tagGroup SexCindy Lou and the Halloween Party

Cindy Lou and the Halloween Party


Besides being an entry in the annual Halloween Contest, this is the latest in my series about Cindy Lou. For more information on her background and appearance, and that of other characters, see some of the earlier episodes.


"I'm really looking forward to the Halloween party Rochelle and her SO will be throwing," Amanda remarked to her cousin and roommate one day in the latter part of October.

"Oh? Does she put on a really good bash?"

"I'll say. Last year, it was about the hottest party of the year. It's really weird sometimes, fucking someone and you don't even know who he or she is. Of course, if you're in costume, they don't know who you are either, so I guess that makes it even."

Cindy Lou thought that would be really kinky, although sometimes the men and women she coupled with at the weekly parties were people she had never seen until she started sucking his cock or having her pussy eaten or however else she and her new partner might have happened to say hello. Cindy Lou is truly a hotsy, as is her roommate -- attractive and sexy persons who relish sexual activities with many partners.

The more she thought about it, the kinkier it seemed, until she was even more eager than usual for the night of the party to arrive. Halloween would be a Saturday, and that made it perfect, because the people there would have the whole next day to recover from the sexual excesses they would be committing. Cindy Lou, as is her wont, expected to commit as many of those excesses as anybody, and more than most.

Shortly after eight o'clock, the taxi Mandy had arranged for parked at the front door and the driver called to tell them of his arrival. Both of them dressed in long, heavy coats, the two women entered the back seat of the cab, and Mandy gave the driver the address of Rochelle's loft and directions for reaching it.

They wore the long coats because of the cold of New York in late October and because they wanted to cover their scantily clad bodies from nosy eyes. They would both be totally naked, shortly after arriving at the party, and dozens of people would see them, but the roommates dislike the idea of putting on a show for people who would not be equally exposed. They carried small masks they would be wearing, but that would be the extent of their disguises because Cindy Lou and Amanda both dislike concealing their succulent bodies from admiring gazes.

"Trick or treat!" the roommates chanted in unison when Rochelle answered the door.

"Lots of treats, I hope," their hostess answered when she recognized the two women at her door. "Maybe some tricks too." She was wearing what looked like Batman's hood and cape and nothing more, and her succulent breasts were proudly on display. The newcomers were able to tell, by the delightful aroma of her pussy, that she had already been active.

Rochelle took their coats and led them to the master bedroom, where she left the heavy garments on top of the bed. The king-sized mattress had been removed from that bed and from all the others in the loft, because the orgy would be taking place in the large center room. Everybody in the group preferred it that way, rather than hiding away from each other in private places. They were all there for fun, and a big part of that was watching each other cavorting in the nude or as close to it as they wanted to get, and another part was being watched by them.

After depositing their coats, Cindy Lou and Amanda separated. Sometimes they get together for sex at one of the affairs such as the Halloween party but, usually they don't. They coupled often enough in the apartment they shared, and preferred other partners when they went out, which would likely be the preference of virtually every reveler at the party that night.

She was still dressed, after a fashion, when Cindy Lou was approached by a man a few seconds after separating from her cousin. He was wearing a mask, as was she, but recognizing him as Aaron was a simple matter of noticing his curly red hair and freckled face. She had very fond memories of him, because he was the first, or almost the first male sex partner in New York. Amanda, of course, had been her first of any gender.

The redhead ate her pussy while she was sucking off another man at the first party she attended in New York, a small gathering of her and Mandy and four men. A few minutes later, his cock was buried deeply in her ass as part of a DP, which became a triple penetration when she simultaneously took the cock of a third man in her mouth and all three of her partners climaxed, as did she.

"Hi, Aaron," she greeted him, thrusting out her breasts. Cindy Lou was still wearing her blouse, but it was unbuttoned in front, and she was wearing nothing under it.

"Hi, Cindy Lou," he responded, and gently took one of the proffered globes in either hand and leaned over to begin licking one of her nipples. Aaron had very fond memories of the sexy blonde also.

For a few seconds, she enjoyed his ministrations, but Cindy Lou knew there was a much better place for Aaron to do what he had started, and she really wanted him to continue and lick and suck all the way down her body. She likes to cum at least four times, preferably more, at sex parties, and likes the first one to be from having her pussy eaten, and she couldn't think of any man she would rather have do that with her.

"I really love that, Aaron, but let's go and lie down on that mattress over there."

He had no problem agreeing to that idea and, on the way there, he finished removing her blouse. The mattress was covered with a fitted sheet and there were several pillows available for anybody to use. It was already in use by another couple, who were fucking in the cowgirl position, but they were only taking up half the space, leaving more than enough for the newcomers, who didn't even feel the need to ask for permission to share their playground.

Cindy Lou lay on her back and Aaron knelt beside her and resumed fondling and licking her nipples. She didn't recognize either the other man or the woman, because they both had on hoods and capes similar to the one that Rochelle was wearing. Their identity wasn't at all important to her, at least not as much as their sex organs were, besides how well they used them. From what she could tell, the latter was quite good, and they and she and Aaron might even decide to change partners later, if the other couple also felt like doing that.

For the time being, though, she was really enjoying Aaron's talents. His tongue started by curling around her nipple and turning it even harder than it had already been. After a few minutes of alternating between her nipples, dabbing with the tip of his tongue and sometimes covering the whole nubbin, her body was squirming under his face and Cindy Lou was cooing in pleasure. To help him give her even more fun, she cupped both of her breasts in her hands and held them in place for him.

Aaron continued for a few more minutes, but he knew there was something better a short distance below her breasts that would feel even better to his tongue. Licking her there would feel even better to Cindy Lou too, and he knew she was ready by the sight and the tempting aroma of the juices dripping from her pussy. Wanting to get there, but in no hurry, he licked the inside slopes of her breasts and the channel in between, and started caressing her sexy, plump belly with his tongue. She smiled when she saw and felt him nuzzling and licking his way toward her pussy, because that was what Cindy Lou wanted more than anything else just then.

When he reached her pubic hair, Aaron didn't stop, but kept licking his way through. It was downy soft and scrupulously clean, because Cindy Lou knows that men liked the feel of its fluffiness against their tongues as much as they liked the feel of her soft, hairless flesh. The man who was licking her then had no complaints, and he spent several minutes with his tongue caressing her bush before moving around the end of the mattress to crouch between her knees. He grinned lewdly at her; she grinned back and raised and spread her legs for him.

Aaron ducked under, letting them rest on his shoulders, and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Cindy Lou's thighs until his hands met on her soft mount of Venus. He truly enjoyed eating a delectable pussy such as hers, reveling in every aspect of it. The first thing he did, once he was kneeling and prepared to spend a long time in that position, was gaze on the beauty that awaited him at the apex of the lovely hotsy's legs.

She is a natural blonde, and is blessed with the smooth, creamy skin that so often comes with that coloring. Her outer lips are plump and inviting and her sparse, yellow pubic hair did nothing to discourage a seeker after beauty or to conceal any part of her pussy. Cindy Lou's inner lips were swollen with her lust, and had blossomed out of her pink slit like a pair of flower petals and, at their apex, her precious clit was peeping out between their folds.

Incredible as the loveliness of Cindy Lou's pussy was, the aroma was even more enticing to him. She was sweet and musky and intoxicating, all at the same time, even more heavenly than he remembered from the first encounter. Aaron leaned closer and licked some of the small drops of her nectar that had dripped onto the insides of her thighs. They were ambrosia, as he had known they would be, and he greedily devoured all the juices from that leg and her other, before getting his tongue busy on her crotch.

Very slowly, relishing every drop of Cindy Lou's juices, Aaron licked them from the apex of her legs and started up one of the sexy blonde's soft outer lips. As fabulous as the beauty and the aroma and the flavor of her pussy had been, the texture and the way she felt against his tongue was even better. Her pubic hair felt as good as her creamy skin as he slowly licked his way toward her mons. By the time his tongue reached that goal, Cindy Lou was writhing in bliss. Aaron raised his head to gaze on the gorgeous form that was all his, at least for a while.

Her head was tossing back and forth on the pillow she had picked up to use, but Cindy Lou stopped to look down at the man who was between her legs, and to grin at the way Aaron's face was smeared with her juices. He grinned back at her, and kissed her mons and, seconds later, she felt his tongue mopping up all the fresh juices she knew had flowed from the pink hole that was their source. She was aware when he was finished with his repast, because Aaron's magical wet giver of pleasure began slowly meandering it way up her other outer lip.

It felt better by the second for Cindy Lou as his tongue expertly caressed that very sensitive part of her body. Aaron seemed to know exactly how much pressure to use and where to lick to send the most thrills rocketing through her body, and he caressed her second outer lip as he had done for the first. Once more, he kissed her mons when he reached the end of the lip and, seconds later, Cindy Lou felt the freshest juices being sluiced from her pussy.

To Aaron, they were nectar, among the most delicious treats of his life, and he made sure to get them all before his tongue started exploring between an inner and outer lip of the sexy blonde who was moaning in bliss and thrashing so joyfully all over the mattress. After covering the small, smooth area between the origins of the lips, he tilted his head, letting his tongue probe between them. Still taking his time, knowing how Cindy Lou's level of pleasure was mounting toward an orgasm, he licked both labia at the same time.

When he came to the end of the inner lip, Aaron raised his head, wanting a good look at his partner's clit. Earlier, it had been visible but, since then, it had become so swollen that it had pushed its way entirely out from under the hood that should have been protecting it. The sweetest of Cindy Lou's many sweet spots resembled a beautiful, iridescent pink pearl, and Aaron thought about applying his tongue or lips and bringing her to a quick climax. He decided not to, preferring to continue the intense pleasure they were both experiencing. When it was time, and her arousal was at its highest, he would suck on her adorable clit and bring her to one of the thunderous orgasms he knew Cindy Lou loves so much.

Once again, he devoured her fresh juices and began caressing her pussy with his tongue, starting between the other pair of lips. As always, that expert agent of delight was like a hummingbird as it moved in and out between the labia, sending waves of joy reverberating throughout Cindy Lou's body. She was ready to cum, and he knew it and, after reaching her clit hood again, he would capture the precious morsel it was protecting and fondle it with his mouth.

She knew she was ready to cum too. "Suck my clit, Aaron. Make me cum," she begged him.

Seconds later, his tongue achieved its goal at the end of Cindy Lou's inner lip and reached out to lightly stroke a side of her swollen clit. Once again, she cried out for him to suck her there and, this time, Aaron responded by opening his mouth wide, moving closer and engulfing the precious morsel. With his lips forming a seal at the base and his cheeks acting like a bellows, he sucked on her lovely clit while his tongue caressed the sides and top.

Great waves of utter bliss inundated Cindy Lou's body from what the redhead's mouth was doing for her sweetest of sweet spots. Involuntarily, the thrashing of her head and body became even more strenuous, and her blissful moaning and whimpering were louder. Her arms flailed the mattress and her shapely legs kicked back and forth over his shoulders, until the pleasure he was giving her became even more exquisite.

"Oh, god," she cried ecstatically. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming."

She doubled up into almost a fetal position, and her legs squeezed the young man's temples, while her hands went to the back of his head and pressed his face into her pussy. Holding tightly to Aaron's head, her ass bounced up and down on the mattress while she jammed her pussy against his face. As her pleasure grew to be even more intense, Cindy Lou's legs started swinging from side to side, carrying his head a willing prisoner. Aaron kept his mouth clamped onto her clit; his tongue kept working and his arms clung to her thighs as he enjoyed the ride.

"Oh god!" Cindy Lou warbled out as her climax overwhelmed her.

All her muscles clenched and her back arched as she drove her pussy against the happy mouth that had just brought about her orgasm. After that, she relaxed completely, seeming to melt into a pink and blonde and creamy white puddle. Her legs remained draped over Aaron's shoulders, and he moved back and forward again to feast on the great wealth of fresh nectar her pussy had just provided him. Greedily, he licked them from her thighs, crotch and all around her pussy, even sucking them from the sweet pink hole that had just produced them, rather than leaving them to provide their natural functions of lubrication to aid her and the man who would be fucking her.

She didn't really care, because Cindy Lou's orgasm had been so tremendous that she needed to rest for a few minutes and catch her breath. Aaron left, and the couple who had shared the mattress had both climaxed and left, so the blonde hotsy was alone, but only very briefly. A sexy young woman such as she wouldn't expect to stay alone for very long at a sex orgy, and Cindy Lou wouldn't want to anyhow. After a few minutes, while the sexual escapades continued all around her, three men in identical costumes approached and surrounded the mattress.

Each of the men was wearing a scarlet Devil's mask and a form fitting bright red jersey, and one of them carried a trident. None of them was wearing anything below his waist, and Cindy Lou smiled at the three big, stiff cocks that, apparently, were soon going to be pleasuring her. She didn't recognize any of them, but she was not the least bit concerned with that, and actually felt even more eager to take on all three of them at once.

"You have been tried by us and found wanton and must serve us all, and at the same time," solemnly intoned the man with the trident, tapping its end against the floor to emphasize his pronouncement.

His voice was obviously not natural, but that was not seen as a problem with the woman who was already eager to start serving her sentence. "Well, if I must, I must," she responded, smiling at the thought. "Suppose you lie on your back here?" she added, pointing to the man with the largest cock.

It was a generally accepted rule among those who attended the group's sex parties that, when one person was going to be serving more than one partner, that person chose who would do what particular sex act. The man who had been selected knew he would be the one with his cock in the sexy blonde's pussy, and he gladly did as he was directed by her. As was also usual with parties such as this one, there were condoms of various sizes and bottles of Aqualube distributed among the mattresses. Cindy Lou picked up a packet of the former and a plastic squeeze bottle of Aqualube and handed them to the man with the second largest cock.

"I think you know what to do with these," she said, grinning lewdly at him.

He did, of course, and was quite happy that he was going to get his cock into her succulent ass. He got even hornier, thinking about how his thighs would be pressing against her soft, sexy cheeks every time he thrust into her. His cock had been fully erect when he approached the sexy blonde, so he opened the packed and rolled the condom onto it.

The third man was aware that he was going to be sucked off by her. He would have preferred one of her other pleasure holes, but her face was almost as pretty as her body, and he was quite sure she would not require him to wear a condom, so he was happy enough with his allocation. Although he was also aware that his cock would be the last one the gorgeous blonde would start to pleasure, he went to the end of the mattress and knelt there to wait.

Cindy Lou straddled the legs of the man whose cock would be in her pussy and bent down to suck his cock for a few strokes. It felt great in her mouth, being thick enough to stretch her lips open, and the smooth skin felt good against her tongue, but her intention just then was to get it wet so she could apply the size large condom more easily. She might get to suck him off later but, for that encounter, she raised her face again, opened the packet containing the latex disk and rolled it into place.

Although Aaron had, rather inconsiderately, devoured all the juices that would have provided lubrication, the thought of simultaneously taking on all three of the unknown men made her generate more. While the man on his back held his cock upright for her, she rose above him with her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart. She lowered her body enough that she felt the head of his cock brushing against her lips, and reached out with her fingers to rub the thick mushroom shape into her wetness. Her pussy had produced so much that it was dripping down onto him or running down her thighs. With both of them ready she lowered herself, sighing in pleasure when she felt the head of his cock wedge into her pussy.

"Oooo, that feels so good already," Cindy Lou cooed to the man lying under her.

It felt even better when she lowered herself some more and another inch of his hard cock was engulfed. Waves of pleasure were already throbbing through her body, and she had just barely started. The lower her body went, the better his cock in her pussy felt, until she had taken in the entire thing, and her soft, blonde bush was mingling with his dark pubic hair. She stayed in the cowgirl position for almost a minute, reveling in how her pussy was being stretched by the big shaft inside her.

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