tagLoving WivesCindy & I Ch. 04

Cindy & I Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Good Night Wilbur

I poured the last of the coffee and set about making more. I heard Cindy start the shower. Remembering fish for breakfast, I pulled the fillets and eggs from the fridge. Home fries seemed like an idea to go with them, so I got the rest of the baked potatoes from dinner, peeled some more and put them on to boil. The wall clock told me it was barely eight o'clock.

I was sitting at the table enjoying the fresh coffee and pleased with my morning kitchen efforts when Fred walked in. Perhaps it was seeing him in his robe but it took me a second to realize I was sitting there naked with my legs spread open. He walked right over to the table, slipped off his robe and moved to the counter for coffee.

Sitting at the adjacent chair he said, "Good to see I'm not the only one that likes the freedom."

I have no idea if I stared but I realized Cindy hadn't exaggerated and his Moby was aptly named. He was tanned all over too. Trying to be nonchalant, I crossed my leg in a manly way. "The weather is nice up here," I offered, trying to sound comfortable.

Fred added, "I like sitting on the dock fishing as the sun comes up. Early morning sun on my body feels good."

"Hmm, should try that," I remarked, not knowing what else to say.

We saw movement as Cindy emerged from the bathroom. "Oops" was heard as she noticed us and scurried to the bedroom. It amused me that given she was nude, in her embarrassment, all she thought to cover was her face.

I wanted to shower but thought I'd sit until my wife came back out. Looking at the clock, I knew the potatoes were done so I went to drain them. Cindy appeared wearing a deep blue bikini and walked to the table to get her cup.

"Hi Mr. Wilkins," she greeted, blushing. I saw him look up from her belly. Glancing at me, my dear wife bent and kissed him. "Hi Moby," she continued, with seemingly no hesitation. Taking hold of Fred's cock, she moved it up and down it lightly.

I quickly turned to face the counter. I had reacted to that brief sight and my cock had lengthened. What was with me? Was I becoming a pervert? I shrugged it off as I went to shower. It was because it was sexy fun I decided.

Toweling off, I heard over the wall, "So why do you never call me Fred?"

"I don't know, I just think it's neat, kinda cute to call you Mr. Wilkins."

Debating whether it was due to Fred's age or the old teacher that my wife settled on his last name, I went to fetch my shaving stuff and saw them preparing breakfast. Fred was still naked and I must say he was in pretty good form. Cindy only wore the bikini bottom now. It was hard shaving when you were smiling and shaking your head.

We had a good feed of pickerel. I had decided to stay naked, it felt good. After Fred did his shower shave thing, Cindy said she wanted a picture of us both. We stood side by side as she asked, then Fred wanted to take one of my wife and I. I finished it off by taking one of the two of them. We went off in the boat for an hour or so, taking clothes just in case, but didn't wear them. Well, Cindy did have her bottoms on. This time I caught the big one. Fred the most, two, and Cindy the first. He was good with his fillet knife and had them done up in no time.

It was only quarter to eleven when we got back but we decided it was okay to crack open a bottle. Cindy pulled out a lounger to lay in the sun. Fred had a couple of axes and we set about splitting some firewood. We did put on shoes for that. As strange a picture as it may seem, it felt good to be working like that. Here was this cottage, basically in a clearing by a lake, carved out of the woods. We were in nature, and being nude seemed to fit.

I drained my glass and noticed Fred's was empty too. I gathered them and went to get Cindy's. "George, I want to ask you something?" she said as I got near.

"Okay, what's up?"

"Do you think it's silly of me not to be nude too?"

"No, if that's the way you're comfortable, fine."

"I mean, Mr. Wilkins asked me earlier if his being nude bothered me and I said no. Then you were nude too."

"Would you prefer we put something on?"

"No, I think it's nice you guys can be happy like that. It's just that, well, it's like this is the last of my modesty, you know."

"Uh-huh, don't worry about it. You're fine."

"No, that's not it. I think I want to, but..."

"Ah, well you lost the top easily enough this morning."

"Yeah, but that was no big deal. And I did it so Mr. Wilkins wouldn't feel odd being like he was. And then you were."

I shrugged. "If you want to, do it. If you don't, don't."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Heck no," I said, reaching for her glass. "Doubt Fred would either."

I went in and made new drinks. Placing Fred's and mine down where we were working, I then took Cindy's over. "George, I don't think I can," she said slowly.

"Well then don't worry about."

"Undo the sides for me?"

I did then walked away. I got into swinging the axe again and tried not to think about it, knowing if I did I'd get an erection. The next thing I was aware of was Fred saying, "Take it easy. You're going at that way too hard."

I stopped and stretched. Looking behind me, I saw my wife still laying there, still covered. Picking up my drink, I motioned to the cottage. "Come on Fred, let's take a break." Settled at the table inside I explained, "Cindy's wrestling about whether to go all nude or not and I'm wrestling with not thinking about it."

"Oh I see. Does it bother you she might?"

"No, we talked about it. I told her I thought it was okay, especially considering," I indicated him and me. "It's just, you know, all this is so new. For her to be totally naked in front of you."

"You aren't sure whether you should be angry or smile," Fred finished for me.

I went on, "Honestly, and I'll be really pissed if you ever repeat this, I'm afraid I'll get turned on… Her naked… you."

Fred patted my hand that I had on the table. "You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last."

"Really, I thought it was just me?"

"Really. It has to do with love and pride. Another person seeing your wife. Acknowledgment by someone else, be it shown however, adds to it. What you are feeling is normal."

"Hmph." I took a big swallow.

"How did you feel earlier, when your wife touched my cock?"

"What?" I started, then got what I think was a lost look. "Turned on."

"Perfectly natural, it was different, sexual. The love of your life touching another person's cock."

"Yeah," was all I could muster.

"You saw your wife from a different perspective. You saw her like you couldn't possibly when it's the just the two of you together."

I sat up straight trying to gather myself and took a fair sized swallow of my drink. I ventured to reveal, "I know about before that too. Cindy told me."

"Good," Fred interjected. "Best way to have it."

"I told her I wanted to see her do it."


"When she was telling me, we got so horny."

"Yes I know. I came up here earlier, but you two were busy, so I went and fished some more."

"Oh God." I got up and paced about.

"Not to worry. Remember, I was married."

Looking out the window, I announced, "Well, she's done it."

"Good for her," Fred replied.

I returned and sat down and he caught me studying him. "Do you want me to look? Never mind," he added and got up. Gazing out the window he declared, "Simply lovely," then returned to sit. "We'll give her a few minutes."

We sat silent for a while and I started to fidget. Fred got up and made a drink in a fresh glass. "I'm going to take this out to your wife. I think she could likely use it."

I thought about saying I'd do it but remained quiet. I concluded maybe it was best to get it over with. Maybe Fred knew too. Returning with Cindy's other glass, he reported, "She's doing fine. She is a wonderful girl."

"Yeah," was all I could say. Fred was standing next to me and I found myself staring at his Moby. It was impressive.

"It does bother you doesn't it?" he asked.


"My cock, the fact that she touched it, stroked it, played with it."

"Um, well, ah..." I nodded slightly.

"I want you to do something I think will help. I want you grab my cock and hold it."

"What? I'm not..." I started and glared at him.

"I know you're not but it should help. Your wife held it. You do the same and it won't be strange or threatening in your mind anymore." There seemed to be a weird logic in that somehow. Tentatively I reached out. "Take a deep breath and do it," he urged.

I did. I actually took hold of his cock. A cock other than my own. The very cock my wife had described so well. I was holding the same cock she had held, Moby. That she undoubtedly would again I realized. Was this acknowledging that? Was I crazy?

His voice startled me. "Stand up." I did but oddly didn't let go of Fred's cock. He took hold of my member and we stood like that, holding each other. The damnedest of it all was that we both started getting hard at almost the same time. I looked down at Fred's Moby as it grew longer and thicker in my hand. Damn, I grew harder too. "Shall we talk about baseball or hockey?" he joked.

I croaked a laugh and that ended it. Taking a swig of my drink, I stated, "Think I'll go chop wood."

Fred commented. "Ah, a masculine thing to do," and he followed.

I cracked a smile as I opened the screen door to go out, but lost it. "What's this doing here?" I asked, picking up my wife's bathing suit bottom from a porch chair.

Fred explained, "When I took her the drink I asked if it would be okay to bring it in."

"A no turning back kinda thing?"

"Uh-hum, for courage," he offered.

I went and put it in our bedroom then returned outside. I had no sooner picked up the axe when I realized I had to pee. In I went again. I went out again. Standing in front of Fred, I looked at him, then his cock. I looked over to my wife, back at his cock, then at him again. "Are you the Devil?"

Fred roared in laughter. "If that's what you decide I am. Consider me a vehicle."


"We did talk. What did you set out to do? You felt your wife needed to loosen up." I nodded. "I sensed there was a difficulty, and I concurred with you. I also heard that one day, before Cindy knocked on my back door." I reddened. "I just went with it."

I picked up the axe and chopped some more wood. Fred did the same. "Is that why you invited us up here? To help things?" I asked as I kept swinging.

"You sound a little cynical. I'm not a total asshole, I like the two of you," he replied. "When you mentioned having some time off again, I thought the three of us spending it up here might be good. I meant what I said about good company."

"But you didn't mention anything about a cottage when we talked."

"I said I wasn't an ass. I didn't say anything about not being a bit devious," Fred countered with a chuckle. "I mentioned fishing and you responded well, so I left you to warm Cindy to that. If I'd mentioned the cottage straight away, perhaps one or both of you would have balked. When I talked to Cindy, I still left open the option of not staying."

"Yes, yes you did," I acknowledged and paused to lean on my axe. I realized I was sweating. I looked to see Fred was too and my eyes seemed to naturally drift down to his cock yet again. "You've got big balls."

Laughing, he stopped working. "Literally or figurative?"

"Well, I meant in brass, but yeah, the other way too."

"I concede on both counts," he jovially replied, then looked over to Cindy. "I think your wife has had enough sun for now. It's the heat of the day."

I called over, "Hey Cindy, come on, let's go in for a while."

"I am a part of this adventure," Fred stated. "Did you think I'd be inanimate?"

I gave him a studied look. I looked into his eyes, involuntarily at his cock, then back. "No, I suppose not," and turned to see my wife approach.

Naked and beautiful she walked nearer, head held high, but I detected a blush. I was drawn to the short and narrow blond strip of fuzzy adornment just above her pussy. I just knew Fred's eyes would be there too, or lower. Hugging my arm tightly, Cindy gasped, "Can I breathe now? I'm so nervous."

"You're fine," I offered, turning and kissing her. "You're stunning."

Walking ahead of us Fred remarked, "Guess a game of strip poker is out."

That did it. His comment cleared the tension and we began laughing hard. Despite there being a couch and a couple of comfier chairs inside, we again sat at the table. It was when I sat that I realized my butt had gotten enough sun too. I looked at Cindy and saw her breasts were a light red. Fred quickly did up an amber rum pineapple juice punch with 7UP and brought it over. Figuring I'd sweated out what I'd had before, I took a sip. It tasted the same as the punch he'd made back home. We enjoyed our drink with little conversation, then Fred announced he was going to freshen up.

Hearing the shower turn on, Cindy asked in a concerned tone, "Is this really okay?"

"I think so. Time will tell, but for now yeah. We can just go with it."

"Walking over to you guys, I felt worse than naked. Just sitting here isn't helping."

"Find a distraction. Want to play some cards?" She shook her head. I looked about and suggested, "You could dust and tidy up. I've hoped you'd try nude housekeeping someday."

I got a swat on the arm, but Cindy looked the place over. She rose, saying, "Why not," and went to look in a closet near the back by some boxes. Finding a broom, dustpan, some spray of cleaner and apparently rags, she set to clean. I watched my dream girl stretch and bend, but then she stopped. Going to a drawer in the kitchen area, she got out a tea towel and fashioned a kerchief about her hair. Cute, I thought, it added to the image.

Just as Cindy resumed dusting we heard, "Whoa, leave the room for a minute and a lovely maid appears," Fred exclaimed, and we all laughed. "Nice outfit," he added.

Fred joined me at the table and we watched a while. I took a picture of my wife stretching up to dust a high cobweb. That caused some minor carping from Cindy. Feeling icky, I decided on a shower myself.

Entering the bathroom, I heard my wife ask, "Mr. Wilkins, what's with the boxes? Don't you have anywhere else to put them?" I chuckled quietly and shook my head. Oh well, Fred had been married, he should know who really wears the pants. Catching what I just thought, I roared laughing about pants, past tense. They must have thought I'd lost it.

Returning to the main room, I saw Fred rummaging through the cartons. Cindy was humming as she moved about, now sweeping. I took the liberty of sitting to watch. "Sing Cindy," I urged.

"Uh-uh, I'm self conscious enough right now thank you."

When Fred raised his eyebrows looking at us, I explained, "Cindy's a good singer, did it in school and church." Shrugging, I ended with, "Someday maybe she'll treat us."

Finishing the floor, she went out and swept the porch too. Coming back in, I asked, "Feeling comfy now?"

"Yeah, yeah I am,"she replied, nodding and smiled.

"I was hoping you'd sing when I heard you begin humming." Cindy shook her head. "Fred and I would love to hear your wonderful voice." She shook her head more vigorously. "Heck, you've sung in public."

My wife looked at me like I was a complete idiot. "I wasn't naked then."

I stretched out my arm and she came for a hug. Apparently not upset, Cindy bent and kissed me, then took hold of my shaft but quickly let go. "You should name it," Cindy remarked, standing straight, taking a sip of her drink. I looked confused. "It seems weird to greet you and say, hi penis, or, hi cock," she explained.

I broke up laughing and Fred joined in. He tossed whatever he'd been looking at back into a box and walked over to sit down, as did Cindy.

"Um okay, well my middle name is William, how's that?" I asked, thinking the whole idea silly but playing along.

My wife thought that was alright, but Fred started saying, "William, William," then "Willie. You don't want your dick to be called a willie do you?"

Cindy and I chuckled. "No I suppose not," I answered. "I don't know, what then?" And I began to think.

Cindy offered various names but none seemed right. Fred was watching us, then said, "Wilbur, that's a variation of Willie. William, Willie, Wilbur."

I saw Cindy smile and I laughed a bit. "Okay, Wilbur it is."

She reached over and took hold of me again. "Hi Wilbur, nice to meet you," she said, and gave my cock a pleasant shake.

Cindy sat back, still smiling but perhaps blushing a little. I saw Fred shaking his head and I gave him a what look. "Wilbur is your husband's pal, he hangs out with him all the time." Cindy and I chuckled. "Kiss him."

"Uh-uh, no way. I don't do that," she responded firmly.

"You're serious? Dear girl that's sad. You enjoy George kissing you."

"Nope, that's never going to happen either. The whole idea of kissing there, or oral anything is disgusting," Cindy replied firmly and crossed her arms.

Fred took a drink. He paused, drank the rest and refilled his glass. Getting up, he said, "Thanks for cleaning up," then took his drink outside.

Cindy looked to me and asked, "Why should he be upset by that?"

I suggested, "I don't know if he's so much upset as surprised. Seems he has had experience. He just doesn't know you."

"Yeah well…" she said, seeming finished with the topic, and went into the bathroom.

Hearing the shower going, I topped up my glass and went out to find Fred. He was stacking the wood we'd split. I pitched in and neither of of us spoke for the longest time. Finally, he proclaimed, "She will."

"Not bloody likely, I've tried," I answered. "I'll live, I love her."

"Up to you," Fred added. We finished stacking the wood then cleaned up the fire pit and realigned some of the stones. "Come on, let's go wash up. It's almost time to go fishing."

Gathering our hardly touched glasses we went inside. Cindy was cleaning the front window. Fred washed his hands at the kitchen sink then me. It was almost four o'clock. "That looks much better, thanks Cindy," Fred complimented.

Done, she came to sit and put her things down. "Did look as though it could use it," she replied.

"You ready to go catch the big one?" he asked.

"Sure, hey we never decided on anything from this morning's catch."

Joining in, I added, "That's right, and we haven't traded anything today."

"The Trading Post thing gets thin quickly," he responded. "You can decide on things from this morning if you like. For this afternoon, how about the same as yesterday? Hamburgers for dinner sound okay?"

"Sounds good to me," Cindy remarked and I agreed. She went into the bedroom and came out with some sun screen stating, "Think I'd better use this."

"I'll put it on for you," Fred spoke rather quickly and took possession of the bottle.

Cindy looked at me but then turned to stand with her back to Fred.

He squirted some on one hand then began at her shoulders. Cindy moved her hair out of the way. Coating her arms next he then moved to her back. He kept getting lower and lower and reached her bum. His large hand was thorough there too. Cindy squeaked an "Ooh" and flinched a bit when he slid his fingers down between her cheeks but otherwise stood still. I almost giggled but controlled myself. He then crouched to do her legs. They were almost together and Cindy didn't open them any more to make it easier but he managed. His look focused at the juncture of her legs and I just knew he got a good view of her pussy.

Finishing her lower limbs, he stood and asked her to turn around. Cindy did and instantly looked at me. She was blushing and I recalled her story about this morning. Fred again started at her shoulders and Cindy moved her hair back. I took a sip of drink. The sight of Fred gently rubbing my wife's breasts, right there in front of me, made me uneasy, though I got hard big time. Cindy was still looking at me. What magic had happened in such a short while? I took a larger swig of my drink. He crouched down again and began with her tummy. I started to take a drink but somehow forgot after lifting my glass. I put the glass to my lips, it was empty. Fred moved to her well defined hips. He did them quite well, then I heard him say, "Open."

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