tagErotic HorrorChurned In The Dorm

Churned In The Dorm


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Chapter 1: Churned In The Tub

Chapter 2: Churned For A Creampie

Chapter 3: Churned In The Dorm

Chapter 4: Churned On The Beach


It was child's play getting let in to the girl's dormitory after-hours if you knew the right people. What wheels to grease, pussies to dampen. Ryan had returned to campus after a weekend of sordid sexual encounters that had fundamentally changed him in ways that he fully understood.

He wasn't just a man anymore, he was a predator. A handsome eighteen-year-old college freshman with washboard abs, a big dick, and all the arrogance those things brought with them.

And his big dick that was always hungry.

Right now it was hungry for Gail, a tanned blond senior with a tight ass and beautiful legs. She'd taken his virginity shortly after he'd arrived on campus and they'd been ardent fuck-buddies ever since. Except...she'd been avoiding him all week. The monday after his sex-filled weekend he was busy catching up on missed homework. Tuesday through Friday, however, she'd been avoiding him, absolutely. No question. So now it was time to go hunting, find her, fuck her. Fuck her in the ass.

He strode confidently through the mostly-empty girls dorm like a Boss. Staring down every girl he saw. Their scent was incredible. It smelled like the whole building was full of eager pussy.

A sophomore girl, what was her name, Shani?, exited her room wearing an orange one-piece bathing suit. What a beauty. Dark hair, black skin, plush red lips, five-foot five, and a rack that was destined for porn. She smelled...frustrated. Sexually frustrated.

(But a bathing suit at this time of night? The pool must be open late.)

When she saw Ryan striding towards her she gave a start and wrapped her towel around her lower body, but not before he'd gotten a good look at her camel toe. Scrumptious.

He slowed his pace and fixed his gaze on hers. Shani's lips parted, ready to object to the sight of a man in the girl's dorm at this time of night. He walked right up to her, leaving mere inches between them, and said: "Shani, right?"

She licked her lips and took a breath before speaking. "Y-you're Ryan, right? Gail's b-boyfriend?"

Her pupils were dilating. He looked down at the bathing suit. Shani's nipples were clearly erect.

"I'm more of a fuck-buddy than a boyfriend," he smirked. "You smell like you're in need of one."

Shani was blushing, torn between outrage and arousal. "I, you can't—"

One hand snaked around her waist and pulled them together. She tilted her head up and met his lips as he brought them in for a kiss. He could feel her erect nipples through her suit and his shirt. The towel fell. When Ryan came up for air, Shani gasped, then sought his lips again, humping his hard body openly, where anyone could see.

Ryan pressed her against the door and pulled the bottom of her suit aside and thrust several fingers inside her weeping pussy.

"Oooohhhhh, yyyeesssss," she whispered, "Do me, please, do me..."

They kissed while Ryan finger-fucked her. He wrapped his lips around one of her nipples, through the one-piece, nipping and sucking as her body shook in his embrace.

"Oooohhh, OH! OH! OH! I'm cumming! Oh, god, Ryan, you're making me—"

He kept her from falling as the orgasm washed over her body. She made no effort to be quiet or hide her pleasure. All propriety was forgotten. Once she'd recovered enough to stand Ryan let her go, sliding slick fingers from her soaked cunt. He stepped back to survey his handiwork.

Shani had just let a strange boy finger-bang her in the dorm hallway, and she looked ready for more. Too bad he didn't have time. He licked his fingers.

"You taste good, Shani. I'll see you." He kissed her softly, she shuddered, hands trying to hold onto him, stop him from leaving. He left her wanting more, smelling ripe. Ripe for feeding, whenever he needed.

The door to Gail's room was unlocked. Her roommate, Jillian, was at her desk, studying. Ryan knew that Jillian wasn't a party girl. Didn't drink, didn't want to date. She came to college to learn things. Her red hair was always up in a bun, glasses firmly on her face.

Shields up! No boys!

Her Desire was masked behind another scent he couldn't put a name to. It was there, but she knew its power, and was afraid of it. Jillian smelled like a challenge. But he was here for Gail, that was what he wanted most. Needed most.

"Hey Jilly." He smiled. "Gail around?"

"Party," Jillian replied, barely looking at him as he walked into the small dorm room. She was focused on the laptop. Typing out some assignment or another.

"Know when she'll be back?"

Jillian huffed. "In the morning, maybe? Who knows with her. She was looking forward to fucking some guy tonight or something, I don't know."

Ryan wasn't particularly upset by Gail fucking another guy, that actually might work in his favor...

She sighed.

"Are you going to just hang out here until she comes back?"

Ryan sat down on Gail's bed. "Maybe."

"Well don't expect me to entertain you."

"My expectations with you aren't high," he replied, sarcastically.

Jillian stopped typing and swiveled in her chair to face him, expression icy, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You don't have to entertain me," he said levelly.

Her eyes narrowed. He smirked.

Jillian swiveled back to her laptop, ALT-tabbed to Firefox, and started browsing reddit. "Ever seen Gail's gonewild posts on reddit?" She asked, haughtily.

"She has one of those, does she?" Ryan felt, and sounded, amused.

Jillian quickly pulled up pictures and started paging through them. Yup, that was Gail. No mistaking that ass.

"And these are frrrooommm, this week...Specifically, last night." Again with the triumphant tone. She hoped to drive him away by showing what a slut Gail was? He was horny, not sentimental, and certainly not possessive.

Just wanted to [f]launt [m]y new Boytoy sticking his BBC up my ass! You like?!

Ryan started laughing. Before he'd left to go home for the weekend Gail had promised him her ass. That she was an 'anal virgin', never done no butt stuff before. That it was all his. He wondered about that. They'd been screwing non-stop for a month prior to him leaving for the weekend, and he had been starting to get bored with her...Maybe that was Gail's way of re-kindling his interest?

But then she goes and 'cheats' on him, as well as avoiding him all week? None of it made sense.

Fuck it. He thought. She's a slut, her actions don't need to make sense.

"What's so funny?" Jillian demanded. The scent of arousal was getting stronger.

"Gail is what's funny," he replied, turning to look at her.


Jillian was attractive, in her own way. She didn't have a bad figure, the red hair was waist-long when it wasn't up in bun. He liked long hair. Pale skin, decent-sized tits. She might have passed for a young version of...Oh, what a bad thought that is. He smirked and sniffed the air. Gillian's pupils were dilating. Her scent was heavy in the air now, all it would take is a little push...

"Why are you looking at me...like that..." Her eyes broke away from his and traveled down his shirt, which did little to hide his body. Down the chest, over the abs, towards that big bulge in his blue jeans. She licked her lips.

"I'm hungry," he said.

She looked away from the source of his hunger, up into his (Black? No, gray.) gray eyes. Her lips parted as she took a deep breath, chest rising. Her arousal was breaking away from that masking scent, surging, rising with each second they were in proximity—

A laugh broke the spell. Gail's laugh, coming from the hallway. It was loud, so they had a few seconds. Ryan quickly shut Jillian's laptop and hissed at her, "Get into bed, under the covers, pretend you're asleep." She instantly obeyed. When she rose from the swivel chair, he could see a damp spot where she'd been sitting.

Ryan rubbed a finger in the damp and brought it to his lips.

Ooohhh, so that's what the smell was. Huh.

He stripped off his shirt and belt, dropping both on the floor. He laid down on Gail's bed and made himself at home. She burst in the door, the scent of alcohol was strong on her. She wobbled a bit, setting her purse down on the floor, and mumbled something into the smartphone she'd trapped between neck and shoulder. Giggling, she hung up the phone, turned to the bed, and shrieked in surprise. Then she got mad.

"Ryan, what the fruck are you doing here?" She slurred, clumsily slipping off a pair of heels.

"Why have you been avoiding me?"

"I haven't been avoiding you, it's been a- busy week. Homework, class stuff."

"You didn't respond to any of my texts."

"Y-yeah," her voice trembled. "Yeah I did. You didn't get them?"

"Show me your phone." Ryan's voice was steady.


"Show me your phone," he repeated. "Show me the texts you sent me on your phone."

Ryan smiled as Gail tried to spin excuses. Too pathetic. The bulge in his pants grew. She stopped talking and looked at him, really looked at him.

His shirtless body, his hungry eyes. Those abs, those biceps, that Bulge.

Gail bit her lower lip and started stripping out of her clothes. "Maybe I can, I can make it up to you?" Clumsy drunk sexy worked better for Gail than it did most girls who might have tried it. Feigned grace was better than no grace. She stumbled out of clothes, panties, and bra, crawling onto the bed with him, planting kisses on his stomach.

He savored the feeling of power as her tongue tasted his taut skin.

The Bulge grew.

Her kisses traveled up his body. She was breathing him in, lavishing his body with drunken affection. The stench of alcohol was slowly eclipsed by the heady scent of her submission and arousal.

She was his now.

Their lips touched, her body shook, she wailed as she came.

"Why is this sssooo good! Why are you so good, my god, goddamn..."

The Bulge grew.

Her naked pussy pressed against denim and she ground it against The Bulge, gently. She still hadn't noticed how much it was growing. His pants were quickly becoming uncomfortable. He could dial it down a notch, lose a little volume, it wouldn't take much effort.

Nah. It would be free soon enough. Free to feed upon Gail's succulent flesh.

Gail was nuzzling against his neck, kissing and biting while she ground her pussy against the Monster that would soon consume her, body and soul. Jillian's scent inter-mingled with Gail's and Ryan glanced over at the other bed.

He could see well-enough in the dark that Jillian had one hand over her mouth, the other under the covers. Judging by the rapid movement of her blanket, she was fucking herself with something. He thought he could hear the soft noises of fingers penetrating virgin pussy lips.

Jillian sighed softly as she came, Gail didn't notice.

"I can't stand it, I need to see it, I want your coc— Ryan, why is it so-"

"Big?" He smiled at the top of her head as she examined the Bulge. It was the smile of a predator who knew their prey was hooked.

She was transfixed. When she reached for his zipper, he stopped her, grabbing her wrists and pushing her onto the floor.

"Hand and knees, bitch." He commanded.

She licked her lips, hungrily, and obeyed.

If only she knew how hungry I am, Ryan thought.

He stood up, towering over his unsuspecting prey. He popped the button of his jeans. Both girls moaned. He unzipped his fly. They sighed. He pushed his jeans and boxers down suddenly.

Gail gave a small shriek and backed up in order to avoid being hit by the sudden explosion of cock-meat. Jillian's third orgasm arrived and her shriek joined Gail's.

What stood out from Ryan's crotch was beyond their most depraved fantasies. They thought they knew what was possible and what wasn't, the line between fantasy and reality. Some girls might dream of a foot-long cock attached to a muscular teenaged stud, but they knew it was just a dream.

Ryan's dick was a full foot long and thicker than a soda can. His ball-sack was the size of two basketballs. The cum inside them churned in anticipation of what was to come.

He gripped it with both hands and jacked it, letting both girls ogle it. The loose skin of his massive monster cock slid over its length, up and down. The tip dripped with pre-cum.

"Who wants to go first?" He asked.

Gail startled and saw Jillian for the first time. She had stumbled out of her blankets, naked, and was now kneeling by the side of her bed, one hand furiously rubbing her clit, the other cupping a generous breast and twisting a puffy-looking nipple.

Sensing competition, Gail darted forward. "Mine, it's mine!" Looking over her shoulder at Jillian. "All mine," she whispered. One hand couldn't wrap around it. Two hands barely made it. She stroked him, transfixed by the massive head and the salty-sweet liquid dripping from it.

Gail began to plant kisses on the upper part of the shaft and head, Ryan's breath quickened and his cock flexed in her hands.

"It's so beautiful, you are so beautiful," she purred, before pressing her lips firmly against the slit that was discharging so much clear liquid.

"Yes, baby, yes, suck my cock just like that."

She'd once told him that if there was a 'cock-sucking' category at the Olympics, she'd be a gold medalist. He wasn't in a position to judge, having only had three different women suck his cock in his entire life, but she did have the other two beat, no question.

Gail sucked the warm, salty liquid into her mouth before coming up for air, opening her mouth so Ryan could see, then swallowing, diving back in, sucking and kissing the massive cock-head like she was competing for that fictional gold medal.

Ryan grunted in satisfaction as her tongue found it's way into his cock-slit. She slid it in and out, gently at first, testing. Then it went in as far as she could push it, pressing her face against his cock, trying to swallow as much as she could while simultaneously fucking the slit with her tongue.

He moaned, "My cock likes it when you do that, that feels amazing."

She moaned , mouth and face full of delicious dick. Potential olympic cock-sucker though she was, Gail's mouth was too small, the head of Ryan's cock too wide. Three-quarters of the head, approximately, seemed to be her limit.

Ryan grabbed Gail's face and dislodged her mouth's tight grip with a moist POP!

"I want to get more comfortable, and include Jillian, she looks like she needs a little help." Jillian gasped at the mention of her name, then shivered at the thought of inclusion. Ryan laid down on Gail's bed and motioned Jillian over to him. There was a visible damp spot on the carpet where she had been kneeling.

"Sixty-nine with me while Gail sucks my dick."

Jillian couldn't mount his face fast enough. Her thighs were soaked, the smell was overwhelming. She roughly shoved baby-smooth pussylips into his face, and squealed when his longer-than-average tongue thrust into her tight channel.

They were right, he thought, Virgins do taste better.

It didn't take long for that first squeal to become a series of shrieks. Jillian pressed her face against the root of his cock, turning her head to the side so she could muffle the noisy effects of Ryan's oral skills with a mouthful of cock-meat.

Gail worshipped the head of Ryan's cock, thrusting her tongue in and out of the cock-slit, swallowing mouthfuls of heavenly pre-cum. She could see Jillian below her, kissing the fat shaft while Ryan ate her out. Her eyes were shut tight and every few seconds a shudder ran through the pale girl's curvy body.

She won't have it, it's mine! He's mine! Mine! Gail's thoughts were focused on how she might secure Ryan for her own exclusive use...

I need to take more of his cock!

Taking a deep breath through her nose, Gail shut her eyes and pressed down, concentrating on the head of Ryan's dick.


Ryan's face and hair was soaked with Jillian's cum. His tongue was buried deep in her cunt, easily rubbing against her g-spot. Both of their bodies were slick with sweat. With each orgasm came a flood of juices that Ryan swallowed without hesitation.

The pleasure that came with drinking Jillian's pussyjuice almost made him miss the milestone of Gail (finally!) getting her mouth wrapped around the head of his dick.

It's so hungry, baby, you're going to love this!


Gail wasn't prepared for her orgasm. She wasn't even playing with her pussy. Both hands were full of cock. It just...happened. One moment she's sucking cock, the next moment she's sucking cock and cumming like a fountain. She'd had squirting orgasms before, but this one took the cake. With each squirt of juice she "MMMM!"ed around a mouth-full of dick, and tried to force more of Ryan's cock into her mouth.


Her body was on fire and she burned with desire to please him. She gagged as his cock-head began to enter her throat. She opened her eyes, blinking away a few tears, then shut them again, wanting only to focus on deep-throating an impossible dick.

With each passing second she could feel more and more of Ryan's cock entering her body. The ache in her jaw began to lessen. Another inch slid into her throat.


Jillian was lost. Ryan's relentless assault on her pussy. The tongue that felt more like a cock. (Or what she imagined cock felt like.) It pulsed inside her, going deep, sliding in and out, rubbing her g-spot, driving her crazy. She'd attempted to lift her pussy, get it out of his reach for just a second, a second of rest.

But his strong arms had prevented that, gripping her ass to keep her still. Her latest orgasm made her gasp for air and release her lips from Ryan's shaft. She laid her head on his stomach and used one hand to wipe to clear her vision.

Wha- Where was Gail? She saw Ryan's big cock standing straight up in front of her, but she didn't see Gail kneeling between his legs.

Finally, Ryan came up for air and she heard him say "You're going to eat Gail's pussy now Jilly."

But where is she? thought Gail. A few drops of Ryan's pre-cum plopped onto the bed where Gail had been kneeling.

Jillian looked up.


So hungry, so hungry. More, more, more!

Gail didn't care that she couldn't open her eyes or feel her arms. She kicked her legs excitedly, they hit nothing but air. She'd taken it! All of Ryan's cock was inside her! Within her! It pulsed and throbbed around her body, pumping a never-ending supply of pre-cum into her, through her. It dribbled out of her pussy and down Ryan's shaft.

Wasted, don't waste it, don't waste it!

She felt a hand touch his (her?), their shaft.

"Jillian, stroke us, please, drink from us, drink our cum!" Gail tried to say. It came out as a string of "mmm"s and "mmmm"s, but she didn't care. Everything felt so good! She'd taken it, she'd deep-throated all of Ryan's dick!

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