tagSci-Fi & FantasyCinderella Submits Ch. 03

Cinderella Submits Ch. 03


Dear Reader,

The kinky version of Cinderella's Sexy Saga continues.

I am still unsure where this fits...

You will find some forms of:





lesbian cunnilingus

and some preliminary elements of nonconsent/reluctance.

I realize that this last category is a great turn-off for some.

So, reader beware and consider reading something else if any of these categories bother you...

Please don't be shy and let me know what you think.

Please vote.

Enjoy! ;)


Poor, poor, poor Cinderella!
The prince was hot and kinky,
But boy was he sexy,
he turned her on and played with her,
and she came and she came,
and despite all the shame,
all she wanted was to come again.


Cinderella was still sitting on the shoulder of Molly in a secluded part of the balcony. The young courtesan was kneeling, hidden beneath the folds of her large flowing dress. Cinderella's legs were splayed open with her dripping pussy inches from Molly's face. She had used her talented tongue to bring the young maiden to the throes of passion. Prince Oliver still had his thumb up her ass while his index was lodged all the way into her quivering vagina. The young woman was having a hard time recovering from the string of multiple orgasms that had gushed though her body.

Cinderella could not wrap her mind around the sexual universe she was discovering. A Big Bang of unfamiliar feelings and emotions had exploded and was quickly expanding within her. She was delighted and enraptured with the emotions that were overtaking her. It was all so powerful, it felt so good, she wanted more and more.

The young orphan had been enamored with the prince for years. The prince was simple and modest and had tried to remain as anonymous as possible when helping others. Yet, there had been legends and rumors about his generosity, his humanity and all the good deeds that he had done over the years. These fables had increased in frequency and regularity adding to the myth of Prince Oliver. Cinderella was head over heel with the man before she had ever met him. She never stood a chance.

Cinderella's intellectual infatuation for the prince had predisposed her to succumb to his charms. The minute she saw him and touched him her body pushed her spirits further along the path. Her body would become the most bendable, pliable and malleable clay to Prince Oliver's sexual whims.

In another part of the ballroom, Cinderella's evil stepmother and stepsisters were plotting a way to get the prince's attention. Cinderella's success with the prince had short-circuited Drizella and Anastasia's chances at meeting the Royal heir.

Years ago, in a dark tavern Lady Tremaine had overheard a drunk Royal guard spill his beans about the prince's kinky sexual preferences. That piece of information had set the wheels in motion for a machination that she hoped would help her place one of her two daughters as the bride of the prince who would someday ascend to the royal throne. The evil stepmom, had invested a fortune in a potion that she was told would make the prince fall in lust with either one of her daughters. She had also spent many years teaching her daughters all the ways, the wiles, the tricks of seduction.

By today's standards, the potion would be best described as a blend between a very potent versions of Viagra, Ecstasy and a mild form of Ruffies. Lady Tremaine thought that if she could serve the mixture to the prince it would be enough to disorient him. Drizella would then lead him in a side room, strip him and rape him and voila! They would then be found out and be caught by all the subjects in attendance. The scandal would lead to the fastest wedding in the history of this venerable nation. Lady Tremaine and her daughters would become Royalty.

Oliver, Molly and Cinderella had been out on the terrace for an indecent amount of time. Prince Oliver gently lifted the exhausted Cinderella off of Molly's shoulders. He set her down on very wobbly legs. His fingers were still inserted in the soggy, lubricated intimate parts of her being. Without that intimate grip, her shaky legs would not be strong enough to carry her.

If Oliver wanted to pursue Cinderella's trials, he would have to be careful to show his face in the ballroom at regular intervals during the course of the evening. He reasoned that Cinderella needed some time to recover anyway. By his count, within the last hour and a half she had already cum six or seven times. There was the one during their first kiss, then the orgasm on the dance floor, and then at least four others on the terrace. Cinderella was showing signs of being multi-orgasmic and that pleased him greatly. Yes, the young virgin needed a few minutes to recuperate before moving on to the next labor of kinky love that he had planned for her.

Oliver, still aided by Cinderella's cape, had kept his hand hidden in her dress. He had not stopped pinching the thin inner partition between Cinderella's vagina and her rectum. That pressure was a constant aphrodisiac for the young woman. With his digits in the most intimate and carnal parts of her being, Oliver was keeping her on the edge of an impending orgasm.

"Let's go get a drink, I am expected to show my face to my guests," said the prince.

With a small movement or his fingers and a twist of his wrist Oliver led Cinderella by her sex and her ass as if she was a true hand puppet. Cinderella had to concentrate on her breathing with each step she was making to keep from cumming in front of the gathered partygoers.

They stepped into the dim ballroom and walked towards the bar to get some refreshments. As they approached, Cinderella nearly had a heart attack when she recognized her evil stepfamily coming towards them. Would they recognize her or was the spell going to work? Along with the dress and carriage, the magic of Fairy Godmother's spell on Cinderella was supposed to make her unrecognizable to people who knew her. Despite the powerful magic that she had witnessed, she still feared someone would identify her.

When Lady Tremaine ignored her and looked past her to offer a drink to prince Oliver, Cinderella sighed a slight sigh of relief. The evil stepmom did not seem to know who she was after all. Her relief was short lived. Cinderella stared at the ominous glass that the Lady was holding and a bad feeling gripped her at the pit of her stomach. Her instinct told her that something bad was being staged and she needed to protect her prince.

Abruptly, and despite Oliver's hold on her, Cinderella put herself in front of the prince to grab the cup that the Lady was extending and gulped down all of its content in dramatic fashion.

"Do forgive my rude behavior... I was parched!" she offered as an excuse.

Lady Tremaine's Machiavellian plot had just crumbled. She tried to keep a smile on her face and quickly adjourned with an awkward reverence to the prince.

Oliver was surprised by the show that Cinderella had just put in front of him. Her behavior seemed very out of character with her previous demeanor. He would have to get to the bottom of that.

As Oliver stood still, contemplating these events, Cinderella began feeling the effects that the potion was having on her.

The first symptom that she felt right away was a drastic increase of lubrication in her vagina. She had been kept wet and excited by Oliver's talented manual dexterity but now her body was producing unnatural amounts of vaginal fluids. Within a matter of seconds her vagina was full of liquid heat and it soon started pouring in copious amounts past her vaginal lips and onto her thighs.

The next sensation that she felt was a hyper sensitivity to all the materials and texture that were in contact with her. The cottons, the velvets, the silks, the pearls, and the jewels that were part of her dress all sent tingling signals to her nervous system. She could feel every ridge and groove of Oliver's skin as his fingers kept on moving in small circles in her ass and her vagina.

And finally, she started to feel an incessant orgasm. Oliver had kept her on the cusp of ecstasy with his hands, but now a floodgate had been released. It started with a tiny tickle of sorts, a tiny ripple that propagated at her hot center. It gripped her but it would not let go. The ripple grew and enlarged. There was no end to it. Cinderella's mind could not process anything but utter and absolute erotic ecstasy. In a complete trance, her mind could only process and grasp the signals that her sex was sending. In a matter of minutes, Cinderella was thrown in some form of sexually induced catatonic state.

Oliver had felt the changes happening in Cinderella's body right away. In all his years, he had never felt a sex gushing so many liquids. He quickly called Molly for help and they left the ballroom for Oliver's chambers.

"Get the doctor, get the doctor right away!" he called to the guards as he sat Cinderella on one of the love seats.

Cinderella was wailing her pleasure as she seemed to be humping an invisible man. As the formula ran its course, its effects could clearly be observed by the people gathered around the young woman. Oliver, Molly and the physician observed the most sensual display of love making imaginable. The young woman was gyrating her hips to the beat of an animalistic corporal pounding. An invisible force was making love to her and her body was responding with an everlasting climax.

The doctor explained that she probably been "poisoned." For years, the doctor had heard of a legendary potion that could provoke the highest forms of sexual excitement but until that night he had never observed it himself. He told the prince not to worry, the girl was not in danger. The drug would have very short temporary effects and the young woman would be back to her normal state within a few hours.

Oliver was relieved and thankful. He dismissed the doctor and watched Cinderella as she gave the lustiest, lewdest and bawdiest spectacle that he had ever seen. He resisted the temptation to touch her and be with her despite his growing desire. There would be no honor in taking advantage of her drug induced state and sex without consent was a rape by any other name.

At some point, she fell off the couch and began rubbing herself against the soft rugs of the Palace. On her knees, butt in the air, face to the ground, she was rubbing her sensitive bust on the carpet. Then, she bunched together the fabric of her dress and stuck it between her legs before squeezing them tight together as she writhed in orgasm against her clothing. The erotic heat was incessant and the show kept on going for hours.


The first chime of the midnight hour began to toll.

The abrupt noise startled and started to get Cinderella out of her trance.


The young woman finally snapped back to life in a panic.


Cinderella got up and started towards the doors.

"I need to go," she said as she started to run out of the room.

The prince sat bewildered by the quick change.

Cinderella was gone and it took him a few seconds to start running after her.




Cinderella was lost in the halls of the castles trying to find a way out.


She could hear the music from the ballroom in the distance and she started towards it.

Her glass slippers were not made for running so she grabbed them in her hands to accelerate her run.



She was finally within reach of the ballroom but the prince was not far behind. She could hear his footsteps behind her as he called for her.


She was attempting to cross the ballroom as the prince came in behind her. The crowd was slowing down her desperate attempt to flee the Palace.



The last chime of midnight had struck!

A big flash of light emanated in the middle of the dance floor. Flashes, crackles and sparkles attracted everyone's attention to the loud display of colors and light.

Cinderella was now nude in the middle of the room. The disruption had opened up the crowd leaving her isolated at the center of everyone's attention. Total silence overtook the great hall as all eyes were on her exposed form. There she stood, in her birthday suite, a living replica of Botticelli's Venus.

The magic spell that her fairy godmother had cast had now vaporized leaving Cinderella in the most inappropriate of situations. The assembly was stunned.

Cinderella was horrified. For some reason the glass slippers that she was holding in her hands were the only pieces of her costume that had not disappeared. Instead of covering her nude form, she opted to cover her face with her arms. Now that the spell was gone anyone who knew her in the assembly would be able recognize her. That thought was worst than being seen naked.

The party goers were still dumbfounded by the events that had just unfolded before them. The flash of light and the sounds had left them blinded and disoriented.

Cinderella only had seconds to react. She rushed into the crowd towards the closest exit. She pushed through the human sea with all the strength that her despair gave her.

Her body's reaction to the friction, to the groping and the pushing nauseated her. Did it feel good!? A small part of her wanted to stop and savor the moment. Cinderella was still under the influence of the potion and its lingering effects. The soft silks, the cottons, the skin of strangers, the perfumes and the scents of the men and women all attacked her cerebral receptors. She was overloaded with sensory information that her brain could not process.

Fear was her the only saving grace. The rush of adrenaline allowed her to battle the haze and pushed her forward. It gave her enough strength to break through the throng of attendees. Still benefiting from the overall general surprise, she was able to get to an exit. She then rushed down the castle's main stairs towards the gates keeping her arms around her head to avoid any chance of being recognized.

Unfortunately for her, Lady Tremaine and her daughters were still part of the audience in attendance. The evil stepmother had witnessed it all: the prince running in after her, the show of lights and sounds, and the very nude girl. Also, once the spell had been lifted she recognized the bane of her existence, the constant reminder of her loss, the daughter of the only man she had truly loved: Cinderella.

Upon that realization, she had quickly devised that Cinderella might be her only remaining key to unlock the gates to the Palace. She would need get to her first. She needed to get to the young woman before the prince caught up to her.

While Cinderella was trying to get through the crowd, Lady Tremaine and her daughters had rushed to get to their carriage. They were now waiting in the shadows for the young woman to make her way down the great steps.

Cinderella hesitated a second. Where could she go and how could she get there in her present state of undress? Her slight hesitation was the source of her demise. Her visibility had greatly been diminished; she could not see much through her arms as they were hiding her face. She never saw Drizella and Anastasia coming up behind her. She was engulfed and bagged into the big piece of tarp they were holding. They lifted her quickly into the carriage and sped off past the open gates into the darkness.

By the time he made it down the stairs, Prince Oliver was left holding one of Cinderella's glass slippers. In her struggle to get free, she has released it on the cobble stones.

To be continued...

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