tagBDSMCindy's Suspension

Cindy's Suspension


Cindy sat naked at the edge of the tub patiently waiting for the bath to fill. As the water reached the desired temperature, she leaned over and shut off the faucet.

Rick entered the bathroom holding Cindy's fleece lined leather wrist and ankle cuffs. "I want you smooth and clean tonight. I have a big surprise for you."

Cindy smiled at Rick. "Yes Sir," then slowly lowered herself into the hot bubble bath. She took her time washing and shaving her legs while glancing over at her restraints that Rick left laying on the floor.

It was Saturday night. Cindy knew that she had to be punished for what had transpired the other night, but what was it that Rick had in mind.

Last Wednesday, Rick slowly fingered her unrestrained body, teased her sweet clit with his tongue and ordered her not to cum. Cindy lost all control and accidentally kicked Rick in the process.

After carefully shaving her pussy, Cindy exited the tub and wrapped herself in the soft towel that awaited. She then sat on the toilet seat and began to buckle her wrist and ankle cuffs. Her mind wandered to her punishment. She had disappointed Rick before and He had pushed her threshold of pain and pleasure to unbelievable limits. Just the thought of her last punishment began to moisten her sweet lips.

Before Cindy knew it, twenty minutes had passed, and Rick was standing at the door. "Do you need a special invitation?"

"No Sir," Cindy whispered as she stood up.

Rick slowly removed the towel, "You won't be needing this."

He led Cindy downstairs to the center of the living room. She noticed three ropes attached to eye hooks on the ceiling beam each spaced approximately three feet apart. Under the center rope from the ceiling beam sat a padded barstool.

"Have a seat," Rick instructed. She carefully sat down as Rick attached her wrist cuffs together in front of her. Rick then hooked the end of the center rope to her wrist cuffs, pulled Cindy's arms above her head and secured it.

Rick then attached the right ankle cuff to the rope hanging from her right. He proceeded to do the same with the left cuff securing it to the rope on her left.

Gently, Rick pulled the two ropes equally, raising Cindy's ankles to chest level, and spreading her legs open wide. Rick tied off the ropes leaving Cindy unable to move and exposed.

Rick tapped gently on her little pussy and asked, "Are you going to kick me tonight?"

Cindy gasped. "No Sir."

Rick walked behind her, She could feel herself getting totally aroused at her helplessness. Rick placed a blindfold over Cindy's eyes, then gently kissed her softy.

"You are going to be a good little slave tonight, aren't you."

Cindy's heart was already racing with the anticipation of the unknown.

"Oh, Yes Sir."

Cindy was blindfolded, suspended and totally helpless as Rick checked her restraints. He was making sure that the cuffs were not cutting off her circulation. Cindy's body weight was supported by the thirty inch bar stool, but there was still a pull on the cuffs spreading her legs wide.

Rick knelt down in front of Cindy's Bar stool. She could feel His breath on her wetness, then His tongue as He gently parted her lips. She tried to move, but found herself helpless to His advances.

"Your pussy is wet already. I bet you want my cock inside you, huh?" "Mmmmm, Yes, Please." Cindy begged.

"You are going to have to beg harder than that." Rick said.

Rick grabbed the Ben Wa balls and one by one pushed them slowly, deep inside of Cindy's helpless body. Cindy moaned as she felt the cold steel balls being inserted.

Rick then inserted a vibrating egg as deep as he could reach with two fingers. Cindy gasp as He slowly withdrew his fingers.

As Rick turned on the egg, Cindy could feel the Ben Wa balls vibrating violently against the egg causing Cindy to squirm uncontrollably.

Rick tapped Cindy's clit lightly with His right hand, "You be a good little girl now."

Cindy heard Rick get up and leave the room, shutting the door behind him. Surely Rick wasn't going to leave her spread like this, she thought.

Being blindfolded, Cindy's other senses were working overtime. She could vaguely hear Rick in the other room . She could hear the egg getting louder and louder, the more wet she got. The vibration seemed to be more intense, and felt herself building inside.

Cindy jumped as she heard the door bell in the background. Who was it she thought. Cindy could hear voices, several, but who were they? Rick's deep voice and laughter stuck out among them, but there were too many to determine.

It sounded as though Rick was having a party in the next room as Cindy was suspended, spread wide with toys left in her pussy. This scared Cindy, yet, the thought of being caught in such a predicament also excited her.

Cindy could feel herself starting to cum. She squirmed and tightened her muscles around the egg as she started to kick. Without thinking, Cindy let out a loud moan. "Ohhhhhhhhh."

The door opened and Cindy heard Rick's voice, "Tell me that you just didn't cum without my permission?"

Cindy's body was still shaking along with her voice. "I couldn't help it.,,,,,, Sir."

Rick pulled on the cord to the egg and slowly started to remove it. "I guess you don't need this anymore to play with."

Cindy was relieved, yet gasped as Rick pulled it out slowly still vibrating. "You better lick your juices off this toy." Rick said, as he turned off the egg. Cindy opened her mouth as Rick let her taste her own sweet cum.

"Anybody else want to taste?" Rick asked.

Cindy was mortified as voices from around the room answered him. For a minute, she had forgotten about the people in the other room. Now, they were in front of her exposed helpless body, watching her every move, looking at her glistening shaven pussy.

Cindy's mind was going a million miles an hour. She was embarrassed, and humiliated. She had never been naked in front of two people at time, not alone a group.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard Rick's voice, "This is Cindy, and she is still in training. You see, she likes to kick and try to remove the toy when she nears orgasm."

Cindy was shocked to hear a woman's voice coming from in back of the room. "What toys do you have," she asked Rick.

Rick opened up the briefcase displaying over forty different toys from small vibes to plugs. The woman immediately grabbed the Rabbit vibe. "I have always wanted one of these, mind if I try it?"

Rick said, "Not at all, please do."

Cindy heard the vibrator turn on, and without any notice felt the head of the vibe being pushed inside of her.

"Oh my God," Cindy gasped and the woman turned on the rotating aspect of the rabbit.

"What a pretty little pussy," the woman said as she push the vibe all the way in.

Cindy felt the rabbit vibe brushing against the Ben Wa balls that were still deep inside. Her left nipple was squeezed hard as she heard Rick's voice. "Don't you cum until I tell you."

Cindy was unable to speak. She felt more hands on her body, touching her legs, pulling gently on her hair, touching her breasts, she was starting to lose control.

"Stop, stop.,,,,,,,,,,,Stop, Ricky, PLeeeeease?"

"Don't you cum," Rick ordered. "Fuck her harder, and don't you pull out that toy." Rick instructed the woman.

"Like this?" the woman asked grinding the rabbit vibe hard into Cindy's dripping pussy.

Cindy screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna cum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yes, Yes,,,,,,,,,, oh my God, fuck me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh."

Just then, Cindy let go, squirting as the woman pulled out the toy.

"Did I tell you to remove that toy?" Rick asked.

The woman replied, "Sorry Sir," and inserted the rabbit back hard into Cindy's shaking body.

"Please, Noooooo," Cindy begged.

"No?" Rick asked Cindy. "Hmmmm, Give me that toy."

Rick pulled the rabbit vibe slowly from Cindy's weak body, then instructed the woman kneeling in front of Cindy. "Get undressed. It seems no one can follow simple instructions around here."

Rick asked, "Does anybody feel that this slave needs to be punished?"

"Fuck, Yeah," said the man walking up behind the woman.

The woman slowly got undressed while all the other men in the room carefully watched her. She knew some of the men from before. There were four in the room, plus Rick. She had met Rick before at a local BDSM gathering and had fulfilled some of their fantasies together.

The woman, Becky, pulled her panties down slowly showing off her neatly trimmed bush. She stood there naked in front of all the men.

Cindy could only imagine what was happening. Her embarrassment and humiliation was over. There was nothing left for them to see.

Rick turned to Becky. "I want you to kneel down again in front of Cindy." "Yes Sir," Becky said softly as she got on all fours.

"Here Bob," Rick said as he threw him a leather whip.

"Okay Cindy, I am going to give you permission, this time, to cum. In fact, I highly recommend it. Becky is going to eat your little pussy, and until you cum on her face, Bob is going to punish Becky with a whip across her bare bottom."

"Sir?' Cindy asked.

"Make her cum, slave." Rick instructed Becky.

Becky began to lick Cindy's lips as Bob lay the first of many across Becky's lashings across her bare bottom.

Becky cried out and licked Cindy faster and faster paying close attention to her swollen clit.

Cindy had never had a lesbian encounter before, but she had fantasized about it. Now, this woman's soft tongue was darting in and out of her as she was forced to eat her pussy.

Cindy moaned as she could feel the pain through Becky. The sound of Becky's ass being whipped for her gratification excited her.

"That's it," Rick said as he touched Cindy softly. "Cum on her face."

Cindy again felt herself starting to build to orgasm. She was helplessly suspended as this woman she had never seen was forced to lick her pussy as the men looked on.

"I'm coming,,,, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Lick her faster bitch," Bob said as the whip landed again across Becky's reddened ass.

"That's it, Yes, Yes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yes. Ahhh, Oh God.,,,,, Yeesssss!" "I'm gonna cum! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ahhhh." Cindy shook violently as Becky continued to lap up her juices.

Rick praised both Cindy and Becky. "Good girls, you should both be rewarded."

Cindy hung there, totally exhausted when she heard Rick's voice., "Well, so much for foreplay. I bet you want a stiff cock ramming that little pussy now, don't you?"

Cindy felt Rick's hand tapping her pussy. "Ricky,, Ow,,,,,,,,,,,,Sir?"

"Who here thinks they can make this slave cum again?" Rick asked. There came a deep voice from the back of the room. "Let me part those lips."

Cindy squirmed, "Sir?"

Rick assured her, "I'm right here next to you."

chapter 3

Cindy gasped as the stranger plunged is eight inch monster deep into her. "Oowwwwww." Over and over, she felt herself being spread wider. The Ben Wa balls were still deep inside vibrating against one another and the hands of the other strangers groped her helpless body.

Rick assured her, "I'm right here."

His voice comforted her as the stranger continued to pound her. Cindy felt herself starting to cum again as the man pulled out and shot his load onto her stomach.

"Next," Rick said.

Cindy couldn't believe what was happening. She had discussed her fantasy one time with Rick about being gang banged, but never really thought that it would happen.

Again, Cindy felt her wet lips being parted. "Ohhhh," she gasp.

Cindy felt the hands of the men all over body, but one was different. It was Becky's gentle hands exploring her softness. Becky gently rubbed Cindy's little clit," Does this feel good?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Yes,,,,,,," Cindy exclaimed.

Cindy heard a groan from the man, then felt his hot jism shoot across her body. She was relieved for a second until she heard Bob's voice, "I'll make her cum."

Bob took his cock and gently tapped it on Cindy's tender clit, "What a pretty pussy." as he slid his manhood slowly into her.

"Oh my God," Cindy cried out.

Cindy could feel the soft lips of Becky licking and kissing her firm breasts. Becky began to erratically start gasping and moaning. Cindy could only imagine that Becky was being taken from behind.

"Fuck." Bob cried out, then squirted his load over Cindy.

Cindy heard Becky cry out as she collapsed on Cindy's body.

Cindy was weak with exhaustion. She had been forced to orgasm again and again, then fucked over and over as others watched on.

Rick gently kissed Cindy, "Help me get her down."

Cindy could feel the support of everyone slowly removing her restraints and lowering her arms and legs. Cindy just sat there, weak, too tired to even remove the blindfold, or too scared to see the people who just shared her helpless body.

She felt the warmth of a washcloth as Becky washed the cum from her body.

Rick helped Cindy's weak body from the stool, " I want you to get down on all fours for me."

Cindy shook from her weakness, but was still glad to be no longer suspended. She did as Rick told her, slowly.

"I want you to eat Becky's pussy, like she ate you, understand?"

"Yes Sir," Cindy said with a shaky voice.

Becky positioned herself in front of Cindy spreading her legs wide. Cindy tasted Becky's wet pussy for the first time. She had never tasted any others but her own. She loved the taste and began licking faster, enjoying Becky's softness.

She could hear Becky moan as she explored her wetness.

"That's it," Rick said as he touched Cindy's dripping pussy. Cindy could feel his hands exploring her ass, then her forbidden hole.

"No," Cindy begged.,,, "Ooooooh, Mmmmmm"

Cindy could feel Rick's finger sliding gently in and out of her tight little ass hole. "Keep licking," Rick ordered.

"Owwwwww," Cindy cried as she could feel the warmth of Rick's cock sliding into her ass.

Cindy tried to keep satisfying Becky, but the pressure of Rick deep inside of her was overwhelming.

Cindy could hear Becky sucking and sometimes gagging as she imagined that Becky was sucking one of the men that surrounded them.

"Eat her," Rick ordered as he took Cindy all the way.

"Owww, Ohhhhh,,,,,,,, yes, yes , Mmmmmmm." Cindy moaned.

Cindy could feel herself starting to cum. She licked Becky's clit faster and faster as she felt herself building deep inside.

Becky's gasps were muffled as she took as much of this man's meat as she could handle.

Cindy could sense that Becky was close by the thrusting and her muffled cries.

"Cum for me," Rick said to Cindy as he rammed his manhood deep into her.

"Ohhh, Yesssss, Cindy shouted.

Becky arched her back, "Yes, yes yes, mmmmmmm,oooo" then pulled away from Cindy as she came.

The sounds of Becky letting go, her sweet perfume filling the air, and the taste that lingered on her lips was too much for Cindy to handle. "I'm gonna cum,,,,,,,,, Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes, Ahhhhhhh."

"That's my girl," Rick said as he emptied his load onto Cindy's right ass cheek.

Cindy quivered, then collapsed on the floor totally exhausted. She could hear commotion around her, it sounded like people getting dressed. Cindy just lay there, still blindfolded and wearing her cuffs.

Cindy felt the hands of the strangers reassuring her that everything was alright. Becky gently kissed Cindy on the top of the head, "Thank-you."

Cindy moaned, then drifted off until she heard the door close. There was complete silence in the house once again. The strangers had left.

She felt the comfort of Rick's arms around her, lifting her up, then carrying her off to bed. She felt safe in his arms, but then she knew as long as he was close, she would always be safe.

As Rick gently lay her in the warm waterbed, he whispered softly, "Goodnight sweetness."

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