tagGroup SexChurch Friends Ch. 13

Church Friends Ch. 13

byPeter Duncan©

Dear Miriam:

Not a week has gone by that I haven't thought about our times together in college. I hope that you don't mind terribly that I have sent this letter to your parents' house, but I have no other address, and would really like to get in touch with you.

I am married to John, who you met in college, and am quite happy. He is choir director at Ebenezer Baptist Church, and I am the accompany the choir and play the organ. They like what he is doing. The Choir is growing, and they seem to like my work as well, although, as long as they are happy with John they will be happy with me—smiling.

Do you have a career; are you married, or both? There are other questions I would like to ask but am afraid to, not having talked with you in so long. But, I think you will at least be interested in what has become of me.

I can't tell you how much you helped me Miriam. I was very shy, and you were always there for me, even though I was initially taken aback by your sexual attitudes. Through you I came to understand that not everybody was as uptight as I was in this regard. It took your liberated attitude to start bringing me out of my shell. After Mom died, when I told you about my experience with my father, you made feel like I had no guilt, and then you showed me just how joyful being a woman could be. Gosh, I shouldn't be telling you this. For all I know you might have just left that phase behind you—the same way you left me. I may have been wrong for having said this, but the feeling of loss has been bottled up inside me for so long. I don't know if you realized how attached to you I became.

Would you believe me if I told you that John and I are involved with another couple? I mean really involved—like sexually involved. And, I have also developed with Charie, (she is the female half of the other couple) the kind of relationship you and I had the last year of college. I just wish I could talk with you Miriam. I have never told anybody, and I wish there were someone for me to share these feelings with.

In June I will be coming to New York City with John, who will be attending the National Choir Conductors Guild. Our church is sending him. Our friends, Gary and Charie (the couple I told you about) will be coming with us. Perhaps it is too much to ask, and you may have no desire to be with the shy girl in your past, but I would really love to see you again. I hope that you will write back. Or call me at 304-533-1800, and reverse the charges.

I would really like to hear from you Miriam.

Love, Penny

"She was a lot of fun back then Zack," Miriam said to her husband. "You would really have loved her—long blond hair, blue eyes, a great body—nice tits, I mean NICE tits. She was shy, the product of a fundamentalist Christian family."

"And you put the make on her?" he asked.

"I tried—for the longest time, but never got anywhere. Until she came back from her mother's funeral, and told me about sucking her father's cock the night of the funeral, and how guilty it made her feel."

"No shit!"

"I swear Zack, you don't pay attention to anything do you? Don't you remember me telling you about my roommate in college?"

"Ha-ha, I was just teasing you babe," Zack said, "You know that I have always been in awe of your sexual exploits. But you never told me why you shit-canned her."

"Once she got a taste of pussy she really loved it," Miriam said wistfully, her eyes looking far away, de-ja-vu causing her to touch herself between her legs, "but to tell you the truth hon, I thought she would go back to the hills and become a religious freak—and—I didn't need any of that." Miriam sidled up to Zack and pressed the palm of her hand on his crotch, continuing, "Who would have thought that demure Penny and her husband would be fucking another couple—and—that she is eating the wife's pussy? Go figure." Then she squeezed his growing hardness.

Zack wrapped his arms around Miriam's waist, while she was massaging his cock into a state of rigor mortis, and kissed her. Quickly, she had his zipper down and was jerking him. It was six pm and she had a meeting of welfare mothers to attend at seven. Typically, she pressed the moment—quickies, longies, in betweensies—she never missed a beat.

"We haven't got much time baby," Miriam's husky voice implored, "so let's get it on."

"Do you want me in your ass again?" Zack questioned.

"Um-hmm, my ass baby. I'll get it," she said as she hastened to the bathroom, peeling down her panties and stepping out of them along the way. She reached back and, through her dress she unsnapped her bra, letting her breasts flow to the pull of gravity. Opening the medicine cabinet she took out the well squeezed tube of KY jelly and took off the cap. She returned with the tube to Zack, who was standing by the kitchen table, then bent over the table as if she were in the doctor's office preparing for a rectal exam.

Zack raised Miriam's dress, baring her ass, squeezed a glob of slippery lube onto the palm of his hand and smoothed the cool, clear substance all over his cock. Then, spreading the cheeks of Miriam's tight butt, he exposed her russet asterisk and pushed the end of the tube in the center, popped it past her sphincter, and squeezed.

"Oooh baby, you know how hot that makes me?" Miriam marveled as she felt the cool jelly oozing inside her ass. She slid her hand down the front her dress and began fondling her left breast, feeling the eraser-like nipple hardening against the hollow of her hand.

"Umm-huh," Zack said absently as he laid the tube on the table and slid his middle finger inside her anal ring. Patiently working it in and out he felt her tightness ease and become more pliable. Out his finger came with a slight "pop," and two fingers found their way back inside her. Tenderly, he eased his fingers to the knuckles then backed out, testing the resistance, until the tight orifice allowed both knuckles past the sphincter. And the deep probing began.

Wiggling her bottom, Miriam pushed back as Zack's fingers worked inside her. At the same time her finger and thumb rolled her hard nipple and she squeezed it, feeling hot flashes shoot from her breast through her abdomen to her clit. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as now, with three fingers, Zack worked to stretch her anus to accommodate his large cock. Then, warming all over when they cleared her sphincter, she implored, "Do it now baby. Put it in. Fuck me!"

Holding his slippery cock in his right hand Zack opened her cheeks with his left and touched the head to her glistening star, puckered like the lips of an amazed child's upon seeing the first burst of fireworks. He leaned forward and felt the hole open evenly around his tapered head, which slid through the lubricant and popped in.

Miriam's knees shook and quivered as she felt him going into that amazing opening, raising and lowering her belly inches above the table. She pushed back and felt the bulk of Zack's rigid penis slide impossibly deep inside her body. Working her hand under her undulating abdomen she reached for her clit, rubbed it hard and said, "Fuck it Zack. Fuck my ass!"

Tightly embraced by Miriam's tight sphincter Zack's cock slid in and out. The erotic noise was silky, slippery—greasy. He pumped, at first slowly, then increased his meter, gritting his teeth as he began slamming her hard. The cheek of her face bounced on the table, saliva dribbling from the corner of her mouth and leaving a slobbered pool, which was being mopped by her titian hair.

Through his clenched teeth he hissed, "I'm gonna cum baby!

Miriam felt the hard meat at home in her rectum, moving in and out, the sac containing his engorged testicles slapping the flaccid lips of her sodden cunt. She felt her orgasm building as she worked her clit, the excitement of sex filling her mind with sugar plums. When she heard Zack's yelp behind her and felt the heat of his semen oozing inside her rectum, she let go and yelled, "Oh God! I love sex Zack!" and shuddered, spasmed, and squirted her ejaculate, feeling its warmth running down her legs.

Just as she was ready to walk out the door to her meeting she looked at Zack, grinned and asked, "What would you think if we did something with the yokels from West Virginia?"

"Yokels?" he returned.

"I shouldn't be unkind Zack, but I wonder if they are prepared for the big City?"

"So, you want to get together with them, huh?" Zack questioned.

"Maybe it would be fun sweetie. Yes. I'm gonna call Penny and renew acquaintances. Who knows? Butt fucking though," she laughed, "now that may be something entirely foreign to them."

Ending their long drive on Thursday they drove through the Lincoln tunnel with great anticipation of being in the City. The excitement for Gary and Charie was tickled by memories, waiting to see if what they remembered was as exciting as before. But for John and Penny, having never been in a city larger than Cincinnati, the experience was totally new. They had all taken a week's vacation and had driven the long day to make it to New York.

Gary and Charie had promised that they would show them some of the sights—one in particular—the porno shop where they saw their first movie together, where Charie had begun her procession from demure housewife to raging sex maniac. John would have to spend Saturday and Sunday at the convention, but he would miss the evening's events, which weren't mandatory. They were particularly excited about Miriam's invitation to a party on Friday night, being held by friends who owned a dance studio, just off Canal Street.

Penny had been overwhelmed when Miriam called and talked with her at length, telling her about Zack, and what an exciting man she was to be married to. "And you know what kind of excitement I enjoy," Miriam had said. Penny didn't feel at all uncomfortable when Miriam asked her to share what she and John had been doing with the "other" couple. "Gary and Charie," Penny informed her. She told her how they had all met in church, and how they had developed as "swingers," a word that still amazed her when she said it. She told Miriam that it was only when Charie had made such an active move on her, the Saturday night before Easter, that the memories of what she and Miriam had done in school made her anxious to try and contact her again.

Miriam told her that when she graduated from school she walked away, leaving Penny as a memory, rather than trying to stay in touch and risk leading her down a road that she might not be prepared to go. Besides, they were geographically undesirable. But when she received Penny's letter and heard of what activities she was pursuing she felt that "her little sparrow" had flitted back to the nest, and her visit to Manhattan would be fortuitous. She told Penny that she and Zack were part of a circle of friends, three couples, who met regularly and shared sex together. Inviting the newcomers to the party just seemed a natural way to share their common involvement.

"But can you and I get together, just the two of us?" Penny asked. And Miriam assured her that during the week they were visiting the City, there certainly would be time for an "afternooner," if Penny really wanted it.

"What about your friend Charie?" she asked.

"You mean the three of us getting together?" Penny responded, "Well, I had hoped that you and I could meet first—you know—to renew acquaintances. But, could we all get together another time?"

"Of course sweetie—and I have a lot of toys that I would like to show you and your friend."


"You know baby—like a dildo? And, I have a double dildo that we could share. And—get this Penny, Zack had one of his friends who makes such things, fashion a triple dildo for some real group fun. You can't believe how much fun friends can have playing all stuck together like that."

The rims of Penny's ears turned red at the thought. She knew that Charie would love it. She would love anything having to do with sex, and truth be told, she herself was eager for the kind of wickedness that being away from town would allow.

The trip started slowly. Gary drove the first leg, and John sat up front with him. The two women shared the back seat but slept the first hour before crossing the Ohio River at Point Pleasant. They stopped at Bob Evan's Farm restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio for breakfast, after which they continued with John behind the wheel. Charie sat up front with him, and Penny sat in the back seat with Gary. They all sang songs for about ten minutes, and when they finished the chorus of She'll be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes, Charie turned around in her seat and said, "Speaking of cumming, maybe blow jobs are in order Penny."

"I'll drink to that," Gary said as he zipped down his fly and flopped out his limp penis.

"I think we girls will be doing all the drinking," Charie said, adding hers to the laughs of the three others in the car.

"But I just had my daily requirement of protein with the eggs," Penny interjected.

"Come on Penny," John said, looking back at her in the rearview mirror, "everybody knows that a protein load is good for your muscle tone."

"And I am more than happy to supply the load," Gary said, laughing, his cock now three quarters of the way to a hard-on.

Penny laid her head in his lap and watched as his large cock extended to its fullness (seat belts had not been installed in cars in the early 60s). Looking up at Charie who voyeuristically was propped over the seat, she winked, then put her hands together over the pink flesh and moved them up and down. Her right hand closed around his shaft, and worked his outer skin in long strokes.

"Suck it sweetie," Charie said, and watched as Penny acted on her suggestion, taking a third of Gary's shaft into her mouth. Charie smiled and winked at Gary, who winced with the pleasure of Penny's warm, wet mouth suckling him. He blew a puckered kiss to his wife, after which her head disappeared below the back of the seat. He watched John wiggle slightly, his shoulders tensing, then relaxing as Charie's mouth must have gobbled his cock. Just then a semi, going in the opposite direction, blasted his air horn, obviously having seen what was going on in the car. The men laughed out loud, feeling like sexual pioneers, while the women's giggles were muted by the engorged cocks in their mouths.

They changed drivers and partners every hour, and by the time they got to Pittsburgh, just before getting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, they stopped for lunch. The girl's lips were devoid of lipstick and were puffy from so much contact with hard skin, and they insisted that they put lipstick on in the car, thinking that everybody in the restaurant would know what they were doing.

They checked into their hotel, across the street from Carnegie Hall, at seven, had a quick dinner at the hotel coffee shop, then headed down to times square. During the trip Gary and Charie talked about the porn shop they had visited. Charie admitted that her animal instincts had been ignited as a result of seeing the porno movie during their honeymoon. John had seen a skin flick once at a smoker, but it was very old, and the couple in the film were scuzzy. But Penny had never seen one, and was anxious to go.

They took four seats in the screening room, in the back row. The room had seats for 42, and there were only about 16 people present. It was a different movie, this time in color. By the time the black man on the screen had squirted his cum all over the woman's tits, both Charie and Penny had their husband's cocks in their hands. By the time the second man came in and was fucking the woman on the screen while she was sucking the other man's cock, both wives were sitting on their husband's laps, impaled on their erections. Long before the movie was over both men had cum inside their wives, and were anxious to leave. But the girls made them stay 'til it was over.

It only took a couple blocks for the girls to admit why. They were embarrassed to say so at first, but when John said, "You just liked the idea of that big black guy's cock fucking you," Penny's ears turned red.

Charie said, "Would it bother you if we were fucked by a black man?"

"To tell you the truth I never thought about it," John said. He thought for a couple of seconds and then said, "Until I saw Gary's cock, I thought black guys had a lock on big. But that's not it. I never saw anything like that movie before, and the contrast of dark on white skin was—kind of exciting."

"I don't know," Gary said. I guess I was brought up in the wrong part of the country. That was just not something we ever talked about, or considered. I don't know." He looked troubled.

"Well baby," Charie said to Gary in a parental tone. "I guess you'll probably never have to deal with it. But, as for me, I think I would love it—just in principle—another sexual experience for your baby to chalk up."

The next morning was an early start for a full day. They took the Circle Line cruise around the island of Manhattan in the morning, followed by lunch at Sardi's, and a quick tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the afternoon.

Miriam left instructions for them to meet Zack and her at Club Tryst at 7:00. She told them that nobody drives in the City, and they would have to take a cab.

When they arrived at Club Tryst they were asked if they were members and, as they were instructed by Miriam, told the doorman that they were guests of the Stones. He picked up a phone and spoke to someone, then said, "You may go in."

The club was very dimly lit. Each table had a small art deco lamp which gave the dark brown table cloth on each table a warm glow. Each table had a telephone next to the light. Out of the dark room came a couple: the man dressed in dark trousers, a stylish grey suede sport coat covering a black turtleneck. The pale skinned woman with tawny copper hair, by his side, was wearing a green silk knee length dress with an elongated V stopping at mid thigh-- and she was wearing brushed gray suede stiletto heels. Her small breasts, hanging loose below the silk, which clung to her pointed nipples, jiggled as she walked toward them seductively.

Penny felt a chill run up her back and the rims of her ears flush as she recognized her college roommate. Giddy, her knees unsteady beneath her, she felt a gush between her labia, and wished that Miriam's finger could smooth the wet silk of the sexy silk panties that she had bought just for tonight's adventure.

Miriam extended both hands and said "Penny, it's so good to see you again."

Penny was shocked and embarrassed when Miriam embraced her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Her instinct told her to pull away, but her tummy pressed against her long lost lover's, and she parted her lips, allowing Miriam's tongue to enter.

Miriam pulled back, still holding her hands. Then she released her right left hand and touched Penny's nose and said, "You're still as sweet as ever."

Penny was embarrassed and she wanted, yet didn't want, to look at her husband and her friends. Slowly looking around, her eyes having become accustomed to the dark, she realized that this was a different sort of club. At most of the tables there was more than one couple. Some were talking, and some were kissing. One man, looking at Penny and Miriam was smiling. His hand was on the breast of the woman beside him. There were two couples on the dance floor both dancing passionately. But one couple was two women. Both were dancing belly to belly with their hands cupping the bottom of the other.

Miriam took over. "Hello, I'm Miriam Stone, and this is my husband Zack." They all shook hands, the West Virginians showing obvious uneasiness. "Welcome to the Club Tryst," she giggled, and continued, "Look around and you'll see that this is a different kind of club than what you are probably accustomed to."

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