tagNonHumanCinderella's Submission Ch. 04

Cinderella's Submission Ch. 04


Author's note: please read the previous chapters in my twisted, sexy fairy "tail"


The night of the Royal Ball arrived and Cinderella was forbidden to go. She was left tied to her Stepfather's bedpost with his cum on her face, cum in her hair and cum on her chest. Her stepbrothers were still demanding her cock sucking ministrations as her Stepfather lectured the little cum slut.

'No one will satisfy me like you, my sweet Cinderella,' her Stepfather stated in his ball finery. 'Look at you! You are not presentable enough to meet the Prince. You are my little cum slut.'

Her stepbrothers were still cumming on her face and tits when he said that.

Even though Cinderella was disappointed, she luxuriated in her cum bath, knowing that she had taken care of her family yet again. They were satisfied and calm.

Her Stepfather sat near the cum-drenched girl and took a thumb and spread some cum to her mouth and made her suck it off his thumb. 'Now, Cinderella,' he said with charm, 'we're going to leave you like this while we go to the ball.'

'But Daddy—'

'Ah, ah, ah,' he pinched a cum-drenched nipple, 'no protests. You are just too slutty to go to the ball. I can't have my best cum slut embarrassing me at the Royal Ball. Now can I?'

Cinderella whimpered and then whispered with disappointment, 'Yes Daddy.' She watched them leave as cum dribbled down her face and tits as she was tied to the bedpost. She closed her eyes and wallowed in cum they left on her.

There was a gentle ripple of sound that made the bound, cum-drenched Cinderella open her eyes. Then she saw the blue light. Then she saw the blue wings. Then she saw the blue-tipped cock. The very long and thin erect blue-tipped cock.

'Wh-who-who are you?' Cinderella squeaked. She tried to shrink away from the approaching creature, but was bound and exposed and naked. The creature smiled and took in her beauty. The creature glowed and barely touched the floor. It was as tall as she was with small hands and features. Except for the cock. It was black with a glowing blue tip and at least two feet long and curved upward, like a tusk.

'Why I'm your fairy godfather,' it said in a whispering yet definitely male voice. 'My, my! What a lovely little cum slut you are, dear Cinderella!' He admired her big, beautiful cum-covered tits and beautiful and delicate facial features plastered with her stepbrothers' and Stepfather's cum.

The fairy's delicate hands gently unlocked Cinderella's leather cuffs from the bedpost. She immediately shrunk away, hiding her tits and pussy from the fairy. He only admired her ass & pussy from behind when she did that.

'How do you know me?' she whimpered.

'I've been watching you, dear Cinderella.' He reached out to touch her and she flinched in fear. 'Now how am I to get you to the Royal Ball if you are so afraid of me?' The fairy said with exasperation. 'I'm here to help you, dear Cinderella!'

'H-h-how?' she was curious but still fearful of the magical creature with the two-foot long blue tipped cock. It looked more like a tusk than a cock with an upward curve. But the tip was all cock and it glowed like his wings.

'Magic!' his said with a warm smile. 'But only if you do what I say.'


'Yes, dear,' he gently took her hand and guided her the porcelain tub and instructed her to lay down in it. 'We've been watching you get fucked in the forest by all those men. It has been most entertaining! You have been such an obedient and good little cum slut that the magical forest fairies decided to help you. And grant you your wish to attend the Royal Ball.'

Cinderella sniffed and lay down in the tub. 'Really? You want to help me?'

'Yes, my dear Cinderella.'

'But my Stepfather says that I'm not presentable enough to go to the ball. That I'm too slutty.'

'Oh, what does your Stepfather know? The forest fairies have been around the Royal family much more than he. We know that you will be welcome at the ball. So let's get you cleaned up and ready!'

Her fairy godfather grabbed his erect looking cock. 'Now,' he said with authority and wisdom, 'what I'm about to do to you will seem a little ... unorthodox, but I'm actually cleaning you up with magical fairy ingredients.' He rubbed his cock and said, 'close your eyes, sit on your hands and open your mouth; we don't want to miss a spot.

He hadn't hurt her yet, so Cinderella weakly smiled and complied with the creature's commands. She lay back with her hands behind her and her cum covered naked tits, corset and exposed pussy and legs looked so vulnerable. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

Her fairy godfather sighed at her innocent, yet sexy beauty. Her fairy godfather started to pee on the cum-covered Cinderella. It was blue liquid, but tasted like urine. Cinderella yelped and sputtered trying to move around to miss the drenching, especially in her face. It seemed like he was aiming there. His piss torrent was like a garden hose and completely drenched the sweet little slut from head to toe.

'What are you doing!?' she screamed and then something magical happened. She felt the tingle of the fairy piss on her skin. It was like little blue lights covered her where the piss hit. Cinderella moaned and whimpered like she was getting fucked, but the blue piss was magically cleaning her delicate skin and magically lifted her from the tub and swirled around her corseted form like little stars. She moaned in ecstasy as she floated above the tub. She naturally lifted her hands above her head and the magical piss swirled around her changing into a corset, a bejeweled choker with a small leash hanging around her neck, and bejeweled wrist bonds. The magical piss swirled her blonde hair into beautiful curly hairdo just so that the magical tiara fit.

The corset exposed her tits and it just felt the same as what her Stepfather made her wear. But it was so beautiful. 'Oh fairy godfather,' Cinderella exclaimed. 'It's beautiful. But I can't go to the ball like this!'

'Don't worry, little cum slut,' he chided her. 'We're not done yet.'

The long-cocked fairy shooed the half naked bejeweled girl down to the front entrance of the manor. The doors were open and a pumpkin and ducks and mice were on the ground. Surrounding the odd objects were a dozen or so other long cocked fairies. Some were blue, some were green, and some were yellow or purple or pink. But they all had glowing wings and 2 foot long tusk-like cocks pointing at her.

Cinderella stopped short at the door and looked up at her fairy godfather with fear and tried to cover up her nakedness. There were a dozen fairy cocks in front of the lovely girl. It scared her more than when her stepbrothers and their friends tied her up in the forest for a gangbang.

The different colored fairies applauded the beautiful Cinderella in all her nude finery.

'Don't worry my dear little slut,' her fairy godfather soothed her. 'All the fairies need to cum on you to complete the magical process.'

She was so familiar with men telling her that their cum was such a vital life force; she believed the magical creature. She started to protest but her fairy godfather tapped the head of his cock on her lips to keep her quiet.

'Remember my dear girl, it is magical cum. We need to finish your transformation and make you unrecognizable to your Stepfather and stepbrothers with its magic.'

Cinderella nodded and quietly asked, 'What must I do?' The submissive beauty really did want to go to the ball.

'You need fondle, lick and kiss each cock in front of you. We'll then spray our magical cum on you and your dress and your shoes and carriage and diamond butt plug will appear and will be ready for wear.' He touched her shoulder with his delicate hand. 'Then, the next time you come into the forest, we'll find you by your fairy glow and you will be available for us to fuck as a payment for this magical night.'

'Yes, Fairy Godfather,' Cinderella smiled and submissively and quickly licked his cock and pressed it deep in her mouth. She let it pop out and gave it a kiss with a little tongue slurping up the magical precum.

The head glowed a deeper blue as she went on to the next cock in front of her. 'Perfect, my dear Cinderella,' Her fairy godfather exclaimed. 'Next!'

This one was green, the next was purple, and then yellow, then red; and after she rubbed and licked and sucked and kissed them they all glowed with a light she'd never seen before.

'Stand in the middle, Cinderella!' Her fairy godfather gritted out as he and his fairy friends jerked their colorful 2- foot curved cocks around the delicate young nymph.

The dozen fairies encircled the beauty and sparkling, glowing cum exploded from each of the fairy cocks about 10 feet above her head and rained down on her and the pumpkin and the farm animals. It didn't feel like regular cum dumps she had experienced, this felt more like misty magical rain. A colorful magical cum-mist covered her entire body. And then the cum-mist created the missing items by swirling around her like the magical piss did.

The magical cum gown was exquisite, but sexually very dangerous. Her beautiful cum-corset left her huge tits exposed and the breathy gossamer blue gown cloth barely covered her nipples enough for modesty's sake.

'Oh, my!' Cinderella exclaimed. Her gown was beautiful, yet so thin, the material barely hid her secret parts. 'Are you sure this is an acceptable dress, fairy godfather? It is beautiful to be sure, but you can see right through it. And there are no underpants.'

'The Prince will love it.'

'The Prince?' Cinderella sounded shocked. 'He won't notice a little country girl like me.'

'Oh my dear innocent cum slut,' the fairy impatiently said. 'Just you wait. The King and the Prince will both be the only people who can see your near-naked body through the magical gown. The rest of the party will only see a modest silk gown worn by a beautiful girl. This will happen only if you allow us to complete the magical task.'

Her fairy godfather produced a mirror so she could see what mere mortals saw. It was a beautiful gown, but very modest.

Cinderella smiled at her new magical friend and nodded with a shy smile. She had to kiss and lick each of their cocks a couple more times to get them to glow again. The fairies blew more cum-mist on little Cinderella and she now wore beautiful glass slippers and she squealed when she felt the bejeweled butt plug appear in her ass. A circular diamond hid her asshole, and a butt plug filled her rectum with pleasure. All she had to do was lift her thin skirt and the bejeweled ass plug looked like magical jewelry between her perfect ass cheeks.

One more group cock licking and they blew cum-mist on the pumpkin creating the coachman and footmen from the farm animals and an ornate beautiful carriage just for her.

As her fairy godfather took her hand and led her to the ornate carriage he admired her beauty once again. 'Oh yes, the Prince will love seeing you at the ball.' Her fairy godfather said with a knowing smile. 'Off you go my dear! And remember, this magical cum spell only lasts so long. You must be home by the time the clock strikes midnight or the spell will be broken.'

'Midnight,' Cinderella repeated. 'Thank you, fairy godfather! Thank you forest fairies!' She waved.

And Cinderella was off to the Royal Ball!

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