tagErotic CouplingsCinderella's Submission Ch. 05

Cinderella's Submission Ch. 05


'It's you,' the Prince said in wonderment. He looked her up and down, devouring Cinderella with his eyes.

She couldn't believe it was the man who fucked her face in the forest. He's here! And he's the first guest to approach her.

He was so handsome in all his ball finery. He wore a dark blue waistcoat; slim fitting pantaloons that showed off his "package". Cinderella looked up and then noticed: is he wearing a... crown?

Cinderella blushed and her nipples got hard. The hard tit nubs showed through the iridescent blue material visible only to Royalty. Visible only to the Prince. And the fairies made sure that only royalty could see through her magical cum gown. The Prince was able to see her beautiful tits, cunt and ass; and her shapely legs all the way down to her glass stiletto slippers. It was like she was only dressed in the blue corset, glass stilettos and the diamond collar and cuffs with a wisp of a dress around it. This pleased the Prince very much. The rest of the guests only saw a beautiful girl in a modest blue gown.

She stared at the Prince in wonderment. She whispered, 'Are you the Prince?'

The Prince smiled and nodded.

'I-I-I did not know Your Majesty. I'm so sorry,' She lowered her eyes, embarrassed and full of shame and curtseyed awkwardly.

The Prince grabbed her wrists. 'It's you,' the Prince repeated in a whisper that only she heard, 'the fuckable little nymph from the forest.' Cinderella looked up into his eyes and the Prince smiled. He practically beamed; he was so thrilled that the forest cum slut came to the Royal Ball. 'Follow me, I want you to meet my father, the King.'

'The King? Oh, no. I mustn't!' Cinderella pleaded resisting his pull.

The Prince ignored her plea and put his arm around her waist and practically dragged the reluctant girl up the stairs to meet the King.

Cinderella was in shock. Utter and complete shock. Never in her wildest imaginings did she think the nobleman who found her naked and bound in the forest was actually the Prince. And now that handsome man was the Prince and was about to introduce her to the King. It was too much.

Cinderella felt distress and was shaking she was so nervous! She did not feel worthy to meet the King! Isn't that what her Stepfather told her? She took a deep breath and thought since it was a Royal Ball, she assumed it was routine and she was obligated.

It was not routine.

She had been especially selected by the Prince to meet the King. All of the ballroom guests whispered about the beauty being led up by the Prince to be introduced to the King. What Cinderella didn't know was that she caused quite a stir at the party from the moment she appeared at the ballroom entrance. And she wasn't even announced! No one knew who the beauty was. Her stepbrothers watched -through a magical cum spell - their unrecognizable stepsister and joked about fucking the unknown girl. Stepfather snickered at their antics, thinking the same thing. The strange girl was really beautiful and very sexy in an innocent way.

The King's throne was a full story above the ballroom floor, so he could survey the revelry without having to be among them. It was a balcony overlooking the ballroom with just enough room in front of his throne for invited guests to genuflect before their King.

The Prince guided Cinderella up to the stairs to face the King's throne. Once Cinderella was centered in front of the King's platform, the Prince took his place standing next to the King sitting in his throne looking down at Cinderella a few steps below. All eyes in the ballroom below were on the beautiful young enchantress being introduced to the King.

She curtseyed slowly and low. The King and the Prince both admired her swelling tits and arched back to her shapely ass. All of her nakedness was seen only to these two Royal men through her magically wispy gown material. The rest of the guests saw a presentable girl covered in a beautiful blue gown.

'Father,' the Prince eagerly shared, 'this is the nymph from the forest I told you about.'

The King whispered something to one of his attending guards as Cinderella came up from her deep curtsey. The guards moved.

'Your Highness,' she whispered in a nervous baby doll voice. She naturally folded her hands behind her back in the submissive stance her Stepfather trained her to do.

The King's eyebrow went up at her submissive pose and he smiled as his eyes devoured Cinderella's beauty. In a deep slow velvet voice the King said, 'Son, she more beautiful than you described.'

Cinderella blushed and whispered, 'Thank you, Your Majesty.' She was relieved the King didn't ask for her name. She didn't want to get her Stepfather in trouble.

'Come here, nymph,' the King commanded with a flick of his bejeweled fingers. 'Let me get a good look at you.'

'Yes, Your Majesty.'

As Cinderella approached the King, the attendants put a tall screen in front of the throne so that the masses below could not see what he was about to do or say to Cinderella. One guard nodded to the orchestra and the music filled the ballroom, cueing the guests to dance. No one could see or hear what the King or Cinderella would do or say so the guests went about the business of dancing.

'Look, Father,' the Prince said pointing at her jewelry, 'She has bejeweled bondage bracelets and leash choker.' He sighed. His mouth watered and his prick stiffened. 'She truly is a sex doll. Father, you must -'

'Turn around, slowly, my dear,' the King commanded. 'Let me see your backside.'

'Yes, Your Majesty.' Cinderella turned around to face the screen that was now in place. She was essentially alone with the King, the Prince and the two attending guards.

'Pull up her skirt,' the King commanded his attendants.

'What?' Cinderella was alarmed. The pair of large attending guards on either side of the petite girl and each grabbed her wrists and lifted the back of her skirt as she resisted. Her feet were spread apart. Her back naturally arched and her creamy white ass cheeks and bejeweled butt plug and wet pussy were exposed.

The King smiled a knowing smile when he saw the diamond plug covering her puckered asshole. He got up and tapped the bejeweled butt plug and then stuck a bejeweled finger in her juicy cunt crack.

'Anh, no Your Majesty,' Cinderella whined as the attending guards powerfully held her still.

He pulled on her choker by the leash from behind to arch her back more so he could jerk her close and whisper in her ear, 'You've met the forest fairies, haven't you?'

Cinderella gasped in surprise and turned to look at the King. He flicked her clit and she moaned, 'Yes, Your Majesty. Ahn! How did you know?'

He smiled and fucked her ass with the diamond headed butt plug with a few strokes and said, 'I am King. You think I don't know everything in my own Kingdom?'

Cinderella moaned and whispered, 'Of course, Your Majesty. Ahn! I'm sorry.'

'Well then, I must get to it so that my son can dance with you until midnight.' The King chuckled and then pulled his hard royal cock out and stabbed Cinderella's cunt without ceremony or feeling for her.

Cinderella squealed and tried to get away, but the King's guards held her fast as the King fucked her brutally from behind. The guards held onto her wrists and each had a hand on her chest. The gossamer silk slid off her shoulders and exposed her tits above the tight corset. The guards couldn't help but hold her against the King's pounding by each grabbing at tit. And squeezing.

The Prince came about to look at her face as his father fucked his forest nymph from behind. He stuck his thumb in her mouth and she looked up at his handsome face with lust and naturally sucked on it. The Prince smiled and released his thumb.

Soon, Cinderella bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes in ecstasy and held onto the attendants massaging her tits and nipples. She couldn't believe the King was fucking her at the ball! And the King really was fucking her good. And she was cumming!

The Prince needed to hear her baby doll voice say nasty dirty things. He whispered to her, 'Tell the King what you like. Tell the King what nasty things you're feeling, cum slut.'

She moaned, 'Oh, yes, Your Majesty, you fuck me so hard. So good. So hard. Thank you for your hard royal cock fucking in my tiny wet pussy.' She panted and whimpered, 'Oh, my King, your cock is so big! You make me so wet! You fuck me so hard. Please! Ahn! It's too much! Ahn!'

The King smiled at her slight resistance and nasty talk. The King took his time and fucked Cinderella hard while the Prince and the attendants watched with arousing interest.

'What a good little cum slut,' the King groaned as his bejeweled hand slapped her ass as he pounded her tight cunt. 'I'm cumming in your little wet pussy, cum slut. I'm going to fill you up with the Royal cum.'

'Yes, Your Majesty. You are so big fucking me. Fill me up! Ahn! Ahn!' Cinderella arched her back and met the King's powerful thrusts. She could feel his dick grow harder and bigger in her tight tunnel and could only whimper at each brutal thrust. The bejeweled butt plug took up space and made her pussy extra tight.

Finally, the King exploded in her snug little cunt. He pounded her with a dozen more brutal thrusts until her knees collapsed. The attending guards kept her held up by her tits and arms until the King was done filling her with Royal cum.

Cinderella was exhausted from her own orgasm and was placed on her knees facing the panting King. Standing in front of Cinderella the King commanded, 'Clean off the Royal Cock, cum slut.'

'Yes, Your Majesty,' She said without question. Cinderella licked the cum-covered cock in front of her with delight. The King's cum dripped down her thighs while his cock smeared more on her face and lips.

'Son, your pronouncement of this sex doll's abilities are proclaimed to be true and terribly exciting.' The King moaned as Cinderella bathed his balls with her nimble little tongue and took his semi-hard cock down her throat. He pulled it out of her luscious mouth and tapped the tip on her face as Cinderella looked up at the King with an innocent yet sexy smile. 'Go! Dance with the Prince while you feel my cum keeping your cunt wet.'

'Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you, Your Majesty.' Cinderella innocently beamed up at the King as the Prince guided her down the steps to the dance floor.

The King smiled and would have to thank the forest fairies for such a delicious treat.

The Prince took Cinderella in his arms and danced only one dance on the ballroom floor in front of all the guests. He needed to be with her alone, away from the prying eyes of the realm's nobility. He wanted this beautiful enchantress all to himself.

Cinderella smiled at her Prince. Even after just being fucked by the Prince's father, dancing with him was so romantic. And then her thoughts drifted to the Prince's cock. His hard cock in her mouth. He had such a pretty cock. And big. And thick. It tasted so good. It was perfect. She shook the erotic thoughts away with an embarrassed shake of her pretty head.

'What are you thinking about, my little sex doll?' the Prince whispered as he looked at her face. She had such a lustful smile on her face.

Cinderella blushed but did not hold back as the Prince twirled her and then brought her close to his chest. 'I was thinking about your cock, my Prince.'

'You dirty, dirty little cum slut!' The Prince whispered in her ear then smiled and guided their dancing forms out to the balcony. He took her hand and led her down into the garden maze. He eyed the guards keeping watch and gave them a knowing look. They blocked anyone else from following the couple into the high bushes.

'Please sit,' the Prince led her to a bench as he stood before her unbuttoning his pants. 'We don't have much time and I must fuck your face.'

'But, my Prince,' Cinderella protested. She put her hands up, 'Can't we just talk—ahn!'

The Prince grabbed her wrists and latched the diamond cuffs behind her back and grabbed her leash as he gritted out, 'You started this, with your near naked gown and letting the King fuck you in front of me. You will obey me my little cum slut. I am your Prince, you must do what I say.' He sighed and looked down at the bound nymph.

'Yes, Your Majesty.' She said like a little girl. But her eyes glistened with lust.

He enjoyed this little game of theirs. He really liked to dominate this beautiful creature. 'My dear little sex doll, I am full of cum since I saw you enter the ballroom. I need the release, my sweet cum slut, to feel satisfied and calm. So suck my cock now or I can't be responsible for my actions.'

'Yes, Your Majesty.' And Cinderella opened her luscious mouth and the Prince thrust his hard cock into her inviting mouth.

Her wrists bound behind her, Cinderella began to suck the Prince's wonderful cock. Once it was in her mouth, Cinderella wanted to gobble it up. She moaned and slurped and tried to get more in her mouth than would fit. But with her wrists bound behind her back, she could only use her mouth.

The Prince's head snapped back and he groaned with pleasure. He thrust at Cinderella's face and held the back of her head with a lustful grip. 'Yes. Yes! You good little cocksucker! Suck my cock deep, little slut.'

'Mmmh!' Cinderella squealed and whimpered.

The Prince was about to cum and was in frenzy, brutally using Cinderella's mouth and throat. The cock-addicted girl was in heaven tasting this wonderful cock with his dominant hand forcing her to swallow. She couldn't wait for his tasty cum to splash her tongue and throat and maybe even her face.

And then the clock bell struck the first chime of midnight.

'I'm cumming!' the Prince announced through gritted teeth as he pounded into her face. 'I'm cumming, sweet slut. Take it! Take it!' His cum coated Cinderella's tongue and filled her mouth and leaked from the corners of her mouth. The Prince staggered away from her bound form and leaned against the statue near the bench.

The clock bell struck again.

Cinderella looked at the clock tower then leapt to her feet and just said, 'I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I must leave! I have a curfew!'

Still bound the young cum slut started running away from the Prince and the ball.

The clock bell struck again.

The Prince was still in post-coital ecstasy and panting before he realized his little cum slut had run away. He gathered himself and put his cock away and yelled for her. 'Where are you going!? Guards!'

The clock bell struck again.

Cinderella was running with bound arms through the garden. The garden was on the side of the castle so she could run to her carriage without having to pass through the ballroom with cum on her face and bound wrists.

The clock bell struck again.

Cinderella heard the Prince call for his guards. She could see the carriage and her magical footmen saw her.

The clock bell struck again.

The footman ran to her and carried her over the drive and practically threw her into the carriage, as the coachman was ready to drive off.

The clock bell struck again.

Her carriage bolted away before the guards and the Prince caught up with it. The carriage was far enough away when the Prince and his guards got to the road, they could only stop and watch it disappear into the forest.

The clock bell struck again.

The Prince was dismayed. He didn't know her name. Her beauty and sexy willingness to be forced to fuck overwhelmed him. He looked down and found one of her glass stiletto slippers on the ground. He picked up the beautiful, small high heel glass shoe.

The clock bell struck again.

'She will be mine,' the Prince whispered into the night. 'I will find her.'

The carriage sped away for the last three bells and then it slowed down. Cinderella righted herself and then noticed the carriage wasn't moving anymore. She then fell onto the road naked, covered in cum, her wrists were finally unbound yet covered in cum. Her dress and jewelry became the cum of a dozen fairies all over her body, her hair, and her face. She looked around and only a pumpkin, couple of ducks, eight mice and a goose surrounded her. The magical cum spell was over.

All that was left was the one glass stiletto slipper and fairy cum. Cinderella smiled. At least she had one memento of an amazing night with her King and her Prince Charming with the beautiful dick.

Cinderella got up off the ground and started walking in the dark, back to the manor, holding her glass stiletto. She was naked and cold and covered in cum. She wanted a bath and some clothes.

Hidden in the night, the forest fairies gave pity on her and the next thing Cinderella realized is that she was waking up in her Stepfather's bed with her wrists tied to the post, just as her Stepfamily left her before the ball.

The only thing that was different was the glass stiletto on the floor next to her under the bed.

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