tagMatureCindy's Young Dream Stud Ch. 01

Cindy's Young Dream Stud Ch. 01


As Cindy sat sipping on her Martini at the bar, her mind wandered. It wandered to the same place it always seemed to be wandering of late; to her romance novels and the sinfully delicious sex that she so desperately craved. At 41 Cindy had had her share of sexual partners, but none of them had ever been like the men in her novels. Strong and virile, gorgeous -- the epitome of an Adonis. Cindy was a beautiful woman, a big beautiful woman to be exact. Standing 5'2", she had long blonde hair, piercing green eyes, soft full lips and a luscious set of 44D breasts that regardless of what type of blouse she wore seemed to leave a foot long canyon of cleavage between her fleshy mountains. They seemed to be a magnet, drawing men's eyes to her. But it was the rest of her that had taken a bit of work. After a miserable marriage and divorce Cindy ballooned up to 190lbs. But over the last six months, she had shed a good majority of that and more importantly had toned her body to an extent she had never known. She finally felt good about herself and the way she looked. She had womanly curves and a slightly exaggerated hourglass figure.

But, here she was; 41 years old and alone. She did have her novels though. And she had her wonderful assortment of toys. Both of which aided her vivid imagination in fueling her nightly masturbatory sessions. She giggled slightly as she took bite of one of the three olives she preferred with her martini. Wondering what anyone might think if they happed to see her in her bed at night. Soft jazz playing in the background as she pulled on her big excited nipples, moaning loudly and incoherently as she thrust an oversized dildo in and out of the sopping pussy. Wildly fucking herself the way, in her imagination, her strong lover would. A deep, passionate, almost savage, pounding.

"Can I get you another one, Ma'am?"

The young bartender's voice had pulled Cindy from her little dream. She looked at the man, a puzzled look on her face, but she smiled warmly and nodded. "Yes, please".

He smiled knowingly. "Expecting someone else?" Cindy stammers, momentarily unable to formulate a reply. "Sabrina just left. Shift change. Anyway she transferred you over to me. I hope you don't mind." A cool, confident grin spreads across his face.

Cindy looked at the young man before her. She felt almost light headed and giddy. "Oh, not at all. Not at all." Doing her best to give him a sexy, flirty return.

"Coming right up."

As he turned to mix her drink, Cindy began to immediately size him up. Six foot, three, maybe 195 perfectly proportioned pounds. Wispy brown hair and golden hazel eyes. A strong, chiseled all American jaw and that smile. 'Oh damn, that smile.' She thought to herself.

In no time, the young man had returned with Cindy's new drink and placed it before her. "One Stoli Martini, and extra dirty is how the lady likes it, I believe." That smug smile again. He leaned up against the bar and held up a toothpick with three olives, before ceremoniously easing it into Cindy glass. "And of course, three, big, juicy olives as well." 'Oh, damn, he is good.' Cindy thought. 'He might only be 22 or 23 but he certainly knows what he is doing.'

Extending his hand, "I'm Trevor".


"A pleasure to meet you, Cindy. Let me know if get you anything else right now."

"Oh, I will, Trevor. I will."

As Trevor turned to check on the other patrons at the bar, Cindy's eyes followed his body. Starting at his broad shoulders, and down. Down to those insanely sculpted arms that seemed just a tad to big for his work shirt. Down his back. 'The perfect "V"' Cindy mused. And finally to his ass. It looked tight, hard, and exquisitely accentuated in his black slacks. In her mind, Cindy was already dragging her nails over his flesh, urging her young stallion to fuck her harder. HARDER. He was a centaur and she was his captive. His sinewy body rippling with masculine power as he ravagely violently, over and over.

"Hey girl." Another voice brought Cindy from her sinful dreamworld. Lexi, Cindy's best friend and new boss, had come to meet her for a cocktail after closing down her business for the day.

On cue, Trevor appeared and took Lexi's order. He returned almost immediately as the two women chatted about the day and how Cindy was enjoying the new salon job. But Cindy's eyes kept following the young stud. A fact that did not go without notice by Lexi. "Gorgeous, isn't he?"

"Oh, you have no idea, what wicked thoughts have been coursing through my mind."

"You might be surprised." Lexi offered, herself now eyeing Trevor as if he were a prized stallion at a horse auction.

The minutes seemed to turn into hours as the two women chatted. As the bar became less busy, Trevor spent more time plying the two with drinks and flirty smiles and innuendo laced banter. The women ate it up. And so did Trevor. Even though he had he share of hot little young sluts, almost nightly, he had always enjoyed attention. And the attention of these two horny older women excited him and his ego. His cock had been in a slightly excited state most of the night. Thick, heavy the way he loved feeling it. And Cindy's big tits, full red lips and increasingly naughty talk had his own mind going into overdrive.

They stayed almost to closing time. Both a little tipsy and horny as fuck, but responsible thought prevailed and they began to settle up with Trevor. Just then Lexi had an idea.

"Trevor, here, take my card. I just opened up a new salon and spa down the street. We cater to men and women. Here...." She began scribbling on the back of the card. Cindy felt pangs of jealously towards her friend as she looked on.

"Come by anytime. We'd love to treat you to a facial, massage, anything that your gorgeous young body might desire. And Cindy, here is the best. I am sure you would love what her hands could do to you. I know I do."

Cindy's heart jumped. Her mind racing at the thought of touching every incredible inch of this young god.

"Wow. Thanks. That would be great. I haven't ever really had a professional massage before."

Lexi smiled, "Oh, honey, you will love it. Trust me."

The three said their farewells and the two women made their way out of the bar.

"You're welcome!" Lexi laughed. "I thought you were going to start drooling on the bar looking at that hot boy."

"Mmmm so did I. And thank you. Do you think he'll actually come in?"

"Cindy, the way he was eyeing your big tits, I wouldn't be surprised to see in on the doorstep when we open in the morning."

That night, Cindy laid in bed. Her mind was filled with depraved images of Trevor, her Centaur. His big, thick young cock swaying powerfully before her. His body towering over her like a conquering God.

This required two toys. Two big, thick, fleshy dildos. Lost in her dream, Cindy rubbed one of the big cocks all over her face, slobbering and moaning shamelessly as she plunged the other in and out of her cunt. She was practically raping herself. Her pussy spasmed and convulsed with every motion, her juices saturating her sheets. A thick layer of cuntal foam coated the big rubber prick. Until finally, in a gut wrenching orgasm, she yanked the huge fake cock from her cunt, a fountain of juices erupted from her, spraying in a lewd display of sexual satisfaction.

Cindy drifted off to sleep, surrounded by the soiled implements of her pleasure.

The next day at work was uneventful. No Trevor. Until the receptionist called Cindy, letting her know she had a phone call.

"Hello. This is Cindy."

"Hi, Cindy. This is Trevor. From Fusion last night."

"Yes, of course, Trevor. How are you, hon?"

"I'm good. I'm real good. Listen I was calling to take you guys up on the massage thing if that's still cool."

"Absolutely. When would you like to come in?"

"Would tomorrow be okay, or are you busy?"

"No, tomorrow would be great. I have an opening at 4:00, would that work for you?"

"Yeah, that would be good. I can still go to the gym before I come in." Cindy's mind immediately imagining her young man working out. Sweaty and rippling with masculine power.

"Perfect, I can't wait."

"Uh, Cindy, this is kind of a dumb question, but I have never really had a real massage before. Do I need to do anything?"

"Oh, you darling, boy, not a thing. You just come in and let Miss Cindy take good care of you okay, honey?"

Trevor felt his thick cock respond to "Miss Cindy" as he reached down to squeeze his big bulge through his sweats.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll see you at four."

As she hung up the phone, Cindy licked her lips, imagining the thrill of running her hands all over Trevor's hot, muscular body. Her pussy tingled hotly, her nipples swelling with excitement. "Mmmm, Thank you, Lexi."

The next morning, Cindy awoke with a special purpose. Today she was going to seduce a strapping young stud and he was going to love it. She would have to dress for the occasion of course.

Her attire today would be sexy and yet professional; nothing too ridiculous. As she selected her garments she did so with an excitement she hadn't felt in years. She felt naughty, dirty, sexy, and she loved it. She felt alive. The first thing she selected was an elegant, lace shelf bra that would make her already large breasts seem simply monstruous. Raising them up and mashing them together decadently. Next came her stockings. Black, Cuban heeled thigh highs and of course a sexy garter belt to support them. A sheer black pair of panties would complete her undergarments. Now, for her outerwear, she opted for a pleated black skirt and a crisp white blouse. Both of which would be hidden under her coat but they still said -- "I am a sexy woman." At work, Cindy was nervous and antsy like a sophomore going to the junior prom. Lexi, finally pulled her aside.

"Cindy, honey, get a grip. You are a woman. A mature, sexy, seductive woman. Trust me. That boy is the one who should be nervous. And, you know what, I bet he is too."

Cindy smiled warmly at her friend. "Thanks, Lex. I needed that." Lexi just winked and walked off.

Four o'clock finally arrived. Cindy was readying the room for her next appointment. She looked at the clock and briefly felt disappointment. Had he forgotten? Did he change his mind? Then a voice over the intercom. "Cindy, your four o'clock is here."

Cindy felt alive. Again her instinctive wickedness came rising up to the surface. "Yes. I am a woman. I do know what I want, and I do know how to get it." she said to the woman in the mirror." She reached into her pocket and pulled out her lipstick. She applied a thick coat, moistening them completely. Bright red, they contrasted with her light features perfectly. The rest of her makeup, she decided was ideal. She had deliberately put on a little more eye makeup today, dark eyeliner to draw out a smoky allure. In all, she had a bit of a retro look to her. A little femme fatale. Perfect.

When she walked into the reception area she saw Trevor. He was standing there nervously. Dressed in a tight tee shirt and loosely fitting sweat pants.

"I am so sorry, Cindy. I got a little carried away at the gym and lost track of time. Then my stupid cell phone is dead and I couldn't call. I didn't even have time for a shower, so, I am sorry, I just figured I would come by and let you know and maybe we could reschedule. I am so sorry."

Cindy took him by the arm, and instantly felt the firm hardness of him. 'Oh this is going to be heaven.' She thought.

"Don't be silly, Trevor. You just come on back here and don't worry about that at all." Leading him down one of the dim hallways, she leaned into him. "Women like their men all hot and sweaty, honey." She closed her eyes and inhaled. "Smells so masculine. I love it."

Trevor could feel the weight of his thick meat increasing with every word from this woman. The he was hoping that he wouldn't get too excited during his massage and get a huge hardon. 'This woman is a professional. What would she think if I pop a big ole hard on in the middle of my massage?' He thought nervously, and then, smirking... 'She'll think,. "oh Trevor, what a big cock you have.'' The thought put him a little at ease as Cindy led him into the dark room. It smelled nice, a warm blend of powder and tropical fruits. Soft melodic music played in the background.

"Now, honey, you just go on and get undressed. I will give you a couple of minutes. When you're done, just crawl up under the sheets there. We're going to start on your back, so just lie face down. Okay?"

"Okay." Trevor closed the door behind Cindy and began stripping off his workout clothes. Once down to his briefs, he paused. Looking at himself in the mirror, he smiled. "Briefs or no briefs?" He weighed it carefully. "Briefs. Don't want to freak her out, in case that's not the protocol here." With his tight briefs still in place, he crawled under the sheet, surprised to find that the bed itself was warm. Heated from below like a giant heating pad. As he settled in, his mind began to wander -- off to Cindy's big tits, her hands sliding all over his body. His cock began to thicken in the tight confines of his tiny briefs. He didn't even hear Cindy come back in until he felt her hot breath in his ear.

"Are you ready for this, Tiger?" Her fingertips grazing the firm flesh on his shoulders. Her words, as much as her touch and her hot sensuous breath, excited her young client.

"Mmmm, yes, Ma'am, I really am."

"Good boy. Now you just relax and let Momma take care of her big boy."

Trevor moaned. His cock was beginning to extend itself, filling with passion induced blood.

Cindy smiled to herself and deftly undid one the top button of her blouse. Her big tits seem to swell instinctively, rising to the occasion.

She massaged a warm oil into her palms and began to work on Trevor's big shoulders. Her hands were strong, yet so delicate. Her every action seemed to elicit a moan from her prey. 'This is working.' She reassured herself as she moved onto his arms, deliberating letting her big tits graze and sway over his body. She continued, working her way down each arm, down his beautiful back. Her hands lovingly caressing a young God, wanting so desperately to pleasure him. Hoping that if she succeeded, he would return the favor and give her what she craved with an insane lust.

Fifteen minutes into the massage Cindy had worked her way down the broad "V" of Trevor's back and was now easing the sheet covering his lower extremities down. Her fingers brushed the top of his briefs and she smiled to herself, biting her lower lip in anticipation.

"You didn't need to keep these on, Trevor." She whispered hotly. Her breasts slid over his back as she leaned over him. Her fingers teased at the waistband. "You're not shy are you, Trevor?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Good. Then let's do this right, shall we?" Cindy delicately pulled the sheet off of Trevor, exposing his whole body to her. She drank in the vision before her. A young tanned man lay before her. Only a tiny pair of Calvin Klein briefs remained. She stared at his ass in wonderment. 'Perfect.' She thought. 'Tight, firm, gorgeous.' Moving to the end of the table, she allowed her thighs to brush against Trevor's foot. Under her skirt, she knew he could feel the tops of her stockings, the sexy garter holding them in place, and perhaps even a hint of her thigh. Her cunt was on fire. The crotch of her flimsy panties was soaked, stuck to her drooling sex. Slowly she ran her fingers up Trevor's legs, taking her time to enjoy every moment. As she ran her fingers over his taut ass cheeks, Cindy quivered, knowing she was about to completely disrobe the dream boy before her. A low moan from Trevor, signaled he too, was ready. Seconds, later she leaned up, again over Trevor's body, her big tits, now almost out of her blouse, slid over his back as she whispered into his ear.

"Just relax, honey."

Trevor's cock was throbbing with excitement. This wonderful, buxom, obviously horny older woman was about to strip him nude.

Cindy's fingers again found the waistband of his briefs. She held her breath as she began to peel them down slowly, savoring the tease that was affecting them both. Inch by inch, she bared his athletic bottom. Then moving her hands to the side of his thighs, she continued to pull his underwear off. Trevor lifted himself slightly to accommodate her efforts. As he did, he felt his cock being pulled down, down between his thighs along with his briefs. Cindy let out a soft gasp when she saw her prize. Two smooth shaven, yet thoroughly bloated balls and a slab of cock flesh that seemed as thick and meaty as any she had ever dreamed of.

Regaining her composure, Cindy resumed her 'professional' massage. Starting at his feet and working her way up each leg she took her time to enjoy herself as much as Trevor seemed to. His thighs were sculpted like the rest of him; Strong and muscular. Her eyes fell back onto his thick young cock. The head was flared and puffy. A steady stream of precum seemed to drool from his wide piss slit. As her fingers slid along this inside of his thigh, she felt him tense slightly. She continued to knead his warm flesh working ever closer that that magnificent cock, until finally her fingers grazed the length of his swollen shaft. Another low moan from Trevor and Cindy continued to work his upper, inner thigh. The back tops of her fingers and her knuckles grazing his big cock repeatedly. When both legs were done, she again moved along the table. Cindy was beside him now, her body leaning, her breasts grazing as she began to work both of his strong ass cheeks in her hands. Her eyes never wandering from the sight of his throbbing fuck meat as her fingers toyed and teased his taut cheeks, occasionally her nails softly scratching against his oversized ball sac.

Cindy undid another button. Her tits were now virtually out of her blouse. Her nipples were painfully hard. Thick and swollen like rubbery wine corks trapped beneath her lace bra. She leaned into Trevor's ear and whispered to him again in that hot, smoky voice. "Turn over, handsome. Time to work on your front."

Trevor was in a euphoric, lusty daze. He didn't even think about the huge erection he had, he simply obeyed Cindy's soft command and rolled over onto his back. It wasn't until he felt the weight of his big log that he realized how exposed he was. It was too late. Cindy had looked down briefly to pump more oil into her palms but let out an audible gasp when she looked back at him.

"I'm sorry, I, I guess, I was enjoying this a little too much. Wanna put the sheet back over me."

"Oh, honey, not on your life, young man." She leaned down again, her big breasts swaying over Trevor's face. Her hands slid over his muscular arms playfully. Cindy's eyes surveyed his big young prick. It was thick, oh God it was thick. It looked to be about ten inches long and wonderfully thick. It reared up, arcing up over his navel by a good two inches. It throbbed and pulsed with each beat of his heart. The plump knob continued oozing gooey precum which was now smeared over his rock hard abs. A tiny patch of dark pubic hair capped the base of his meaty trunk. His balls were tight and looked like a flesh colored baseball beneath his big stalk.

"It looks like my big boy likes the way Momma's fingers feel on his strong young body."

"Mmmm god, yes. It feels incredible."

"It's only going to get better."

Trevor's cock surged, throbbing obscenely. Cindy's panties were useless. Her pussy was drooling fuck fluids down her inner thighs. She had never been so excited, so sexually charged and turned on. But she somehow was able to keep her composure and remain in charge.

Trevor was beside himself with lust. His cock continued to pulse, bigger and harder than he could ever remember it being. Cindy worked his shoulders with her delicate fingers. Her body and mind rippled with an almost intoxicated fog. Between his now almost constant moaning, Trevor gazed up through half closed eyes at the pendulous tits swaying sinfully close to his face. His senses were overwhelmed.

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