tagBDSMCindy's Adventure Camelot Ch. 01

Cindy's Adventure Camelot Ch. 01


It was Friday and Cindy had been chatting on her computer with a fuck buddy and had not noticed the time. Everybody in the office had left for the weekend. By the time she look out it was almost dark. Well no matter there was no one at home. Her husband had left that morning on an emergency business trip and would not be back until Sunday. Her son was attending a school tournament in Oklahoma City with friends and would not be back until Sunday afternoon. As she put her coat on all she could think about was how horny she was. Damn and there wasn't anybody who could help her with the problem this weekend. Oh, well when she got home she would do something to take of the feeling.

Her car was parked in a public parking lot behind her office building. The lot served several building around it so there were always some cars in it. She wasn't paying any attention to the van parked next to her car. As she reach to open her door someone grabbed her from behind and sack went over her head. A hand was placed across her mouth so she could not scream. His arms were very strong as she started fight he whispered in her ear, "Camelot" at first she didn't understand. Then she remember that her Dom and told her he would make her fantasies of being kidnapped and used come true some day. To make it real as possible he would not tell her when it would happen but if she heard the word "Camelot" she was to know that she was safe and to enjoy what was to come.

She her hands were handcuffed behind her back. She was shoved in the van at it began to move. Her skirt was pulled off. Her thong she was wearing didn't give her much comfort and they ripped it off of her. Now except for her hose she was naked below the waist. Cuffs were put on her ankles and felt them being attached together. Her blouse was unbuttoned and she felt it being pulled back to where her hands were cuffed. Then her bra was unhooked and pulled back. The man in the back got behind her and quickly pulls the hood off. He would not let her look around. She could see the back of the driver's head. He was wearing a baseball cap and blue shirt. What she could see was they were in the country driving down a two-lane road. The leather blindfold came down over her eyes it was different from any blindfold she had ever used or seen. It had strap that when over the top of her head, two leather straps to the back of her head and one strap went under her chin. As the straps were buckled she could hear pad-locks clicking. She realized the only way she could get the blindfold off was with keys or a knife. She felt the man doing something with the cuffs and suddenly one was off, almost before could do anything the blouse and bra were pulled off her arms and the cuff replaced. Now she was totally naked and with no protection.

As the van drove on she felt a hand being thrust between her legs, fingers begin to play with here clit. The fact she had talking and thinking sex all afternoon caused her to quickly almost to cum. She did know how long the drive was going to be but the SOB that playing with her would not let her cum for as she approached cumming, he would stop just in time to stop to keep from cumming. She thought well I will fake not getting excited and maybe I can cum before he knows. But the bastard seem to have a sixth sense and still stopped. After what seem forever the van came to a stop. The door to the van rolled open and somebody unhooked the straps keeping her feet together. A collar was fastened around her neck. Somebody pull on the collar for her to get out. She had to scoot across the van floor till her legs were out of the van. The air felt cool but it was not cold. When she stepped on to the ground she realized she had no shoes and the grass was a little rough. She felt the lead being pulled and she had to walk to avoid being pulled down. Thank god, who ever were pulling her was walking slowly so she could keep up.

Cindy did not know where they were leading her but she could smell the farm around her. It was a working farm and she sensed the different animals. The act of being blindfold, naked and Cuff turned her on whether she wanted to be or not. The grass turned into dirt and she realized she was in a building probably a barn. She could hear men talking in low tones.

"Man look at those tits, I am going to have fun with those this weekend'

"I love that ass I can't wait to plow into it"

"Hank you cannot fuck her in her cunt you know the rules nothing over 7 inches is allowed there and you bust that almost 2 times over so you have to fuck her in the ass."

Cindy my god somebody has a huge cock,

As the men were talking the man leading her stopped and unfasten her cuffs but attached them to ropes from the ceiling and her arms were pull above her head. There she stood total available to the men.

She felt hands run over her body, somebody pinched her nipples another put his finger in her pussy and began playing with her. It didn't take long for to suddenly climax and it was a hard one. She sagged from her arms and felt her hip trying to fuck the fingers. Suddenly they were removed and she heard.

"Boy that didn't take long she hot tonight."

"Cindy", a voice she did not recognize said.

"You are going to be bred by each and every one of us. We will take you home Sunday morning before your family gets there. You will be unhurt, but all your holes will be fucked and you will be filled with cum. Of course you will swallow a lot cum as well. There will men who just drop by and they will be given the honor of breeding you. The Blindfold will stay on all weekend and if you need the use of toilet faculties we will take you out into the yard and let do what you need. If you need to be clean up afterwards or after we have cum over you body we will do so with a hose. Do you understand?"

Cindy just nodded her head.

To be continued

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