tagBDSMCindy's First DP

Cindy's First DP


Cindy was a thirty-one year old submissive involved in her first R/T relationship. Her Master was strict but a very loving older man.

It was Saturday afternoon when Cindy decided to take advantage of the quietness in the house. Rick was next door helping the neighbors and her children were at her ex-husbands for the weekend.

Cindy's chores were done and now it was a little down time for her. She got undressed and slowly lowered herself in the hot water bubble bath she had drawn for herself.

Cindy's body relaxed as she soaked in the warmth. She took her time washing herself and shaving her legs. She lay back and touched up her shaven pussy keeping it smooth for her Master. As she touched herself, Cindy felt an arousal that she needed to take care of.

Rick had nothing against her masturbating, as long as she masturbated for Him. Cindy's thoughts flashed of the new toy Rick had bought for her. It was a Rabbit vibe that rotated and vibrated. It was capable of giving intense orgasms.

Cindy stepped from the tub and wrapped herself in her towel. She found herself sitting on the edge of the bed wondering what to wear. She was still thinking about her toy, just inches from her left hand in the night stand.

It had been a week since Rick made love to her, due to her monthly. Cindy ached to be touched.

She stood in front of the full length mirror and dropped the towel. She fondled her breasts and teased her nipples while watching herself in the mirror. Her right hand slid down her stomach, gently touching her softness until her fingers found their way between her legs. Cindy was already wet with anticipation.

She couldn't wait. Cindy knew it was wrong, but that only made it more exciting.

Cindy grabbed the vibe and lay back on the bed. She wasted no time spreading her legs and guiding the rabbit all the way in. She arched her back as she turned on the rotating function on the vibe. The ears on the vibe nestled firmly on her clit, as she moved it to her desired location.

"Having fun?" a voice came from the open door.

Cindy pulled out the vibe and clamped her legs firmly together. Rick had caught her in the act.

"What's the rules about toys in this house?" He asked.

"Sir? I'm sorry." Cindy said as she sat up, then put her head down.

Rick went to the other night stand and grabbed her leather restraints, "Put these on, and shut that fuckin vibe off," as it wiggled at her feet.

Cindy struggled with the straps and buckles, still shaking from being caught.

"You disappoint me," Rick said. "I buy these toys for us, not just for you. What, you don't want my cock anymore?"

Cindy was quiet struggling with her last restraint.

"Roll over on your stomach," Rick ordered.

Cindy rolled over slowly and slipped a pillow beneath her head. Rick grabbed the pillow then slapped her on the ass hard.

"The only place that gets a pillow is under your hips. Put that ass in the air."

Cindy raised her ass as Rick slipped the pillow underneath he stomach.. Rick then grabbed her right wrist and pulled backwards, then her right ankle and fastened the two together. He then proceeded to do the same with Cindy's left wrist and ankle leaving her unable to move, spread wide and helpless with her ass in the air.

"Hmmmmmm, I wonder what I should do with you," Rick said as He wandered around the bedroom.

Cindy watched as Rick grabbed a belt from the closet.

"Oh no Sir," Cindy cried.



"You have no clue what I'm even going to do with this. Maybe I should take it across your ass."

"Please, No," she begged.

Rick knelt behind Cindy on the bed. She could feel the heat of His body on her swollen lips. He reached around her and slipped the belt around her waist and buckled it in the back.

Rick then left the room for a minute and came back with a piece of string and some duct tape.

He reached between her legs rubbing hard on Cindy's clit as he looped the string around the belt.

"You want this toy inside of you?" "Huh?" Rick asked.

Cindy was confused on what to answer. Either way, she knew that Rick would follow up with her punishment.

"Yes Sir?"

Rick slapped Cindy lightly several times between the legs. "It seems your pussy wants it." He slid two of his fingers deep into her, "Hmmmmmmmmmmm."

Rick grabbed the toy and parted Cindy's awaiting lips. Cindy wanted to push against it, but was unable to move.

He continued until the toy was fully inserted. Rick then took the strings that was wrapped around the belt and duct taped the strings to the toy making sure the toy was unable to slip out.

"There, you wanted to play with the toy, it's now a part of you." Rick said as He rested His hand on her bare cheeks.

"Now, I want you to count out loud to twenty as you receive your punishment. Understand?" as Rick landed the first slap across her ass.

"Yes, ow, one..."Cindy cried out.

"If I hear ow again, it will be forty, He said as he landed the second.

"Two," Cindy winced .

Rick continued to redden Cindy's ass as her toy stayed put deep inside of her.

"Twelve," she cried out as Rick turned on the toy. The vibrations on her swollen clit and the rotation deep inside made her forget about her punishment for a second.

"What happened to thirteen." Rick asked.

"Oh God... thirteen... Sir may I cum," she begged.

"Don't you dare cum yet. You wanted to play with your toy, now play," as He landed three more hard and fast strikes across her redness.

Cindy grabbed the sheets trying not to lose control, but it was too late. She had lost count and almost consciousness from the border line pain/pleasure.

"Rick, stop... stop... stop... Oh my God, I'm gonna cum, ohh, yes...yes... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as she soaked the pillow and sheets beneath her hips.

Cindy begged of Rick, "please... Sir... Turn it off" as she shook violently from the intenseness of the orgasm.

Rick slapped Cindy on the ass one more time hard, "Turn it off? I'll turn it off when I get back."

"Sir?" She asked as Rick walked out of the room.

Cindy lay there unable to move while her toy vibrated deep inside of her rotating over and over. How long would He leave her there, she thought.

Within a couple of minutes, the vibration of the ears of the Rabbit on her little clit was too much to take. She was going to cum again.

She struggle to get out of her bindings, to pull out the toy, but it was futile. Cindy began to shake as she felt the intensity building again inside. Not again, she thought. Her helpless body shook violently as she let go and opened the flood gates. Her swollen clit was getting so sensitive that she couldn't handle the extreme pleasure any longer.

Cindy screamed out loud to anyone that would listen.

Rick walked in on Cindy shaking uncontrollably. "Had enough of your toy yet?"

"Yes Sir?" Cindy said with a shaky voice.

"You still like my cock?" He asked.

"Yes Sir," Cindy said softly.

Rick undressed and knelt behind Cindy. He made sure the toy was secure and rubbed Cindy's moistness around her pussy to her ass hole.

Cindy felt Rick's finger slowly enter her tight little hole, but her muscles were no match for the lube. Rick continued to finger her ass hole as she lay motionless.

Cindy felt her cheeks being spread wide, Rick's cock slowly being forced in her little hole.

"Oh God, No... Sir? Nooooooo," Cindy begged.

Rick put His hand on Cindy's head and forced His cock deep into her,

"Owwwwwwwwwww, Ohhh," Cindy gasped.

Cindy could feel Rick's hot cock deep in her ass as well as the rotating toy grinding in her pussy, still vibrating on her clit.

As Cindy's muscles relaxed around His thick cock, He began to take full strokes pushing hard and deep into her.

Cindy was being stretched unlike anything that she had felt before. It hurt, still if she could of, she would of pushed her ass towards Rick's cock matching His thrusts.

Cindy couldn't believe this was happening, she felt herself starting to cum again. Rick pulled her hair as He thrust himself hard into her.

Cindy screamed out, "I'm gonna cum, Oh God Yes, I'm gonna cum, Ohhhhhhhh."

Rick said, "Wait for me, I'm almost there." as He lowered himself all the way in.

"Let me cum, ohh ,yes, yes,yes," as she started to lose control.

As Cindy felt her Master's hot cum being planted deep inside of her, she let go with a scream and again a gush as the little rabbit ears vibrated on her little clit.

Rick reached back and shut off the toy. Rick collapsed on Cindy, shaking, weak from exhaustion.

Cindy's body was weak, shaking and crushed from Rick's weight laying on top of her, both her holes were soaked with cum.

Cindy was still shackled, unable to move. Her toy was still deep inside and Rick's cock was slowly beginning to slip out of her tight ass.

"Noooooooooooooo," Cindy cried as His cock slipped out.

Cindy shivered and moaned softly as Rick kissed her shoulder.

"Thank-you Sir... thank-you."

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