tagLesbian SexCin 24: 11 pm to Midnight

Cin 24: 11 pm to Midnight


11:00 p.m.

During stories taking place over one day, Cinnamon enjoyed phone sex with George; her boss Bill ate her pussy; she takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel, with Mark fucking her ass. Later, Mark fucked her co-worker, Sally, as Cinnamon watched and masturbated; then Sally ate Cinnamon. Late at night in she cybered on the computer, and then decided to return back to the motel room, and has found someone in the shower.

No one was in the king sized bed. There had been someone there, which was clear from the state the bed was in. Some song was playing from the radio. Cin walked in and closed the door behind her. Then she heard the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom. Cinnamon's heart started racing. She quickly kicked off of her shoes and pulled off of her sweats. She opened the bathroom door and walked in.


Cin pulled the shower curtain back, and stepped in. There stood Sally, so wet and soapy. She immediately began to kiss her, and Sally kissed her back. They began to push tongues each other's mouths. Sally sucked on Cin's tongue, like it was a little penis. Cin was getting as aroused as Sally pulled her into the shower.

Sally got down on her knees, and quickly started to lick and suck on Cin's clitty and pussy. Cin had her hands on the back of Sally's head, pulling her closer to her body. Sally's tongue was quickly getting Cin aroused and wet, and the pressure on her clit was making her nipples so erect. Or was it standing in a warm shower having the water masturbating her breasts?

Cin could barely stand, when she let out a series of moans as she climaxed. She then kneeled down in the shower, and began kissing Sally's lips, tasting herself. She started to move down towards Sally's breasts, and began to suck and knead on her huge tits. She sucked and bit on her nipples, taking each in turn.

While Cin was playing with Sally's tits, her hands moved down to her groin. Cin felt Sally's hairy bush, and pushed three fingers into her cunt. She pushed them in hard, and found Sally quite wet. She started to finger fuck Sally, while continuing to suck on her tits. Sally held on to Cin, wrapping her hands around her, rubbing her back.

Sucking on Sally's tits and finger fucking her was causing Cinnamon to think, why not, I am ready to do something I have never done, eat a pussy. Would she, could she?

The water in the shower was now getting a little cold, so the two women got up off the floor and grabbed towels, rubbing each other's body dry. Cin found that Sally was a little ticklish around her stomach. Sally enjoyed Cin slowly drying off her legs, from her butt to her toes.

Cin grabbed Sally's hand, and led her to the bed. She turned and kissed Sally on her face, and then pushed her down on the bed. Sally lay there on the bed, looking so sensual. She spread her legs apart, begging Cin to lick her, kiss her, and suck on her.

Cinnamon moved between her legs, and started to lick and suck on Sally's tits again, with her hand moving downward between Sally's legs. She quickly began to finger fuck her again. Sally's moans told her she needed to do more, so Cin then began to kiss downward on Sally's body, avoiding tickling her.

Her tongue started to lick up and down Sally's clitty. She continued to finger fuck Sally's cunt, which was wet and getting wetter. She flicked back and forth, and was rewarded with moans from Sally. This encouraged Cin to continue to lick and suck more.

She moved downwards, and her tongue licked Sally's pussy lips, and then upwards, pushing her tongue inside her cunt. Cin had finally tasted a pussy, and she enjoyed what she was doing. She continued to alternate between Sally's cunt and clit, and responded to Sally's moans as she began to roll, climaxing several times.

After Sally had come several times, she moved around so that Sally and Cinnamon were now in a 69 position, with both eating pussy. Sally quickly caused Cin to climax.

Cin's came again, and then the third time was one of those awesome climaxes that left her breathless. She pulled away from Sally's cunt, catching her breath. Sally continued to lick and suck her, and finally Cin had to ask her to stop. She had become so sensitive, and could not take any more.

Sally moved around, and the two women hugged each other. They lay there together for a few minutes, and then Sally got off the bed. Cin was too spent to move, and barely turned her head to watch as Sally started to put on her bra and panties.

"I got to get home before midnight, as Stan (her husband) works the swing shift and will be expecting me to be home by then," Sally said.

Cin nodded as she watched her co-worker put on her clothes. After getting dressed, Sally came over to Cinnamon and gave her a sensual French kiss.

"Good by for now Cinnamon."

Sally walked out of the motel room.

Cin picked up her cell phone and dialed a number.

11:45 p.m.

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