Ciara Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Morning Pleasure

*This is complete fiction of course, but its nice to dream. I don't really know if Ciara has a cousin, and if she does, I don't know his name. Next chapter will be longer I think. Enjoy!*

The alarm was blaring R&B music into her ear, she groaned and rolled over. As she attempted to reach for the snooze button, Ciara Princess Harris found that one arm was completely tangled in her sheets. When she pulled, the sheets revealed her lovely, caramel thighs. The other hand, to her surprise, was tucked under the elastic band of her panties and the warm moisture between her hips told her one thing. She must have been touching herself in her sleep. For a moment Ciara couldn't remember having a dream, but after concentrating she was able to recall her hot, and intense, dream from the previous night. Because Ciara was still a virgin, her erotic urges hit her very often, and nearly every night she had at least one erotic fantasy. And every morning, she woke up with a hunger for release.

During her sleep, the caramel princess had dreamt of a broad bodied god of a man, who had no face, pumping into her sloshing wet cunt with his 12 inch cock. The man had fucked her in every hole, and had caused her to shudder with tremors from various orgasms. By the end of the dream Ciara had been covered with gallons of his hot white cum. The sperm dripped down her adorable face, over her signature, pouty lips, down her 34A breasts, and formed a pool between her knees, dripping off her pussy lips.

While recalling the dream, Ciara had managed to shut off the alarm clock, and now had the covers completely off of her body, and her back arched slightly, tight ass hovering over the bed as two fingers went to work inside of the cute pink "tighty-whiteys" she wore to bed. A soft moan escaped her full lips, and was accompanied by a steady slipping sound coming from her protruding, and practically clean shaven, pussy lips. Her free hand slipped under her tank-top and began twisting one erect nipple, then the other. Just before she came, the R&B princess slipped her pinky into her asshole and applied pressure on her sphincter, toward her sopping wet pussy. With the two strong fingers in her cunt, Ciara pushed upward, toward her G-spot and rubbed her swollen clit with her thumb. The built-up orgasm exploded, like a dam had been destroyed. Firmly keeping her fingers inside her panties, the twenty year old singer writhed and convulsed on the bed, her pussy contracting and loosening rapidly around her fingers, love juices spraying her hand and panties. The whole while, she bit her bottom lip, and wore a concentrated look on her face, her eyes closed tightly. As the blissful orgasm subsided, Ciara's body settle down on the bed, she pulled her hand out and opened her eyes.

Ciara's eyes were blurry after the intense orgasm, and she was somewhat light-headed, but slowly her eyes focused and her heart began to pound. Standing in the doorway of her room in Texas was her 18 year old cousin, Jerome, eight inch cock in hand, beating away furiously , pajamas around his ankles. Ciara's eyes became wide, as did Jerome's. Unable to stop, Jerome's fist went back and forth two more times and he exploded in a huge fountain of cum. They were both stunned and embarrassed, also undeniably turned on, and before Ciara could think of anything to say, Jerome grabbed his pajamas and ran to his room.

Ciara wanted to talk to Jerome about what had happened, reassure him that it was okay, but she didn't get up yet. After witnessing the streams of cum spurting from her younger cousin's dick, her hand had subconsciously found its way back to her pussy and clit. Within just a minute, lady cum was spraying the inside of her underwear once more. After her body settled down, Ciara slid off her bed, her mind was still lingering on the encounter with her cousin. Looking down to the floor, she spotted the spot his cum had landed on the carpet, it was still pretty fresh. Curiosity overcame the celebrity, getting down on all fours, Ciara provided the full-length mirror to her rear with a wonderful display of her camel toe, supplied by the soaking wet crotch of her panties and slight sucking motion of her still throbbing cunt. With one finger, Ciara swept up a wad of the cum and slipped it into her mouth. "Mmm, it tastes sweet," her light innocent voice said aloud. The taste and thought of what she was tasting stimulated her mind and sent a feeling of eroticism throughout her body. Unable to stop herself, the light-skinned princess continued to wipe up the cum on her fingers and licked it off until nothing was left but a wet spot.

Standing up, Ciara realized that she had to get ready for another day at the studio. Ignoring the uncomfortable wet panties riding up her pussy, she hurried into the bathroom and stripped down as she turned on the water. While the shower warmed up, Ciara admired her body in the bathroom mirror. Her 34A breasts were perky, sitting firmly and pointing out, rather than sagging at all. Her perfect breasts were paler than the rest of her body, due to a bikini line from tanning. Upon her perfect, light brown, breasts sat a pair of cute little, dark brown nipples. The areolas of the nipples were a little bigger than a nickel, and the nips themselves were about the size of pencil erasers.

The singer's young brown eyes lingered on her breasts for a moment, and then strayed downward, admiring her toned abs, then down to her pubic bone. Her eyes followed the landing strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair down to sexy, puffy lips that adorned her tight virgin vagina. A bit of cum leaked out of the lips as she admired them, and the crack of her ass was still moist with lady cum. Turning around, Ciara looked over her shoulder and gazed at her flawless bubble-butt. It was no J'Lo ass, but it was round, brown, and stretch-mark free. She shook her cheeks gently in the mirror, and marveled at how much she adored watching a naked female's ass giggle, even her own.

Steam was pouring from the shower now, so Ciara hopped in, letting her hair down as she did. After washing her long, straight hair. The young African-Irish American began applying soap to her body, focusing on her nipples, shaved armpits, and ass crack. Every time Ciara washed her hairless anus, she couldn't help but slip one or two lubed fingers into it. This time, when she did so, it reminded her body that she had to use the bathroom. Suddenly, she felt the urge in her bowels, and a strong pressure in her bladder. She knew that she couldn't very well shit in her shower, but she could pee, what would it hurt? Turning to face the warm water, Ciara spread her legs slightly and with one hand she parted her pussy lips and sent forth a yellow stream of piss. The young caramel goddess peed for nearly a minute, and as she did, warm water splashed her exposed cunt and clit. Combined with the pleasure immersing her clit, and the relief of peeing, her loins began to quiver with the thoughts of another orgasm, three in one morning. Then her mind drifted back to Jerome.

She had completely forgotten that there were others in her parent's house in Austin, Texas. She had become so used to having the mansion to herself, she hadn't thought about someone spying on her as she relieved her erotic urges. In her mansion she often walked around nude, or skimpily clad, masturbating herself to climax on a whim. Ciara was sure she'd had an orgasm in each room more than once. And there were a lot of rooms. Her favorite spots were the kitchen (she felt it was very kinky and that got her blood boiling, many times she'd use a utensil and then put it back in the drawer), the Jacuzzi (the jets were amazing), and the living room while she watched a good porno.

As she thought about Jerome's hard, beautifully veined, cock spurting streams of hot white cum into the air, and her exploits within her home in California, Ciara was pinching and twisting her clit once more. Within moments her legs were shaking, and her pussy was gushing fluids toward the shower floor. Bracing herself, Ciara grabbed the shower curtain with one hand and pushed the other hand against the shower walls. Once she had calmed down, she washed her vagina with soap and hopped out of the shower to dry off. As she did so, Ciara mused aloud, "Three orgasms, and before breakfast too! Mmm girl, this is going to be a good day, I wonder what else is in store for me!?"

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