Church on State


"Holy Shit!" Adam yelled out, squeezing over and over again. They felt so good! They were so firm. So soft! He had been missing out on the pleasures huge breasts could provide. He couldn't get enough as he kept squeezing, followed by rough pinches of her nipples.

"That's it. You are so good at this." Catherine moaned out, her hands on his chest. She let him squeeze until he lost himself in her chest. Using his hands to hold herself up, she leaned forward and reached down to pull the habit, that was now bunched at her waist, past her hips and ass. She was able to lift her legs, one at a time, out of the habit, until she was free from it. She then tossed it onto the ground with the rest of her clothes, leaving her clad only in her skimpy thong. She knew it was time to take this to the next level, so, with a little bit of effort, she was able to pull her tits away from Adam's squeezing hands. She moved down the bed and pulled the sheets down, finally revealing the married man's dick to her eyes. Nine fat, dripping inches of married cock greeted her leering eyes.

"Oh my God! You're huge!" Catherine said. Catherine had a keen sense of when men are packing some serious heat and Adam exceeded her already lofty expectations. She leaned down to get an up close view. She marveled at the fat dick in front of her, admiring it with a bright smile on her face. She got between his legs and pointed the dick at her mouth.

"It looks so good I can almost taste it," She said, opening her mouth, bringing it closer to his cock.

"No, please. I can't," Adam said, putting up one last line of defense. Catherine got a little upset.

"Face it Adam, your wife isn't coming back. She isn't a nun like me that puts out regularly. She is very old-fashioned in that sense. Your wife's pussy is closed for business, and it's never going to be open again. She'll never take you back. It's time for you to trade up for something so much better. Aren't I better, Adam?" Catherine asked, taking his cock in her soft hand and slowly stroking it.

"I, it's just, I can't say..." Adam stammered, unable to admit it.

"Aren't I prettier than her? I think so. I think you could admit that. Not only prettier, but sexier as well. Your wife has no restrictions about what she could do and wear, but she can't compete with a Nun! Sure, I wear a habit that molds to my entire hot body, and I still am a sexier sight that wife of yours. She could be parading around in her birthday suit, showing off those itty-bitty-titties and that saggy little butt, and it wouldn't compare to the nun whose body has been driving you wild. Isn't my body amazing? I have gigantic breasts. A perfect round ass that can take whatever a man can do to it. I have perfect dick sucking lips. It would be hard not to be a slut with this body. But at least I'm using it for a good cause. Don't you want to experience the pleasures this body can give you?" Catherine argued.

"I just can't," Adam said weakly. Catherine looked at the floor and got an idea.

"I got it. It's not nasty enough for you. If you are fucking a nun, you want to know you're fucking a nun," Catherine said. She reached down and grabbed something off the floor. When she reappeared, Adam watched as she put her headpiece back on. Adam's eyes bugged out.

This was so wrong. He was being tempted by a Nun. A Nun! He thought he could trust a nun, but she took advantage of her position to lure him here. Into her bed. Naked. It was so wrong. So fucked up. So nasty! He looked down, and the contrast of her headpiece and her porn star body drove him nuts. It didn't stop there. Her cute, elegant rosary, surrounded by her giant breasts. Something so pure, mixed with something so raw. A spurt of pre-cum shot from his dick.

"I think your fat cock wants this. You should listen to it. It knows what you really want. If your wife took proper care of you, you wouldn't be here in my bed, with that dick pointed at my mouth, desperate to be sucked on. Just let me have a little taste." Catherine said. With that, her open mouth slipped over the head of his cock. No part of her mouth touched him, but the warm breath on the head of his dick sent another spurt of pre-cum from his dick onto her tongue. He could hear her moan at the taste.

Catherine was right. If Paula had done her job like a good wife should, as opposed to leaving her husband with blue-balls night after night, he wouldn't be here, being tempted by a slutty nun, his dick poised to be sucked on. Catherine was so hot. So sexy. And the fact that she was a nun made this so much hotter. If his wife could leave him like this without even talking to him, there was no hope that she would listen to whatever he had to say. Like Catherine said, her pussy was closed for business. It was time for Adam to move on. It was time to find a pussy more willing and able to care for his fat cock.

"Suck it, please! I need to cum," Adam pleaded.

"You got it, baby," Catherine said. She brought her mouth back over the head and gave it a quick lick. She teased the head, teasing as if she were going to suck it. She lightly ran her lips across the head, driving him wild.

"Please!" Adam begged. Catherine looked him straight into his eyes. Once she knew she had him, she opened wide and attacked his dick with her sucking mouth.

"Holy fuck!" Adam yelled out, his head falling back to the bed. Her mouth felt so good. Up and down, up and down. Catherine must be an experienced cocksucker, since she was able to get all nine inches of his thick cock buried down her tight throat. His cock was soon covered in this sexy Nun's drool. Her tongue was teasing him, running up the underside of his cock, flicking under the head, trying to tease the cum from his balls. Occasionally, she would use the inside of her cheek to surround Adam's cock-head, stretching it out around the tip, before letting it pop out of her mouth. Adam's dick was throbbing as she sucked, taking him to the edge, but she would pull away before he got to spray his load down her tight throat.

He felt her mouth spin around his cock, and before he knew it, she was on top of him, with her thong-clad pussy over her face.

"Suck me, and I might let you cum," Catherine teased. Adam reached up, peeled the cloth away from her wet pussy, revealing the sexy cunt underneath. He could smell her juices, and they drew him towards her. His mouth attacked her wet pussy with gusto. His tongue dove into her folds vigorously, collecting her juices, gathering her taste. He didn't know if it was her or his horniness, but she tasted absolutely amazing. She humped against his face, eventually driving him down against the bed.

They were vigorously sucking each other off in an intimate 69. Adam, an aspiring politician, an aspiring married politician, and a slutty, hot-bodied nun were feasting on each other in a perverted, nasty act. Catherine was choking on Adam's dick, and he was drowning in her copious juices. She pulled her mouth off of him and stroked his wet dick slowly, reveling in the married man nibbling on her clit. She knew she wasn't going to let him cum yet, so she leaned upward and fiercely ground her cunt against his face. He tried to yell out, but he was too smothered to be audible. All she heard were groans.

"Oh, yeah, eat that cunt, you big, strong married man! It tastes good, doesn't it? Better than any meal!" Catherine said. She looked down her back, and looking between the cheeks of her ass, she could see his watery eyes, and his nose pressed against her asshole. He could barely breathe.

"Oh, I'm so close. Do it! Make a Nun cum! Make me cum and I'll let you breath. Do it! Eat my cunt! Oh, fucking shit!" Catherine screamed, spilling her juices into Adam's struggling mouth. He had gone into overdrive in order to bring her over the edge. She humped against his face, painfully pinning his head to the bed as he rode out her orgasm. With an audible pop, Catherine lifted herself off of the married man's face. He breathed deeply, getting air back into his lungs. He was too dazed to fight her off as she crawled down to straddle Adam's cock, facing him. She reached down to grab it once more, and she slapped the tip against the outside of her cunt.

"You ready to have a religious experience?" Catherine asked with a giggle.

Adam was through fighting. His balls were swollen with cum. His wife had left him high and dry. He wanted to fuck this nun. He wanted to have the nastiest sex of his life with this hot-bodied slut of a nun.

He did not care about reuniting with his wife. He had forgotten about Melody and her manipulations. He did not care about his marriage. All he cared about was this sexy slut on top of him.

"Yes, please. Fuck me!" Adam growled. With that, Catherine, the Mother Superior of this Church, lowered herself onto his cock.

"Holy shit!" Adam said, in shock, as the tip of his cock was smothered in the tight, warm softness of Catherine's cunt. She was so tight! He had been the only man to ever fuck Paula, but Paula's pussy was never as tight as this was. More and more of his dick was buried inside of her, and he had to control the urge not to cum. Finally, her cunt swallowed him up to the balls and her ass nestled above his balls.

For a few minutes, she just tightened her cunt around him, massaging his dick without bringing him over the edge. He writhed under her, unable to heighten the pleasure. As if a cue from the heavens, a flash from the lightning illuminated them for just a second, and a boom of thunder rattled the room. It was as if it was a message from above, saying that something bad was going to happen. This was a cue for their fuck to start.

Catherine started to bounce. Adam's hands returned to their rightful spot, cupping Catherine's massive titties. He squeezed them when he could as they bounced through his hands. The cross from her rosary was smothered by the excessive flesh of her boobs as she bounced, her large tits mashing around the cross, encasing it in her warm, firm flesh. Catherine was bouncing faster than Adam thought possible. When she told him she liked it rough, she wasn't lying. He looked at her beautiful face, scrunched up in concentration. The headpiece on her head just added to the nastiness of this fuck.

"You like this shit? You like that pussy?" Catherine gasped out. The naughty words coming from a nun's mouth were driving him nuts.

"It feels amazing! Holy fuck!" Adam said.

"This ain't nothing! This is just the appetizer!" Catherine said.

The room was soon broiling with heat. Both of their bodies were soaked with sweat. Outside, the rain was still pouring, the thunder still booming, and the lightning was still striking. But the fucking couple barely noticed. Nature was roaring outside, but they were too focused on fucking each other to care. The only things they noticed were the flashes from the lightning that illuminated their hot bodies as they fucked. Every time the room was lit by the strobe-like lightning, Adam's eyes would be drawn to the cross between her bouncing breasts as she vigorously rode his cock.

"You're wife dragged you to the regular church, didn't she? She is a girl that doesn't understand how incredible sex can be, so she fits right in. But you want to be here. You want to be at the church with the slutty nuns. I bet you've fantasized about fucking a nun. Haven't you? Tell me!" Catherine demanded.

"Yes! I've always wanted to fuck a nun, but they were never hot enough! That's why I drifted from the church. There were not enough hot nuns!" Adam moaned.

"That definitely won't be a problem here. You've been perving on all us hot, sexy nuns, haven't you?" Catherine said, squeezing her own titty.

"Yes. I had to stop myself from asking you guys to strip." Adam said.

"Feel free to ask anytime. We have a pole in back." Catherine said with a laugh.

"Holy Fuck! That's so hot!" Adam said, imagining a bunch of sexy, hot-bodied nuns stripping off and showcasing their nudity. The contrast between sexiness and the religious image they presented was amazing.

"Feel free to let the girls give you whatever personal attention you need." Catherine said. His mind flashed to Melody. He had been too good of a guy to seal a deal with that slut. But now, she was looking more and more attractive.

Adam drove into her fiercely as her ass slammed into his thighs. Adam's balls were boiling. Finally, Catherine reached up to toss her headpiece off again. This fuck was beyond the point where it mattered that she was a nun and he was a politician. This was something more bestial. More primal. These were two people fucking each other as hard as they could.

As soon as the headpiece hit the ground, Catherine collapsed onto his chest, her sweaty tits scrubbing against his chest. And for the first time, Catherine brought her lips to his. Their tongues immediately mashed against each other as Adam furiously made out with the whore on top of him. Adam's hands went from her hips to rubbing against her sweaty back as they made out. Her hips were still bouncing up and down the full length of his dick, a dick that was now soaked with their combined juices. His hands traveled to her ass, now palming her ass cheeks and aiding her in making their fucking even harder.

Their lips parted and Catherine brought her lips to her ear.

"Make me cum, asshole! Make this slutty Nun cum! Cum in my tight little hole! Empty your balls! Keep fucking me, you fucking stud! Make me your whore! Come on, do it!" Catherine moaned out.

Adam was turning the corner. After almost a week without an orgasm, his balls were filled to the max. He could feel the wave of pleasure on the horizon. He looked into her eyes, and he could tell she was sharing in the same pleasures he was. He could feel the orgasm getting closer and closer. Adam's eyes rolled into the back of his head. The orgasm hit him like a freight train. Then, he saw stars.

Adam saw nothing but light. Pure light! It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He was in a place he had never been before. He felt like he was in a new plane of existence. He saw light. He saw stars. He saw God.

He did not know how much time had passed before he came back to Earth. He saw this gorgeous woman on top of him roll off him to his side. He saw her pussy leaking his cum. He must have cum a gallon's worth inside her. But his balls did not feel empty. He felt like he could go again. He got on his elbows and watched the gorgeous nun next to him return to this plane of existence. He looked at her in awe.

"Catherine, you were so right. About everything. I saw what you said I would. I saw God," Adam babbled, happier than he had ever been.

"Pretty good, right?" Catherine said with a laugh. Adam rolled on top of her and began to make out with his new love. The fact that this nun had given him the best sex of his life struck a deep chord within him. It felt so right. It felt like his destiny was to fuck this nun. She had shown him the path. He was her follower now. He would do anything for her.

That was why he didn't fight back when she got all fours and pulled her ass-cheeks apart. He knew what was coming.

"I want you to show me how devoted you are. To me. To my cause," Catherine demanded.

With a confident smirk, he brought his face down close to her ass, replaced Catherine's hands with his own, and gave each cheek a loving smooch. But he knew what she wanted. He brought his lips forward, and planted a loving, juicy kiss on her asshole. With this act, Adam was no longer an idealistic politician. He was a corrupt one, a man who was the servant of someone else. That person was Catherine. He would do whatever she wanted.

Adam lovingly kissed and licked Catherine's asshole for a few minutes, until it was nice and juicy. He positioned his cock against her asshole, placed his hands on her hips, and began to push.

"Fuck me, Catherine. Your ass is tight!" Adam complimented as his cock started to get buried in her deep ass.

"That makes it so much better." Catherine said. It took a few minutes, but Adam was finally able to bury his entire dick in her ass. Catherine must be an experienced anal whore, he thought, because she took his dick like a champ. She must be a connoisseur of sex, since she has no doubt had a lot of it. She must expect the best, and he planned on giving it to her. Adam began to drive his dick in and out of her.

"Fuck me, Adam. Fuck your married cock in and out of my hot ass!" Catherine gasped.

"Your ass feels amazing! Holy fuck!" Adam moaned.

"I bet you didn't get this from wifey?" Catherine said with a laugh.

"Fuck no!" Adam said, slapping his whore's hot ass. The storm was still raging outside, and the fucking still raged on the inside. His hips were a blur as he fucked her as hard as he had ever fucked anyone. Her ass was built to handle this kind of rough fucking. She was a built for this.

Adam bent over to her to rub his chest against her sweaty back. He reached under her to scoop her breasts into his hands again. He squeezed over and over again. He brought his lips to hers, and they met in a fierce kiss. They went over the edge again, Adam shooting a heavy load deep into her ass, which set her off as well. They came together, this time in this loving embrace. The first time was no fluke. Adam saw the same things he saw when he came in her the first time. He saw the universe in those moments.

They collapsed to the bed, but the two lovebirds were not done. They basked in the warm glow of their new-found love. They giggled and kissed and fooled around. Both still had some juice in the tank. Adam ended up on top of her, and he humped at her till his cock forced its way into her pussy once more. His hands were palming her titties once again, and for the first time, he was able to bring his mouth to her nipples. One after the other, he sucked and chewed on her rubbery nipples, and she cradled his head like a baby as he did so. He used his hands to force more tit-flesh into his mouth. Her chest was soon covered in his spit. He soon settled on her left nipple, sucking it lazily as he fucked her hole slowly and deliberately.

Catherine once again brought her lips to his ear.

"I have the power to help you win this election. But you need to be fully committed to this Church. I want you to publicize your support of us. I want you to attend this church every chance you get. I want you to be the biggest proponent of this Church. The closer you get to the Church, the closer you get to me. Okay?" she whispered to her new lover.

He simply groaned, his mouth too full of tasty nipple to speak clearly. Her words wormed their way into his brain. If this church could bring him so much pleasure and happiness, he vowed to spread the word.

"At this Church," Catherine started, "We see God by having sex. By having incredible orgasms. You know that now. Paula had her chance to see the lord this way, but you lacked the desire to fuck her in the way necessary to do so. That is her fault. No one could muster the desire to fuck her in that way. So, she will never have sex again. What would be the point? She will have to find her way to the lord in some other manner. While she does that, we'll just keep fucking."

Catherine brought her hand to Adam's sweaty, pumping ass as they entered the home stretch. This was closest they had had to lovemaking. These were two kindred spirits doing the deed. And once again, as they reached simultaneous orgasms, his seed filling her fertile womb, they traveled to a different plane of existence, together.


After the previous night, Paula immediately regretted her decision. She could not just dump her husband with just a light bit of evidence. She could not just become a Nun because of that. Why did not she talk to her husband? It had to be a misunderstanding. It just had to be. The more she thought about, the more she realized he would never cheat on her. There had to be some sort of explanation. Maybe she had been tricked in some way. She had to go find Adam. She had to get to the bottom of this. She felt terrible.

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