tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCindy & Raj: She Takes His Hand

Cindy & Raj: She Takes His Hand


Cindy and her fiancé, Raj, were standing in the small barn on her parent's property about a mile into the countryside from city's farthest suburbs. They had just finished supper and the last of the twilight streamed into the shadowy space at a low angle. This was not a working farm, but there were horses, a stable, and miles of bridal trails. The barn was used to store hay and other food for the horses.

She had been showing him around the property, accompanied only by MouseSlayer the Sixth and PoPo the Seventh, the latest in a long line of barn cats that had been earning their keep on the property since before Cindy was born. Raj thought this dark cool barn was the right place to stop and confront her about some things.

"Cindy," he said, "the property is great. I can see why you have so many fond memories of growing up here. And your father is great, too. Very impressive. Your mother is ... well, not so much."

"Oh, Raj," Cindy soothed, "I'm so sorry for the way Mother has behaved. Her bigotry is unforgivable. I told her months ago that you were from India, but somehow actually seeing us together was a shock to her. She comes from a time and place where it was simply unheard of for a white woman to marry a non-white."

Raj and Cindy had arrived here yesterday after a two day drive from the university where she was a twenty-one year old senior and he was a twenty-seven year old junior professor of engineering. They planned to marry right after her graduation two months hence.

It had been nearly love at first sight for both of them barely six months earlier when Cindy was a volunteer hostess at a welcoming party for new faculty. Within minutes of meeting each other, Raj was ignoring the other new faculty and Cindy was ignoring her hostess duties. They sat on the railing of a balcony at the university president's house and talked till the president's maid, up early to clean up the party debris, found them and told them that the party had ended hours before. Two months later they were engaged.

Cindy was a willowy blond, a smidgen taller and a bit thinner than the average woman, but still pretty curvy. Her hair was a very pale blond, thin, and hung straight to her mid-back. After years of perms and crimps, she had given up trying to put any kind of wave in it.

She was a creature of moods, Raj had discovered. Most of the time she was an intelligent, mature young woman who got excellent grades and could discuss the troubling events in India with him with unexpected insight. But there were times when she became willful and self-indulgent to the point of childishness.

Naked, her skin was so white that under soft lighting the outline of her body actually seemed to get fuzzy as if her skin were made of felt or suede.

Her breasts were soft, as well, very pale, and they seemed somehow lighter and less solid than the breasts of other women Raj had known. That lightness caused them to jiggle more, too. Even relatively slight movements when she wasn't wearing a bra would reverberate visibly through her breasts. And during sex, they would quiver and quake, mesmerizing Raj and the few past boyfriends lucky enough to have witnessed those shaking hills.

She did not often go braless, but when she did those jiggles never failed to get attention. Many times during her years in college a drunken, or just boorish, male was moved to exclaim out loud to her his appreciation for her mammary equipment. She had assumed that all women got that treatment until Raj explained to her that she had a well above normal jiggle quotient.

Raj was black haired with lightly brown skin. He did not work out regularly, but he didn't really need to either. He was naturally well proportioned and strong. The sight of him naked, especially in silhouette, always made Cindy smile. It wasn't just the shape of his muscles and certainly not the exposed skin. It was his solidity, his lack of jiggle, that turned her on.

When they made love his hands were gentle but his arms legs, butt, and trunk were all hard and uncompromising. When he held her, she had a sense of being trapped by a strength she could not overcome. And when their bodies came together it was always hers that gave way. Her breasts flattened under his chest, her bottom mashed on his pelvis when she rode him on top, and her thighs conformed to the shape of his when they tangled and squeezed each other's legs.

"I think it's more than just shock," Raj replied to her explanation of her mother, as he stood holding MouseSlayer, scratching him under his chin. It was human-to-cat male bonding.

"Your mother's reference to South Asians as 'you little brown people' and her remark that our food smells bad," he continued, "reveals a deep failure to make any attempt at all to understand foreign cultures. She reacts impulsively, negatively, and irrationally to anything that's different from what she is used to. You and I need to talk about this before we marry. But it's actually your behavior that concerns me at the moment."

Cindy had rarely heard him speak in such a sharp tone and never to her. Although he had moved to America from India as an eight year old and normally spoke English without an accent, traces of the accent and speech patterns of his native language crept into his speech when he was stressed, tired, or angry. She could hear those traces now. At such times he also became very professorial: he held himself straighter and stiffer, his voice became clipped and commanding, and his syntax became more formally proper as if he was reading an essay instead of conversing.

"Raj, what have I done?" she asked, genuinely puzzled.

"It was your behavior on the drive up here," he explained. "You wanted to stop at every little antique shop or gift store. And the way you spend money. There's something disturbingly impulsive and irresponsible about it."

"Oh, Raj," she almost laughed. "Is that all? I've always been like that. You know that. When I see something, I've just got to have it. You know, when I was growing up, there were times when Father would ... well, uh, never mind that."

"Yes," he agreed, "I have seen these traits in you before, and frankly it bothered me, but I figured that I'd have to live with it."

"I promise I'll do better, Raj," she tried to reassure him. "Don't worry so much-"

"Wait!" he interrupted her sharply. "Let me finish. I said I thought I'd have to live with it. But on this trip your behavior seems to have gone to extremes. The closer you got to home, the less mature you got. To be honest, I was having second thoughts about the marriage."

"Oh, God, Raj, don't say that," she nearly cried. "It would break my heart if you didn't marry me."

"Oh, I'm going to marry you, but I've come to realize only in the last twenty-four hours that I won't have to just live with your irresponsibility."

With that he put MouseSlayer on the floor, strode to a nearby bale of hay, and sat down.

"Come over here, Cindy ... now!"

Cindy obeyed. She had never seen Raj so ... so ... commanding. She felt a little afraid, but also a little mesmerized.

As soon as she came within reach, Raj grabbed her wrist and pulled her over his lap.

"Raj!" she cried, "what are you doing?"

"I'm going to spank you, Cindy. I'm going to spank you thirty times for each irresponsible purchase you made on this trip. I remember them all."

"What! You can't do that! Don't you dare! Ow!"

Raj had slammed his palm down on her bottom.

She twisted and tried to stand up, but Raj threw one of his legs over the womanly thigh that was closest to his trunk, his shin dangled between her legs and he hooked the foot behind his other shin. This effectively pinned her face down and also pushed the skirt of her light yellow sun dress up to the very tops of her thighs. He swatted her three more times in rapid succession.

"This is outrageous, Raj," Cindy said through gritted teeth as she continued to twist and struggle. "I'm a grown woman and you have no right to-"

Smack! His palm came down again, interrupting her.

"You may be grown physically," Raj replied evenly and coolly, "but when you behave like a little girl I shall treat you as one. And as for my rights, that was my money you spent on those knick knacks and that gives me a right."

With this, he grabbed the hem of the skirt and pulled it up nearly to her neck, revealing her yellow bikini panties. He spanked the seat of them four times rapidly.

"Oow!" she cried out as she threw her hands back to cover her buns.

"If you don't stop this instant, I'm calling off the wedding," she said with a little gasp in her voice. "I'm not kidding Raj. Let me up now."

"That's your privilege, Cindy," he spoke calmly, "But that's not much of threat because I don't think our marriage would last anyway if I have no way of reining in your tendencies to childish irresponsibility. I'm going to give you at least one spanking. If you decide afterward that you want no future with me, I'll pack my bags and go."

"Now," he said, "you will get thirty spanks on your bare behind-"

At the words 'bare behind,' Cindy resumed the struggle, twisting and pushing as she tried to squirm her trapped leg out from between his powerful thighs. His strength was too great and Cindy became dimly aware of a slight dampening in her vagina.

Raj grabbed one of her wrists and slapped the yellow pantied left buttock. She covered the spot with her free hand, but Raj simply smacked the right buttock. They continued like this for several seconds. She could protect no more than one bun at a time and Raj smacked whichever one was uncovered.

"We can go on like this as long as you want," Raj said, still keeping an even, calm tone, "or you can let me tell you how to get this over with relatively quickly."

She stopped struggling and listened, panting for air.

"You will get thirty spanks on your bare behind," he continued where he'd left off, "and you will neither cover up with your hands nor rub, not until it is over. You will count each spank aloud. After the last spank, you will apologize to me for purchasing that old wooden bread box in that little Arkansas town when I was refilling the gas tank, and then you will thank me for the spanking."

He waited to see if this brought on new warfare, but Cindy just lay across his lap, breathing heavily.

"Pull down your underwear, Cindy," he said, letting go of her wrist.

For a long moment she did not move and Raj simply laid his hand on her bottom, reminding her that he was waiting and would not wait forever. She turned her face away from him and slowly inserted her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. As she pulled them down to her thighs, she said "I'm just doing this to get this over with."

Raj gazed at the bottom before him. A part of him recoiled at the very idea of causing her pain, but an idea that had been forming in his mind for months had crystallized last night during a conversation with her father, James. Raj was sure that she needed a disciplinary hand and he was sure, too, that somewhere deep inside, Cindy wanted him to take control.

Smack. He brought his palm down sharply on her naked right buttock.

"Ow!" she exclaimed, and she brought one hand back to rub the sting away.

"No rubbing, Cindy," said Raj patiently but uncompromisingly. "and don't forget to count."

"Oh, one," was the breathy reply as she pulled the disobedient hand back and laid her upper body back down on the bale with her face turned away.

Smack! The left side was his target this time and the blow was harder.

"Ohhhh! ... uh ... two," Cindy gasped and squirmed.

"I'm going to pick up the pace, now, Cindy," he advised. "Don't dawdle on the count. If I spank you again before you've counted the previous spank, then it doesn't count."

Raj then spanked her five times in a row with gradually increasing speed.

Spank! "Unh! ... three." Spank! "Oww! ... four." Spank! "Uhhhnh! ... five." Spank! "Ehhuh! ... six." Spank! "Arrrh! ... seven."

She had lifted her head off the bale and her hips began to twist a bit.

"You're still taking too long to count," Raj noted. "I'm going to spank even faster. You'd be wise to make the count the first thing out of your mouth."

Spank! "Ehhhight!" Spank! "Nnnniiine!" Spank! "T-t-ten! Oh!" Spank! "Elevaahhh!" Spank! "T-t-twelvah!" Spank! "Thuurtin!"

By this time, Cindy was openly crying and twisting from side to side. Her one free leg was kicking out and back with each blow as she tried to shake away the pain.

Raj switched to upper cuts, striking at the most sensitive and erogenous part of the butt: the lower peak.

Spank!! "Fourrrrt!" Spank!! "Oww! Oh, God!" Spank!! "Ah! I meant Fifteen! Fifteen! Spank!! "Suh-sixteen!" Spank!! "Ssssssvnt!"

Cindy was now blubbering so hard, she could not pronounce the numbers. She had pushed her upper body up to rest on her forearms and her head was bent back, her eyes closed and her face twisting with pain. Her buttocks clenched and unclenched spasmodically as she twisted in his lap, shifting her weight from one hip bone to the other and back again two or three times with each smack.

Raj paused to give them both a rest. MouseSlayer who had been patrolling the barn padded up to them and hopped up on Raj's knee. It was the knee of the leg that was pinning Cindy's near thigh. Too startled to react at first, Raj saw MouseSlayer dip his head down to where Cindy's thighs, held apart by the width of Raj's shin, met her behind. The cat curiously nuzzled the band of flesh between Cindy's forward and rear passages.

Cindy, feeling the tickle, looked back over her shoulder to see what caused it. At that moment she saw, and felt, MouseSlayer give the most sensitive part of her bright pink bottom a quick investigatory lick.

"Owww!" she cried out. A cat's tongue is very rough. When a cat licks itself, or another cat, it is scratching and grooming, not comforting. Indeed, the tongues of large felines, like tigers can actually peel the skin off prey.

Raj pushed the cat to the floor while turning his head away and biting his lip to keep from laughing. He was trying to establish a new basis for his relationship with Cindy and it would ruin the momentum and the mood he had established if he laughed.

For her part, Cindy was in too much pain to find anything funny, but she did remember how much her mother liked to rub noses with the cats and she knew she'd never again be able to watch her mother do that without smirking in the knowledge of where MouseSlayer's nose had been poking.

"You are a bit past the halfway point," Raj said, collecting himself.

This brought a wail of self-pity from Cindy.

"Oh please, Raj, ... no more ... I can't take it," she pleaded.

"You can. You will," he insisted firmly, "but I'll stop at twenty-five in exchange for your promise that if I free your thigh, you will lay over my lap and take the spanking you've got coming."

"I will! I will! I promise," she said with some small measure of relief that she would be getting only nine more of the awful cruel spanks.

"If you break the promise," he warned, "I will start over from 'one' and you will get the full thirty."

After Raj repositioned her legs to lie side-by-side above his, Cindy became aware of how hard his thighs were as she lay across his lap. Her hips felt as if they were lying on two horizontal stone pillars. She became aware, too, that she was wet in her vagina. She found this more humiliating than the bare bottom spanking itself and she prayed that he would not discover her arousal.

Spank! He started again. His blows were a little softer now, but her bottom was burning so hot now it didn't matter. By the nineteenth spank, she was arching her back and twisting in place. By the twenty-first her buttocks were red and churning as she tried to squeeze away the pain. She was again blubbering her counts incoherently. By the twenty-third she was bucking her hips into his lap and kicking both legs wildly, oblivious to the show she was giving him.

He put all his power into the last two.

Spank!!!! "Arrrrggggghhhh ... twenfoawww!" Spank!!!! "Ohhhhhhwwwww ... twentfiiiiya!"

Her hips continued to buck and clench for several seconds after the last spank as rivers of tears rolled down her face. Finally, she collapsed on the bale and threw her hands back to rub her behind furiously, too consumed by pain to register yet just how much she resembled a naughty little girl spanked over a parent's lap.

"Now, Cindy," said Raj, "apologize to me for buying the antique bread box behind my back and then thank me for spanking you."

"I-I-I'm s-sorry ... sob ... that I bought ... ow ... that breadbox in ... oh ... Arkansas without asking you ... sob ... first, and th-th-thank you for ... sob ... s-s-spanking me for it," Cindy managed to choke out, fighting both her own tears and the humiliation of the moment.

When her sobs turned to whimpers, Raj turned her over and sat her in his lap, holding her tight in his arms as she panted into his chest. She tried to push herself away at first, but the grip of his arms was immovable and she finally gave up, put her arms around him and buried her weeping face in his chest. After a moment, she turned her weight onto the flank of her hip to provide some relief to her stinging bottom.

As she calmed she became aware that her vagina was soaking and she yanked up her panties hoping to hide the evidence. But the surge of pain when the fabric wrapped her behind was too much and she yanked the back of them down again to the cleft where bottom and thigh meet. MouseSlayer and his mate, PoPo, padded up to watch curiously as their owner's daughter sat bare-assed on the lap of this stranger who scratched cat chins so expertly.

"I forgive you for getting the bread box, Cindy," Raj said, stroking her back and hair gently. "The matter is closed forever and behind us."

After a pause, he added "I sorry I had to hurt you Cindy, but I believe it was necessary. I love you too much to let our relationship be destroyed by your behavior. If you want to cancel the wedding, I'll pack up and go immediately. But if you still want to marry me, you'll have to accept that in the future, when you misbehave, I shall spank you for it. In fact, over the next few weeks I'll be giving you spankings for the other foolish purchases you made on our drive here."

She shivered at this, but said nothing as he continued. "This doesn't mean that you won't still be the intelligent woman whose counsel I value highly, and I stand by my promises that you can have a career of your own. You will be a fully liberated woman. The lifestyle choices we make for our private life are entirely independent of that. In our marriage, I will be in command. As a matter of practice, since you are a smart woman it makes sense for me to hear your ideas, and I'm not adverse to being convinced by you that I'm wrong about this thing or that thing. I will even delegate to you the decision making about many aspects of our life together. But in the bedroom and with regard to the family finances, I will be the final decision maker. And I will decide when you need chastisement and how much."

"So," he added, "I just need one word from you: either 'stay' or 'go'."

"Stay," she whispered, and a feeling of peace and contentment came over her.

Raj put a hand under her chin and tipped her face up so he could kiss her full on the mouth.

"Raj, make love to me," she said when they broke the clench.

And so they did, with Raj taking her from behind because she could not lie on her back with her bottom throbbing as it was.

After an hour of sex, while they rested, Cindy had a question.

"What did you mean when you said you'd learned in the last twenty-four hours that you didn't have to live with my ... um ... irresponsibility?"

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