tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCincinnati Chili -Two Ways Pt. 01

Cincinnati Chili -Two Ways Pt. 01


She moaned quietly at where the conversation was going, her lips briefly revealing her annoyance.

"You're learning, sweetheart. That's good." My hand rested lightly on her exposed sex, her legs spread wide open, her hands tied to the headboard above her. "Tell me again what happened this weekend in Cincinnati."

She took a breath, a tear escaping from her closed eyes. This was torture for her; I knew that. But she could stop it anytime; she knew that.

"It was Friday night. We'd just finished the week's classes and we were all burnt. There had been a couple of guys flirting with me all week. It was amusing. And flattering. Oh!" My finger touched her clit. "...and I had this thought that I could probably get them to buy me a few drinks and...then..."

I stroked her a little bit more, feeling the moisture leaking from her lips. "...and then?"

"Unnhhhh...then...hnnnhh...I thought about seducing one of them..."


Her eyes shot open as I pressed a little harder against her clit. The thought I might have suspected her interest in bringing both of them back to her hotel room collided with her realization that she had never said it out loud but had been thinking it.

"So?" I pressed harder.

"Maybe." She whispered.

"Okay. Maybe." I pushed a little harder against the wall of her pussy, close to, but not at that spot. She moaned and tried to push her pelvis against my hand. "When's the next training?"

She inhaled sharply. "Next week."

"Same guys? Henri? Jim?"

"Unh hunh. Same training for all of us. They said they'd be there." She squirmed trying to get relief.

"Hmmm...So you checked, eh?" I pushed again, my fingernail scratching on the inside of her wet wall. She let out a little cry.

"Yes! Yeah...we're all supposed to stay in...ohhhhnn...touch."

"Excellent. Okay. Here's the deal." I settled back to get more comfortable, my finger exiting her vagina, my thumb resting on her mound. She looked down her body at my hand and then up to my face, the craving in her eyes so beautiful. "Next time? Next time you're going to seduce them. Both of them. Same night. Together."

She shook her head, "No, no, no, no. I...can't. No. Way. No Ray!" She stopped and looked at me, her face a mixture of disbelief and denial. How could you want me to do that? written in her mouth and eyes.

I set my lips and stared at her, my hand leaving her mound, bringing my fingers to my nose. "You want it. I want it. What's the problem?" She stared at my fingers, her pussy lips opening like flower.

"I'd...I'd get a...reputation...my career. I couldn't." She knew what she was saying, what she was implying by denying my suggestion. She was either giving up on our deal or setting herself up for something even more...challenging.

We had come to a crossroads in our relationship a few months prior. The inevitable boredom of remaining monogamous - for us it had lasted a couple of years - but we both knew it when it happened. I was a little surprised when she brought it up.

"We're in a rut," she said after a particularly uninspired round of sex.

I couldn't argue - I'd been finding myself flirting with some of the women at work - not something I had expected. "What are you saying?"

"I dunno."

"Are you interested in trying something a little different? Public nudity, perhaps?"

She giggled and slapped me lightly. "No, stupid. It's not the variety. It just feels...safe, I guess. I like the 'edge,' you know?"

I did know. It was what had attracted us in the first place and what I had always loved about her. The edge. I think it was the first time she'd spoken it as a word, but it defined much of what we did, how we acted.

The conversation continued over a period of days, weeks really. We'd approach it like a dangerous insect - small enough to avoid, we didn't want to get too close, but so intensely threatening it kept us coming back. Eventually, we'd landed on an understanding: we were free to explore other lovers. But, we were each held to an equal and opposite commitment: for me, I couldn't tell her about any of my outside escapades, and for her, she had to tell me everything.

Not being able to share with her my intimate narratives was as much torture for me as her being forced to expose every detail of hers. I insisted on a ceremony the night we made the pact. Stripped naked, standing in the center of our apartment, the lights down, candles around us, we fucked standing up, exposed to only ourselves, not hiding in the dark, not under the sheets. Neither of us came, it wasn't enjoyable in the superficial way sex can be - it wasn't meant to be. I demanded we take a Polaroid of it. I made sure it was in her panty drawer where she could see it every morning.

"You know you're going to see them again. And you know you want to explore two guys. Look," I slid my finger into her, "it's obvious."

"Hnnnnhhh....noooohhh...god, no, no, nnnnnnnn....okay...don't stop...don't stop...okay...okay. Yes. Yes. Yes! Noooooo...you bastard!"

I studied her face as my finger brought her to the edge and to her agreement. She wrinkled her nose but didn't turn away when I painted her lips with her moisture, eventually pushing into her mouth and feeling her tongue stroke her juices off me.

"Please," she pleaded, pushing my finger out with her tongue, "I'll do it. I'll do it. Just make me come, Ray. Please."

As I plunged my cock into her, an image of her being violated by her two lovers nearly pushed me over the edge; the need to be there feeding the fire in my balls. I stopped, my cock impaling her, lifting up on my elbows. "Hey."

She looked at me, pleading and confused.

"One more thing: you're going to photograph it."

Before she could react, I pulled out and slammed into her, hard, fast and deep. The way she needed it, the way she craved it. I knew she'd be sore the next day - I was already feeling a burn, but I couldn't let her protest.

She screamed: a mixture of surprise, intense pleasure and a weak denial, all wrapped into a gorgeous uninhibited climax. She was going over the top, my cock shooting a stream of hot cum into her.

* - * - * - *

She finished packing, the night before her next trip. She looked up, a smile on her face at the present I had for her.

"What's this?" She took it - a box with brightly wrapped paper and ribbon.

"Something to think of me on your trip. Open it." I sat on the bed next to her suitcase.

I watched her face as the wrapping came off, my cock getting hard at the scenes I imagined in the next couple of days.

She gasped, the commitment remembered. She looked at me, terror and protest mixed with expectation and excitement. "You...you were serious...?"

I nodded slightly, motioning her to open the box. "It's not expensive, or complicated, but we should make sure you know how to work it."

This was before the digital age - cameras came in a variety of shapes and models. This wasn't a cheap snapshot version - it had auto-advance, auto-flash, what we might think of as a "point-and-click" today, but back then was middle-of-the road expensive.

She took it out of its packaging, looking at the various hatch doors, each inspection reminding her of what was in store. She put in the batteries, opened the film and loaded it, and clicked it shut. With it sitting on her lap she looked up at me, the struggle written in her eyes.

"Are you really serious?" She whispered it, hoping I was, hoping I wasn't.

"Try it out."

She turned it on, its lens cover irising open, her eye peering through the viewfinder. The flash caught me by surprise and she laughed, breaking the tension.

* - * - *

When I picked her up at the airport we were both so aroused we could think of nothing other than getting home. She smiled at feeling my erection against her, her hand drifting down to rub it. I had already confirmed she'd gone through with the agreement; we'd talked briefly the day after it happened. I insisted on no details until she came back, knowing the anticipation would add to her discomfort.

"But how are you going to get the pictures developed?"

I could tell she had been struggling with the question since the idea had first come up.


She looked at me, her hair a foggy frame on the pillow. "Brad?"

"Yeah. He's a guy at work - into photography. Has his own dark room. He's suggested he'd be more than happy to show off his skills if I had some shots I wanted developed."

"You told him?" Anger replacing the original curiousity.

"Hey. Hold on their tiger. He doesn't know what kinds of shots. He's a photo-nut. He says it to everyone. But, yeah, I'll tell him in a New York minute if that's what you want."

She realized where this was heading and even in the dim light I could see her blush, the protest building with her breathing.

"Don't." I touched my finger to her lips. "Don't say anything. It's happening tomorrow and you're coming with me...unless..." I left the obvious two options unstated: quit the deal or accept a more difficult assignment by using a safe word.

She shook her head, the shock at what I was suggesting beginning to register. "No.No. NO! RAY. No! You can't be serious?!"

I held her head still and kissed her. Hard. My tongue burying itself in her mouth. She struggled but I kept on until she relaxed into it, relaxed into her fate.

"You know it's what you want. It's what we agreed to, baby. You'll tell me all about it with the pictures."

"But...but not with...Brad...?"

I nodded and kissed her again. "With Brad. I'm calling in my chit...besides it'll be small payment I'm sure for the effort he's going through." I smiled, perhaps a little wickedly. She had refused a simple challenge before her trip - just walking through the condo complex naked - it was after 2AM and a short hop from the Jacuzzi to our unit. Time to collect.

"But...Ray...you have no idea...."

"Shhhh. Don't tell me. We'll see them together and then you can tell me all about it."

She shuddered under me, my hand returning to her open slit, my cock hardening.

* - * - * - *

Brad was an okay guy. A little boring, average in almost every way: looks, intelligence, weight, height. He lived in a townhouse in one of those 'planned unit developments.' Single, he enjoyed the amenities and didn't have a family to worry about.

He greeted us with a welcoming smile. I hadn't given him a clue about what the pictures were, but he wasn't that stupid.

"You want anything? Soda? Beer? Coffee?" He invited us back into the kitchen. "The darkroom is downstairs. Anything?"

We both grabbed a soda and followed him down, the film rattling around in my jacket pocket.

"So, either of you know anything about developing film?"

We were in the darkroom - the smell of chemicals strong in the tight space. The downstairs was half buried into the hillside - a walk out floor. He'd converted the guest bedroom, its only window sealed with black fabric, the walls lined with basins, cupboards and counters. Along one side was a cable of clips.

We both looked at a few of the prints still drying: beautiful vibrant close-ups of flowers and insects.

"Yours?" I pointed.

He nodded. "Yeah. I'm trying a new technique. It's been a bitch."

He went into the details of the particular film and processing approach, my eyes drifting to Allison to make sure she hadn't fallen asleep, sharing a smile.

Brad eventually resurfaced. "So...what have you got?"

"Oh, it's definitely not as fine art as you've got there," I joked, Allison stiffening at the prospect of what was about to happen. "But it's definitely art."

He took the canister and switched the lighting, the room bathed in a red glow.

I looked over at Allison and saw the mixture of anxiety...and desire...flitting across her face. The red lighting made it difficult to see the details, but the way her eyes moved back and forth from the canister in Brad's hands to my face, the tension in her fingers as the held onto the hem of her shirt. The hem of her shirt. She looked alarmed as she noticed the smile on my face.

"No..." She whimpered a little.

"No? No, what?" I had no idea what she was thinking. I knew what I was thinking.

"I...you..." She realized she couldn't actually say what she was thinking without giving me the idea. Whatever it was.

Brad had busied himself loading the film into the developer, his back turned. I motioned for her to come to me, my arms in an open embrace. As we hugged, I stroked her back, moving my hands down to her ass and back up, sliding them under her shirt to feel her skin.

"You can't be serious!???" She hissed in my ear.

I pulled my head back a little and pressed our mouths together, pushing my growing erection against her pubic bone. As my tongue began to wrestle with hers, I smiled internally at her hands reaching around and pulling me closer to her.

My hands slipped her shirt up as far as I could pull it, separating our bodies without breaking the kiss. When I had it above her bra without her swatting it down, I knew she was getting turned on at the prospect. The only person in the room who didn't know where this was heading was Brad, still focused on processing the negatives.

She pulled away, her head shaking and small protests whispering to me, but her hands didn't stop me from stripping her shirt over her head.

"You finish," I suggested, taking the shirt over her head in one swift motion and stepping back.

She stood there in the red light, panic on her face at Brad standing only two steps away, her breathing the only sign of how aroused she was getting, her bra in stark contrast against her skin. "No," she hissed, reaching for the shirt, her hair whipping against her head as she shook it in protest.

I held it behind my back, leaning in to her ear. "You know what you can do. Your choice." I stole a glance at Brad, expecting him to turn around at any moment.

We kept an informal accounting of our challenges. Mine to her were almost always humiliation - forced exposure whether physical as I was doing now, or emotional, as we would be doing with Brad in a few moments. Hers to me were far more practical and equally humiliating: wash the dishes while she chatted with her friends, clean the house, go grocery shopping...all the while wearing some outfit of her devising. She liked to make fun of me, make me feel foolish or look ridiculous. I had learned not to deny her initial requests - the first and only time I had refused resulted in my having to go to a party cross-dressed, including makeup. The worst part was keeping my erection from showing the whole time.

Still no safe word and even in the red light I could tell her skin was flushed. She kept mouthing 'No' even as she stepped back from me, turned around and undid her bra. As quietly as she could, she unzipped her jeans, looking over at Brad the whole time, and before she lost her nerve, slid them down along with her panties over her sandals.

I walked over to Brad. "So, how long does it all take?"

He looked up, his hands fiddling with the film in the developer. "It's pretty automatic, really. A few minutes in the developer, let it dry and we can see what shots you want to expose...holy fuck, Ray! What's going on here?" He let the film drop from his hand as he looked over my shoulder.

I turned to see Allison standing off to the side, her hands unable to find a place to land - across her breasts, in front of her dark thatch of hair.

"Allison, come over here and see what Brad is doing." I motioned as if she were just being shy. "Here's the deal, Brad - and I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. We can leave if you're freaking out, but in a few minutes you and I will be treated to a little photo shoot Allison did of herself, so whatever you're seeing now is probably pretty tame to what's on that film."

He couldn't keep his eyes off of her, flicking them to me just to make sure he wasn't in for some kind of trouble. He shook his head slightly, his eyes widening. "What the fuck, Ray? What the fuck." He was more confused than pissed.

I glanced down and saw his pecker starting to bulge out his shorts. I looked over at Allison and caught her looking at him too. I smiled at her and she shot daggers at me, but I knew she was wetter than the film at this point.

I nodded towards the film, catching Brad's attention. "Do you need to do something with that?"

"Oh shit." He turned back and swiftly got the spool into the developer, threw some switches and stepped back.

I had my arm around Allison's shoulder, holding her side snugly against mine, making sure he could see all of her. He just kept staring, licking his lips, his expression turning to concern.

"Is this okay with you?" He was looking at her face now.

I pressed my fingers gently into her upper arm, prompting her to answer.

"Yes." Quietly, but firmly.

"But..fuck, Ray...I wish you'd said something. This is pretty weird, man." He wiped some sweat from his forehead back into his hair. Allison and I both stole a glance to his waist, the bulge wasn't any smaller.

"You look like you're okay with it," I said suggestively, smiling.

He looked annoyed, quickly, not wanting to call attention to his erection by even looking down, let alone moving his hands from the equipment.

"If it helps, and again, I'm sorry if it took you by surprise, Allison and I have an agreement. It gets a little tricky sometimes...like now, for instance, but if we're not freaking you out too much, you are doing us a great favor and we're really appreciative."

It occurred to me, perhaps a little too late, that maybe he was expecting to have sex with her. No doubt that was what she was trying to say to me before I took her shirt away. Hmmm...maybe this wasn't such a good idea. If she proceeded with whatever she thought I had in mind, I was in for a real doozie from her next challenge. And if Brad started getting ideas into his head, I would be in a real awkward position with him.

The room was silent except for the ticking of the developer and the three of us breathing - Brad starting to pant a little, Allison trying to keep from whimpering and me...well I realized I hadn't been breathing. I let out a small sigh.

"So, how much do you figure this will run?" I kept my voice light and my eyes on his face.

His eyes never left her body - moving from those gorgeous breasts down to her neatly trimmed bush and back again. He kept shaking his head. "We didn't discuss the details..." His voice trailed off.

"Listen, Brad," I came on with my friendliest tone. "Allison isn't a whore. I told you I'd cover your expenses..."

"...that was before you had your wife strip stark naked in my darkroom." His voice was quiet and his face had a slight smile. "What else does she do?" It was a crude remark, but I wasn't going to let it spoil the mood.

"How about this," I offered. "Allison agreed to tell us the story of her latest trip to Cincinnati -it's a photo diary of sorts. If you'll hold off on getting any ideas until she's finished with her adventures, we can discuss your expenses."

He finally broke his gaze away from her to look at me, smiling. "This requires a hit." He reached up into a cupboard and pulled out a bag, ashtray and pipe. In moments he'd lit it and passed it to Allison.

I knew what would happen next if she got high. She took the pipe without hesitation looking at me with an evil grin. She was going to be really pissed at me when all this was over - I had no idea what her next challenge for me was going to be, but I could feel my cock twitch at the prospect. "Are you sure you want to do that?" I looked at her a little worried.

"Fuck, yes." She already was pissed. She took a huge toke, pushing her breasts out with her expanded lungs. I looked back at Brad to see his eyes hungering.

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