her own body. Miriam told her that it was up to the guys to push your button, and she related how she instructed her guys in the purpose of a clitoris, and the sensitive first two inches of her vagina. "You have to tell some of these dumb shits where the damn thing's located." But Penny was especially uncomfortable with Miriam's views on sex parental taboos, although Miriam had never said that she had ever done anything about it.

Miriam told her that from the time she discovered sex, she always fantasized about her father. Penny acted shocked at the admission, but was really torn by the guilt of her own feelings, which had been the subject of many of her talks with God.

"It's immoral," she said, "Wicked. Evil."

"These fundamentalists have really got you brainwashed baby," Miriam would reply.

"It says in the Bible that it is wrong."

"Bible, schmible," Miriam twanged in her best New York accent, "I've read the same stuff as you—was taught about all the prophets, until JC did His thing. That's where we got off the boat. And, I really loved the story of Lot and his daughters."

They went around and around on the subject, and just as with so many things that Miriam espoused, Penny eventually softened her harsher views. Perhaps that is the reason she found it so easy to give her father a blowjob, the night of her mother's funeral, to ease the pain of his wife's death.

"Oh baby," Miriam said when, upon returning from the funeral, Penny confessed the act. "Oh baby, maybe I shouldn't have talked about that with you. You look so damned contrite, so guilty."

Penny's eyes welled with tears, and absent a living mother, and now with a father that she felt had been defiled, she began sobbing.

Miriam took her in her arms, held her tight and rocked her.

Penny couldn't explain her actions, and asked many times thereafter for God's forgiveness, as her whole body began to warm and she pushed her pelvis into Miriam's.

Miriam responded as Miriam would, and as Miriam had hoped for since meeting Penny. Her hands slid down Penny's back to her butt, and she cupped each cheek, pulling her tightly against her, grinding her pubic bone against Penny's.

Penny looked up with wet, red eyes, moisture dripping from her nose, accepted Miriams soft kiss, then opened her mouth as Miriam's tongue explored her moist, dark cavity.

Miriam knew what to do, having done it many times before. She pulled Penny's blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned it; then unbuttoned her own. She peeled Penny's blouse off her arms, and then her own. She reached around and unsnapped Penny's bra, and then hers. Naked from the waist up she carefully touched her nipples to Penny's and then kissed her deeply again.

Penny was hers as she had always hoped she would be, and her new conquest was the sweetest victory she had ever achieved.

As Penny lay naked on the bed with Miriam's tongue ravishing her clitoris her thoughts swirled in a maelstrom of sexuality. She felt so good, and asked herself, How can something that feels so good be bad? Memories of her masturbation, the cocks she had jerked, and sucked, the times she felt the warm surge of cum spewing from the end of a cock, flowing over her tongue, hitting the back of her throat—they all felt so good. She had never had so many orgasms as Miriams tongue struck pay dirt over and over again, and her fingers electrified her and sent shockwaves to the bottom of her feet and the ends of her toes. This: all because of her confessing the incestual sucking of her father's cock. As her body spasmed over and over again, she loved her father even more, and hoped that she would have another opportunity to please him.

Miriam knew exactly how to handle an uninitiated woman, and was pleased at how easy Penny was to get off. Perhaps the newness of the situation was what caused her first orgasm when she was suckling on breast and pushing on the other, massaging it in a circular motion against her chest. And, she had a pretty good idea that she had never been eaten before, given the male ignorance of the day about women's clits. She got off herself when Penny's legs almost crushed her head and she let out frenzied cry. Miriam hoped that the floor monitor didn't hear it and come running. Speaking of running, Penny's cunt was awash in her own ejaculate as a result of Miriam's fingers pressing and releasing the spot that years later, so much would be written about. As much as she was enjoying her multiple orgasmic conquest, it was time for Penny to satisfy her own needs. So, Miriam reversed her position, still covering Penny's pussy with her mouth, and presented her own femininity to Penny's mouth.

Penny was so warmed by her orgiastic frenzies that the sight of Miriam's pussy closing toward her mouth excited her. She had looked at her own pussy more than once with the aid of a hand mirror, just taking for granted that all females' were the same. Hers was a warm shade of pink, but Miriam's was a mauve color, surrounded by dark red hair. Hers was light brown. Her own lips were hidden by her larger, puffy lips, but Miriam's extended well below her labia majora and parted, curling outward like butterfly wings. As she brought her vulva closer to Penny's face Miriam's pussy lips quivered and shimmered with a wetness that looked like it would start dripping. When Miriam's wet lips touched Penny's mouth she instinctively began sucking, just like a newborn baby instinctively suckles its mother's nipple. She was excited by the taste: and the smell of Miriam's pussy was very much like her own.

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