The soft thatch of fur topping the blonde's pussy tickled Cin's nose. Her boobs were digging into the ground, her nipples scraping over dirt and twigs sending signals of pleasure and pain to the hybrid's brain.

The sounds and scents of sex filled the air.

'We're rutting in the forest, like animals. Dirty, horny animals.' The thought was as delicious as Beverly. Cin's essence blazed with climax, shared unashamed with the blonde her mouth was still firmly attached too. Her upper lip flicked Bev's clit.

"Yesssss!" her friend cried out as her juices wetted Cin's lips. Her hips lifted off the ground while her hands hit the dirt, clawed at it as she kept her balance. Her firm thighs closed around the raven haired's head.


Bliss erupted from Bev, Cin could sense the blonde's orgasm illuminate her essence even with her eyes closed. She extracted her tongue, but continued to nuzzle her friend's pussy as the thighs trapping Cin there relaxed again.

For a few drawn out moments more, there was only this.

But all too soon, the future intruded. 'She'll come down soon,' Cin considered as she brushed her lips over Bev's outer lips eliciting a delighted murmur from her friend. 'This isn't a solution. Beverly will try to leave again as soon as her head clears and then...' She saw it now. Even if she carried her friend back to the cabin now, guarded her night and day, they couldn't stay here. They'd have to go back to their lives. The chances for Beverly to leave were too many too count.

'I'm going to lose her.'

'No!' rang through her soul. 'She's Mine!' Bev needed to stay, with her. There had to be a way.

'And... there is,' it came to her. Her creator had intended her to be more than an anchor. She was supposed to be his tool too, one that could make other tools. And that capability, that instinct, was still there.

Something stiff and sharp started to poke out from her tongue, the solution to her problem. Backing off a little Cin held out her tongue to see what was going on and watched as a stinger of white bone emerge from just under its tip. Like before with her eyes, Cin could feel her essence accumulate into it.

A sudden movement drew her attention back to Beverly, who was looking back at her. Cin could see it in her eyes, she was about to run again. She didn't say a word, but struck. Bev yelped and pushed herself away from her friend but the stinger had already deposited its load. The deed was done.

The blonde continued to scramble backwards, but Cin remained where she was and watched fascinated as the poison spread from where she'd hit Beverly. Just above her pussy, it had felt appropriate. 'But it's not poison, it's-it's... a seed. Yes, that's the word. A little piece of me, growing inside of her. And all those fine, silvery hairs spreading out are roots.'

And the reason Cin could see the seed through skin and flesh was that it wasn't actually a real thing. Like herself, the seed fell between two worlds occupying a place that was neither physical nor mental. Its effects, however, were felt in both realms.


Beverly couldn't see the seed, only the small puncture wound Cin's stinger had left behind. But she could feel it. Feel icy threads burn their way through her body, entangling her spine as they went up. Dirt clung to her profusely sweating body as she lay there helpless, sapped of her strength by whatever poison her friend had injected her with.

All she could do was stare up at the trees and the stars peeking through, waiting, shivering, feeling. "Cindy, please... What did you do? What's happening?" No answer came, the forest remained quiet while the invasion continued.

As Bev laid there, she started to notice something. The threads hummed. At first it was faint, easily drowned out by her own frantic heartbeat. But as the threads grew, so did the sound. From a faint buzz it swelled to a murmur, distracting Beverly from the threads encroaching on her chest.

Her attention turned inward, her predicament forgotten in her fascination for the sound. 'It's not just noise,' Bev decided listening intently. 'There's rhythm there. But it's so hard to make out, I need more.'

As if responding to her desire, the threads went through a growth spurt reaching her neck in half the time it should have taken them. If they were still cold, the blonde didn't notice it. The hum, now spreading outward into her own cells, consumed her senses.

Beverly's eyes fluttered. "Hmmmm," she hummed along. "Ooooh." There was a definitely a melody there. She didn't just hear it, she felt it. Her whole body sang it now, from the steady beat of her heart to the buzz of her clit. And still, it felt like there was more. That she wasn't hearing everything. And she wanted to, she had to.

She didn't notice the threads reaching her brains, all she heard now was the song as Bev finally realized there were words too. Not words you could speak, that you could wrap your tongue or mind around. But words they were, beautiful words that brought tears to her eyes.

They made her forget her worries, her fears. They paled next to the Song, she paled. Compared to the words, what were her own thoughts but irritating interruptions of the Song? 'Nothing.'

So she quieted her mind, emptied it to make more room for the Song.

Her eyes rolled up as she gurgled happily. She was an empty vessel for the Song, filled with it from head to toe. And under the light of the Song, truth blossomed

'Cin's.' The Song said it, and the Song was her. 'Cin's.' Think it, believe it. 'I am Cin's.' Heat shot up and down her spine, igniting fireworks in her pussy and her head. Her body started to listen to her again so Cin's could do what she wanted to do. Her hands slid over her skin, spreading moist earth over her tummy, her flanks, and then her breasts.

She was getting dirty, but that was good too. Cin would like it, Cin's was sure. So Cin's showed Her how hot and dirty she was for Cin, spreading her legs, pulling them apart. Cool air kissed her melting pussy.

The Song approved.

"Beverly," a wondrous voice sang out. It reminded her of something. A lesser truth. She was Cin's and she was Beverly. The Song receded to the back of her mind, leaving it clear enough to hear the source. "Tell me," She compelled after Beverly made eye-contact with Her.

"Cin's," Beverly cooed. 'Cin's,' her body hummed in tune.

The warm approval in Her eyes laved her. Beverly sank back into the Song.


Turning her head up into the spray, Cin felt the water droplets land on her face making her sensitive lips tingle. The water gathered into shallow streams that cascaded down her body. They caressed her voluminous tits, slid over her flat tummy, before they mingled with her juices. And Beverly was eagerly lapping up the mixture.

Unable to resist temptation, Cin looked down to watch her friend at work. The delight Bev took in her task was obvious. Her eyes, her essence, shone brilliantly with it. The hand busily at work between the blonde's own legs was a nice indicator as well.

'I bet she won't mind an extra "hand",' came the impish thought. Not bothering to warn her, Cin elongated her tail a tad while rolling up the tip so it would fit easier.

She first gave her Mark the slightest of caresses, Bev's eyes rolling up as bliss rolled from the silver symbol in waves. It marked the spot where Cin had stung her back in the woods. At some point between that and their return to the cabin some of her essence had leaked out to form a silver symbol in Bev's skin.

Cin recognized the language as being from the other place. A simplified glyph that roughly translated as "Mine". 'And she is,' came the happy thought.

Her tail crept further down, slipping past Bev's fingers to slide into her slick sex with little resistance.

The raven haired hybrid felt Bev's muscles contract around her tail, pulling it deeper. Her friend's eyes glazed over as the tail's arrowhead-shaped tip uncurled inside her, gently stroking her in time with the blonde's tongue.

Twisting her nipples, Cin orgasmed and tugged Beverly over the edge with her. "Ah, fuck! Yes!" The blonde's cries were just as loud, but muffled by Cin's sex.

Breathing heavily, Cin slowly extracted her tail. 'Hmmm, what about another round?' Beverly shivered, still kneeling on the tiles looking up into her eyes. 'On second thought, better not. The water's cold, and while I'm not affected Beverly is.'

"That was great, Bev." Her friend beamed at that, her right hand tentatively slid up Cin's thigh in a silent invitation. Cin shook her head. "No, I think we should get you dried off and warmed up. So stand up and get us some towels," she ordered as her tail turned off the water.

"Thanks," the blonde said before rising up and stepping out of the shower to get them those towels. "And I'm not talking about shutting off the cold shower," her friend told her as Cin followed her out. "If it weren't for you, I'd be on my way home right now instead of here."

"I want you to be happy."

"And I am," Bev confirmed holding up a towel that she proceeded to use on Cin. "I'm happy, satisfied, and already hot for you again." Her breath hitched at that, the towel continuing to rub Cin's butt even after it was dry. "You turned me into a total lesbo," she breathed. The blonde sounded eager.

Taking Bev's hands in her own, she pulled them around so that the towel now covered her stomach. The rest of her friend closed what little distance had been between them, her soft tits pressing against Cin's back while her hot pussy undid the work Bev had done drying that spot off.

"You'll find that your preference is a lot more specific than that," Cin whispered looking in the mirror to meet her friend's gaze. Her hands led Bev's up her body, the soft towel rubbing the hard nubs capping her breasts. "This is what you want."

"Yes," Bev agreed wholeheartedly. Her eyes roamed over Cin's form while her hands slowly dried off the hybrid's impressive assets. Beverly's head started to dip so she could nuzzle her back when a frown stopped her. "Uhm, Cin, what about when we go home. People will notice you... and what about me, I live in another part of town. There might be days where I won't see you!"

Genuine panic grated at Cin's senses, apparently too much for her seed to sooth. So she gave it a hand. "Shhh, it's alright." She patted her friend's thigh. "Everything's going to be fine."

Looking herself over in the mirror, she had to admit Beverly had a point. 'I can't go to the supermarket or my job looking like this. I need to look more like my old self.' Once again, her body responded to her desire. Cin saw and felt it ripple, her tail wounding itself around her left leg before melting into it.

Her chest deflated, though her breasts were still more substantial than they'd been a few days ago, and her heels lowered themselves to the floor. Her feet, sporting five toes again, felt more comfortable that way.

Looking back from the mirror was a human woman with long, pitch-black hair, the only thing left over from her true form. The rest looked like an idealized version of Cinderella Mason, but a recognizable one. "See," she told Bev after turning around, "problem solved. And as for you," Cin went on with her hands taking a firm hold of the blonde's butt. "You aren't leaving me," the raven-haired woman promised before sealing it with a hungry kiss. "You're mine," Cin whispered.

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