tagErotic CouplingsCindy Gets The Upper Hand

Cindy Gets The Upper Hand


Jeff was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the voluptuous new temp who had been working for him for the last week. Cindy Ames was perhaps 10 years older than he was, but all the young guys in the office had their tongues hanging out whenever she was around.

Cindy was a stunning woman with a breathtaking figure. She was a tall redhead who may have been pushing 40 but her hourglass curves were firm and generous and she wasn't shy about showing them off.

When she walked into Jeff's office late that afternoon she was wearing very high heels, black nylons and a short grey skirt. She had a little red purse slung over her shoulder. A tight white blouse strained to contain her out-thrust breasts which were clearly visible through her shirt. The 3 buttons that were casually undone left a magnificent expanse of cleavage on display for anyone who was interested and Jeff was definitely interested.

Cindy's eyes were twinkling merrily behind her big rimmed glasses as she stopped and tapped lightly at the door frame to Jeff's office.

"Mr. Young, I have that document you wanted to see..." she said to get his attention.

Jeff, who had been watching her through his window into the office, pretended to look up as if he hadn't seen her coming.

"Thank you Mrs. Ames. I ..ahhh ..I appreciate that..." Jeff stammered as he reached out across the desk for the report. Cindy walked over, leaned forward slowly and placed the paperwork in front of her boss. Her smile broadened as she watched Jeff's eyes follow her bulging breasts down when she leaned over.

"There are a couple of changes I made that I wanted to point out to you..."

"Yes...Unnn...Mrs. Ames... Changes?..." Jeff stammered, barely able to bring his eyes up to focus on his secretary's face.

He noticed that Cindy was pursing her lips just a little bit. She was wearing a bright, red lipstick and Jeff suddenly pictured her gorgeous mouth wrapped around the end of his cock. He imagined her on her knees, her eyes staring up into his from behind her glasses, as her lips formed a seductive oval around his knob. His prick lurched uncontrollably in his pants at this tantalizing image and he shifted closer to his desk.

Cindy straightened up slowly, put her purse down on the corner of his desk and moved around behind Jeff's chair. She bent over behind her boss and reached around to shuffle through the pages of the document in front of him.

"They're right here sir, on pages 27 and 31..." Cindy said quietly, snuggling in behind the anxious young man.

Jeff could barely breathe with excitement as his secretary's pillow like breasts pressed against him. She was wearing a flowery perfume that was making him light headed....or maybe it was just all the blood rushing to his cock!

"I don't see...you mean unn.. this... this sentence here?..." Jeff asked, his fingers shaking as he tried to examine the document in front of him.

"It's further down the page..." Cindy purred into her boss's ear as she took Jeff's hand in hers and moved it. She pressed her big tits more tightly against him as she toyed with the hairs on the back of his hand. Then she reached further across his desk and touched the picture of his wife, making sure her breasts moved across his cheek as she stretched out.

"Is this you're wife?...She looks very sweet!...I'll bet you two have a good time!..."

Jeff could feel his ear and his cheek flaming as Cindy's tits jiggled against him.

"That's my wife, Allison. We used to do more but ...with two young kids...we don't do as much as we used to. Not as many good times these days..." Jeff said distractedly.

"Mmmmm Hmmm!..." Cindy murmured, straightening up and coming around to stand beside her boss.

Jeff looked up and all he could see were Cindy's two mountainous melons looming over him. Her eyes were scanning the outer office. Then she looked down at her young boss and smiled seductively. She leaned forward so that her half bared tits were hanging right in his face.

"Do you like to have a good time, Jeff?...I'll bet Allison knows what you like?..." Cindy said, moving one hand lightly against his chest. Then she was scratching at his nipple through his shirt with one sharp fingernail.

"A sexy young couple like you. Once the kids are in bed, I'll bet she's all over you. Sitting on your lap while you're watching TV...taking it out, slipping it up under her skirt in case one of the kids comes down for a glass of water. Playing with it 'til it's hard and then putting it in, maybe just a little....". she said, twisting his taut nipple sensuously.

"Does she like to tease you like that Jeff?... Just slipping the head inside then sitting on the end of it!... Even if she won't let you put it all the way in, she can still jerk you off inside her!...Ummm!.... Even if it's just a quickie!"...she purred.

"Is that what you and Allison do?.. You know what I mean Jeff?..." Cindy asked, closing her free hand into a fist and making a lewd jacking-off motion with it in front of her speechless young boss.

"Unnn!...Cindy!...Mrs. Ames!...We don't!...Not really!...Ohhh!..." Jeff groaned. He couldn't believe how hot she was making him with her lewd conversation and lurid gestures.

"Why Jeff!... I can't believe that!... If it was me, well... But I always have a hard time keeping my hands to myself, and not just my hands!..." Cindy said in a gravelly voice, as she stretched his throbbing nipple away from his chest. She watched him with amusement as his taut flesh pulsed angrily between her viciously squeezing fingertips.

"Ahhhh!...Wait!....Mrs. Ames!...Don't!...Maybe we should talk!...Or go out!..." Jeff whispered in a quavering voice.

Cindy smiled, continuing to abuse her boss's breast through his shirt for another long moment. Then she let go and moved over towards the door.

"I don't think we need to go anywhere boss!...Maybe I'll just close this!..." she said closing and locking the door... "and these..." she said, drawing the blinds as curious faces turned in her direction.

Cindy turned to once again face the wide-eyed young man ogling her. With a confident swagger she walked over to his side of the desk.

Jeff sat there in shock, his legs tight together. He stared at his wanton secretary, anxiously ignoring his obvious hard-on as if that would make it invisible. Cindy wasn't nearly as shy as she let her gaze drift meaningfully down into her boss's crotch.

"You like big tits don't you Jeff? I've seen you looking down my shirt ever since I got here! Would you like to see more?..." she asked as she raised one stiletto clad foot and wormed it between Jeff's legs. She pushed his chair back a little as she perched against his desk. She casually prodded his balls and the root of his cock with her pointed toe. At the same time she reached up and cupped one of her mammoth tits in her hand and squeezed it sensuously.

"They're bigger than Allison's aren't they baby?... How long have you two been married?..." she asked as she slid her leather clad sole up and down over the length of his cock.

"Seven years...Mrs Ames!..Cindy!...Maybe we shouldn't... I mean, I think you'd better...Ohhh!..." Jeff yelped as Cindy jabbed her pointed heel into his balls.

"You think I better what?... Oh, and you can call me Mrs. Ames, I like that ...You don't want me to stop do you lover?...I haven't even started yet!..." she taunted, leaning hard on the heel she was grinding into his quivering testicles.

"Mrs. Ames!...Agggghh!..Easy!...Pleeaase!..." Jeff begged, as a paralyzing nausea gripped his groin.

" Jeff, I really don't want to hurt you! I just want you to be nice! Can you do that? Because I can be nice too, if you're a good boy! Very, very nice! "

"Yes!...Yes, I will! ...I do!...Mrs. Ames!.." Jeff panted, the sweat beading on his brow as his balls spasmed under Cindy's punishing heel. She held him pinned to his seat for a little longer with her twisting foot and then she eased off the pressure with a satisfied smile.

"Now tell me... you like big breasts, don't you Jeff?...All the boys do!...Most of the boys I fuck love these big old tits!" she purred, opening two more buttons so that her bra encased breasts spilled out of her shirt.

"They love to squeeze them and suck them. My nipples get all hard and long, when they do that. I just can't help it! And of course they love to fuck them, if I let them!... " she purred, lifting her round orbs with both hands and squeezing them together lewdly.

"But I only let the boys fuck these if they've been especially nice to me!..Ummm!... Would you like to fuck them Jeff?...Would you like to fuck my tits?..." Cindy asked with a grin. Gracefully she dropped to her knees in front of her seated boss. Jeff shifted about excitedly. Some of the steel had left his tool when Cindy was mauling his nuts with her heel. But when she spread his thighs with her hands and thrust her barely covered tits into his crotch, his cock responded eagerly.

"Do you like that baby?...Ummm! ..." Cindy teased, mashing her resilient tits lewdly into his crotch.

"You're hard already, aren't you?...Really hard?...Ummm Hmmm!...You are!...I can feel it!..." Cindy said as she twisted her shoulders back and forth, making his cock strain through his pants against her chest.

"Oh my God!....Unnnn!..Mrs. Ames!..."

"Feels good, doesn't it baby? Does Allison let you fuck her little tits? Girls with little tits have big nipples don't they? Does she squeeze your knob and stick her pointy nipples into the mouth of your cock. The boys love it when I do that, stick my hard nipple into the tip of their cocks and jack them off like that ...You'd probably think I was a real slut if I did that, wouldn't you Jeff?..." Cindy murmured as she deftly undid her boss's zipper and fished out his rigid cock. With her eyes burning up into his she flipped the little catch at the front of her bra, freeing her bare conical orbs

Pleeease!...Mrs. Ames!...Yessss!...Oh God!...Please!...Unnn!...Don't stop!..." Jeff moaned as his sexy secretary rubbed his hard-on against her cushiony breasts. Her lewd fondling and her dirty talk were driving him nuts!

"We don't have much time right now lover!.... " Cindy cooed with a knowing smile as she closed her hands on the outer swells of her tits and smothered Jeff's bare erection between them.

"Do you like that?...Do you like it when I squeeze your cock between my tits?...Does it make you want to come?...Would you like it if I made you come like this baby?..."

"Please Cindy!...Ahhh!...Yesss!...Yess!...Noooo!..." Jeff gasped as Cindy suddenly cupped his testicles in one hand and squeezed them viciously.

"I'd prefer you to call me Mrs. Ames, honey!..." she said with a smile as she mauled his nuts in her clenched palm. Jeff hastily nodded yes and Cindy slowly released the pressure on his balls. She again squeezed her pillowy boobs around his tool. Still holding his eyes with hers, she hefted her compressed tits up and down, up and down, lewdly jacking him off into her steamy cleavage.

"Ahhh!...Mrs. Ames!...Please!...Yes!...I can't help it!...Nnnn!...Don't stop!...Make me come!..." Jeff gasped, as his pre-come began to stream from his cock, greasing the luscious valley between Cindy's milky tits.

Cindy rocked back on her knees, freeing Jeff's cock from her glistening breasts. She then closed her two fists, hand over hand around his rigid pole and squeezed. The blood in his erection pulsed frantically under her wringing hands. Cindy watched with a satisfied smile as the crown of Jeff's cock mushroomed into a huge purple dome above her clenched fists.

"You want to come, don't you lover?...Your balls are ready to burst, aren't they?..." Cindy purred, jacking Jeff's cock in a hard, slow rhythm that had him squirming with arousal. She jerked his taut flesh up and down the two or three inches it would stretch around his engorged shaft. Up and down, up and down she pulled on his cock, smiling as she watched his balls knot up, knowing his come was churning for release. She masturbated him with a firm deliberate stroke, her smile getting broader as Jeff's knob turned an angry tomato red above her pumping fists.

"Do you like that baby?..Does little Allsion jerk you good like this?..Does she let you come on her face?...On her tits?...I'll bet she doesn't, does she?... Guys love to cream in a girl's face!....But little Allison won't let you, will she?...She thinks it too nasty!...But I will baby!... I want you to!...I want it sooo bad!...Do it baby!... Shoot your hot come all over Cindy!...Let me see you squirt!.." she urged like a whore as she beat his throbbing pole. Her big tits shook deliciously in time with the rhythm of her torrid masturbation.

"Unnn!...Unnn!...Ohhhh!...Yesss!...Yesss!..."Jeff pleaded, his hips thrusting up urgently into Cindy's purposefully stroking hands. His cock was on fire with the excitement that was raging through his groin.

"Come on baby!..Come for Cindy!... Come on my tits!...Comeeeee!.." she urged, moving one hand up around Jeff's cock crown. Using his pre-come to lubricate her palm, she began to twist her closed fist back and forth around his sensitive knob. She knew he wouldn't be able to hold it when she did that! She turned her greasy fist around and around on the big ridge under his cock crown. The pre-come streamed from his knob and over her wrist in response. Smiling up at him as he writhed under her hands, she yanked the shaft of his cock faster and faster.

"Ahhhh!...Ahhh!...Ohhh Gooddd!..." Jeff squeaked, biting his lip as Cindy's expert ministrations brought him to the brink.

"Give it up baby!...Do it!.. Squirt for me!...Squirt it on my glasses!.." Cindy coaxed sluttishly, leaning over so that the bulbous head of Jeff's cock was aimed directly at her upturned face.

"It's coming!...Yesss!...I can feel it!...Cooooome!..." she whispered, dragging her tongue around her ovalled lips in wanton invitation. Cindy watched excitedly as his little pee slit flared open widely, pulsing like a little mouth. She knew he was going to come now! She slammed her fist to the root of his shaft and pressed down hard.

"Gnnnn!...Nnnnn!...Nooo!...Yessss!...." Jeff moaned as his balls lurched and a tremendous volley of sperm erupted from the gaping mouth of his cock. The milky stream splattered wetly on Cindy's lips and cheeks.

"Ummm!...Yess!...Like that!...Ummm Hmmm!..." Cindy purred. Jeff's balls were tight as nails as his orgasm began to wrack him.

"Ahhhhh!...Goddd!..." he cried excitedly as a second blast of sperm erupted onto the collar of Cindy's blouse. But then the scheming secretary clenched the base of Jeff's cock hard in the ring of her thumb and forefinger. She smiled mischievously as Jeff's come pounded for release but she held it in check with a viscous squeeze.

"Whaaa!....Mrs. Ames!...Pleease!...Ahhhh!...Let go!...Let me come!...''' Jeff moaned as his balls spasmed with excruciating tension. Cindy maintained a steady pressure on the root of his prick refusing to allow him his release.

The gasping young manager reached down and frantically tried to pry Cindy's hand lose from his bursting cock.

Cindy reached into his straining crotch with her free hand, pinched one of his drum taut nuts between her sharp nailed fingertips and squeezed it viciously.

"What's the matter Jeff?...You've really got to come now, don't you lover?...Doesn't Allison do you like this?... You'll enjoy it so much more if you have to wait for it!...Trust me!...I know what I'm doing!... Now be a good boy!..." Cindy said with a knowing smile as she pressed his tender testicle between her fingertips again and again, making it squish around agonizingly inside his fleshy sac. She knew what the boys liked! And she also knew what hurt, a lot! She pinched his vulnerable nut hard, knowing that she could make a man do anything she wanted when she had him like this!

"Gnnaahhh!...Unnnn!...Mrs. Ames!...Please!..." Jeff cried, twisting now in surprised anguish. He struggled for a moment longer but waves of blinding nausea were washing through his groin. Jeff's hands finally flew to the arm-rests of his chair which he gripped 'til his knuckles were white.

"Please!... Please!..." he whimpered . The sweat was streaming off his brow as he looked pleadingly into Cindy's smiling eyes. Slowly she released the pressure on his agonized ball, but her grip remained firm around his still throbbing organ.

"Baby needs to come so bad!..." she teased..."Little Cindy will take good care of you!..." she purred, leaning back and giving his swollen cock a flurry of sharp, quick strokes with the hand she had been using to abuse his testicle. As her little fist raced up and down his angry tool, Cindy relaxed the squeeze she had on the root of his shaft.

"Agggghhhhh!...Ahhhh!...Noooo!..Agggg!..." Jeff cried out, heaving upwards in an agony of ecstasy as his lurching balls convulsed and two huge volleys of sperm streaked across the tops of Cindy's heaving breasts. Before he could come any more Cindy ringed her fingers around his shaft and squeezed, again aborting his frantic climax. But she never stopped masturbating him with her other hand

"Ohhh!...That one hurt a bit didn't it, lover?..." she giggled

"I'll bet you've got a lot more hot come for me, don't you Jeff?..I love the feel of it on me, dripping down my face and my chest!... It makes me feel so sexy!...Do I look sexy, with your come all over me baby?...Do I!..."

Jeff looked down at his wanton secretary in amazement. With his creamy sperm gleaming on her clothes and her flesh, Jeff thought he had never seen anything that looked so arousing. His groin was convulsing with a combination of frustration and excitement. His cock was becoming raw with abuse and yet he had never been so anxious to come in all his life.

He started to reach down to try and free her still her torturing hands once again but Cindy had only to let her fingertips drift down and press warningly into his quivering nutsack and he stopped.

"Be a good boy now baby!...Let Mrs. Ames take care of this juicy cock.!...When I'm finished with you, you won't have a drop left!..."...she promised, masturbating him frenziedly..."And you won't be fucking your little Allison any time soon, I promise you that!..."

"Yesss, Mrs. Ames!... Do it, please!...Don't stopppp!...Ahhhh, it feels!...Unnn!.."

Cindy laid his cock against her cheek as she continued to beat him off, puckering a teasing kiss at him she released her grip on his cock root again.

There were a couple of heartbeats where there was no sound except the squishing noise of Cindy's shuttling fingers flying up and down his cock and then there was a panicky cry from Jeff ... "Unnnn!... Ahhh!...Ahhhh!...Ahhhhhh!..." .

It felt like his groin was tearing apart. Then his balls convulsed and his sticky come jetted up into Cindy's hair. Cindy only smiled and pressed her glowing cheek harder into his throbbing member. She aimed his cock so that his feverish spurts coated her face, her shoulders and her tits.

"Naughty boy!...Coming and coming all over me!..Does it feel good?...Do you like it Jeff?... Want me to keep doing it?..." Cindy whispered as she cut him off again.

"Mrs. Ames!...Please!..It hurts so much!...Please!...Just let it come!..."..Jeff pleaded. His erection was feverishly swollen and all the veins bulged angrily above Cindy's strangling grasp.

"I know baby!...I know!...Just wait!..." Cindy taunted as she leaned forward and dragged Jeff's cock up and down across the breast bone between her creamy breasts. She wiped all of his glistening man juice off until his shaft was dry.

"This might hurt a bit lover!...Tell me if you want me to stop!..." she purred. Once again she gripped his burning shaft and beat it furiously. With no lubrication, she knew her pistoning hand was chafing Jeff's already livid flesh terribly. With a cruel smile she just closed her hand tighter.

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