tagLesbian SexCin 24: 8:30 until 9:15 pm

Cin 24: 8:30 until 9:15 pm


8:30 p.m.

During part one, Cinnamon enjoyed phone sex with George. In part two, her boss Bill ate her pussy. In part three, Cinnamon takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel. Part 4 concluded with Mark fucking Cin's ass. During Part 5, Mark fucked Sally as Cinnamon watched and masturbated.

Sally collapsed on Mark after she finished climaxing. Cinnamon had a nice orgasm too watching the couple. Cin took off her bra and panties, and lay on the bed next to Mark and Sally.

"That looked so sexy, so sensual, you two."

Mark just smiled, and hoped that there would be more, especially between the two women.

Sally rolled off of Mark to the side, and Mark now lay between Sally and Cinnamon. This provided access to Mark's cock, and Cin reached out to stroke it. She then got on her elbows, and moved her mouth towards it.

It was nice and slick, from Sally's pussy juices. Cinnamon licked the head, and down the side. It tasted good, it was a little different than her pussy, but it was turning her on. She proceeded to give Mark a slow, sensual blow job, licking her tongue up and down his ten inches, kissing on his pink head, and starting to push it deep into her mouth. She could take about seven inches into her mouth. She would close her mouth, and knew that this really turned on Mark. She would then let it slide out, and returned to licking and sucking down its length. She would get to his balls, and suck each into her mouth.

When she moved up his shaft, she met Sally who was sucking on the cock head. Cin licked around under the pink head, and then Sally lifted up, and the two women began to kiss each other.

Sally could taste herself on Cin's mouth and lips. It had been a few months since she had kissed a woman, and she had thoughts about kissing Cinnamon for a number of years. She pushed her tongue deeper into her mouth, and their two tongues caressed each other.

Mark lay there and watched the two women kiss. He would have loved for them to continue the blow job, but he could have Cin give him a blow job anytime.

Sally began to rub Cin's nipples, pinching and pulling them. Based upon Cin's response to her touch, she knew that she was very sensitive and also desired her to continue. She broke the kiss, and pushed Cin down on the bed lying on her back. Sally's mouth then began kissing and sucking on Cin's right nipple, and after a few minutes, moved over to the left one.

Cinnamon loved to have her nipples sucked on, but became really turned on when they were pinched, pulled, and bit on. Her pussy was hard wired to her nipples, and she was becoming very wet and aroused.

Sally enjoyed sucking and biting on Cin's breasts, but she wanted to go down more, and taste her pussy. She could smell Cinnamon, and realized quickly that her sucking her nipples was getting her turned on. She continued for a while, and then began to give her butterfly kisses down her stomach.

Sally thought it was so unusual for a woman Cin's age to be shaved, but she enjoyed the smooth skin as she flipped her tongue across her clitty, and buried her face in Cinnamon's pussy. She tasted so good. Cin spread her legs apart, providing greater access for Sally.

Mark watched this, and decided to move behind Sally so that he had a better view. His cock was harder as he watched the women making love. He decided to enter Sally from behind.

Sally was busy eating Cin's pussy and clit, and then felt Mark push his cock into her cunt. He started to rock her back and forth, which translated into Sally's mouth pushing deeper into Cinnamon's crotch each time. Cin was enjoying Sally's efforts, and moaning loudly.

Cinnamon was starting to roll. She loved having back to back to back climaxes. She continued to scream and moan and this seemed to increase the sucking and licking and biting and kissing from Sally. Cin had never had a woman eat her pussy, and it was far better than any man had done. Her face was soft, her lips just perfect, she seemed to know what to touch, for so long, and what to touch lightly, what to touch firmly, oh it felt so good.

Mark was watching Sally press herself against Cin's pussy. He started to fuck Sally harder, wanting to come deep inside her. He banged her butt hard, and reached around and pinched on her nipples.

Cin began to come, and her thighs squeezed around Sally's head. Cinnamon screamed out, "Oh my God, oh my, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, oh my, oh my, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Hearing Cinnamon climax, Mark let loose his spunk, and came deeply inside Sally. Feeling his hot cum, Sally felt her own climax, but continued to ride Cin's bucking orgasm. Sally could not scream out, as her mouth was buried against Cinnamon's cunt.

Sally continued to eat Cin, and caused her to climax again. Then she lifted her head off, and lay on the bed next to her. Cin stroked Sally's head, and thanked her again and again. Mark's cock was still inside Sally, and she leaned against him, moving him slowly and teasingly.

The three touch each other tenderly, and relaxed.

Cin looked at the motel room clock. "I need to go home, as my husband will be expecting me from work."

Sally and Mark laughed, and watched Cinnamon quickly wash up and put her clothes on. Mark explained that he would have to leave by about 11 and go back home.

"Go ahead and play after I leave, you two."

Cinnamon saw that two room key cards lying on the desk. She picked up one and put it in her purse, thinking that the room was booked until tomorrow noon. She might have use for the room later.

Cin kissed Sally, and then kissed Mark. "I hope you enjoyed your surprise, honey."

Mark nodded, with a grin on his face. His cock was still deep inside Sally.

Cinnamon walked towards the door, opened it, and turned back at the couple on the bed. "Have fun!" She then walked out of the motel room and went down the stairs.

9:15 p.m.

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