Cindy's Surprise Ch. 01


Three hours later found her at "Skittles." it was a late night club with loud music and plenty of men. But Cindy couldn't get into the groove. Her mind really wasn't on enjoying herself in this place. She kept glancing at her watch. Soon she realised, that her mother had left for work. She made her apologies to her best friends and went to find a quiet corner to make her phone call.

"Hi's me......... you ok to come and get me now?"

"Hi love.... Your early. .. Not enjoying yourself?"

"Not really........ Can't seem to get into it tonight." she smiled as she imagined what he was thinking now. Something along the lines of "I wouldn't mind getting into you."

"Are you at Skittles?"


"Good. I thought you would be. I'm already outside."

"How come?" her beating heart was almost coming out of her chest when she heard that. He was really keen to get another look at her.

"I left as soon as your mother did. Not much point in waiting indoors for the phone to ring and so here I am."

"Great.... I'm coming now. See you soon."

Cindy clicked her phone off. On the way out she remembered her thong. A quick detour to the ladies and it was back in her bag. Almost running she made her way to her latest conquest. Her own father. She had no plan, she was ready for almost anything. She had no idea how far this was going to go, just that it was going somewhere. The way the day had been and she was now going to be alone with him it stood to reason.

Thankfully it was a warm night and Cindy's apparel left nothing to the imagination. Her father watched heatedly as she strutted towards him.

"God, she is truly something....... Look at those fucking huge tits wobble as she walks.... And those legs...... and that arse.......god help me..... I want to fuck my own daughter so fucking bad." He thought to himself as she made her way across the street.

"Hi dad. Thanks for this." she said as she carelessly collapsed into the passenger seat.

"Errrr..... that's alright love. I wasn't planning anything.

"Didn't mum mind you coming to pick me up....... She normally does."

"To be totally honest honey, I never told her........ I know how she gets."

Cindy nodded at this admission. It didn't surprise her. What her mother and his wife never knew wouldn't hurt her. With disappointment Cindy realised that it was too dark in the car now and so there was no point in trying to display herself to him. She would have to wait until they got in the house. She also realised that her father was driving a lot quicker this time. Unlike before when he'd dragged the fifteen minute journey into a half hour one. And so within ten minutes they were entering the house.

"You hungry love?" he asked as she stepped into the kitchen.

"Yeah...... actually, I' am........... What is there?" A thought flashed into her mind.

"Tell you what daddy, why don't you take a seat, I'll pour you a drink and make both something to eat. How's that?"

Her father saw the benefits of that plan as soon as she'd uttered them. To be able to watch his gorgeous daughter, in her four inch heels, a tiny black mini-skirt that did nothing to cover her lovely bubble butt, a low cut blouse that practically let her big tits fall out and not have to hide behind a curtain and sneak peek was a dream come true. He tried desperately not to seem too agreeable and so said,

"No... that's alright love.... I don't mind cooking." He prayed that she wouldn't agree and wasn't disappointed.

"No daddy." Cindy said a little firmly, "It's my way of saying thank you for coming to get me tonight. OK?

Her father smiled his agreement and sat at the table. Cindy walked out of the kitchen and into the lounge and poured them both a stiff vodka and tonic. She didn't really need another drink, she'd had enough to do what was needed. And she definitely intended to do what was needed. She walked back and the first thing she noticed was her fathers right arm was under the table.

Having placed his drink in front of him they discussed what to eat. Cindy moved about the kitchen, taking the occasional sip of drink. Her fathers eyes followed her every move. Cindy knew this game better than any woman on the planet. She'd been born a cock tease and relished it every chance she got. Who would of thought, before today, that the ultimate pleasure for her was teasing her own fathers magnificent cock.

She busied herself with the bacon under the grill. She made her way over to the fridge. As she bent over from the waist, her little skirt rolled back over her delectable arse. She heard a faint, almost whispered groan as her father saw this. Cindy paid it no mind and took her time as she chose the cheese she wanted and nonchalantly moved away from the fridge as she pretended to read the nonsense on the back of the label and made small attempts at trying to roll her skirt down one handed.

Cindy had never before been this blatant. To be so, in her own home with her horny father was intoxicating. She could feel her pussy wetter than it had ever been and her juices sliding between her thighs. Her nipples were obscenely showing through the front of her low-cut blouse and she knew her father was watching her entirely. It was time to move on.

"I know that you were watching me today daddy."

"Hmmmm........ Sorry..... D ..d....d....did you say something love?"

"I said, I know you were looking at me today daddy." Still not looking his way.

"I...... d...d...don't know what mean. What are you saying?" He stammered.

"I'm not a child father." she said firmly. "I know when men want me, and I know that you want me.... badly."

Cindy's father watched her every movement silently. He knew he'd been bagged but didn't know which way to go. He'd been watching her for nearly three years. Suddenly, it was all in his lap. His own daughter was confronting him. If it had been his wife, he could have bluffed his way out. No one would believe that a father would want to fuck his own beautiful daughter, no matter how she looked. But it wasn't his wife. It wasn't his only daughters mother. It was his daughter. She had espied him during the day and he strongly suspected that she knew what he'd been doing in the bathroom. He reasoned rather quickly that honesty was the best policy.

"I'm so sorry baby.... I don't know how this happened....... Please don't tell your mother....... I'll change." he pleaded.

Cindy, still turned away from him, slowly turned to face him.

"I don't want you to change daddy................ I want you to fuck me with your big hard cock.... Is it hard for me now?.......... Does it want me daddy?.." she simpered.

Her father looked at her through hooded eyes. His thoughts in a turmoil. For the last two years he'd been wanting this to happen. He knew how she was. He'd seen the way that she manipulated men around her little finger. He'd always felt a little jealousy towards them. Wanting her to flaunt herself at him. But he'd always known that that could never be. This was his only daughter and as such he knew that she wasn't as bright as her school reports said. He knew she was getting good marks by other means and he'd always suspected that she was using her heavenly body to achieve those straight 'A's.

But something happened today. He'd come home after losing all his stake money in a foolish dead cert and found Cindy naked in the garden. He'd been beside himself. His cock had hardened instantly and he'd wasted no time in extracting it from the confines of his jeans. He'd been happily stroking himself as he ogled her when she had suddenly stood up and headed towards him. He'd just about managed to pull his jeans up and head to the bathroom before she walked through the door. She'd seen him as he went in and had called to him as he finished what it was too late to stop. It had felt so good. Especially as she'd been stood outside the door at the time.

From that point, he'd been subjected to everything he'd ever dreamed of. His cock had remained hard for the rest of the day and evening. He'd been lucky that his wife hadn't noticed she would have assumed, correctly, that something was amiss. Although he doubted that she would even dream that he was hot for his own daughter.

She moved towards him. He was finding it so hard to keep looking at her. Urges pounded through him as his gaze was captured by her succulent bouncing heavy tits.

"Why don't you answer me daddy?......... why won't you look at me?"

Her fathers mouth had all but dried. He continued to watch as she came around the table and rested her slender fingers on his shoulders. She gently squeezed.

"Come on daddy, I know you want to use that big cock on me...... would you like me to suck it for you?........ I'm a good girl daddy.... I suck big cocks really well and I love to swallow cum.... Would you like me to swallow all your cum daddy? I bet you have loads of it...." Cindy all but breathed into his ear.

He closed his eyes and tried to keep the images that her words were creating from appearing in his brain. It wasn't happening. A low deep groan rumbled through his throat but it still didn't deter his determined sexy daughter from continuing her barrage of dirty talk.

"I sucked my headmaster off yesterday daddy......... his cock wasn't half as big as that monster you've got....... He didn't last very long...... nobody does...... as soon as they hit my throat they want to you think you'd last a long time daddy?....... Do you?........ Or would you want to cum really quick and fill me up with your man juice?"

Her father breathing had dropped to a rasp. Behind his eyelids his eyes bulged with a madness that he had never felt before. His fingers trembled and holding the glass was a near impossibility and he was forced to place it on the table as some spilled onto his fingers. This was his last stand, he knew that. It was turning out to be the most difficult thing he had ever done. His daughters soft voice was sounding alluringly in his ear and the temptation to act on his convictions was proving to be extremely difficult.

"I'm an expert daddy.......... you've never had anyone like me before...... I bet you thought mum was good in her day....... She was nothing like I am now....... I'll suck and fuck you all night....... don't you want to try me daddy?....... Just once..."

Cindy slender fingers continued to softly massage her fathers shoulders. She could feel the way his body trembled as she whispered those dirty thoughts in his already aroused mind. She knew he was near breaking point. The fact that the groan had now turned into a growl was a dead give away. Cindy right hand deftly undid two buttons on his shirt and slipped inside. Soon her long nails were manipulating his hardened nipples. Her tongue wetly licked the lobe of his ear as she continued her assault on his fevered mind.

"Do you like my ass daddy?.......... Lots of men do......... they always want to lick it and cum on it.... Would you like to do that to me daddy?...... I bet you would....I'll let you daddy......... don't think I won't..... or would you rather poke my ass.... Is that your thing daddy.... You want to fuck your daughters ass......... Hmmmm ..... That sounds really nasty........ Daddy wants to fuck his daughters ass."

Her fathers breathing was coming in heaving pants. He couldn't take this attack on his mind for very much longer. He'd always known his girl was a cocktease, but hadn't realised how good she was. He was finding out now. He wondered how she'd got these skills. Certainly not from her mother.

His thoughts stopped as Cindy's hand lowered slowly down his torso and her words began once again in his ear.

"Are you angry daddy?........ didn't you want me to know that you wanted me?...... I saw you looking at my naked cunt in the car daddy and I saw your big cock grow........ I wanted to suck you off there and then until your cum hit my throat...... I love cock cum daddy...please give me some.... Please...... you'll never be sorry..."

Her father stood up abruptly, catching Cindy unawares. She knew he was cracking but she hadn't anticipated the response. She stumbled backwards and looked at her father in real fear. He stared down at her. Even with her four inch heels on, he towered over her. For the first time she realised what a frighteningly big men he was and that there was no turning back now. He continued to stare at her as he said.

"I've always known what you are. I knew you were giving men your body to get what you wanted. But I chose to ignore it. Your mother's so dumb she actually believes you do all your studies and deserve your good marks. Me, I know exactly what you deserve and now your going to get it..... I hope you like it slut..... Because I've got lots to give you."

All the while he'd been talking and ogling her hot body, he'd been removing his belt. few a few seconds, Cindy had been afraid that he was going to lash her, it soon became apparent that wasn't his intention. She hardly heard his words as she watched his fingers as they undid the button and lowered his zip. He pushed his jeans down.

"Oh fuck daddy....... I just found out today that you had huge cock but I never imagined..... Christ!!... oh shit." Cindy almost wailed

He wasn't flattered by her words, he'd been told many times by many women that he had a huge cock and knew it for the truth it was. He didn't even consider her his daughter at this moment. She was hot pussy. A cocktease. The sexiest woman he knew. And he was going to fuck her to death no matter what. For so long he'd dreamed of this moment. Always a dream. Now it was here in true life. He was going to fuck her real good.

Cindy's father looked down on her. He could see the fear in her eyes, but it didn't move him. Not one inch. Her words from not two minutes before where still ringing in his head. The thoughts he'd been having for the past three years were imprinted in his mind and there was no turning back.

His right fist grabbed his throbbing tool and slowly rose up and down his length. Scanning the table, he scooped up the bottle of olive oil.

Cindy face fell as she finally dragged her cock hungry eyes away from him pumping fist a took in the olive oil bottle in his other hand.

"God... no daddy........ You can't be serious....... Your far too fucking big......Let me suck'll love it, I promise"

"Oh no....... you'll suck me later and more.... In fact I can't wait to get your hot lips around this hard cock... but you were right just now.... Your arse and tits are my thing and your fat ass has kept me hard for years and now its mine........... No more fucking around......... turn around slut."

Cindy stared in awe at her fathers big fist as it slowly rose up and down his length. She hesitated a little too long and was shocked as her father shouted his command.

"I said.... Fucking turn around."

The shout caught her unawares and she turned before she even knew she had. She felt her father move behind her and the her tiny skirt was lifted the final few inches revealing her gorgeous bubble butt to her horny father. She managed to look back over her shoulder as the sensation of the olive oil was poured onto her crack. She very nearly fainted as she saw how engorged her fathers cock had become. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this cock was going to do her some serious damage.

"Daddy, please....Don't do this..... Its too big...... your cocks too fat to go into my bum.... Please daddy...I'll do anything else you want.... Please don't hurt me."

"I'm not going to hurt you baby.... You'll see..... Lots of women think they can't take my big cock... but they always do."

Cindy could feel his finger as he massaged the oil into the skin around her puckered hole. And despite her fears, she could already feel her juices beginning to flow from her aroused pussy.

"You like this slut?.... You like your daddy's finger playing with your arse-hole?"

Beside herself, Cindy could only groan as she lifted her bum higher. She'd always loved men playing with her down there. She knew what men liked about her and soon discovered that her bum was a favourite. She'd spent many nights with different objects pleasing herself this way. For her own enjoyment and to make it easier to accept the hard cocks that were going to be pushed into it. She certainly hadn't foreseen a cock this size trying to enter her.

Her father leaned back and still circling her hole admired the sight of his glorious nineteen year old daughter. "She truly is magnificent." he thought to himself. "No man could ever resist her." Her legs looked incredibly long in her four inch heels and on top of them was the superb arse and he was going to have his way with it. "And best of all, she's a cock loving slut."

"From now on slutty daughter of mine, when you go out and have a sexual encounter, I want you to come back and tell me. And if your mother and brother are in you wait until you can. You understand me?....... I want to know everything." He ordered as his finger inserted into her rectum.

"Ooooooh fuck....... yes daddy.......... Anything..... Your finger feels Soooooooo fucking good." she answered as she pushed back on her daddy's hand.

"So start now, tell me how you got to suck that white headmasters cock."

"Do you really want to know daddy......... Do you really want to know how I sucked my sixty year old headmaster off in about one minute."

"Yes slut... tell me now."

"Ok....oh fuck yes... deeper daddy...... Mrs Williams sent me to his office because I was out of uniform........ Well not really out of it, it just wasn't regulation..... God, your finger is driving me fucking crazy....... I knew I'd be in trouble this time so I tried to turn it to my advantage...... shit, that feels fucking good......put another finger in daddy.... you'll have to get all of them in before you put that big cock in me........."

"Don't worry..... Your gonna get what's due you.... Tell me more."

"Hmmm.......... I love it..... On the way to the office I rolled my already short skirt up and then feeling really naughty I whipped my knickers off...... all the boys were looking at me daddy as I walked down the hallway... I could see that they all wanted to fuck me..... I like that daddy... I like making men want to fuck me. White men, black men, Chinese men, old men.... Anybody..... Oooooooo harder daddy....."

"Keep going slut."

"Gnnnnnnnn.......... When I got to the office.... Miss Driver ask me to take a seat.... For ten minutes I sat there with this white secretary eyeing me up and down..... I thought it was disgust in her eyes daddy.... It wasn't.... I was making her horny too...... when I realised this I kept opening my legs...... I then opened my blouse a little so she could see my huge tits..... She was squirming in her seat daddy.... Then she went away..... What do you think she was doing daddy?..... It was so funny when the headmaster, Mr Reynolds came out of his office and there was only me there showing off all my tits and legs...... oh fuck daddy that feels soooo good...... Hmmmmm!!!"

"Go on.... Then what happened."

"Mr Reynolds stood at his door for ages just looking at me.... He then asked my tits where Miss Driver was...... I told him I didn't know and he said I'd better come in...... he didn't move from the doorway daddy and I had to squeeze past him... I could feel his already hard old cock as it brushed my bum...... I was getting excited myself when I felt that.... He closed the door and I noticed straight away that he locked it...... he obviously fancied his chances with me...... he doesn't know me very well daddy... he only had to ask and I would of sorted him out. Still....Gnnnnn..Soo good.... I was happy to play his game.... I love games."

Her father slowly inserted a third finger and was slowly pushing and rolling it around inside her rectum. She pushed back even harder. With her left hand she reached around herself and grasping her left buttock pulled it apart.

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