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Barbara and Susie stood in the back of the theatre and let their eyes adjust to the darkness. It was difficult to see anything except the images on the movie screen which showed a pretty blonde sucking a huge cock. The two mid 30 year old women held hands as they watched the porn actress give a great blow job. Once their eyes adjusted they could see the seats and made their way down the aisle. This was not their first time at the x-rated theatre and they had had some erotic encounters on their previous visits.

They still remembered their very first visit to the theatre. Barb and Susie had sat in the middle of the back row and within minutes they had two guys sitting next to them. The guys exposed themselves and stroked their cocks into hardness. Barb and Susie stared at the impressive cocks and then let their hands be guided to them. They jerked the guys off as the guys fingered their pussies. Barb and Susie had worn short skirts so it was easy for the guys to get to their cunts. Their panties were pushed to the side baring their pussies and the guys fingered them to multiple orgasms. Barb and Susie also masturbated the two men until they ejaculated and coated the women's hands with their discharge.

Things had gotten wilder on subsequent visits where they were both fucked and both sucked on cocks. Now as they searched the theatre for any familiar faces they were approached by Dan and Steve, two guys who had fucked them before. The two younger men smiled at the women and told them to follow them. Barb and Susie followed the two studs up to the balcony section of the theatre where they ignored the Balcony Closed sign. The four of them stepped over the chain holding the sign and entered the balcony area. Barbara and Susie were in for a day they would not soon forget.


It was the winter of 1976. Barbara and Susie were roommates sharing a two bedroom apartment. On a Saturday afternoon in the third week of January the two women went to the theatre to see their first ever porn movie. Cabin fever was beginning to set in so Barbara suggested going out to the movies. There was a movie theatre in one of the strip malls in suburban Chicago that was now showing x-rated movies. Both women were curious about how explicit the movies were and what type of people went there.

Barb and Susie were somewhat adventurous and experienced sexually. They had brought their New Year's Eve dates back to the apartment and had raw sex in their own bedrooms. Susie could hear Barbara yelling out for her date to fuck her in the ass and not to be outdone Susie did the same thing. That was three weeks ago and the women were getting itchy for some more action.

Barbara and Susie were not beautiful women but they were attractive and very fit. Barbara had blue eyes and blonde hair that covered her neck. She was 5'6" tall and weighed about 125 pounds. She had medium breasts with nice legs and a killer ass. Susie was also 5'6" tall with longer brown hair and she weighed about 120 pounds. She too had medium sized breasts with nice legs and a curvy ass. The two of them worked out at the same fitness center and they were religious about their aerobic class. Barbara at 36 years and Susie at 35 years looked great.

That Saturday afternoon there was a wintery mix and it was a day to stay inside. The women had gone shopping and then Barbara talked Susie into going to the movie theatre. Both of them wore mini skirts, thigh high hose and leather boots under their winter coats. Barbara was the more assertive of the two and she convinced Susie to go to the x-rated movie.

"Barb, I'm nervous about this. I hear that perverts go to these movies," Susie cautioned.

"Oh come on, what can happen? We can always leave if things get weird but we will never know unless we try," Barb replied.

Reluctantly Susie agreed and the two of them entered the theatre. The guy selling tickets checked them out and gave them a sinister grin when he handed them the tickets. He made Susie nervous but Barb just snickered at him. The two women went in and they stopped just inside the entrance as it was difficult to see. The theatre was dark except for the movie playing on the screen. The two of them were patient and let their eyes adjust before locating a seat.

As their eyes adjusted they noticed that there were a number of men scattered throughout and only a couple of them sitting together. There were also a few couples there which surprised them. Barb noticed that there was no one in the last row so she steered Susie over to the seats in the middle. Susie was fixated on the screen as she moved to the seats as there was a pretty blonde sucking on a huge cock. The women had never seen porn before and they were surprised by the explicit sex. They both gasped when the guy in the movie ejaculated and shot his load all over the blonde's face. The guy came in buckets drenching the blonde's face and then the blonde took the cock back on her mouth and sucked it dry.

As the two of them watched the movie they found that it was a turn on. There were twosomes, threesomes and even one foursome where the woman took on three cocks at the same time. Barb leaned over to Susie and whispered, "I'd like to try that some time."

Susie whispered back, "You are shameless."

It was a double feature and the next movie even had an orgy scene with six guys and six women. As Barb and Susie watched the movie two young guys moved toward them from separate aisles. One guy sat next to Barb and the other next to Susie. If the women wanted to leave they would have to go past one of the men. The two guys were younger than Barb and Susie. They looked straight ahead and didn't make any moves on the women initially.

Eventually the guy next to Barb freed his cock from his pants and began masturbating. Barb looked at the impressive cock and she liked what she saw. Her eyes were on his cock now and not on the movie. The guy subtly moved his hand to Barb's thigh and let it slide along her hose stroking her inner thigh. Barb subconsciously moved her legs apart and the guy's hand slipped under her skirt. She gasped out loud when the hand touch her bare skin above the elastic top of her hose. Susie turned her head toward Barb when she heard the gasp.

The guy then took Barb's hand and placed it on his cock. Susie stared in disbelief as her roommate began masturbating a perfect stranger in a public place. Then the guy moved Barb's panties to the side and bared her vulva. His finger wormed their way into Barb's pussy and the two of them masturbated each other. Susie was mesmerized by the action next to her but then she checked out the guy next to her. He too had freed his cock and was stroking it.

Susie stared at the big cock next to her and watched the guy jerk off. He reached for her hand and for some reason she allowed him to move it to his cock. Her hand didn't fit around the thick dick but she began to stroke him. Susie would have never done that if Barb had not initiated the action. Then the guy next to Susie moved his hand to her thigh and within minutes he was fingering her pussy.

Barb and Susie were excited beyond their expectations as they were fingered to multiple orgasms. They both had to muffle their cries with their free arm when they climaxed. Then the guy next to Barb ejaculated and shot a good sized load coating her hand in semen. The guy next to Susie followed and her hand too was drenched in male seed. As the two women wiped their hands clean the two guys calmly put their cocks away and lefty their seats.

Barb and Susie rearranged their panties and Barb whispered, "Let's get out of here that's enough for today."

The two women got up and worked their way back to the aisle. Along the way Barb stopped and pointed out two guys to Susie. One guy was sucking the other guy's cock. Susie whispered to Barb, "I told you there were perverts in here."

Barb just chuckled and then they left the theatre. They considered stopping for a drink but the weather was bad so they got in their car and drove home. Once back in the apartment they shared a bottle of wine and talked about their experience. They both agreed that it was strange but fun. Barb liked jerking a stranger off in a public place and Susie had to admit it was a turn on. They were both also pleased that they guys were young and not bad looking with nice cocks.


A week later the two girls found themselves back in the theater. It was another cold wintery day but at least it wasn't snowing. They followed the same routine and once their eyes adjusted they sat in the back row. It wasn't long before two guys sat next to them and freed their cocks. The women took the initiative this time and took a hold of the two cocks. Then the one guy whispered to Barb, "You and your friend come with us."

The two women followed the guys to seats on the side on the theatre and sat in a row that had no seats directly in front of them. The two guys freed their cocks again and the women took them in their hands. The guys moved quickly and they soon had their fingers in Barb's and Susie's pussies. The guys next surprised the women when they got out of their seats and knelt before them. Barb and Susie were shocked when the guys reached under their mini skirt to remove their panties. However they went along with it and spread their legs so the two guys could eat their pussies.

Susie was extremely worried that they would be discovered and she kept looking around to see if anyone was watching them. Barb on the other hand was into it and she was close to cumming. Susie also felt her loins stir with the onslaught of another orgasm. The two women were moaning as they drenched the guy's faces. Susie felt a pair of hand on her breasts and she looked at Barb who by then also had a guy rubbing her tits. Two more guys had moved to the seat behind them and they had reached over to fondle the women's tits through their clothes.

The guys eating pussy then told Susie and Barb to turn around and kneel down on the seat. The women were too far into it to refuse so they did as they were asked. They came face to face with the two exposed cocks of the guys who fondled their tits. The guys behind them then pushed their cocks in to the wet cunts of them two women while the guys facing them encouraged the women to suck their cocks. Too far gone to care at this point, Barb and Susie took the cocks in their mouths as they were fucked from behind.

Barb and Susie were as turned on by the risk as they were by the big dicks in them. They got carried away and gave the guys first class blow jobs with their pussies stuffed with cock. The four guys did not last long and the women felt their pussies and mouths filled with semen. The guys seemed to cum forever and the two women swallowed as rapidly as they could. Their pussies were filled to overflowing and they could feel the semen trickling down their inner thighs.

Just like that the guys removed their cocks straightened up their clothes and disappeared. Barb and Susie composed themselves and located their panties. They arranged themselves the best they could and left the theatre. Their panties were soaked with strangers cum. As they walled up the aisle they got looks from a number of men. They also saw some gay guys sucking cock again. Susie and Barb made a bee line for their car and locked the doors as they sat in it waiting for it to heat up.

"That was incredible. That was the widest thing that I have ever done. Could you believe the cocks on those guys," Barb exclaimed.

"I have to admit it was pretty wild," Susie sighed.

"Maybe we should have stayed longer," Barb chuckled.

"I don't think so. Although I'm sure that we would have had plenty of company. Besides remember that we have dates tonight," Susie reminded.

"Oh shit, that's right, let's get home and get cleaned up," Barb added.

The two women went home and they both took hot baths and douched their pussies thoroughly. The dates that night were okay and even the sex was alright but Barb kept thinking about the excitement of having sex in the theatre. She was already ready looking forward to a return visit. Susie too compared the sex in her bedroom to that in the theatre and decided that she liked the risk factor.


Barb and Susie had visited the move theatre every week since that Saturday in January. They had sex every time and each time they got a little bolder. The previous week they were almost naked kneeling on the seats sucking cock and getting fucked from behind. Their mini skirts were pushed up around their waists and the panties had been removed. Their blouses were open and their bras were pushed down under their tits. The guys getting their cocks sucked fondled the women's tits and tweaked their erect nipples. As soon as the guys fucking them came in their pussies, Barb and Susie were greeted by two more guys.

This time the guys behind them put two very well lubed cocks in the women's asses. It was not the first time Barb and Susie were butt fucked but it was the first time in a public place. It was also the first time that they had a twosome when they had anal sex. The two guys in their mouths released their loads and then they were replaced by two more guys. On that Saturday the previous week, Barb and Susie had four cocks cum in their mouth, two cum in their pussies and two cum in their asses. The two guys who had fucked them in the ass introduced themselves as Dan and Steve. It was the first time that Barb and Susie knew the names of anyone they had sex with in the theatre. Dan and Steve told the women that they would be there the following week.

Barb and Susie were anxious to return to the theatre and the men there were also anxious for their return. Barb and Susie had become well known and it was understood that they were only interested in the younger virile guys. When they returned the next week they remained in the back of the theatre until Dan and Steve approached them. "Come with us," Dan whispered.

Dan led them up to the balcony section where Barb and Susie had gone in all of their trips to the theatre. They ascended six short flights of stairs before they reached the balcony level. Barb saw the sign stretched across the entrance that read Balcony Closed. "Oh it's closed," she murmured with some disappointment.

"Don't pay attention to that," Steve said as he stepped over the chain and told the others to follow him.

The women followed the guys into the balcony section and as they entered they saw a number of people engaged in sex acts. Upon closer inspection the women realized that all of them were men having sex. Guys were sucking and fucking each other and some guys were sucking while they got fucked.

"Ignore them, we're going down front," Dan whispered.

The four of them went to the front row in the balcony with no seats in front of them. Dan and Steve sat next to each other and they had Barb and Susie sit along side them. The other seats next to the women were not vacant for long. Two other men joined them and soon Barb and Susie had a cock in each hand and Dan and Steve fingered their pussies. Suddenly more men moved into the row behind them and both Barb and Susie had two sets of hands fondling their breasts. Within minutes their blouses were opened and their bras pushed down below their tits. The men behind them fondled their tits and gently pinched their rock hard nipples. All the while Barb and Susie were jerking two guys off and having their pussies fingered.

The unknown men sitting next to them moved in front and removed the women's panties. Then they pushed the mini skirts up and began eating their pussies. The guys were good and they located Barb's and Susie's g-spots quickly with their fingers. Barb and Susie were on fire and when Barb tilted her head back a stiff cock brushed her lips. She turned her head slightly and took the big dick in her mouth. When Susie saw what Barb did she looked behind her and saw a cock waiting for her mouth. Susie turned her head and gobbled up the inviting cock.

After several minutes of having their pussies licked, sucking on cocks and masturbating Dan and Steve, Barb and Susie were told to mount Dan and Steve. Barb straddled Dan and lowered her pussy onto his cock and Susie did the same with Steve. Then the four cocks were waved in the women's faces and they took turns sucking them. They would suck one cock for a few minutes and then the other as they bobbed up and down on the stiff dicks in their pussies. Barb and Susie were really into it and they were lost in the lust of the moment.

The women felt slippery fingers worming their way onto their anus and they knew what was next. Barb thought back to the one movie when the actress took on three big cocks at the same time and she realized that she would now have the same experience. The men who had been eating their pussies earlier now eased their cocks into Barb's and Susie's assholes. The two women were stuffed with cock and they had never ever been so full. Barb was sure that she had at least two feet of cock in her with a fourth cock in her hand waiting for its turn in her mouth. Susie never thought that she would experience what Barb had dreamed of but here she was with three cocks in her and a fourth in her hand.

The men were getting close to cumming and the two women sensed it. By then Barb and Susie had orgasmed several times and they felt like they would keep cumming forever. The guy in Barb's mouth came first and filled her mouth with his seed. The first forceful shots hit the back of her throat but she handled it and kept sucking on the spurting cock. Once she had sucked him dry he pulled out and the guy next to him stuck his cock in Barb's mouth. Susie experienced simultaneous ejaculations as the guy in her mouth and the guy in her ass came at the same time. The feeling was incredible particularly with her pussy still stuffed with cock.

As the women sucked on their second cocks they saw the orgy going on in the seats above them. There were some cute gay guys getting fucked while they sucked on the cocks of some big guys. The gay orgy added to the excitement in the balcony. Barb and Susie turned their attention back to the cocks in their mouths and then Barb felt the guy in her ass shoot a big load into her rectum. Steve and Dan had not cum yet but they were close. The cock in Barb's mouth was the next to shoot followed by the one in Susie's mouth.

Dan and Steve were the next to cum and they flooded the women's pussies with their loads. Dan told Barb to keep fucking him as he managed to stay hard. Steve also remained hard and Susie delighted in her clit rubbing along the stiff shaft. More men arrived and put their cocks into the women's asses and mouths. The orgy seemed to go on forever and Barb and Susie seemed to cum forever. It finally ended and all the men disappeared leaving the partially clad women in the seats.

It took awhile for Barb and Susie to recover and then they shamelessly walked out of the balcony part naked, carrying their clothes in their hands. They entered the ladies room at the balcony level and washed up the best they could before putting their panties back on and arranging their disheveled clothes. Then they left the theater calmly as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day.

On the ride back to their apartment the women both agreed that they needed to take a break from the theatre crowd and give their bodies a rest. It was three weeks before they decided to return to the theatre and they were shocked to see it closed. There was a yellow police tape across the doors and a sign read, "Closed until Further Notice." Barb and Susie assumed that the place had been raided and busted for illicit sexual activity. They realized that they had dodged a bullet and they could only imagine what might have happened if they had been caught in the raid.

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