Cindy Lou Makes Her Debut


Slowly sucking on the hard cock, Cindy Lou was immensely enjoying what she was doing with her mouth, but she was getting even more pleasure from what Mike's tongue was doing for her. After cleaning off all the juices from her thighs and crotch, he was licking slowly along her pussy lips, which were becoming more swollen as her arousal grew. She could feel his tongue probing between the inner and outer labia and even licking her soft pubic hair until he reached her clit hood.

When Mike had started eating her pussy, Cindy Lou had been on her knees and his hands had rested on her hips. This was allright while he was licking up leftover juices, but what he really wanted was for her to stretch her legs out behind them and let him bury his face in her adorable pussy. To let her know what he wanted, he put his hands inside her ass cheeks and pulled down on them. Realizing what he was telling her, and wanting the same thing, Cindy Lou straightened her knees so she was actually lying on top of his face. He happily took a firm grip on her ass cheeks, fingers inside her cleft, so he could move her around to do what would give the most pleasure to both of them.

With her pussy being well taken care of, she concentrated more on the cock that she was caressing with her lips. Earlier, Mandy had described Mike's cock as "wonderful" but that was a bit of hyperbole. It was very nice, however, hard and with a big, mushroom-shaped head. One of the many things Cindy Lou liked about it was its size, big enough to fill her mouth well but not too big for her to lick and suck the way she likes to do. Also very happy with the way it felt passing between her lips, she stroked it slowly, bobbing her head up and down, even relishing the sensation of the tip pressing against the back of her throat.

Mike's cock felt great when it was all the way inside but it felt just as good while her mouth was engulfing it or withdrawing. As she lowered her mouth, Cindy Lou's tongue caressed the entire shaft, continuing as she raised her face again. With just the head of the cock between her lips, she licked all around the ridge and used the tip of her tongue to probe the slit on the end. She enjoyed everything about what she was doing with Mike and wanted to take her time sucking him off.

Amanda was also taking her time sucking Aaron's cock. The two women's faces were less than two feet apart and they caught each other's eyes and smiled. Neither said anything. Both were too happily engaged in sucking off the men under them to say anything, but each could watch the other and hear the soft lapping as a cock went in and out of her mouth.

They were also both extremely happily involved in having their pussies eaten. Cindy Lou knew from her own experience how good Aaron was, and how strong and supple his tongue was and she knew how much Mandy had to be loving it. Mike's tongue felt wonderful on her pussy too, especially when he was caressing her clit. She could feel her pleasure rapidly building and knew she would cum again before long. One of his middle fingers had worked its way into her ass and, although it couldn't compare to the cock that had been there a little earlier, the ripples of pleasure emanating from there were helping in driving her closer to ecstasy.

Although her mouth and ass felt good, it was Cindy Lou's pussy, with Mike's agile tongue probing into the sensitive places and caressing her swollen lips, that was being given the most pleasure. Mike wanted to cum first, and to give her the most pleasure by delaying her climax, so he had kept his tongue mostly away from her clit and would continue doing so until the time was right. After a long period of stroking her pussy with his tongue and lips while his cock was immensely pleasured by her mouth, he knew that happy event was not far off.

Aaron briefly interrupted what his tongue was doing for Amanda's pussy. "I'm ready to cum, Mandy. Do you want it in your mouth?"

"I love hot cum. Fill me up," she responded. After telling Aaron what she wanted, Amanda took his cock back into her mouth and started sucking it faster, murmuring her pleasure in how good the thick cylinder felt going in and out.

Seconds later, Cindy Lou heard Aaron grunting and, when she glanced over, saw him thrusting into the mouth that was stroking his cock. He gave a gasp of pleasure and his buttocks clenched as he fed Amanda the ration of cum she had asked for. She swallowed it and he spurted twice more into her mouth until the muscles in his ass relaxed. He was through cumming but she still kept his cock in her mouth until she had milked all the juices from it.

"My turn now, Aaron. Make me cum like only you can." With her mouth no longer full, Amanda was able to loudly express her extreme pleasure. Her moans that were ending in whimpers let everybody know how close she was to cumming.

"Yes! Yes! Suck my clit! I'm cumming!" Cindy Lou glanced over and saw Amanda thrashing on top of Aaron, her pussy writhing against his mouth while his arm around her back held her in place. Her head was tossing up and down and her face was a grimace of pleasure.

She really loves all aspects of sex and was glad that Mandy and Aaron beside them were enjoying themselves so much but Cindy Lou was really more involved with what she and Mike were doing for each other. His cock throbbing in her mouth and she knew he was on the verge of cumming. The feel of his thick shaft sliding in and out between her lips, combined with what his tongue was doing for her pussy, had been so delightful that they had both prolonged it for as long as they could, but his climax couldn't be delayed any more. Knowing this, she tightened up her lips and started stroking faster.

Because of the position of her tongue against the top of his cock as she drew it into her mouth, Cindy Lou would not be able to place it to catch Mike's cum when it started spurting out. By keeping her lips tight, she would at least be able to keep it from dribbling out of her mouth. Faster and faster she stroked her head up and down, still enveloping most of his shaft, until she felt his cock jerking. She stopped with her lips near the base of his cock and felt the first spurt of the viscous liquid against the back of her mouth, followed quickly by the second and third.

When she was sure nothing more would be squirting out, Cindy Lou raised her head so just the tip of Mike's cock was held between her lips. Running her tongue all around the inside of her mouth to collect the semen, she savored its delightful flavor, and swallowed it. Starting with her fingers against the base of his shaft, she slowly squeezed upward, pushing all the remaining juices out into her mouth where she could lick them off the slit at the end of his cock. When she had all that could be squeezed out, Cindy Lou used her tongue to clean all around the ridge of the cock, getting everything she could. Not a single drop went to waste, and when she had swallowed all the semen, she took his cock out of her mouth to urge Mike to resume eating her pussy.

While he was climaxing, Mike had stopped licking but Cindy Lou was already close to cumming from what his tongue had already done for her pussy and what his finger was still doing for her ass. With the delicious semen that flooded her mouth, the mountain of ecstasy that had been building up since she first took his cock between her lips was on the verge of turning into an avalanche. "That's it! That's it! Lick my clit!" she told him.

From the way her whole body had been writhing on top of him and the way her pussy had been squirming against his face, Mike was aware Cindy Lou was ready to cum. With his own climax complete, he did what she wanted, pushing the remnants of the protective hood away with his fingers and swirling his tongue around her clit.

"Ahhh! Ahhh!" she cried out as his tongue caressed her sweetest spot. "Yes! There!" and, a minute latter, "Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!"

She always enjoys cumming, and that time was no exception. Cindy Lou's body lay on top of Mike, with her face pressed against his crotch as she thrashed wildly. One of his middle fingers remained in her ass but his other arm was wrapped tightly around her back to keep her in place during her strenuous movements. His tongue continued caressing her clit and her pussy continued fucking down against his face for as long as she was cumming. When she climaxed, it was with an incoherent cry of joy and her back arched, plastering her pussy against the mouth that just brought about her orgasm.

Cindy Lou lay sprawled on top of Mike, tired and happy, enjoying the feel of his tongue lapping up her fresh juices. It felt good, as it always does, but she had no interest in any more sex that day. Amanda rolled over next to her, smiled and patted her hand. Aaron crawled over onto the other mattress to join Sean and Jason, who had been sitting quietly watching the oral activity. A minute later, Cindy Lou got off Mike, who joined the other men.

After feasting on the semen of three men and cumming four times herself, she was ready to call it a day. Amanda felt the same after the great climax she had just gotten from Aaron's tongue and from her earlier orgasms. The four men were equally contented with what they had done that day, especially with enjoying the considerable charms of the new woman from Alabama. They were all looking forward to seeing a lot more of her and of Amanda at future sex parties, probably starting the following weekend. They were done for that day, though, and they all got dressed, kissed the hostesses and left, letting themselves out while the two women lay on the mattress watching them go.

Cindy Lou and Mandy, equally naked, lay side by side on the mattress where they had both been 69ing. There may have been some brief thought of further sexual activity between them but neither was really interested, being tired and sexed out for the time being. Later, they would need to clean up the apartment and reassemble their beds but, for now, they were contented to just rest and think of all the fun they had just had, how they would be regularly having just as much fun in the future, and how great Cindy Lou's debut in Amanda's swinging group had been.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Cindy Lou and the others did. I like writing stories on this site but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them. That's why I always appreciate it when readers take the time to vote and also to tell me their opinions. Like all other writers on Literotica, I practically live for feedback, either public comments or email to me. Such comments help me to write more and better stories and I respond to them whenever I can.

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