tagGroup SexCindy Takes Charge

Cindy Takes Charge


Nick and I were in the kitchen drinking some Martinis and cleaning up the evening meal. Cindy (Nick's wife) had cooked an awesome shrimp dinner and had left us to do our share. Nick was manning the dishwasher and I was handing him dishes.

We were yukking it up about the mountain bike ride we had just finished prior to dinner. Nick was telling me about how another riding partner of his rode this particularly sketchy part without dismounting when his pupils dilated, his head turned and he stopped mid-sentence. I looked to see the distraction and my reactions were nearly identical.

Cindy was strutting through the kitchen wearing a black lacy bra, a black garter belt and black high heels. No panties and definitely nothing else. She walked right past us without a glance and stepped up on their bar-like stool and took a seat on the edge of their higher-than-average dining table. She sat erect, slowly spread her legs, looked at each of us with a devilish grin, and asked one question: "Who wants dessert?"

Hold that thought. Nick is my best friend. He is an athletic lean guy much like myself, close to six feet tall. Cindy is Japanese. Slender with long black hair and a tone physique from all the fun that can be had living near the mountains. I have known the both of them for a greater part of my life.

I had visited for a weekend of mountain biking and kayaking. In fact we had gone to the lake on the prior day and kayaked to a remote beach where we frolicked nude in the icy cold water. This was normal for us, but nothing more, aside from the frequent sexual discussions had over some form of alcohol.

After our mountain bike ride, Nick and I had come home to Cindy cooking. She told us to get cleaned up and get ready for chow. After a refreshing shower we had sat down to eat and drink our ice-cold Martinis courtesy of Cindy's hard work.

And now the both of us were staring dumbfounded as our minds caught up. Cindy said, "Well?" in an exasperated tone. Cindy was the type of girl who knew what she wanted and actively sought it. Seems it was the same for sex.

I could not stop staring at this beautiful petite girl, her body posed like a model with her white skin showcasing the black bra pushing up her small cleavage and her jet black hair hanging over her shoulder and tufted above her exposed pink pussy.

Nick moved first. He briskly walked over and sat in the stool in front of her and had his dessert. She began to smile and move her hands lazily over her stomach and lacey bra. Nick had grabbed her hips and pulled her sharply closer to his mouth.

She moaned, Nick slurped and I took off my clothes. I stood there with my hard cock in my hand trying to figure out what I should do when Cindy beckoned to me with her finger. I came up beside her, stood next to Nick and listened to her say in a faint voice, "Kiss my breasts."

I looked down at Nick and watched him bury his face between her thighs. There did not seem to be any objections. I kissed her on the neck and reached around her back to unfasten her bra. I let it drop on the table and took a moment to admire her beautiful pert tits. Her breasts are the size of small grapefruits with nipples that stand erect in perfect position for a pair of lips to engulf them. And I did.

As I sucked, Cindy cradled my head and brought me in closer and tighter to her breasts. This caused my body to shift closer to Nick and I found my hard naked cock was rubbing against his arm. Still no objections, I let it rub.

Then Cindy pushed Nick away with her heels. She looked at me and said, "Your turn." She pushed my head towards her pussy. And I slowly sat in the stool where Nick had been.

As I descended I licked her rib cage, her abdomen, darted my tongue in her navel and finally let it trail over her black pussy hair before I thrust it into her slit. She was wet, really wet from her excitement and Nick's tongue. I could smell her earthy scent mixed in with remnants of alcohol. I breathed in deep and felt a lusty stirring in my balls.

I felt something else. The unmistakable sensation of a warm, wet tongue licking the length of my 6.5 inch shaft. I looked down to see Nick opening his mouth to swallow my head. I moved my hips forward so that he could have better access. Cindy peered under the table to see what was going on. Cindy questioned her disbelief. "Is he sucking your dick?" she asked.

I did not answer. I watched Nick bob his head up and down a few more times. Felt his powerful jaws sucking me while his tongue muscled its way along my length. I turned my attention back to Cindy. I placed my face in her pussy. This was surreal.

Cindy was resisting. "No, No, No." she said, "I want to watch him." Cindy pushed me back, my cock popped out of Nick's mouth. We all stood up. Cindy in her garter belt and heels, Nick still clothed and me naked with my hard wet cock bouncing.

Cindy directed us upstairs to their room. Cindy ordered me on to the bed laying face up. She told Nick to strip. I watched Nick take off his clothes and noticed a wet spot on his underwear at the end of his bulging crotch. He removed his briefs and his cock sprung free. He was rigid and his cock stood to a rough 7 inch length. He was also much thicker than myself.

Cindy led him by hand on to the bed between my legs. She was on my side. Cindy grabbed my hard cock and jerked it up and down a few times. She then licked the gathering droplet of pre-cum off the tip of my dick followed by her open mouth plunging down then sucking up. All the while pumping my shaft with her small hand.

Cindy pointed my cock towards Nick and said, "Your turn." Nick smiled and looked at me. I shifted my weight towards him to let him know I had no reservations. His rough large hands grabbed my cock and his mouth began to suck on it again. He soon abandoned his hand as his mouth was able to take me all in.

Cindy was urging him on with nasty cooing, "suck him baby, oooohh lick his balls, suck him all the way." She swung her leg over my head, facing her cock-sucking hubby, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I grabbed her hips and rocked her back and forth on my tongue. She was getting into it and ground her pelvis against my face and I was doing the same to Nick.

It did not take much time. I was ready to blast and signaled as much in a muffled voice under Cindy's pussy. From what I could gather, Cindy had leaned forward and grabbed Nick's head. She was roughly forcing his head up and down on my cock and telling him to suck up all of my cum. Nick was gagging a bit. But he kept it up and I erupted in his mouth.

Stream after stream shot into his sucking mouth and Nick was doing his best to swallow it down. I could feel him gulping and sucking in turn. But I kept pulsing and cum was soon draining out of his mouth down my shaft and onto my balls. Cindy was ecstatic. All I could hear her say was, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god."

Cindy moved to her husband and kissed him. "Oh, tangy" she said. Nick was about to say something when Cindy pushed him down on the bed, crawled on top of him and unceremoniously grabbed his cock and shoved it up her crotch. She was telling him to fuck her. And he was.

I was lying on the edge of the bed and watched Cindy ride Nick's cock. She was panting and gasping. My cock never really deflated, but it was back to full mast now. Cindy saw that I was recovered and asked coyly, "Dan, could you lick my ass?" She added, "I love my ass licked and this would be heaven with Nick's cock in me."

I was pleased to oblige. I positioned myself behind her in between both of their legs. I watched Nick's cock slide in and out of her stretched pussy. I grabbed her butt cheeks and held tight to slow their rhythm down. I then used my hands to push her butt cheeks apart and took a long look at her exposed puckered tight little pink hole. I kissed her on her asshole and then let my tongue swirl in a circle. All the while rocking to their slow fucking.

They were both groaning and uttering vowels. Their pace picked up and all I could do was stick out my tongue and let it swipe her asshole as she rose and fell. Nick's dick went astray and nestled in the crack of her ass. His cock was wet and shiny with their combined juices and I took a long lick. I grabbed his cock and gave it a few sucks and shoved it back into Cindy's waiting pussy. That was my first cock. I did not think about it much, but it was pretty much as I expected, just softer and silkier.

I sat back to watch the now furious action with only my hand on her butt and finger massaging her hole. Nick was pounding his cock into her and she was giving it all back. Nick was getting close based on his quick panting and short groans. Cindy was trying to catch up. She did not make it. Nick's balls constricted and his dick pulsed. He was vocalizing his achievement. After a few more strokes Nick let his cum washed cock slide out.

Cindy was in a state. She wanted to Orgasm. She was oh so close. Cindy frantically told me to fuck her from behind. I quickly got on my knees, checked my aim (noticed all of Nick's cum dripping out of her gaping hole) and easily slid my cock in. She bucked back and we were instantly fucking doggy style hard and fast.

I had one hand on her hip and my other was on her cheek with my thumb pressing on her butthole. I was fucking her for all I was worth. I could feel Nick's cum slopping around my cock. Cindy was on the verge but wanted more. She desperately asked Nick, "Sweety, lick my clitty. I am almost there!"

Nick worked his head up under her pussy in a 69 position. I could here him slurping loudly and wondered if he had licked up his own cum before. Cindy was now groaning loudly. I could feel Nick's hair and forehead on my balls. I could not take it any longer. I let loose and flushed her pussy with several shots of cum. I slid my cock out and grabbed the wet shaft with my hand and started to pump while I grinded my head on the crater of her cute little asshole. I shot a few more streams onto her tight rosebud.

Cindy was panting and gasping. Nick had filled the void of my cock with his tongue. He was noisily slurping and sucking. I guessed he must be getting a mouthful of our mixed cum. Inspired, I bent my head over and darted my tongue into my own pool of cum cupped in Cindy's butthole. I lapped it up like a thirsty dog. Cindy climaxed. Her body was writhing and shuttering. Cindy was squealing and then she squirmed from our grasp and cited too much sensation.

We were pretty excited about what we had just done and talked about it openly. Especially going over our favorite acts. Cindy wanted to know more about the bisexual question. Nick had admitted fantasizing about it but never taking action until now. I agreed that I thought about it on occasion, but that now we had sampled it, I really enjoyed it.

I wondered out loud what it would be like to take a cock in my ass. Cindy piped up, "Oh jeeez, I tried and it hurt really bad. I like a tongue or finger and that is it." She went on, "but I put one of those electric eggs up Nick's ass and he loved it." Nick was smiling, obviously remembering that day, and then he said, "I think I would like to try that, especially if Cindy would want to be a part of it. I mean if she would want to do something like this again." My cock was growing hard again thinking about sticking it up Nick's tight ass. Maybe we were not done here.

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