tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCinema Ravagement

Cinema Ravagement

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction, and depicts non-consensual sex. In real life, non-consensual sex is illegal and immoral, and not condoned by the author.


It was dusk as Linda exited her car and walked across the theater parking lot. The temperature was warm enough that Linda didn't need the button sweater that she wore over her scooping sleeveless top, but she wore it because the theaters could sometimes be too cool. Strolling towards the theater entrance, Linda heard a whistle to her right, and out of the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of a group of scruffy looking teens smoking cigarettes on the sidewalk.

At aged forty-three and a mom and wife, Linda wasn't expecting the whistles to be directed at her. The tall brunette was attractive enough and busty, but her figure wasn't what it had been before she bore children, and so attracting unwanted attention was an extremely rare occurrence in her safe suburban world. But when she heard the crude "Nice tits, mama!" coming from the group, and seeing nobody else around, she glanced down to notice that the breeze had caused her unbuttoned sweater to fall to the sides, and her tight white top scooped low and clung to her size 40D bra. While Linda had taken the time to do her makeup and fix her hair, she considered her trip to the movies a casual affair and thought her top and her beige skirt over bare legs comfortable but not enticing. But now as she walked briskly, she had this feeling that perhaps her large mature breasts were jiggling and her rear end might be moving a little too much under the tight skirt.

Feeling flush from the fresh boys, Linda pretended not to notice their crude comments and looked straight ahead as she passed by them. She entered the theater, and got in line at the ticket booth. Going to the theater alone wasn't something that Linda did often, but on a boring weeknight, going to see a romance movie that nobody else in her family was interested in was a rare time out alone.

Linda tried to calm down and speak in a normal tone of voice when buying her ticket. At least the ticket booth was inside, so nobody there would have seen the teens embarrassing her, she hoped.

After paying for her ticket and entering the lobby, Linda saw the group of boys enter the theater and buy tickets. She now stood to the side and took a minute to inspect the boys who had directed the catcalls at her.

There were five of them. They appeared to be in their late teens, eighteen to nineteen, Linda surmised. Two black, two white and one Hispanic. They were dressed scruffy and their hair was greasy and unkempt. She would turn them away if they came to her door and asked for her daughter, Linda thought. At least, she felt, that they wouldn't be watching the same romance movie as Linda was going to see.

But Linda could feel them watching her from across the near-empty lobby. They even seemed to be following her down the hall to the theater entrances. Finally they stopped in front of the entrance of a 'B" action movie. But they stalled long enough to watch Linda enter the double doors of the opposite theater.

The theater was dark. The previews had just started to play. There were other patrons scattered among the middle rows. Linda climbed the steps, and entered the empty next-to-top row and sat alone in the middle of the row. The nearest person was four rows ahead. At least she shouldn't be bothered by other people's noise.

Linda now relaxed and tried to forget about the "hoodlums" from the parking lot. The opening credits started, and she recognized the names of a few of the stars. She came to watch the movie, but what she would never tell her husband nor anybody else was that she was also hoping for a few "romance" scenes featuring the young stars. Linda was a conservative woman and faithful wife, but she couldn't help it if a love scene featuring a good looking actor got her juices flowing a little.

Several minutes into the film, Linda saw more people entering the theater. Oh, no! It was the "hoodlums!" Why were they in this theater?

The gang climbed the steps to Linda's right, and seemed to be looking around the audience. Maybe they were looking for someone else in their group, Linda hoped. But soon they seemed to spot her sitting alone, double stepped it up until they got to the top, and filed in. Four of them went down the last row, and sat directly behind Linda. The fifth boy, a big tall black teen, walked down the row that Linda was in, and sat down right next to her.

Linda froze for a moment, not knowing what to do. But when she heard the tall black teen to her right whisper "hi," and glanced over and saw him looking right at her face, she started to grab her purse from the seat to her left.

But the Hispanic teen climbed over the seats from the row behind her, and sat in the seat to her left, blocking her exit. She sat, leaning forward, and sighed. Linda was a little fearful, but for now mostly irritated. She whispered, "excuse me", and started to stand up. But the black teen to her right grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back down into her seat. And the Hispanic teen to her left also held her back against her seat. In the flickering light, she could see the black teen holding a long switchblade knife. To her left, the Hispanic had pulled a handgun out of his waistband.

Linda gasped, but the black teen whispered, "Shh," in her ear, and held the knife up closer. Linda froze, now completely petrified, her heart pounding.

For a moment, Linda and the teens surrounding her were silent and still. A song was playing loudly on the soundtrack, likely drowning out any commotion that her and these hoods were making. Nobody down in the lower seats seemed to be paying them any attention. The black teen let go of her arm. His knife was in his right hand resting on his lap. Linda tried to control her breathing, and wondered what they wanted with her.

Then the black teen placed his left hand on her right thigh, over her skirt. Slowly, he slid it down to her knee, then back up, under her skirt.

Linda put her right hand on the big black hand and pushed it away. Immediately, his knife rose up to her neck. When Linda froze, he whispered, "If you do that again, I'll hurt you bad, mama."

Linda held her breath and froze. The hand returned to her knee. This time, when the big calloused hand moved up her thigh and under her skirt, she didn't move.

Linda felt something bump her left shoulder. She looked over, and the Hispanic teen had his arms crossed, and was rubbing the back of his left hand on her upper arm. Then he slowly slid his hand over and pressed the back of his fingers over her left breast. She felt the knuckles glide along her tight top and unpadded bra.

Back to her right, the hand was working further up her right thigh, pushing back her skirt as it rose. It briefly stopped at mid-thigh, then continued up, sliding further to the inside of her thigh.

On her right, the Hispanic teen pressed away at her left breast. Linda let out an involuntary and nearly-inaudible whimper. But she didn't move and made no effort of defense against the offending hand. With no complaint from Linda, the Hispanic turned his hand over, and slid his left palm over her left breast.

All of the teens' movements were slow and silent, and didn't seem to draw any attention from the other theater patrons. The Hispanic slowly cupped and lifted her breast. Linda's bra had no padding, and so it was just her thin top and the flimsy piece of fabric of her bra cup between her breast and the teen hand on it. He squeezed and kneaded her left breast. His index finger found her nipple, which was now hard and poking through Linda's top.

The black hand had pushed Linda's skirt up higher and squeezed her fleshy upper thigh. Then the petrified wife felt his little pinky graze her crotch over her panties. The dark hand pulled on Linda's right thigh, and then pushed her left knee away, forcing Linda to spread her legs wider. Linda could now look down and see her pink cotton panty crotch exposed, and felt the big hand slide over it. The hand rubbed slowly, his arm barely moving.

Linda then felt a hand touch her right shoulder. It came from the other black teen sitting behind her and to her right. Slowly and silently, the hand slid down her shoulder, and over her right breast over her top.

Linda felt helpless and overwhelmed by the two hands fondling her breasts and the hand that was rubbing her crotch over her hot moist panties. She stared straight ahead, as if nothing was wrong, fearful that another patron would notice what was happening. But why? On one hand, Linda desperately needed someone to intervene - she wanted to scream out herself. But fearful of what the teens might do, Linda silently sat, hoping the dirty boys would simply stop their lewd groping and go away.

The hand from above on Linda's right breast now began to slide inside of her scooping top, and felt her up inside of her shirt, over her bra. Shortly it was sliding right inside the bra itself. Linda's thin white cotton bra was no match for the big black hand invading it, and the hand easily slid inside and grabbed the top of her bare breast, all the way down to her erect nipple. The middle fingers toyed with her nipple, sending shivers through the mature woman.

The Hispanic hand on Linda's left breast started to tug down on her scooping top. The fabric gave a momentary defense, but then the top was pulled down all the way past her bra cup, exposing the white bra. Then the hand slowly pulled down on the right cup itself. This time Linda was pulled slightly to her left by the effort, and then the hand pulled her left breast out of the cup, and rested it on her chest.

The hand in Linda's right bra cup followed the Hispanic teen's lead, and slowly pulled down on the bra, and soon Linda's matronly right breast fell out of its cup. Linda now sat back in her chair with both of her breasts fully exposed, resting on her scooping top and cup.

Linda's mature 40D breasts were pale and round, and her nipple still pointed straight out. Her areolas were large and dark, and her fat nipples were erect and pointed out. Both hands clutched her bare breasts, and squeezed and kneaded them, tugging on her nipples.

The black teen on her right slid his left hand into the side of Linda's panty crotch. His whole palm cupped her hair-covered pussy mound and rubbed it slowly but firmly. Linda squirmed in her seat, moving her crotch back and forth slightly, but kept her movements slow and silent.

Linda felt the Hispanic teen's face press into her left cheek, the dry lips sliding over to her mouth. Linda stared forward, not turning away, as the lips pressed onto hers. The Hispanic hand briefly left her tit and took her chin, turning Linda's face left, to meet the lips that were kissing hers. Linda silently resisted, keeping her lips closed as the Hispanic mouth swallowed hers like a fish. She felt his tongue sliding along the outside of her lips. Finally she was forced to open her mouth for air, and the tongue quickly darted inside of her mouth. "Give me your tongue, Mama," the Hispanic teen whispered, and Linda obeyed, sticking her tongue out until it met the young man's darting tongue.

While the Hispanic teen French kissed Linda, his hand returned to her left breast. As Linda made out with the Hispanic teen, and having both of her breasts fondled, she felt the black teen's middle finger part her pubic hair and slide along her slippery slit. It began to worm its way between her labia and inside of her pussy lips. The finger, noticeably larger than Linda's husband's, slipped inside her and slowly slid in and out. Linda moaned inside of the Hispanic mouth that engulfed her mouth.

The Hispanic teen removed his tongue from Linda's mouth and his hand from her breast. Linda glanced over and watched him fumbling with his fly. He opened his pants, and not wearing any underwear, he easily pulled his cock out of his pants. It was already hard, and the young Hispanic took Linda's left hand and placed it on his cock. At first Linda thought that perhaps the Latin unit looked longer than Linda's husband's because of the teen's small wiry frame, but she realized that it even felt much larger. Linda gripped the cock limply for a moment, but when the Hispanic grabbed her hand and moved it up and down, Linda took the hint and gripped it firmly, and slowly stroked it up and down. She felt her hand touch his pubic hair when she stroked down, but when she stroked up she realized that the lad was uncircumcised, something that Linda had never experienced before.

Instead of returning his mouth to Linda's, the Hispanic planted his lips on Linda's exposed left breast. He licked along her cleavage, then along the top, and then worked down until he found her erect nipple, and suckled on it like he was one of Linda's children. Linda shivered and slid down in her seat so her exposed breasts would be less noticeable to the other patrons.

The black teen to her right moved his face towards Linda. Again Linda stared straight ahead and tried to ignore him, but he grabbed her face and turned her head towards his. His thick lips fell upon hers, and for the first time in her life the mature white woman was making out with a black man. His tongue flitted over hers in a similar rhythm as the Hispanic teen's tongue flitting her nipple.

While she helplessly made out with the black teen, Linda looked back at the two white and one black teens sitting in the row directly behind her. They were all leaning forward, keeping an eye out for detection, but they were also looking down at her exposed breasts, and each seemed to be reaching around and over her to get whatever feels they could. In the flickering light, these eighteen and nineteen-year-olds looked so menacing, but so young.

The black teen to Linda's right stopped kissing her. He slid his finger out of her pussy, and he began to pull her panties down her hips. At first Linda resisted, practically being pulled off of her seat, but surrendered, and lifted her butt off the seat and allowed the pink panties to slide down her thighs, She put her knees together to allow the teen to pull her panties down her calves and over her shoes and off. Then the black teen opened his pants, and pulled his cock out from his boxer shorts. He took Linda's right hand and placed it on the jet black cock. Linda obediently wrapped her pale fingers around it and stroked up and down.

The Hispanic teen had a cock bigger than Linda's husband, but the black teen's fat throbbing dick was WAY bigger, longer and thicker than anything the admittedly inexperienced wife had even seen. It was so dark it was almost purple, and had veins in it that reminded her of a large black dildo she once saw in a magazine.

Linda felt the air blow on her exposed pussy. Her skirt was hiked up nearly to her waist, and she was aware that the three teens behind her could see her brown hair-covered pussy mound. Then the black teen put his hand on the pussy, this time the left hand. The dripping-wet mature pussy easily allowed two and then three long fingers to slide in deeply. Linda thrust her hips out to meet the digits, and she involuntarily spread her long bare mature thighs wide, her knees pressing against the teens on either side.

The black teen leaned over and suctioned his lips onto Linda's right breast. Linda now had two large throbbing cocks in her palms, three long fingers in her pussy, and a tongue and a pair of lips on each of her large breasts. The black teen in the back row moved his hand down her cheek, and slid his index finger along her lips. Linda opened her mouth, and he slid the finger inside. Linda didn't know what he wanted done with it, but Linda began to suck and lick it like it was a tongue, and that seemed to make him content.

When the Hispanic teen to her left slid his hand up her left thigh and down her pubic hair and found her swollen clit, Linda immediately lost control, jiggling and gyrating in her chair. She started to grunt, but the teen whose finger was in her mouth covered her mouth with his whole hand. Linda's eyes rolled up into the back of her head, and she had a long delirious orgasm.

Linda laid back limp as her orgasm subsided. But the dirty teens weren't done with Linda. When the black teen on her right removed his fingers from Linda's pussy to wrap both hands around her right breast while still suckling her nipple (yes, Linda thought, my breasts are that big that two large hands and a mouth will fit on one breast), the Hispanic on her left grabbed her left knee, and threw it over the arm rest. With Linda's pussy now spread wider and her torso slightly turned left, the Hispanic boy lowered his head and burrowed it between her bare thighs. His mouth found her pussy, and he licked through her long curly pubic hairs until he found her smooth pussy lips.

While Linda looked down and watched the Hispanic teen eat her pussy, she looked back at the two white teens behind her staring at her exposed bobbling left breast, the saliva on it glistening in the light. Both lads reached around her shoulder and grabbed her tit flesh firmly and tugged on her nipple. Linda looked up at the screen. The good looking "young" actor, who was probably thirty-three compared to Linda's forty-three, was in bed with the leading lady. Linda realized that she was being ravaged by a group of men fifteen years younger than the actor she came to watch.

Linda was re-energized from her orgasm by the tongue licking her pussy and her clit, the large black teen licking and squeezing her right breast, and the faces of the three teens behind her taking their turns with her left breast. And then there was the big black penis that she was still stroking with her right hand. She had released the Hispanic teen's cock when he went down on her. And soon he wanted it given attention again.

The Hispanic teen sat up, Linda's juices covering his mouth and chin. Then he grabbed Linda by the hair, and pulled her down. He pushed her head down onto his lap. Linda tried to pull up, but when he pulled her hair tighter she surrendered once again, and lowered her mouth down onto the dark un-circumcised teen cock.

Linda bobbed her head up and down below the level of the chair backs. The dull spike slid up and down into her mouth, and she went down as far as she could without choking. The Hispanic seemed satisfied enough by the job that she was doing that he sat back with one arm up on the chair back to his left, his other hand combing his fingers through her long brown hair.

With her torso turned towards her left, her right butt cheek was up off of her chair. She felt the black teen's hand slide along the outside of her bare right thigh, and squeeze her round bare mature butt cheek. Then he found her butthole, and tickled it with his index finger. Soon he was trying to work his finger inside of her butt. NOBODY but Linda's doctor had ever inserted anything in her asshole before, certainly not for sexual purposes. But the black teen was doing it now, and he was quickly in to the first knuckle. Linda knew there was no use trying to discourage him. She simply tried to relax her muscles to allow the finger in with the least amount of friction and pain, as she continued to suck on the cock in her mouth.

Before she knew it, the mature wife and mother realized that she was aroused by the finger that was wiggling in her asshole. She breathed heavier with the cock in her mouth. She could no longer see the movie nor the audience, so she didn't even try to worry about whether anybody was watching her depravity.

The black teen fingering her slid his right knee down onto the floor. Linda couldn't completely see him, but he now seemed to have let his seat fold up and was kneeling on the floor. Then the Hispanic pulled her head up off his cock. He also quietly and slowly folded up his chair and knelt on the floor facing her, his pants still down and his cock still out. The black teen now put his hands on her hips, and moved her down onto the floor. There wasn't enough room, until she turned enough that her seat folded up. The arm rests still stuck out into the row, but with all three of their chairs folded, they could all kneel on the floor.

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