Cindy Ch. 04


Cindy felt her whole body vibrating like a turning fork to her Master's touch as he folded down the lace around the top of the half cups of her corset. Even before he touched her exposed nipples they became rock hard. A low moan escaped her throat as he caressed each with his thumb. Master Richard leaned closer, his breathe full of peppermint and Gran Marnier as he whispered in her ear.

"This body belongs to who now?"

"You, Master Richard, it belongs to you."

"And what is your responsibility, Cindy?" Cindy sucked in her tummy, knowing the words he wanted to hear her say.

"To keep this body clean and ready for your use at any time, sir."

He leaned down and caressed each nipple with his lips before taking each into his mouth and sucking on them as his tongue whipped back and forth. Cindy moaned and stood in tip toe, thrusting each breast out for his attention. His hand slowly slipped down her body, his finger tips trailing across her tummy as, then her mound of Venus. By then her body was shivering in anticipation, her pelvis thrusting forward, begging him to take what was his. His finger found her clit, eliciting a deep sigh as she closed her eyes in ecstasy, his lips touching hers in a long deep kiss, his tongue slipping between her open lips. There was no hesitation now, no second thoughts just total acceptance of his ownership of her body.

"Are you ready, Cindy?" She knew what he meant, the caning.

"N... no, Master... I'm scared." A small sob escape her lips.

"I know you are... would you prefer something else beside the cane?"

"Yes, please, Master... anything."

Cindy felt him take hold of the large 'D' ring on the collar he'd switched for the velvet one. This was a thick black leather dog collar with studs and ring. This was also locked around her throat, as were the leather wrist cuffs. He led her over to the end of the pulpit and pushed her gently forward. Cindy felt her stomach tighten in expectation, seeing that the device was not in a different configuration. Instead of the food hold in the platform, the device now had padded arms for her to kneel on. Sucking in a deep breath, Cindy knelt on the arms and lean forward over the sloped top. This was also adjusted to support her tummy. Butterflies churned in her stomach as she leaned over the top, where upon her Master bucked the wide belt around her waist. Even that was sufficient to extract a small sob from her lips, knowing she was going to feel completely trapped and helpless again. Master Richard then hooked the 'D' ring of her shoes ankle straps to the device, confirming her suspicion that was what they were for. Before he even reached for her arms, Cindy reached back, offering her wrist cuffs to his waiting hands.

Somewhere below, Cindy heard an electric motor hum and felt her knees gradually pulled apart until she was completely exposed. The 'forced' vulnerability of the position sent an almost electric feel through her body, almost as if he was reinforcing his ownership of her body. Leaning over as she was, her breast hung like ripe fruit, waiting to be picked, while her bottom and sex were completely exposed, open, available and waiting to be use. For a moment the wild thought surged through her brain, that in this helpless position, Master Richard could bring in any number of men to avail themselves of her body and she was helpless to prevent them doing anything they wanted. Beat her, whip he, and use her pussy or ass as they wished. She suppressed the erotic thought and concentrated on what her Master was doing.

* * * * * *

For his part, Richard Masters stood back, admiring his latest prize, and what a beauty she was. Young, vibrant, beautiful and completely exposed and helpless. In a way he marveled at how quickly Cindy had succumbed to the temptation of bondage and servitude, remembering her recent act of submission by kneeling before him and willingly accepting his collar. That's she' already surrender to him hours before while in the embrace of the pulpit only added spice to her final act of submission. Now came the acceptance of her gift and her gradual decent into complete bondage. If treated right, she would accept that from now on, and maybe for the rest of her life she would be someone property, his he hoped for a very long time, but he'd hoped that before but it was not to be.

Picking up a small glass of amber liquid from the bookshelf he trailed his fingertip over her bottom and up her back, eliciting a shiver from her in response. Cindy lifted her head as he walked around in front of her and held the glass to her lips.

"Just a small aphrodisiac to help you relax, and sooth your throat." Cindy's brow furrowed in puzzlement but accepted the drink, slipping slowly. Master Richard took the glass over to the small bar and refilled the glass, but left it on the counter for later.

"Say thank you, Cindy."

"T... thank you Master." She tried to say, feeling her head spinning slightly, but the words wouldn't come out.

She coughed to clear her throat which felt a little numb for some reason. She tried again, but could only whisper the words. She should have felt a little panicky at her inability to speak, but her head cleared and she felt strangely relaxed. Her eyes darted around the room for a moment, seeing thing brighter and clearer now. Whatever her Master had given her it felt as if her whole body was now more sensitive somehow. She could feel the cool air caressing her hot, wet pussy and how hard her nipples were as her Master fingers caressed them. Cindy moaned deep in her throat, looking down just in time to see him attached the first nipple clamp. She moaned again, partly in pain, and partly in pleasure feeling the pinch. He attached the second one, doubling the pain/pleasure sensation.

Sliding his hands over her pliant body he reached her smooth round bottom, the cheeks now spread open, exposing her virgin ass. He'd soon find out if her pussy as just as virgin very soon.

"My goodness, Cindy. You are so wet." He found her button, feeling her jerk in response. She couldn't help herself and began rotation her hip, wanting but unable to beg him to take her.

"I think we need to do something about this wetness Cindy."

"Yesssss." She managed to get out, but it wasn't the way she expected. Instead she felt him insert something into her virginia, and it wasn't his thumb or cock. Whatever it was it slid all the way inside, deep, probing, invading. Cindy jumped as she felt an inquisitive finger touch the ring of her ass, coating it with something cool.

"I think you need a companion to the one in your pussy, Cindy." She wanted to say no, but knew she was helpless to stop him. Something invaded her bottom, gently forcing the ring open. Whatever it was, it was only slightly painful, for which she was grateful. The pain increased a little as he slid the slim eight inch dildo all the way inside her bottom, pumping the button on the end to inflate and hold the dildo in place.

"Yes, that is so much better." Cindy felt herself blush to the roots of her hair as a spike of humiliation shot through her. She was at a loss to understand why he'd done that to her instead of just ravishing one or both of her holes. That was until she felt the vibration start.

"Oh god!" She managed to moan as her body responded.

Mindlessly she fought against the restrains as the vibrations increased. Now her body was quivering as wave after wave of erotic pleasure surged through her. She moaned, squealed, and sobbed as the vibrations took over her body, driving her to the point of climax, but never enough to put her over. She lost count of time, lost in an orgy of intense pleasure. She knew this was wrong, that she shouldn't be letting him do this to her, but she didn't care any longer. Her body was his.

"Are you ready for your caning now, Cindy?" Her Master whispered in her ear. All she could do was nod. "Open your mouth my Cindy." Dreamily she opened her eyes only to discover that sometime recently her Master had undressed. He now stood before her, the tip of his cock inches from her face.

Cindy didn't have to think twice and opened her mouth. The wonderful erotic feeling washing over her, knowing she was about to do something she swore she never do. More than one boy has asked her to do that, some a little forcibly, but now she accepted the head of her Master's cock without a second thought.

"Wrap your pretty lips tightly around the shaft, Cindy and keep them there." She did as he slowly pumped his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Lost on the waves of pleasure radiating from her pussy and ass she wondered how far he was going to put his eight inch cock. The head of his cock hit the back of her throat as the shaft forced her jaw open wide. At that point he only had half his cock in her mouth, but he didn't stop. His hips worked back and forth, driving it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Cindy knew she should be gagging and choking buy she wasn't. She moaned around his cock as gradually the shirt brown hair at the base moved closer and closer to her pouting lips. With a last quick thrust he was all the way in, half of his cock down her throat now.

"Ohhh yes." Now I can fuck your mouth properly. And he did. Cindy moaned and sucked, feeling his slip his cock all the way in and out.

Desperately she breather through her nosed as he pumped it in deep, sucking a quick breath as he pulled out. She knew she should feel disgusted, violated by what he was doing to her, but she didn't. The feel of the smooth hot skin of his hard cock sliding between her wet lips was overwhelming. This was what she was meant for, pleasuring her Master with her loving mouth. She moaned as he pulled his cock out of her mouth, desperate to hold onto it while longer.

Breathing hard, he walked round behind her, his fingers releasing a slipping the vibrating dildo out of her ass. A small sob escape her throat, knowing what he was going to do next. His was going to violate her as, rape her in fact but she didn't care. Even as she felt the tip of his cock touch her relaxed ring, she thrust her hips back. She couldn't help but let out a muted squeal and the head of his cock penetrated her ass.

"Oh yes, squeal again you little bitch." Master Richard panted as he thrust into her.

She did, wanting to beg him to fuck her ass as hard as he could, but she knew that was wrong, and not what he wanted to hear.

"Please Master... don't fuck me there..." She squealed again as he thrust half his cock inside her.

"Oh yes. What a fucking little liar you are." He spanked her bottom then, hard, his hands slapping loudly on the white skin of her bottom. "Tell me, bitch! Let me here you say it."

"No... please... don't... I beg you." His hard slaps weren't even painful any more, no his huge cock forcing its way into her virgin ass.

"Lying little cunt. You want me to fuck your ass, don't you bitch?" His hand slapping her bottom only serve to drive her closer and closer to another climax.

"Please Master... I... I... Oh god yes! Fuck me Master, rape me." She begged at last, and he did, driving his cock all the way inside her.

Once inside he slowly fucked her in a way she could never imagine. Even knowing that men did this to girl's all the time, she never thought she'd ever let someone do something to horrible as fuck her ass. She was beyond thinking now. Whatever she thought before this moment didn't matter. Her Master was fucking her ass, and she loved every second. The feel of his huge cock sliding in and out was like a drug, wanting more and more. Cindy wiggles and danced on his shaft as she tried to get more and more of him inside her. His use of the vibrating dildo to open her up had served its purpose, preparing her to accept him inside her. She lost count of the number of times she climaxed and didn't care anymore. She was his cock whore now and would willing take his cock any where he wanted to put it.

If his ass fucking wasn't enough, his cock slamming into her virgin pussy was. Pain instantly turned to pleasure as he took possession of her pussy. Any last reserve Cindy had fled at that moment as he lovingly raped her. How long he fucked her cock staved pussy she never knew or cared, only that he drove her to an even more intense climax she'd ever had in her life. With one last squeal of total passion, she fainted as she felt his cock pulse, filling her cunt with his cream.

Cindy was only partially aware of him, releasing her and carrying her upstairs. She knew he bathes her, dried her body and carried her to his bed for the first time. She awake sometime during the night with a desperate need to pee, finding she was still wearing the wrist cuff and collar and nothing else. As it should be, she thought as she snuggled up to his warm body, his collar giving her a feeling of comfort and security unlike anything she'd ever felt before. I have no right to cover this body with anything other than what my Master gives me. Richard Master rolled over just then and took her into his arms, his hand slowly caressing her breasts and thighs as he softly kissed her neck. Cindy shivered slightly at that as slow happy tears filled her eyes as she slowly drifting back to sleep.

No matter what the future might bring, at this perfect moment she was the happiest girl in the world


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