tagBDSMChyiari Ch. 01

Chyiari Ch. 01

bybarbarian queen 2©

She got out of the huge limo and headed for the restroom. The layabouts watched her. She moved with lithe grace although her figure was full and her hair streaked with gray. The driver was busy filling the limo with gas and there seemed to be another figure in the back.

A couple of the loafers moved in a randomly seeming movement around the building to the restroom doors. She came out of the ladies restroom and stopped short. The two men in front of her were leering.

“Not too bad,” said one, staring at her breasts. “Whyn’t ya come with us?” he said licking his lips. “We can give ya a much better than any old man.” He looked her up and down. “Even a rich old man.”

Her eyes went cold. “No,” she said. She pushed past them. One grabbed at her. She slapped his hand away and moved away from them.

“Bitch!” he snarled as he reached for her again.

She grabbed his wrist, twisted, and threw him into his friend. She walked away, keeping her head slightly turned to keep an eye on them.

“Chyiara?” said a deep, soft voice. She looked up into icy topaz eyes and smiled. The two men came around the corner and stopped. “Was there a problem, chyiara?”

“No, Chyiari,” she replied softly, “no problem.”

His gaze went to the too men behind her. Both paled and backed away. The huge man took her hand and led her back to the limo. She settled into the seat beside him.

“Tell me, chyiara,” he said softly.

She sighed, taking his hand in hers, stroking his fingers. “They thought they could offer me more than you do, Chiari.” She continued to stroke and caress his fingers and smiled softly. “They were foolish.”

He closed his fingers on hers, holding her still. “Are you never tempted to go back, chyiara?” The question was whisper quiet.

“No, Chiari,” she replied at once, holding tight to his hand. “I am yours.”

The limo turned into a gated estate and pulled up in front of the house. She glanced around, still holding his hand. He led her inside and up to a bedroom.

“I must leave you for a while, chyiara,” he said softly, “but first…” He gestured to the bed. The large, old fashioned four poster bed. Without a word, she removed her clothes and knelt beside the bed to watch him strip. Her eyes grew soft with desire as she watched. He was over seven feet tall, muscular, with long raven black hair now loose around his handsome face. He moved to stand before her. She began stroking and caressing his large penis and equally large testicles. He was heavy in her hands. She brought the still flaccid organ to her lips and kissed it, teasing the glans with her tongue, tasting his fire and passion. She rapidly brought him to full erection.

She felt her own arousal grow as she licked and kissed and sucked on him. She felt him twitch and began sucking on the huge fist sized glans. She was rewarded with a surge of fiery ejaculate. Moaning softly, she swallowed quickly, taking all of it, feeling the fire burn down her throat and into her belly.

He urged her up and onto the bed. She laid down and spread her arms and legs. His topaz eyes gleamed as he tied her tight. Her breathing quickened. The tighter he tied her, the harder and longer he took her. She quivered with anticipation.

He mounted her, thrusting hard into her. She arched and screamed as the sharp pain of his huge penis began penetrating her. Hissing in pleasure, he thrust again and again, forcing her to accept his monstrously huge, hard penis. He heard her desire and her pleasure in her screams. He kept thrusting savagely hard into her until she shrieked and convulsed in orgasm. He paused to savor her warm tightness spasming around his iron hard shaft. The he began again, taking her hard, his savage plunges tearing deep into her, driving her to writhing, constant orgasm that intensified each time he climaxed into her. He took her until she could no longer scream and her body was rigid, convulsing with intense, exquisite orgasm. He sated himself in her repeatedly until he knew he had to leave. Her soft moan of protest as he eased from her body pleased him. He freed her and gathered her limp body close in his arms.

He kissed her gently. “I must go now, chyiara,” he whispered.

“I will wait for you, Chiari,” she murmured. He kissed her again as she sighed into exhausted sleep.

She awoke alone. He didn’t tell her how long he would be gone. He never did. Each night, she knelt beside the bed, waiting for him. Often, she fell asleep curled on the floor. Days passed and he still did not return. She missed him so. Sometimes, she wept in her sleep, wanting his touch. His servants knew and watched.

His return was as sudden as his departure had been. He found her curled beside the bed, waiting as she had promised. He lifted her in his arms. She stirred against him.

“Chyiara?” she murmured.

“Yes, chyiari,” he replied softly. A soft sigh and she settled back to sleep in his arms.

She awoke tied to the bed, his golden eyes glowing as he pulled the bonds very tight. She smiled in joy and anticipation.

“I have great need of you, chyiara,” he said. His huge penis was already rampant.

“Please, Chiari,” she whispered. “I am yours.”

He mounted her swiftly, thrusting into her, sheathing his monstrous erection completely in a single savage stroke. She shrieked in pain as he forced his massively thick, long penis into her again and again. Her shudders of pain soon became intense orgasmic spasms that went on and on. Her orgasm became constant and her screams died to whimpers and moans as he thrust and thrust and thrust. He held his climax for hours, savoring the hot friction of her body, her ongoing orgasm massaging his rapidly plunging penis. He finally let go, pulsing a massive orgasm into her spasming body, filling her with his fiery ejaculate. And he was still hard and hot in her.

Now he took his time, moving long and slow as her orgasm began to ease and then peak again and again as he pulsed his climaxes into her. He kept her tied, thrusting into her, filling her with his burning fluids until he was totally, completely sated. He paused briefly, lying heavy on her soft body, still hard in her.

“Shall I stop now, chyiara,” he whispered.

She throbbed around him. “Aaaahhh, nooo, Chyiari,” she murmured. “I have missed you!”

He pulled back and slammed hard into her.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Chiari!” she screamed hoarsely as she arched up to his thrust. And he again sated himself in her. And again. And again…

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