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Circle Jerk


Start with half a dozen well-hung young men. Add a well-preserved middle-aged woman who happens to be their mother. Throw away all her inhibitions...and what do you have?

A very complex familial situation, let me tell you. But not a bad one. Not a bad one at all...


I tripped over said situation quite by accident on a surprise visit home on my mother's 45h birthday. I can't blame them for not being careful; after all, I'd already told Mom I wouldn't be able to make it home this time. What I had intended as a surprise was a surprise indeed...but I was really the one who was surprised.

Let me set this situation up for you, okay? My mother is what doctors call a double-ovulator. My Dad (rest his soul) used to say that women like her should have "D.O." tattooed on their foreheads so that men interested in them would know what they were in for. My mother got pregnant four times in rapid succession before having her tubes tied, and three times she gave birth to twins: my brother Janus and I (Jessica, the only girl), Jack and Justin, Jeremy (our singleton) and Josh and Jacob, the youngest at 18. Don't get me started about all the J names, okay?

The bus stop was a less than a block away, so I was approaching my Mom's house, toting my suitcase, when I heard a tremendous splash and the trill of laughter from the backyard. Moving quietly, I peered through a crack between the boards of the back fence just as Justin crowed, "Man, Janus, you should have seen your face!" and laughed outrageously. I could see two of my bothers treading water in the swimming pool, the younger grinning for all he was worth. "I thought you were gonna explode when you ca --"

"Keep it down, sprat!" Janus overrode him. He splashed water at our younger brother. In a lower voice, "You want everyone in the neighborhood to know what's going on?"

Still grinning, Justin shook his head no. He started to say something, but just then one of my other brothers, probably Jack, shouted to them, "Come on, guys, it's almost your turn again!"

With that, they perked up and swam to the edge of the pool. When they got out, I was a little surprised: they were both stark naked! We never swam naked in Mom's pool. There was a rule. Then I got the shock of my life when my twin reached out and grabbed Justin's penis. "This puny little thing gonna be ready in time?" When he let it go, Justin was a tad less flaccid that he's been before.

"Puny, ha!" said irrepressible Justin, in what to him was a quiet voice. "That's not what Mom says!"

Well, I just about fell over. When I could breathe again, I decided I had to know exactly what was going on...though I already had a pretty good idea. Leaving my suitcase behind, I punched in the combination and slipped through the back gate, even as I heard Justin call, "Hey Mom! Ready for the next installment of your birthday present?"

I thought I understood, in a vague way, what must have happened. A month or so before, Janus had called me at school, sounding very uncomfortable, and told me that he thought something was wrong with Mom. She'd slipped and hit her head about a week before -- I'd come to see her in the hospital while they kept her for observation overnight -- and while the doctors said she was fine, Janus told me that her behavior since had been...strange. She acted much more clingy and loving when they were around, and the younger twins, who were still living at home, said she had been disappearing into her room for hours at a time. Jacob said it sound like was crying or something in there.

When I heard from him again a few days later, he said Mom was fine, nothing to worry about. He even sounded cautiously happy, which is unusual for dour Janus.

I hid in the bushes next to the gate when I heard the sliding glass door to the family room slide open, and my youngest brothers, Josh and Jacob (never Jake) came tripping out. They too were nude, and covered with a sheen of sweat, their fair hair plastered down on their foreheads. They looked irrepressibly cute, and both dove into the deep end of the pool without saying a word. When they came up, gasping for air, Jacob looked at Josh and said, "Dunno if I can take much more."

"Night's young," his twin said. They always talked to each other this way, in abbreviated short sentences.

"Glad it's not just us." Josh dove, and I got a nice view of his tight butt. I had to admit, I felt a little twinge in my belly. I'd had a few masturbatory fantasies about some of the boys (tell me a girl with brothers who hasn't), but I'd never really considered them in a sexual way. When Josh came back up, he slicked back his hair and said, "What's the record?"

Jacob, who was floating on his back, replied, "Everyone but Jermy. Three holes, two hands..."

"Poor Jermy Sixth Wheel!"

The boys laughed as the back door opened and, with a splash, the very object of their derision dived in. When he came up, he punched Josh on the shoulder and said, "Suck my dick, baby brother. I get extras all next week."

Josh looked at him archly. "Oh, I'll suck it all right. But you're gonna have to wait until I recover from all this."

I couldn't believe my ever-lovin' ears. What the hell was going on around here? I realized I was rubbing my crotch unconsciously, and very quietly tugged down my zipper so I could get better access. Just about then, Jeremy smacked Jacob on the head and murmured -- so low I almost couldn't hear him -- "Better get your hards on, kiddos, you're just about up."

"Already!" Jacob moaned good-naturedly, but he and Josh made their way out of the pool...and I could see that their cocks were already reaching for the sky. The disappeared into the family room, sliding the door shut behind them.

After splashing around for a minute, Jeremy called out, "You can come out now, Jess. They'll keep her busy for a while."

I took a deep breath, zipped up, and stood up. "How'd you know?" I said, peering at him. It was starting to get a little dark, and the back porch lights were still off.

"Gate was open. It was closed and locked an hour ago. You're the only one besides us with the combo, and the rest of us are...busy. Q.E.D."

"Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you," I said shakily, as I plopped down on a chaise lounge. He pulled up out of the water and sat down on the side of the pool, and I tried to ignore his trim and very masculine body as he looked me over. As far as I could see, none of my brothers had anything to be ashamed of. "So?" I prompted.

"Soooo," he drawled, taking in my disheveled appearance, "Mom's a nympho now. And she prefers to keep it in the family." He flashed me a grin. "Not that any of us are complaining, mind."


"Long story," he said, and I noticed it wasn't the only long thing around here. I glanced away toward the back door.

"No worries," he laughed, "Jack just got started on her, and he has this thing...well, let's just say it takes a while. She loves it."

"The story?" I prompted.

He shrugged. "Well, you know, Mom hasn't been quite the same since she had that head-bonk. Though there's only one difference that I can tell, and honestly, I don't think she was exactly a prude before then." He laughed suddenly, and I swallowed hard -- his cock was growing, and it had to be a good seven inches already, half hard.

"What do you mean?" I asked, my mouth dry.

"Well...apparently she and Dad were pretty...rowdy. Anyway, just after her accident Janus found these pictures in an envelope someone shoved under his door." Jeremy seemed a little...flustered, and so was I. He shifted a little as if the de-emphasize his erection, then slid quickly back into the water when he saw me staring. Too late: he was huge. Without thinking I reached down and caressed my crotch, and though it was getting dark, he probably saw that.

"Anyway," he said, propping himself up on the edge up the pool and looking at me steadily, "he opens them up...and there's Mom in all her naked glory, getting screwed in every orifice by Dad and a couple of other guys. One of whom happened to be Uncle Stavros. He shares them with Jack and Justin, and they, you know, start jerking each other off to the pictures."

"WHAT!!!' I shouted, and maybe I could have been heard in orbit, maybe not.

Jeremy shushed me. "Dude! Guys do shit like that sometimes. You don't know what it's like to be horny all the time, okay? Well, there comes a day when they share the pictures with me and the runts while we're all home visiting, and just coincidentally Mom catches us all in a circle jerk in the family room, and Jacob's sucking me...well, after that it was history."

"History," I said, blinking.

"Yeah. Turns out she planted then in the first place. Now she wants to fuck all the time. At least one of us, usually two or three at a time. We had to set up a schedule and limit sex to like three times a day just to get anything done around."

"A schedule."

"I know, right? Except today. She asked for a gangbang for her birthday -- can you belief that? -- and we have to keep it up until either she's exhausted or we are. I'm betting it'll be us."

He looked hard at me in the gloom, and seemed to make a decision. "You need to see this. Come with me." He heaved out of the pool, and I stared at his thick, bobbing erection as he approached and took my hand. "C'mon."

Together, we sneaked up on the clear glass door to the family room and eased down on our hands and knees, cushioned by a pile of handy towels. The light was on indoors, and we could see the goings-on clearly, but they couldn't see us.

There she was. Our mother was on her hands and knees broadside to me, in the middle of a big pile of cushions, naked and absolutely luscious. Just the sight of her ripe, dangling breasts caused my breath to catch in my throat. She looked glorious, all right: like some primitive Earth goddess, the firelight from the corner fireplace reflecting the auburn highlights in her hair and making her skin seem to glow. My younger brother Jack was lying underneath her, his hands and tongue playing twiddly little games with her nipples; apparently his little trick that she so liked. His cock was sticking straight up. His twin, Justin, was fucking her face with his identical big cock, and Josh was plumbing her cuntal depths from behind. He and his twin Jacob were the youngest of us, but from what I could see of it, their cocks seemed to be the largest in proportion to their bodies.

Jeremy's appeared to be the largest, period, and I could feel it rubbing against my ass as Josh pulled out of Mom's cunt and pumped about a gallon of incestuous boy-jizz across her back. I sighed...and I don't know if it was because of that sight, or the thick bar of flesh pressing against my ass crack, that caused both that reaction and the flutters in my crotch.

"You think that's hot?" Jeremy hissed, his soft breath whispering erotically against my ear. "Look at Janus and Jacob." I glanced over and my breath caught yet again as I realized they were expertly sixty-nining, though Janus had to scrunch a little so that Jacob could reach his hot cock.

"They're getting ready for Mom," Jeremy said. And slid his broad hands up under my T-shirt to massage my hard little nipples. I gasped. "They're next up. Watch."

I looked back to the mother-son tableau to see that Jack was still down there sucking and pinching Mom's nipples, kneading her tit-meat as she continued to bob up and down on Justin's boner...just as Josh was now bobbing up and down on Jack's! Once Joshua had pumped his balls empty, he'd slipped under Mom to help his big brother get off!

I didn't know where to look as the brother-brother brother-brother mother-son show continued, and I felt Jeremy press his own ridigity against my clothed ass, even as his fingers pushed into my bra and found my naked nipples. By now, my cunt was putting out enough lubrication to keep every car in America purring smoothly for a year. I took a deep breath and, in my best big-sister voice, ordered, "Quit fucking around and fuck me!" Within seconds, it seemed, my shorts and soaking panties were puddled around my ankles, and Jeremy was getting serious for once. I cried out in pleasure as he pushed his full ten inches into me in one quick shove, but no one inside noticed, because that's when time Justin shouted "FUCK!" and filled Mom's mouth with his cum -- even as Jack pulled his tool out of Josh's mouth and quietly sprayed his seed all over our Mom's tight belly and breasts.

Jack didn't even break stride; he kept mauling Mom's ripe breasts, twisting a little here and there to lick off his own dripping semen.

Jeremy's hands had left my tits so that he could grab my hips and pump into me hard and fast...which was, coincidentally, just the way I liked it. I was meeting him stroke for stroke, and I was moaning softly...softly, so I didn't interrupt what was going on indoors. My brother's cock was easily the biggest I'd ever fucked, not that there had been many, and it as doing indescribable things to my pussy. I could already feel the molten sensations shooting through my body and building toward my climax...hopefully not the last of the evening. From a distance, I heard Josh say, "Dudes, you're up!" to my sucking brothers, and then I heard the door slide open and the patter of feet as Josh and Justin dashed past and dove into the pool to cool off. By then I had my eyes shut, grinding my way toward orgasm.

The magnificent sensation flooded through me like a rocket, and I let out a little squeak that everyone but maybe Jeremy missed. Seconds later, I heard Justin call, "Yo, sixth wheel, where are you? Mom's almost ready for ya!"

"Little busy here," he croaked, still pounding into me like a piledriver. It felt so good, so buttery hot and sweet, that I thought I might melt down right there into a little girl-shaped puddle. Already, the threads of my orgasm were starting to recombine.

I heard a rush as a slim young body came out of the pool. "Busy? What could be...holy shit! Jessica! Justy, Jermy's over here doin' Jess!"

"Fuck yeah!" I heard my other brother shout, and I imagined him punching the air like he did when he was excited. Then I heard him splash out of the pool as a slender hand started massaging my right breast. Oh, that felt good.

"Hold on a minute," I muttered to Jeremy, as I leaned back on his long cock long enough wriggle off my shirt and bra. To a pop-eyed Justin and Josh, I ordered, "Suck my titties while Jeremy fucks your big sister like a bitch in heat, boys."

"Oooh, nasty," Justin whispered. I plopped back onto my hands and gave myself up to sensation as my Jeremy-stud plowed me unceasingly from behind while the two towheaded boys went to work on my nipples, which were already hypersensitive due to Jeremy's attention and the entire scenario. I opened my eyes and watched, dazed, through the glass door as Janus and Jacob screwed my mother thoroughly, swapping ends several times, before Jacob dropped his load in our Mom's clingy ass (yeah, her ass), and dropped back onto the cushions, spent in more ways than one. Jack slid smoothly out from under her and fucked her hard and fast, like a skinny blond rabbit boy, for about ten minutes before he blew his thick wad onto her ass cheeks. By then, Janus had pulled out and deposited his spunk on her forehead and hair. Oh my, Mommy was really gonna need a bath soon...

It was about then that Mom started looking around for her next fuck...just as Jeremy was filling me up like a waterhose. He stayed hard and pumping for long enough to send me over the edge again, with the help of Justy and Josh; I yelped triumphantly, and then we all collapsed into an exhausted heap.

When Janus slid the back door open and came outside a minute later, followed by Jacob and Jack, I was leaning back in the lap of a well-satisfied Jeremy and pumping my hands up and down the hard shafts of Justy and Josh, who were grinning happily. I looked my twin straight in the eye and said, "Okay, who's next?"

Janus just stared at me as Jacob burst into laughter and Jack let out a happy whoop. Finally Janus groaned, "Ohmigod, we've got two of them on our hands."

And I leaned over and kissed the head of his cock, which was already rock hard.

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