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Circuit Board


Malcolm was still naked as he sat at the table carefully studying the tiny sparkling circuits in the circuit board he held in his hand. Occasionally he would glance up from the circuit board and look over at the naked woman now sitting at the edge of the bed. Focusing his attention on her he noted that, in the dim light in his efficiency apartment she didn't look all that bad.

If pressed for a word to describe her, Malcolm would have to say, "Reasonably." She was reasonably attractive, reasonably clean and considering what all they had done in the past hour, she was reasonably priced. He now needed to pay her, a clean one hundred for her services and he planned to tip her an extra fifty for letting him be her first of the night, but before that he had one more thing he wanted to try.

Picking up his magnifying mirror from the table, he grabbed his tweezers, opened his mouth and carefully worked the dark curly pubic hair from between his teeth. Once he extracted her hair, he pulled down his glasses and looked at the magnified circuit board, carefully clamping the hair between the ends of two electrodes. Satisfied the connection was complete, he removed his glasses, reached down pushing a small switch and then looked over to the woman on the bed.

Watching her closely he ran his thumb and index finger over one of the two tiny knobs near the right and left edge of the board. The woman immediately sat up and looked down at her left breast. Malcolm moved his fingers to the other knob and lightly pinched it and saw the woman jump slightly and look down at her right breast.

She looked over to Malcolm and asked, "Are you doing something?"

"Like what?" he asked.

"I don't know it just feels, uh, uhmmm..."

Malcolm had moved his finger and thumb down to the lower knob, located in about the center of the board and was gently caressing it. While watching the woman, he lifted the board up to his mouth and gently ran his tongue over the tiny knob. He immediately sensed a slight shock accompanied with a metallic taste in his mouth, something like it felt and tasted touching his tongue to the two leads of a nine volt battery.

Ignoring the sensation, he continued running his tongue over the knob and watched as the woman on the bed fell back with her legs spread wide apart. While tonguing the tiny knob, he gently ran his thumbs over the other two knobs while watching the woman writhing on the bed. As he continued caressing the knobs he watched the woman as she began breathing harder while pumping her hips up and down, lifting her ass off the bed and then dropping back down onto it.

He could see her hands grasping the pillow while her muscles seemed to tense up as she arched her back and moaned loudly. She then fell back onto the bed gasping for breath. Malcolm paused only a moment and began working his tongue again as the woman once again began to moan and writhe all over the bed. Only after she came two more times did he put the circuit board back down on the table and walk over to the bed.

The woman immediately grabbed him, crushing his thin body against her breasts as she exclaimed, "I don't know what you did, but it was incredible." She then released her embrace and pulled him down onto the bed, where she grabbed his cock and guided it into her mouth.

To his surprise, his cock slowly came to life under her inspired sucking, so he leaned back and watched her head bob wildly up and down over him. It had been many years since he had come twice in a day and suddenly, with the incredible suction she applied to his cock he felt himself getting closer and closer to coming a second time in less than an hour. He closed his eyes as the woman gently cupped his balls with one hand, stoked his shaft with another hand and sucked the head of his cock as she let her tongue run wild on him.

He soon found himself pumping his hips much like she had done as he ran his tongue over the knobs of the circuit board. Feeling the pressure building in his balls, he arched his back and came, spurting his cum into her mouth. Seeing as it was his second orgasm in less than an hour, he didn't cum a lot, but she happily slurped up each tiny drop until he finally had to actually pull himself away from her.

All the while Malcolm and the woman were getting dressed she kept asking, "What was it that you did to me?'

Malcolm tried to play down what he had accomplished saying, "Oh it's just some electronic thing I've been working with."

"But it felt so good."

"Most of all that was in your mind I think. The power is so weak that you couldn't have felt much," he replied.

"Oh lover, I haven't felt anything like that... nothing like that ever."

Malcolm walked over to her and handed her one hundred dollars. He then counted out an additional one hundred and said, "Look, let's me and you keep this a secret, okay?"

"What are you going to do with it?" she asked.

"Nothing now, it needs a lot of work."

"You have to experiment with it some more?"

Malcolm nodded, "Yeah, a lot more."

"Look, you keep coming here and experimenting on me and I won't tell nobody about this," she said holding her hand to his cheek. "Now remember, only me. My name is Naomi and if you can't find me here, just ask around, I don't go very far."

"Okay Naomi," Malcolm said as he opened the door and watched as the woman slid past him and sauntered down the corridor. He then closed the door and quickly stuffed a few items into his backpack and then carefully placed the circuit board into the small, padded box he had built for it. Sliding his arms through the straps of his backpack, he grabbed the padded box, opened his door and stepped out into the hallway. Locking the door behind him, he headed out of the building, onto the sidewalk and then walked about a block and a half to the bus stop.

Sitting down on the bench, he glanced around noticing a woman sitting down at the end of his bench reading a magazine and decided to test his device a bit more. He carefully opened the box, turned it in the general direction of the woman and turned on the machine. For the next several minutes he ran his fingers over the knobs and dials much like he did in the room but strangely the woman at the end of the bench just kept on reading her magazine.

After fiddling with the controls he tried working the circuit board several more times but the woman at the bench was completely unaffected. Perplexed, he carefully replaced the board into the padded box and sat quietly until a bus pulled up to the stop. He paused a moment to let the woman at the end of the bench climb onto the bus and then he followed her up the steps and slowly down the aisle.

Malcolm watched the lady sit at the end of an empty seat so he moved past her and slid into the seat behind her. As the bus pulled away he studied the woman in front of him trying to figure out why his device wasn't working. Initially comparing this woman with Naomi, he noted that while Naomi was on the heavy side, this woman was bigger. She was not what he would call obese, and certainly not too big for Malcolm to climb into bed with, but she was heavier than Naomi.

Malcolm quickly considered the parameters of his little device and concluded that overall weight shouldn't decrease the effectiveness, if anything, it might actually enhance the sensations. Looking back at the woman he did notice that her hair was blonde while Naomi's hair was darker... that's it! It had nothing to do with size of the woman, it must have something to do with hair.

Leaning forward in his seat, he looked at the woman's shoulders until he found an errant blonde hair. He carefully reached out and plucked it off her shoulder without her noticing. After removing the old hair from the circuitry, he carefully clipped the blonde hair between the electrodes and then began lightly manipulating the circuit board. Once again he was disappointed as the woman simply did not respond.

When the bus stopped at one of the main terminals, Malcolm got up, eased past a few passengers and then climbed down the steps out of the bus. He wandered into the terminal and sat down on one of the benches in the waiting area. He gazed at the circuit board for the better part of an hour before it finally hit him.

He whispered to himself, "The hair I used before, came from my teeth, which means it originally came from her..." That was it, he had solved his mystery. Now all he had to do was get a pubic hair from one of the women in the station.

Looking around the station he considered his options. Now, had he looked a bit more like a scientist and a lot less like a bum, he might have just walked up and asked a woman for a hair donation, but no, he would probably get arrested if he tried that here. He pondered for a while, but remained at a loss until he noticed a very attractive woman walk gracefully into a ladies' room. Suddenly visions of sparkling toilet seats ran through his mind, sparkling seats marred only by a single, curly hair dangling on the edge. That hair was the solution to Malcolm's problem.

Thinking quickly, he cornered one of the custodians and paid him fifty dollars to let him borrow the man's shirt and then let him wear the shirt to clean up the ladies' room. The custodian was a bit wary, but fifty dollars was fifty dollars and in just a minute or so Malcolm stood outside the ladies' room door waiting for the attractive woman to leave.

While he waited, he redirected several woman towards another restroom across the terminal indicating he would be cleaning that one soon. When the woman emerged from the ladies' room Malcolm banged on the door and after confirming no one else was inside, she quickly slipped in and moved to the toilet where the water was still running a bit.

He surveyed the toilet seat closely and there, toward the front was a perfect curly specimen. Malcolm grabbed the hair, held it tightly between his index finger and thumb and brushed back out into the terminal. In the distance he noticed the attractive woman climbing onto a bus so he ran, getting to the bus just as it was about to back out. Breathlessly he slipped down the aisle and settled into a seat where he could get a good look at the woman.

The bus had just started moving when he carefully connected the hair to the two electrodes on the circuit board. Before doing anything else he took a good look at the woman. Her hair was graying some, but that seemed to add a certain dignity to her appearance. A few wrinkles were just beginning to appear at the corner of her eyes and if Malcolm squinted he could spot a couple more at her mouth.

Her neck was firm and very smooth looking and as Malcolm's eyes slinked downward he noticed she had a very sexy deep cut in her blouse that exposed an ample cleavage. Her breasts were nicely large and the rest of her body curved very sexily over her nicely rounded hips and then down to her long legs. Her skirt came down past her knees, but her calves were very nice.

Malcolm slowly began running his fingertips over the two upper knobs, but nothing seemed to happen. Sliding his finger down to the lower knob he watched the woman, but she didn't react, she just sat in her seat as if nothing were happening to her. Malcolm turned the rheostat to its highest setting and then began to lick the lower with an intense ferocity. Nothing happened, so he continued working the knob with his tongue until it ached. Dejected, he finally gave up. He tossed the circuit board into his backpack and when the bus stopped again, he stood up and got off.

Once off the bus he walked over to a nearby trash can, reached back into his pack and pulled out the circuit board. Imagining what might have happened if he could ever get the damn thing to work, he finally dropped it into the trash. He turned and walked toward the bus stop, but decided he wanted to alone, completely alone so he continued walking It was going to be a long walk, but Malcolm had a lot of thinking to do and the walk would do him good.

At the same time on a midtown bus heading west on Eastway Boulevard after watching his wife suddenly begin to moan, writhe her body and pump her hips in the air, a young man asked his wife, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, but it was the strangest thing," she replied, trying to catch her breath.

"What happened?"

"I think I just had the most incredible orgasm I have ever experienced," she replied.

"You think?"

"Well, no, I just experienced the most incredible orgasm."


"I don't know, it just suddenly felt like you were caressing my nipples and then I felt your tongue on my clit, but damn, it was so intense."

"Better than I..."

"Not necessarily better, but different," she said, trying not to make him feel inadequate.

"But just like that, just riding the bus?"

"It's the strangest thing I have ever experienced. I, ah, I... Hon, do you think we could stop somewhere?"

"Stop somewhere?" he repeated.

"Stop somewhere and maybe get a hotel room?"

"Sure, yeah right up there at the next stop, there's got to be someplace close," he replied, feeling a tingling in his cock. "Yeah, see on the corner, that should do," he continued as he turned in his seat, ready to rush off the bus with his wife.

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