Circle of Cuckolds Ch. 03


Bruce, squirming uncomfortably on the small stool to which he had been resigned, resisted the impulse to touch himself.

"Do my balls," ordered Leroy.

Bruce watched his wife reluctantly remove her lips from the powerful black cock that she had been savoring. Now it was shiny with her saliva and looking even more menacing than before. She leaned down and moved her lips to the swollen ball visible to Bruce and began gently licking it. Then she took it with difficulty into her mouth and again moaned as she lips and tongue and cheeks bathed the cum-filled ball. She repeated the process with his other ball.

"Anything else you'd like to lick?" asked Leroy, looking over at a puzzled Bruce.

"Your ass?" – responded Linda in a barely audible voice.

"That's right, babe," said the virile black stud, turning around.

Linda placed her hands on both sides of Leroy's ass, pulled the cheeks apart, and glanced over at Bruce. Bruce couldn't believe what he was seeing. He couldn't imagine his wife being capable of performing such a "dirty" act. When she smiled at him and licked her lips lasciviously, he realized he hadn't fully appreciated the depth of Linda's conversion to Black.

He watched, mesmerized, as his wife leaned forward and buried he face between Leroy's ass cheeks. He saw her jaw muscles moving and heard the wet sounds that confirmed what he could not actually see.

"That's it, babe. Deeper. Use that tongue!"

It was more than Bruce could take and he felt his pecker squirting cum in his pants without having even been touched. The release was ecstatic and his eyes rolled back at the sensation. He felt like he had never cum so much in his life. When the sensation of his orgasm passed, he became aware of the uncomfortable wetness. Besides that, with the ebbing sexual excitement he had been experiencing he now felt something else – embarrassment and humiliation. Linda was now licking and probing Leroy's asshole with greater fervor and Bruce just wanted to be someplace else. He knew, however, that he dare not make a move to leave.

"Okay, that's enough," said Leroy. "Get yourself over to the bed."

Linda scrambled to her feet and moved quickly to the bed, lay down and spread her legs in wanton invitation to the recent high school graduate. Leroy moved to the bed and began kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples, and caressing her pussy with his fingers. Soon she was beside herself with desire, her hips involuntarily humping against Leroy's hand

"Please, baby. Do me!"

"Do what?"

"Put it in me, sweetie. I can't wait any more. I need you!"

Leroy got in position between Linda's widely splayed legs and moved his cock to her very moist and opening pussy. She pushed up against him. Bruce, seeing the huge cock with the swollen bulbous head poised at the entry to his wife's womanhood, found himself once again getting hard. He couldn't believe that she would be able to take him inside her even though she obviously had the previous week.

Leroy pushed forward gently.

"Ohmygod! Oh, baby, it's so good. So big-g-g!"

Leroy pressed on until half of his staff was buried inside her. Bruce was embarrassed and uncomfortable and his pecker hardened in his cum-soaked underwear. What had he become? – he asked himself.

Leroy now fully penetrated the desperately horny Linda and began full-stroking her slowly. Before long the bed was shaking and squeaking as they couple established an faster and faster rhythm. Bruce was shocked to find that his own middle had begun to move in harmony with them, his pecker head squishing against his jockey shorts. He desperately needed to touch himself, but found the will not to.

Linda was now crying out loud with every powerful stroke. Their sweaty bodies slapped wetly against each other. Soon they were both on the verge of coming. Linda pulled Leroy tighter against her and moaned loudly as the bed springs moaned with each movement. Bruce thought the bed would surely collapse.

"Fuck me! I'm cum-m-m-ing!" – cried Linda.

Bruce had never seen or even imagined his wife so totally abandoned to pure animal lust. She was clearly almost out of her mind with desire and pleasure and need. The sounds she made as the orgasm overtook her almost frightened Bruce. This was sex like he had never even imagined. At that moment he realized with perfect clarity that things would never be the same again. This realization was accompanied by a feeling of being unworthy of playing role of primary partner for his own wife. Leroy and the other Men of the club, he now admitted to himself, were so superior to him that he was right to have groveled before Leroy.

Leroy stiffened and froze in position with his entire cock buried inside Linda as he unloaded his cum-filled balls into her. She pulled him closer and experienced a kind of ecstasy as she received his seed. They remained entangled and silent for several minutes.

Bruce observed them and felt small and insignificant. He felt like he was in the presence of sexual greatness. He was on the outside peering in. His pecker continued to strain against his sopping wet pants and he felt somehow honored to be in the same room. He looked down at himself and saw the spreading wet stain on the crotch of his slacks. Leroy, he now believed, deserved his respect. He was a believer.

After a few moments Leroy separated from Linda and made his way toward the shower. Linda looked over at Bruce with half-open eyes.

"Come over here, Bruce," she said.

Bruce hesitated because of his obviously aroused state and embarrassment about his wet pants. He hoped she wouldn't notice. He got up and moved toward the bed.

"Closer," she said.

When he was next to the bed, Linda extended her arm and touched the crotch of Bruce's pants.

"Well," she said, "I guess I don't have to ask if you enjoyed the show."

Bruce felt himself blushing with shame.

"Were you playing with yourself?"

"No," said Bruce.

"You came just watching me and Leroy?"

"Yes, ma'am," he answered softly, avoiding Linda's gaze and looking at the floor.

"I'll take that as a sign of your approval. So you were impressed?"

"I...I mean...I've never seen anything like it," admitted Bruce.

"Like what?" – pursued Linda. "Like Leroy's cock?"

"Well, that, too. I mean the whole thing was so...I mean I never saw you like that, so totally out of control.."

"Well," said Linda, smiling, "there's a good reason for that, wouldn't you say?"

Bruce was uncomfortable discussing his feeling after what he had just observed. He hadn't even sorted them out for himself. At that moment Leroy came out of the shower with a towel around his waist.

"Sweetie," directed Linda, "fetch Leroy's clothes for him. You're the official valet tonight."

"Yes, ma'am," responded Bruce, switching back into the required courtesy due Linda in the presence of her man. Bruce kept his eyes on the floor as he walked past Leroy to his stool where he had set the man's shorts. Without looking him in the face, both out of shame and out of deference, Bruce handed the garment to Leroy.

He then walked to the closet where he had hung the pants of Linda's date. He removed them from the hanger and carried them draped over his arm to their owner, who took them without comment.

"My shoes and socks are in your living room," prompted Leroy. Bruce was grateful for the chance to escape the gaze of his wife as he performed his humiliating role of cuckolded hubby. He nonetheless move quickly to retrieve the powerful teenager's footwear. After Leroy was dressed he walked over to Linda and gave her a deep kiss.

"Honey," she said, "please see Leroy to the door."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied with a little more enthusiasm than necessary.

Downstairs, at the front door, Leroy stood still making no attempt to leave until Bruce finally realized that he was waiting for the door to be opened for him.

"Thank you for coming over, Sir," said Bruce, opening the door.

"Any time, my man. That girl has a sweet pussy and a great tongue. But I guess you know that, don't you."

"Yes, sir," said Bruce, his head hanging. He hoped he was assuming a properly attitude for Linda's sake.

Then Leroy was gone. Bruce locked the door and returned to the bedroom where Linda was still lying in bed.

"Over here, sweetie," she said, patting the bed next to her. Bruce walked over and sat down next to her.

"You know," she said, "you don't necessarily have to address me as 'ma'am' when I'm not with one of the Men. Not that I don't appreciate it, of course."

"I understand," replied Bruce. "I wasn't sure. It seems like with you still coming down from the experience of being with him... I mean, I didn't want you to think I show you courtesies only when you are with a... date. It's getting sort of automatic."

"Well, that's fine with me. It also shows your respect for Leroy, doesn't it?

"I do respect him. Very much. Especially now... "

"So, no surprises for you tonight other than seeing what a virile stud like Leroy does to your poor horney wife?"

"No," said Bruce, "I guess not. Well...maybe...when you, you know, used your tongue.....uh...."

"You mean when I tongued his asshole?"

"Yes, ma'am. I was kinda shocked. I mean..."

Linda laughed at Bruce's discomfort.

"You'd have to be a woman sucking on a gigantic hard cock to understand," she explained. "I mean, I knew he would be inside me, fucking me in a few minutes. I was so turned on. And when I sucked those balls into my mouth and licked them, know they were full of his cum, god, I was just so hot."

Suddenly she reached over and put her hand on Bruce's crotch again and laughed.

"Obviously it was very sexy to you as well," she said.


"It's hard to explain, but I just HAD to give myself to him completely, no matter what. I had to submit to him completely. I had to prove to him that I loved him. I couldn't get my tongue up his asshole deep enough. I could have stayed there forever. Understand?"

"I think, so, ma'am. I feel that way about you, after all?"

"Do you really?"

"Of course, ma'am. You know I'd do anything for you."

"You poor thing," she said gently. "You haven't had any sex lately, have you? Other than jerking off into my panties."

Bruce blushed inwardly at her blunt language.

"No, ma'am. But I understand. I mean, why should you know..."

"Well, I think you need a treat. Not fucking, of course. I'm much too tender for that. Besides, wouldn't that be a little disrespectful to Leroy?"

"Yes, of course, absolutely. You are his tonight. I would never try know."

"I do know. But still...and since you said you would do anything for me...maybe we can work something out."

Bruce's heart skipped a beat and his pecker hardened even more against his wet underwear.

"Wouldn't you like to have a little sexy fun, please me, and demonstrate your respect for Leroy at the same time?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Bruce unsurely.

'Okay then," she said, opening her legs, "get over here." She pointed to the bed between her legs.

Bruce move on his knees between his wife's open thighs and leaned down to kiss a breast. She stopped him with a firm hand against his forehead.

"Not like that, silly! Your face. Down here. Close."

"Now?" asked Bruce, seeing where she was heading.

"No, next week. Of course now! Do it, dammit!"

Bruce backed up on his knees and began to lower his face toward his wife's gaping, sopping pussy. Then he hesitated.

"Unless, of course," she prompted him, "you don't mind facing the...uh...repercussions."

"Repercussions?" Bruce was puzzled by the word, but he knew a semi-disguised threat when he heard it. He glanced up at Linda's face. Her eyebrows were lifted in expectation of a response.

"Of course," she said. "You can't expect to insult one of the Men of the club without any consequences, now can you?"

"What do you mean – 'consequences?'"

"Bruce, if there were ever a time for you to show me all courtesies, it is now."

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry, ma'am." Bruce mentally kicked himself for talking to her with such familiarity when she was still under the influence of Leroy's powerful sexing.

"Are you really, Bruce?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry. I...I...didn't realize I was insulting him. You said 'consequences.' If I was—"

"Oh, stop babbling! All I'm saying is that you should think before you act – or fail to act. By consequences, I mean punishment. Is that clear enough for you?"

Bruce lowered his eyes and felt himself slightly shaking with confusion and apprehension.

"Yes, ma'am. I just never heard anything about...punishment. Ma'am. I don't—"

"You should really have a talk with your dear friend, Jim."

"What about Jim?" – asked Bruce, who was feeling more and more out of control. So much was happening so fast that he couldn't grasp it all. And now this.

"Sweetie, keep you eyes focused on my pussy. Perhaps it will help you clarify your thoughts. Now don't get all nervous. Take a deep breath!"

Bruce did so and was overwhelmed by the aroma resulting from his wife and her lover's sex.

"Good," said Linda comfortingly. "Now, about Jim. As you know, he is very devoted to the Club and fully supportive of Sarah and her happiness."

"Yes, I know," said Bruce. "I'm also supportive."

"We'll see, sweetie. I hope so. Anyway, back at the start of all this Jim wasn't fully on board. He did and said some things to Jim that reflected less than full support. Not to mention a definite lack of respect for her lover."

"That's terrible, ma'am," squeaked Bruce ingratiatingly.

"Yes, it was. Marie talked to James about it."

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes. Jim had to be corrected. That bad attitude had to be nipped in the bud. At first Marie felt bad helping arrange for her own hubby's punishment. But that passed. And the results were excellent."

"What happened to him, ma'am?" croaked Bruce.

"You can talk to him about it yourself. Suffice it to say, he doesn't ever want to be subjected to that again. I understand he was crying like a baby."

"Jeez," said Bruce. He tried to absorb this new information while keeping his eyes directed at Linda's sex. He was suddenly feeling very vulnerable and very much at Linda's mercy. He had never had reason to fear her before, but now things were different.

"I don't want to be punished," he said plaintively.

Linda patted him reassuringly on the head. She experienced a rush of power at having brought Bruce to this point. She really didn't want him to experience the repercussions that Jim had, but she also knew that she was not about to let Bruce backslide at this point.

"And I don't want you to be punished, sweetie. You should understand, though, that it would be my decision alone. Please keep that in mind as we go forward. I don't want you to have to experience what poor Jim did, but I won't hesitate to order it if you deserve it. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you."

"After all," continued Linda, "you are staring right at the solution. You can show your support now...or after some persuasion. Why put yourself through that. I'd be prouder of you if you could willingly show your complete respect for Leroy right now. I will give you five seconds to make your decision. One...two..."

Bruce was terrified at the though of being subjected to some unknown kind of punishment. Now he was out of time. He would avoid what Jim had gone through, whatever it was. Why hadn't his so-called friend warned him about this? Linda's voice interrupted this train of thought.

"Time's up sweetie. Sorry."

"No! Please let me!!" cried Bruce as he buried his face between his wife's legs. The first sensation was one of wetness covering his face. Then his senses were overwhelmed by the pungent odor of his wife's juices and her lover's abundant cum. Finally, as he plunged his tongue deeply into Linda's gaping pussy, it was the taste that made his humiliation complete.

"That's it, sweetie," said Linda as she pulled his head closer. "Surrender to it. Surrender completely. Show me how you feel!"

Bruce's eyes were stinging – whether from his own tears or from the wet swamp in which he was wallowing, he did not know or care. He inhaled deeply and lapped at Linda's pussy with a worshipping tongue. He knew he had passed the point of no return long ago. He could give himself fully to his new role or suffer unknown consequences. He chose the latter.

"That's it, Bruce," said Linda encouragingly. "Lick up Leroy's cum. Savor it. And think of that beautiful black cock of his and the pleasure it gave me. Do it!"

Bruce sucked the gooey cum into his mouth and, indeed, couldn't help but remember the awesome power of the young man's enormous cock as it pounded in and out of the pussy he was now worshipping. His wife's pussy.

He tried to communicate what he was feeling through his tongue and lips. With his nose pressed hard against Linda's pubic bone, Bruce felt her internal muscles and force a continuous stream of cum into his wide open mouth.

"That's it," said Linda, "show me who you are. Clean me! And make me cum!"

Bruce struggled to maintain contact with Linda's bucking body. He lapped deep and tried to flick his tongue against her slippery and engorged clit. She was approaching orgasm and Bruce's abused face was paying the toll. He realized that his own modest pecker was hard again.

"I'm cumming! Don't stop, pussyboy!" With that, Bruce's wife went over the edge, pulling his face against herself with incredible force, bucking and screaming with a an intensity that frightened him.

Bruce remained in position, not daring to budge until given the signal by Linda. It didn't take long for her to push him away with her foot. He lay there somehow dreading having to look her in the face again. He didn't know what to say or what to expect from her.

"Well, sweetie," she finally said, "did you love it?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Bruce. "I really did."

"Don't you feel better now that you've shown me how you feel and committed yourself to this new life of ours."

"Yes, ma'am." Incredibly, Bruce realized, he actually meant it. The past was gone forever and now he felt himself ready to accept and eventually, he hoped, embrace this new role of his.

Linda smiled to herself. She wondered how Bruce would in fact deal with everything that was to come. It was a lot for a hubby to accept. One way or another, of course, he would fall in line and comply. She almost hoped he would show a little resistance down the road, because nothing would please her more than to use the unpleasant means of persuasion at her disposal to bring him into line.

Life was good. Very good.


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