tagLoving WivesCindy & I Ch. 06

Cindy & I Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Tit for Tat

The boat sped into view almost before the sound. Being in a cove must have blocked it. "Just stay down," Fred instructed when Cindy and I started automatically rising to look. Sure enough it kept going.

This time we heard the sound first. The boat obviously turned back after it passed.

It started to turn into the cove and slowed. "Do we swim for it?" I asked.

"Did you put the ladder down?" Fred asked back.

"What ladder?"

Cindy almost cried, "Mr. Wilkins I don't want to get caught like this again."

"I'll get them to go away."

"Hope so. I'm getting chilly too," she added.

"Hi grampa," a voice called out.

I heard a low, "Oh geez," from my wife.

Their boat stopped near his, a beautifully deep tanned girl at the wheel. A boy in the back was lifting the anchor. His skin looked like glazed milk chocolate.

"You didn't need to stop. Go enjoy your day," Fred called to them.

Pausing with the anchor in hand, the boy responded with a smile, "We came looking for you."

"Yeah," the girl said, standing and walking to our near side. She crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt. "We can swim together."

Fred spoke quicker and louder, "Don't bother, we're done. Getting cold." He stood up and moved toward them.

"Aw," the girl puled, letting go of her top and slapping her thighs. What nice thighs they were too. She was positively beautiful. Very trim, solid figure, her facial features looked exotic. I started to stand.

Cindy pulled me back down. "Don't you dare leave me," she whispered forcefully.

Fred was speaking with them then turned to us. "Mind company later?" he called out.

Glancing at each other, Cindy replied, "No, that'll be nice." I looked at her again and she quietly explained, "Gotta be nice, they're his family."

"You're right, could they be Tom's kids?" Cindy's mouth opened but then she just shrugged a don't know gesture.

The kids' boat started up and slowly reversed. They headed off in the direction they first came from. Cindy and I started making our way to Fred's boat.

"They're gorgeous," Cindy stated.

"They sure were... Something's not right. Fred can't be related to them."

My wife laughed, "Don't you think Mr. Wilkins is cute?"

I splashed water at her. "It's the skin color."

"Yeah, that is odd. Well Tom looked rather dark. I thought it was just his tan."

Fred, who had been putting the ladder out at the stern, explained, "Tom's my son-in-law, he's Cuban mulatto."

We climbed aboard. Fred got out towels from somewhere under the bow deck and we dried off. We sat and finished our drinks and Fred rose to make more.

"Not sure I want any more thanks," Cindy said as she started to put her things on.

I just sat there thinking about the vision of Fred's lovely granddaughter. Fred handed me my drink. "Head back for a sandwich," he said, not really asking.

I slipped on my shorts. We began to talk as we headed back and had a late lunch. Fred, who was driving, this time without my wife, told us, "James and Jen, Jennifer, are my grandchildren. Mary, their mother, is my daughter. We have always been open. Mary and I before Tom came along. We met him during a vacation near Santiago De Cuba. He was a tour guide and showed us the sights. They corresponded and Mary went back a few times, and the rest is history as they say."

Cindy remarked, "So it wasn't just his tan like I thought."

"No," Fred replied. "The kids picked up their color from his genes. Don't know how they got their looks though," he chuckled.

"Jennifer's quite beautiful from what I saw," I stated with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Cindy came back with, "James is gorgeous." I looked at her and she stuck out her tongue at me. To Fred she added, "Tom's nice looking too."

"Mulattoes can often be quite striking, but not Tom, he's my son-in-law" Fred added laughing. "Figure he talked about being over, they wanted to meet you two."

Cindy blushed. "He wouldn't have told them about…?"

Fred cut in, "We're all open, like I said."

Cindy blanched. I dropped my head. Hesitatingly, Cindy inquired, "How open is open Mr. Wilkins?"

"I reckon they were about to skinny dip with us," answered Fred.

"Oh my," Cindy exclaimed.

"Fred, how old are they?" I asked.

"James is twenty, Jen eighteen."

I got up from the table, put my plate in the sink and for the first time, chose to sit in an armchair. I heard movement and dishes then Cindy came to sit on the couch.

Fred started washing up. My mind was in a fog when my wife spoke, "What's up hon?"

"I'm sorry," I replied, still looking rather blank.


"I'm sorry, that... Jennifer caught me off guard," I tried to explain.

"She did seem lovely."

I shook my head vigorously. "I need to get my act together. Sorry hon, I love you."

Cindy smiled and, for some reason that I didn't understand, blushed. When Fred was done he sat on the couch with Cindy.

She inquired, "So you're not going to put clothes on before they come back?"

He placed a friendly arm around her shoulder and queried, "Think I should?"

"Mr. Wilkins, are you and Toms' family nudists or something?"

"Around here or in their home, often yes. You might as well know we all have sex too."

"With your granddaughter?" He gave a half nod. "And daughter?" Another nod.

"Tom and James do too," he added. "You don't look surprised?"

Cindy explained, "Surprised yes, but not completely shocked. George and I had a friend before we got married, Wendy, she's George's age. Her and her brother got together. We thought that was pretty, well… kinky. Then her mother left, and shortly after she started with her dad too. We got upset and wondered about sacred trust and morals, that sorta thing. But over time and talking with her it became clear it wasn't harmful, at least for her. And she was protecting against pregnancy. We came to accept it I guess."

Perhaps we were all letting each others revelations sink in for we sat, not speaking, for a good while. Coming out of my whatever, I went to the couch and told them to scoot down. I sat beside my wife and held her hand. Cindy kissed my cheek. Moments later Fred went to the washroom. Coming back he went to the chair but Cindy asked him to sit beside her again. She held out her other hand. So there we were, Cindy in the middle holding both our hands. Us dressed, Fred still nude.

We heard the faint sound of a motor, no, two. They steadily got louder and I realized it was small motor bikes, likely trail bikes. Fred made no move to get up.

"James and Jen?" she asked him.

"That would be them."

Cindy let go of my hand and spun to lay her head in Fred's lap, her legs over mine.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused but also amused.

Cindy motioned for me to take her hand. Shuffling so as not to dislodge her legs, I held it. Looking rather nervous, she explained, "I'm not going to meet them naked, their dad was enough. But I figure admitting we're friendly..." she ended with a tiny smirk.

I squeezed her hand, "You're amazing."

"Quite," Fred agreed.

Cindy smiled, sat up, kissed me then Fred and lay down again. She found his hand and placed it high on her abdomen, resting her hand on his.

"I think they'll get the picture," I said, realizing I felt red.

Cindy suddenly looked up at Fred and blurted, "God, I hope they don't think we're fucking!"

She started to get up but Fred held her there. "I'll set them straight. This is good, good thinking." He freed his hand and lightly squeezed her right breast, adding, "This might be more fun though." He then returned it to her abdomen.

"Mr. Wilkins you are so bad," Cindy admonished, grinning.

I chuckled. Cindy giggled, turned and loudly kissed his belly. Fred laughed then we were all laughing. Quickly he pressed her tit again and went back to just below. She gave a mock gasp. A second later, Cindy moved his hand under her top to her breast. He squeezed then she pulled him back out and onto her tummy. We were still laughing and giggling.

The bikes came to an idle then shut down. Cindy's breathing became harder.

"You're red," I told her. She spun her head to hide it against Fred's stomach.

They burst in bubbling with hellos. Placing some bags on the counter they then plopped into the two armchairs. Cindy turned her head to them and Fred did the introductions. Able to see them closer now, I confirmed they were both exceptionally good looking, and they were petite. He was perhaps a tad shorter than my wife, her possibly a few inches shorter than that. The girl was simply stunning. To top it off, her perky breasts were unrestrained beneath her tee. I looked around to see if anyone noticed my gaping. Feeling guilty for my thoughts, I think I tried study a knot of wood in the floor or something. It didn't work.

Jen grinned wryly, saying, "We figured out why you didn't want us to go swimming with you."

Cindy chuckled and it became contagious. James inquired, "You get lots of fishing in?"

I said yes as did Fred, but he added, "We were going out again this afternoon but not now perhaps." He looked at me, then my wife.

"We can all go," James countered enthusiastically.

Their grins and smiles couldn't just be bubbly personalities, could they? I felt embarrassed and noticed Cindy was too. Fred sensed their intent because he said, "Me thinks they know."

Cindy, if possible, became redder. Jen indicated to her brother, he nodded and they both stood up. In a disappointed voice she said, "Please don't be embarrassed. Dad says you guys are nice. We'll leave."

Cindy took a second then rapidly got up and went to them, "No, please don't go. We're new to...this, but you seem nice too."

I stood and shook their hands, repeating, "Hi. Don't let us make you leave."

Fred, who was still sitting on the couch naked, remarked, "This could be awkward."

In unison we all turned to Fred, then the four of us giggled loudly. Jen gripped the bottom of her shirt with her hands and flipped it up and down a little. Quietly she said to us, "This might help. You mind?"

Cindy slightly shook her head. I was mesmerized from seeing just that tiny bit of the beautiful girl's tummy. Not two feet from us, Jen swiftly lost her top, and I think my eyes bugged out. The blur beside me was James stripping. Jen shoved down her shorts and panties together. James was nude by the time she was. With a couple of kicks they both flung their shoes.

Cindy and I stood stock still for a few moments, then she took my hand. "We'll be right back," she said to them, and led us into our room. With a small nervous look at me she undressed. Numbly I did too.

My wife glanced at my cock. It was completely flaccid. "You okay?" she asked.

"That Jennifer, I..."

My dear wife kissed me. "Snap out of it. ... Remember that movie, Notting Hill?" I nodded after a moment to recall. "And how I got all emotional when Julia Roberts said that line? Well Jen is just a girl too."

Taking my hand again we rejoined the others. James and Jen were back in their chairs. It was then that I noticed James' equipment was a shade darker than the rest of him. Sitting us both down on the couch again, Cindy turned to Fred. "Mr. Wilkins, I think we could use drinks, strong."

He stood and went to make them. His grandkids popped up saying they'd help. They certainly did seem an enthusiastic pair and weren't at all shy.

"You bring everything?" Fred inquired.

James replied, "Two chickens."

"Two rums from dad's supply," chimed Jen.

James continued, "We were low on Diet Coke so we brought Diet Canada Dry instead."

"Sounds okay, good work," Fred said, sounding pleased. "Cindy, would you mind piecing up these chickens?" he called over.

James quickly enthused, "I'll help her."

Instantly blushing, my wife nervously went to join them.

Sly Fred thought of a way to break some awkwardness.

"Jen, I made yours mild. Take this one over to George will you?" Fred asked.

Uh-oh, I anxiously thought. He's involved me too. Jen handed me my drink then sat beside me. Close beside me. Looking straight ahead, I took a huge swallow. I breathed aloud. It was quite strong.

"You're good looking," a soft, demure voice beside me stated. The sounds from the kitchen area behind me became blurred to my mind. "Nice muscles too."

I made a mistake. I looked at her. Her lovely thighs, slim hips, and no pubic hair. Slightly pouted mound. Her narrow, trim abdomen, terrific small, but full breasts. Delightful nipples, the color of rich cocoa. Her slender neck and incredibly beautiful face. Her dark, erotic, smiling eyes. "Thanks... you..."

Jen giggled softly, "Thank you," she replied, lightly resting her hand on my upper leg. "Your wife is right," she added, glancing at the partial wall to our bedroom. "I'm just a gurrl. I won't bite," Jen softly but teasingly said, lightly squeezing my thigh, "Much."

Quite unable to speak, I took another slug of my grog. "I'll be right back," she advised, patting my leg. Taking my glass, she went to the others. The lovely gal with exotic, almost an olive skin tone and soft, light, chocolate-brown hair returned and stood in front of me. Handing back my now full glass, she took my other hand and tugged. "Come, let's sit in the sun."

Holding my hand, Jen led us to the picnic table. She hopped up, sitting on the top with her feet on the seat. I managed to sit beside her with less athletic spryness.

Taking hold of my hand again, Jen stated simply, "I know some find me attractive, but lots don't."

"Jennifer, they're gay," I managed to rebut with a rather clear voice.

She squeezed my hand. "Okay, so I look okay," she replied softly. "I have many faults though. I like when I burp, I think it's funny. Sometimes I fart too."

Cracking a smile, I looked at my new acquaintance and saw that she was smiling too. I had such a desire to kiss her right then and there.

Jen went on, "I have one foot bigger than the other. I have crazy morning hair. Mom says I'm too uninhibited and I like to have wayyy too much fun. ... I really like kissing."

Christ, was she psychic as well? Slowly, hesitatingly, I neared her lips and kissed them briefly. Jen placed her hands on my shoulder and neck. She kissed me soundly then moved herself apart.

"See, told ya," she affirmed, smiling. Hopping off the table, she turned and saw my now very awake cock. "Mmm." She grinned then turned to the cottage. Bouncing off, Jen sang out, "Maybe I'll ask someone if I can borrow their husband."

My mind couldn't decide. Anxiety, desire, foreboding, madcap comedy, all kinds of thoughts and feelings flitted in and out. Fuck, I had to leave, drive home, that's it. Can't, I realized, not with the booze I'd had. I tossed out the drink and contemplated the glass in my hand. A realization crystallized, not the glass. Stepping to the ground, I walked to the cottage.

Inside it was like a party. They were all sitting at the table chatting and laughing. Cindy rose and came over to me by the door. "How you doing?" she quietly inquired.

"I figured it out," I answered my wife with confidence. Fred and James left to inspect extra rods he had in his boat house.

"Good." Walking to the others, she asked me, So, you ready to go fishing?"

"Yeah, sure. ... Where's that lotion? You'll still need it." Cindy blushed. "I'll put it on you this time."

Returning with it she offered, "You need some too. I'll do you first."

Jen piped up, "Can I do it?" Cindy and I flushed and looked at the girl. She had a pretty please look on her face.

My wife whispered to me, "Your turn to endure it." I was in trouble. She poked me over to Jen. "You can do his back," Cindy said to the grinning girl.

Jen popped up as I let out a big sigh of relief that it was only going to be my back. Her back massage felt quite pleasant. Oops, I felt her hand on my butt and instantly my cock rose. Looking at Cindy showed her watching with amused interest. She wasn't going to stop it. Oh well I could get through this. I would do the rest myself.

Done with my legs, Jen bounced up, asking with that happy voice, "Can I do the rest now?"

We saw movement. Fred and James had come back and were looking on amused. I offered a thanks to Jen, then, "Come on Cindy, I'll do your back."

"Do hers, I'm enjoying this."

I held back a groan. Jen beamed and presented her back. I heard Fred remark, "Come on James, help me bring things down to the boat. Fish won't wait."

Fred's voice didn't break the tension I felt. Cautiously I rubbed lotion onto the lovely girl, careful to not do her sides and bump a breast. Done with her lower back I stopped. "Aw," came from Jen.

I shouldn't have but I glanced at my wife. She was indicating to continue. Squatting, I was looking inches from a most delightful bum. I was close to losing it and ravishing her. "You sure you're eighteen?" I asked, trying to sound teasing, like I was cool with it all.

Giggling and bouncing on her toes Jen assured me she was. Oh what a sight. Sighing a bit, I touched her pert butt. Gingerly I rubbed those small, firm cheeks, intent on not venturing to her crease. I moved to her legs and quickly did them. No way I was going to look up to where they joined. I was shaky enough.

Cindy stood for her turn and swung her hair out of the way. I applied more lotion to my hand. "May I, Cindy?" Jen's voice asked. Oh-ho, that was a surprise.

"Uh, thanks, he can do it," Cindy replied.

Trying my best to not grin, and keeping an easy voice I said, "Aah, let Jennifer do it," and I rubbed the handful of lotion onto my chest. Walking quickly before my wife could argue, I called back as I grabbed my camera. "I'm going down to the boat."

Fred and James were sitting on board chatting. I sat with them but my mind was back in the cottage. "Where the ladies?" Fred inquired after some length.

I don't know if my face revealed my amusement but I replied, "Um, putting sun screen on." Fred pretty much just nodded but James cracked a grin that seemed to say a lot more.

Fred then announced, "I'm staying back this afternoon. There's a few things I want to see to."

"What? What's so important to make you miss fishing, Fred?" I asked, truly surprised.

"No big deal. I already told James here. He and Jen won't be company enough?"

"Ah, well, sure," I stumbled, embarrassed by the suggestion. "Just caught me off guard."

Fred summed it up with, "You folks enjoy yourselves. Dinner will be mostly ready if you stay out about two hours like we've been doing." He indicated in the direction of the cottage. "Gals are coming. Don't give me another thought, I'll be busy." With that he climbed onto the dock.

"Where's he going?" Cindy questioned as she and Jen got in. They had brought all our clothes.

I untied the boat and saw James had taken the wheel. I filled them in as we set off. Cindy sat on my left on the wraparound rear seat, me in the corner and Jen to my right facing the bow. Wish someone could take this picture I thought, when my wife took my hand then shortly after Jen took my other.

"Cindy," James called back. "You wanna drive?"

She flushed instantly before vigorously shaking her head. "No, you're doing a good job."

"Okay," James shrugged. "Just that grampa said you enjoyed it."

I couldn't help it. What began as a chuckle turned into full laughter. Cindy socked me. "Ow," I complained, jumping to my feet. "You're always hitting me." Cindy giggled. "Well now that I'm up, anyone want a drink?"

I heard yeses and a please, then giggling from the two girls. "What?" I asked, looking at them.

Cindy was trying to hold back a laugh. She was blushing wildly. "Jen said you weren't up," then both of them burst out laughing.

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