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Once upon a time, in a land not so far from our own, there lived a young slave girl named Cinderella. Beautiful was the word most used to describe young Cinderella, though sensual, lovely, luscious and supple also were heard when villagers dwelled near the castle grounds. Cinderella however, did not think herself so pretty, for she was humble, a mere slave and quite modest. She prided herself on being a good slave to her Master and Mistress, though they barely noticed her among the many slaves and servants they kept at their magnificent castle. The Master's daughters, Rose and Madeline noticed her though. The two daughters noticed Cinderella's beauty many times, for they had heard praises of it often in the village and in the slave market. Both daughters fancied themselves the most beautiful in the village and were quite annoyed at the attention being turned on a slave.

Cinderella tried to take little insult in their treatment of her, for after all, it was her life to serve them, but still, she was tormented by them and wished her Master and Mistress would have the girls married quickly so they would leave the castle.

Even as Cinderella worked in the vast halls of the Castle, scrubbing carefully the exquisite vases from exotic lands of Asia, she felt the eyes of Rose and Madeline on here, summing up the supple curves of Cinderella's body as she worked. Cinderella quickly shifted in the tightness of her corset and skirts. Her Master and Mistress were kind enough to allow her clothing to wear, while many slaves were expected to be nude while working, for the pleasure of their masters. After several incidents of other slaves touching and pawing Cinderella, her Master and Mistress finally allowed her clothing, but only when cleaning. Her Mistress in particular preferred Cinderella in her proper Pony attire of leather strapping, with a sleek black saddle and bit.

Mercifully, a knock sounded at the door and the daughters ran, curious to the door to see if one of their many suitors had called upon them. Cinderella sighed. She could take no more pinching and spanking from the girls. Attending to the Chinese vase her Mistress treasured, Cinderella saw a very tall man in splendid blue velvet robes enter the castle with many page boys. The man spoke and from some sense of his authority, she put down the scrubbing cloth and stood at attention as he spoke,

"I bring a message from the King!" he roared. "The King searches for a bride for his son, Prince Laurent. A grand ball will be held a fortnight from now, and His Majesty wishes every maiden to attend, no matter of status nobility. His majesty orders it. Every maiden shall be allowed to attend if she so wishes."

Instantly, Cinderella saw Rose and Madeline squeal and as the messenger left the castle, the two girls began ordering their servants to begin preparing their gowns...

"Oh, which one shall I wear? The red brocade gown? Oh no, red is shall be so much more delicate, don't you think, Rose?"

Rose has much to say, and none of it any use to anyone, as usual. A few of the slave girls stood naked in the halls, stalling in going back to their duties. They pondered the message delivered. One pretty slave girl named Rebecca, mused to herself with a dreamy smile. She spoke to the slave boy next to her who busied himself dusting a statue of Venus rising from the foam,

"Christopher, imagine! Slaves will be able to attend the King's ball!"

Madeline overheard and instantly squashed the girl's happiness,

"And what makes you think the Prince would have eyes for a wretch like you?"

Rebecca lowered her eyes and scampered away. Cinderella looked on in disgust.

"Ah, Cinderella. You plan to attend the ball, do you, my dear?" Rose joined in the taunting.

"I would like to go My Lady, yes." Cinderella answered truthfully.

"Hmmm, shame then." Rose quipped. "We shall need you as a pony girl and I doubt the Prince will be so enchanted with your beauty while you are strapped to our carriage as a horse...and not think I shall not whip that supple backside of yours until it is red and splotchy. Go to the ball if you wish, dear, but I promise, we will see to it that you are an embarrassment."

With those words, both girls turned, their velvet and satin skirts twirling with their turns and their heeled slippers clicking on the floor with their cold laughter.

Cinderella had never heard words so cold, from such jealous and vindictive women such as Rose and Madeline. Cinderella vowed that she would attend the ball, Pony Girl or not.

* * *

The day of the ball neared and Cinderella spent every waking hour that was spared her, gathering scraps of material from the seamstress's basket, tiny beads from old dresses the daughters had thrown in trash barrels and tiny flowers she had woven together from blossoms in the garden. She had managed to stitch together a simple but elegant gown that if she had a chance to escape her duty as pony to their carriage, she would slip on and enter the ballroom. She had faith that she would be so lucky.

* * *

The night of the ball, Cinderella properly dressed herself in her Pony strapping, her boots high up on her knees and the tiny spurs protruding from her heels. She fluffed the delicate but thick bushel of horsehair at her backside and combed it to silky perfection, fixing her long black hair up into a similar pony-tail at the crown of her head. She fixed the little woven flowers to the strapping for decoration, and secured the saddle which was rarely used and would not be used tonight either. Still, she was required to wear it. Her long black leather gloves fit tightly to her arms and wrists, and she tried desperately not to shift in the tightness of the strapping fixed around her breasts, pushing them up and making them all too exposed. Quickly she ran out of the castle, carrying the little bundle of her dress with her, and she stuffed it beneath the seat of the carriage, hiding it carefully. She went back to attend to her tormenting mistresses, who demanded she fix their hair, their make up, their stockings and their gowns.

Cinderella did her duty, then joined the other ponies who were being carefully strapped in front of the carriage by a particularly strong and muscular Page boy. Cinderella stood gracefully, clicking the hard heels of her boots against the cobblestone ground as the Page came to her, fixing his massive hands over her shoulders and attaching the pulls to her. He was looking at her breasts and Cinderella blushed as she felt her nipples harden. The page took notice and smiled almost wickedly,

"You should dance at the ball...the Prince would surely be rock hard at the site of your charms."

"I care not what you think." She replied almost haughtily.

The Page simply brushed his hand over the swell of her breasts, and she shivered. She felt the carriage lurch forward. The ponies were soon on their way to the palace of the King, pulling along the daughters of a fine noble family.

* * *

The Palace was alive and maidens from all over the kingdom pranced proudly about in their finest silks and velvets, many of the ladies baring their rosy breasts over their bodices, displaying their charms for the prince.

Cinderella saw Rose and Madeline prance into the Palace doors, their pride far outweighing their worth. Cinderella looked behind her, waiting for a moment to steal away and fetch her dress in the seat of the carriage. Upon glancing back, she noticed a mysterious woman dressed in solid black lace, and nothing else, standing near the carriage. It seemed that the woman held a staff with a crystal ball at the head of it. The woman was quite stunning but in a very unusual manner, with brightly colored hair of several shades of red, pink and orange. Her eyes blazed bright unnatural blue-green and her smile revealed teeth that were slightly sharp.

"Cinderella." The mysterious woman whispered.

She knows my name? Cinderella mused. But how?

Still, Cinderella was compelled to approach this woman. "My lady? Do I know you?"

The strange woman laughed in a sinister manner. Cinderella shivered but looked at the woman's lace covered full breasts and the shady patch of hair at the center of her thighs that Cinderella could swear was glistening beneath the lace, and she felt herself grow warm between her legs.

"Ah, sweet Cinderella, I have watched you for a very long time. I am here at your service, precious help you."

"Help me?"

"Yessss..." the woman reached out to Cinderella and touched the fullness of her breast, running a single finger over Cinderella's nipple, making it perk up and become hard and dark pink. "I can assure you that the prince will be yours, my dear...I can make you the finest creature at the ball...the ultimate beauty, and he will succumb to need only let me experience your body...feel your energy..."

She was not sure how it happened, but all equilibrium seemed to turn to chaos in her mind and the woman was touching her now, hands on her breasts and in her hair, tongue snake-like and talented, flickering against her nipples, nipping and sucking. Cinderella felt herself become weak. She touched the lacy black material of the woman's dress. This woman was a witch...but had captured Cinderella in her spell. Cinderella felt the woman's nipples under the lace and had a strong desire to suck them. The witch lifted her black lace skirts and let Cinderella crawl up under the lace to catch her pert nipples in her mouth and suck them steadily, then in a fever, Cinderella lowered herself to the woman's navel and poked her tongue inside the shallow hole, hearing the witch moan with passion.

The witch opened her legs. Cinderella felt the eyes of others looking on but did not care. This witch's passion meant everything to her. She found the thatch of moist hair at the witch's thighs and spread it open with her fingers, then plunged her tongue into the wet depths of the witch's delicious pussy. Feeling the witch's hands on her backside, kneading it and then opening her pussy lips to display Cinderella to the admiring onlookers, Cinderella licked and sucked at the clit of the witch until she felt the depths of the woman's pussy spasm and she cried out, releasing herself with the witch's orgasm.

"So lovely, dear, so are truly a good slave. Now for my promise...a simple task...come, my dear."

The witch simply raised her arms and Cinderella felt knocked off her feet. Her head was spinning, dizziness overcomeing her, a cramp paining her ribs and she doubled over, falling it seemed from out of the sky...until...

The pain and dizziness was suddenly...gone. Cincerella opened her eyes and saw the garden of the palace, empty and the blazing lights from the ballroom of the palace alive and sweltering with people.

I have gone mad! Cinderella thought. Yet, I am at the the ball! And Cinderella looked down, and gasped. Her pony straps were gone. Her lithe body was covered just barely in a thin and almost transparent sheath of silk and chiffon, with thousands of glass beads carefully attached to the thin whispy fabric. On her feet were the most beautiful and delicate slippers made of glass.

Cinderella looked around her. The witch was gone. She sighed and pressed her hand to her chest. Looking in the mirror pool of the fountain pond, Cinderella saw that her dress was quite thin and she could easily see the dark pink of her nipples through the white chiffon. Quickly, not wanting to waste time, she ran up the steps to the palace and introduced herself to the palace guards, who assumed her to be a lady of nobility by the finery of her dress.

To announce the new arrival at the ball, the Palace guard turned and sounded his trumpet, "Lords and Ladies! Lady Cinderella LaPordonte!"

Cinderella curtsied as she walked down the red carpet and eyes turned to stare at her. She saw the angry eyes of Rose and Madeline, who were lingering competitively near the Prince. Turning gracefully, the Prince saw Cinderella and seemed to forget about the ladies hovering about him.

"Ah, true beauty!" he sighed. "Tell me your name?"

"I am Cinderella, my Prince, slave in the house of Erinmore."

He sighed then, "Slave then? A slave that outshines the most beautiful nobles in my father's kingdom! Bring me your charms, beautiful one, I wish to taste your delicacies even here with these people as witness."

Cinderella obeyed, drawing close to him and she almost gasped when his mouth covered hers in a strong and passionate kiss. He released her then and smiled his approval. He snapped his fingers and instantly two strong pages were next to him, "Unlace this dress she wears, I wish to touch her."

Cinderella smiled and felt the warm wetness between her legs as the pages gently unlaced her dress and exposed her breasts, the nipples hard and waiting to be suckled. The Prince wasted no time in doing so, and the Pages lifted Cinderella off her feet and up into the air as the Prince sucked and licked at her hardened nipples, sliding his hand up her thin skirts to feel between her legs the warm and moist pussy glistening and ready for him.

"But she is not supposed to attend! How dare you, wretched girl!" an angry scream came from the direction of Madeline. The Prince snapped his attention up and looked angrily in their direction, "What say you? Interrupt my passion with this girl?"

Madeline scurried forward nervously, wishing she had not been so careless as to lose her temper and allow her jealousy to show.

"She is a slave in my parents house, Sire, and she served as a mere Pony Girl tonight. I know not where she got these clothes, Sire, stolen maybe....she is a horrid wretch, and I meant to spare you from here. I told her she could not go Sire. I feared she would steal from the palace and this gown proves me correct! It is surely a gown of the Queen's or your dear sister, Princess Angelica. I will see to it that the gown is returned to her..."

"I own no such gown." Came a bored sound from Princess Angelica, who stood near the grand fountain, preferring to busy herself with a strong Page who pleasured her by suckling her smallish breasts.

"Nor I." Stated Queen Annalee, who sat near the window, looking on this fiasco with interest in her eyes.

"Then you, Madame, accuse this girl falsely. And you defy royal orders. My father wished every maiden to attend who wished to do so. You wished to keep the most exquisite treasure from me...this...Cinderella?" the Prince stared at her with ice blue eyes.

"I...I..." Madeline stammered.

"You will obey royal orders now, then. Daughter of Erinmore, you shall stand quietly and shed no tears. Your eyes shall not move from I take her here before you."

Madeline almost groaned in despair.

The Prince ordered his Pages to bring Cinderella to the front of the room where a large velvet covered divan sat between the two royal thrones of his parents. The Pages laid her down on the velvet divan as the crowd looked on, pushing lightly to see better the Prince as he kneeled on the divan beside Cinderella. The Pages brought Madeline then to the divan as well, and she obeyed the Prince's order to not look away. She glared at Cinderella fiercely.

The Prince's mouth was on Cinderella's breasts once more, his hands exploring her supple body, over her thighs and between her legs to her secret lips, opening them, pushing his fingers into her and her hips moving against him with fierce motion. The Prince snapped his fingers again and the Pages moved to spread Cinderella's legs open further and hold them in the air. The Prince unfastened his breeches and removed his long, thick length of cock to the whispers and admiration of the crowd as they strained to look on. He placed the head of his swollen cock at the dark patch of hair between Cinderella's legs and hesitated for a moment, enjoying Cinderella's wetness. He looked at Madeline, who looked as if she had eaten a sour lemon, and he suddenly drove his organ into Cinderella, making her buck up against him. He rode her hard and fierce, plunging into her hot depths and back out again. The Prince rocked her and heard her sigh and moan in pleasure, his hips slamming into her again and again until he lifted her up and turned her onto her hands and knees and took her from behind, riding her. Cinderella began moaning loudly, which the Prince admired but thought it was a bit too loud for a proper lady, so again he snapped his fingers and ordered his Pages to quiet her. Cinderella delighted at the Prince's order when the two pages opened their breeches and removed their thick, hard cocks and held them over her, letting her lick and suck them one after the other as the Prince slammed into her. Cinderella tasted the Pages bittersweet cream and she pushed her mouth over the larger cock's shaft, sucking at it with all the power she had. She felt the Prince's cock twitch inside her and she knew he would come soon. She took the Pages cocks and aimed them at her breasts, feeling hot cream hit her breasts and nipples, loving the feeling of it. Prince Laurent slammed into her one final thrust and then released his seed into her, hot and thick, making her shudder with a last orgasm. Her body went rigid and the Prince withdrew from her, kissing her back and shoulders as he gave a wicked glance to a steaming angry Madeline.

"Ah, my Cinderella...yes, beauty...I shall have you as my bride."

Despite many fallen hearts, the crowd dutifully cheered and Cinderella was lifted up by the pages and displayed before the crowd.

"My maids shall clean you pleasurably bride." Prince Laurent ordered and instantly several lovely girls appeared dressed in nothing but white sarongs, their breasts only decorated by tiny pearls on their nipples. The maids kneeled before Cinderella and took her breasts in their quick and talented tongues, licking and sucking the bittersweet cream of the Pages off her skin. Cinderella had never felt such decadence before.

The Prince kissed her hand and parted with her to visit his mother who now played card games with some of the noble ladies in the parlor. He would tell his mother he found his bride.

In the ballroom, the maids finished cleaning Cinderella and Cinderella accepted flowers from the crowd, kissing nobles as their future Queen.

"Oh Cinderella!" she heard the voice of Rose, who smiled with a fake and hurtful smile that made her face like plaster. "I wanted you to come, really I did. It was Madeline who wanted you to stay at the castle. I have always had a fondness for you, only I feared revealing because of my hateful sister."

"You speak riddles, Rose." Cinderella jeered. "I do not, Lady." It hurt her to say it. "I do wonder, you shall need ladies in waiting to attend on you, Cincerella and I can do the job well. I could live at the palace with you as your best maid!"

Hipocrasy! The nerve of her! Cinderella let a wicked grin spread across her face,

"Of course you may, Rose. Live in the Palace you shall! It is my first royal order as the future Queen!"

Rose beamed now, grinning ear to ear, until Cinderella elaborated more,

"You shall live in the Palace! You shall serve in the kitchen, shine the shoes of the Pages and clean the clothing of the lowest maids in the Palace! Just as you wish...My Lady."

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