tagGroup SexCJ, Emily and Michelle

CJ, Emily and Michelle


That weekend, CJ's father in law, Rob, had taken the kids to Philadelphia as he had promised. One of the rare times CJ and Emily had the house to themselves.

Plenty of making out, plenty of being lazy, plenty of sex. Only this time, Em no longer had the thought of whether or not she was going to get pregnant as a result. Good old tied tubes, she thought.

He still hadn't had the talk with Em about what he wanted to. Kind of hard to discuss a possible FMF threesome with six kids, all under ten, around.

CJ debated on how he would approach Emily about the subject he had had on his mind before feeling raunchy enough to stop in an adult film store.

He had stuffed his hair under a baseball cap and put on shades in hope that no one would recognize him, browsing through the tapes of various straight and girl/boy/girl bisexual films.

He wondered if his bisexual sister Trina had ever been here and she'd gotten ideas for for her lover Danielle and Trina's husband, Kris, from these kinds of things.

He finally found one that had a great-sounding FMF threesome scene; he had sneaked out to lock himself in the den after Emily had fallen asleep one night and had found it--along with a great lesbian scene he could easily picture Trina and Danielle in--incredibly hot.

It was all he could do not to wake Em up and fuck the life out of her afterwards.

CJ then went to the bathroom to clean up after he'd jerked off, then rewound the tape to right before the threesome scene before sticking it in the player in the living room. What better way to talk to Em about one of those?

Sure enough, the following night, Emily had already found a tape in the player when she went to play a video for them to enjoy a movie together. The scene had barely started when the hairs raised on her neck.

"CJ! What the hell is this? Is this a porn film?"

"What, you never saw one? Come on, this one is pretty hot. Besides, it isn't like we get to be alone and do this kind of shit anyway."

"You saw this already?"

"I had to get ideas to entertain you somehow, baby," he said, nuzzling her neck.

The look on her face was priceless as she viewed the scene between the guy playing a carpenter and two young schoolgirls. Em's mouth dropped open as the girls worked over the guy and each other.

"Oh my God," she finally said.

"You ever think about it?" he finally asked, giving her a sly grin.

"About that? Are you out of your mind? Another girl and us?"

"Come on, baby, be honest. I know how wild you've gotten in the last few years we've been married. If you thought about bringing in a girl with us, it's all cool. Hell, I'd even deal with another guy with us if you wanted that, too."

"CJ, that is just nasty. I can't believe we're discussing this. This wouldn't by any chance be coming from you finding out Trina's bisexual, would it?"

"Some of it," he grinned. "And it's kind of a guy thing. Come on, baby, just watch and enjoy."

Em did watch a little of the threesome unfold on the screen; he could see the wonder in her eyes as she seemed to get a bit engrossed in what the girls were doing to the man, especially the scene where one girl had ridden the man's cock while the other straddled his face.

CJ then slid his hand under her waistband, finding her pussy damp.

"I think some little girl is enjoying this," he whispered as he slid two fingers inside her.

Emily nodded, noticing her husband's own hard-on through his sweats. She snaked a hand over and rubbed it, then squealed and moaned as CJ slid in two more fingers inside her own pussy, fucking her with a frenzy, until she exploded into the most powerful orgasm she could remember.

Emily then pulled down his pants and slipped her mouth over the end of his shaft and sucked her way up and down.

He could see her head bobbing up and down as her lips engulfed his cock as she used her lips and tongue on him; from her mouth came the sexy slurping sounds of a good blow job and moans of a horny woman getting hornier by the second.

By this time, he'd collapsed back onto the sofa and Emily had removed his sweats and T shirt.

The next thing CJ knew, she was naked and on top of him, fucking him on the sofa.

He began to sense as Em rode him hard that it wouldn't be long before he was going to cum and gritted his teeth to make it last as long as possible, not easy with one's hot, horny wife riding his cock and getting very close to her own orgasm.

Emily was panting and gasping as she kept up her pace and low murmuring.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she moaned over and over.

He too was panting and gasping, trying to hold on until, suddenly Emily wailed, "I'm cumming, oh, God, I'm cumming…fuck me!"

She arched her back and he could feel her cunt muscles grip his cock and then with that, CJ shot a large load of his cum deep inside her.

Yeah, she'd been turned on all right! CJ had thought when she collapsed on him.

"So what do you think, baby? You want to try that sometime and see what fun Sis finds in it? I'll even let you bring home the girl."

She panted a little and caught her breath. "Let me think about it and get back to you. Especially since it turned us both on so much to actually see one… "


CJ went on an errand for Emily the following morning, and unknowingly had found the "perfect" woman for what they had planned.

He'd caught Em studying the threesome scene of the film they had seen the night before and grinned to himself.

It was later that day that she decided she did want to try it. Once.

He'd been engrossed in thought when someone snapped him out of it.

"Hi, CJ? CJ Maroulis?"

Oh shit, he's been busted by a fan or two, he thought, then turned around to see a familiar face from his past.

"Michelle? Michelle Hayes?"

"Yeah. I'm surprised you remembered me." She ducked her head a little shyly.

Remembered her? This was the girl he'd jerked off to in high school, the pretty cheerleader that thought he was a dork in the music department and blown him off. Now here she was in front of his, ducking her head as if she recognized royalty.

"Now how could I forget the gorgeous girl that blew me off when I was sixteen?" he grinned at her playfully. "And I must admit you are still quite beautiful."

Michelle shrugged. "Evidently my ex-husband didn't think so. He left me for a twenty three year old. I took back my maiden name after we split."

He knew the pain of divorce and touched Michelle's arm lightly. "I'm sorry, Michelle. I know that's difficult to go through."

"Yeah, I heard about the hell you went through with your own ex-wife. You remarried?"

"Yep. Six kids now. Em and I had five together. Oldest is nine and the youngest six months."

"My, you have been busy since high school, haven't you?" she laughed lowly.

He shrugged. "In more ways than one, Michelle."

"Oh, I know. I've been following your career for a long time, even when you were a nurse. One of the best in the country. That had to be an honor."

"Sure it was," he grinned. "But I liked that kind of work too. I've kept up my licenses in case I burn out in music again and want to go back."

"So how are your folks and your sisters?"

"They're still going. Trina's running the bike shop since her father in law died. You know she married Kris Andersson, right? They have four kids, twin girls and two boys. Mom and Dad are still plugging away and of course, Dad refuses to retire until they carry him out in a body bag."

Michelle laughed. "Yeah, your dad always was ambitious. You know, I was always so envious of you."

CJ stopped short. "You were envious of me? Pardon me for asking, but why? You were one of the most popular chicks in school, a cheerleader, Honor Society, track champion, homecoming and prom queen. You dated the quarterback. But envious of me?"

She smiled. "Yeah, I had all that stuff, CJ. But you had talents and a really cool family. Nobody really knew this, because I didn't bring people home, but my mom drank and she and my dad never got married. I didn't even know who he was until a few weeks ago."

"I thought if I hung with the 'right' people, it would make up for my shitty home life. I got to admit I slept around a bit, too. Looking back on it, Trina was right; I was a slut. All that time, I blew off a really nice guy."

Michelle then blushed a little. "I kind of denied it back then, since you weren't one of the 'big men on campus,' but I had this crush on you too."

Really?! CJ had thought, but didn't say it out loud.

"Hindsight is always 20/20, Michelle. But you know, I'd been there for you. I wouldn't have cared about your mom being an alcoholic. You know, I am a recovering one myself."

"You?" Michelle asked. "But you never even touched the stuff in school."

He nodded. "Been sober a little over eight years now. I'm even sponsoring a couple of people through AA. There were a couple of times I almost went off the wagon, but my own sponsor got me through it. It helped that my current wife and Mom and Dad were there too."

"My God," she said with a touch of admiration, "With all you've been through, you have such a good attitude, CJ."

"One day at a time, Michelle."

There was a long pause; it seemed then that the two of them had gotten the same idea. Michelle found herself wanting him, and he wanted to take her home to Em. But why not get a little preview of his old crush first?

"I'm enjoying our catching up. Shall we continue this more privately where there will be no interruptions?" CJ asked.

"I'm sharing my current place with a friend, so how about a room?" Michelle replied.

Michelle then went to her car and followed him to a nearby motel, where they had gotten a room and sat on the bed together.

Before he knew it, Michelle had pushed him onto his back and had her lips planted firmly on his. His hands moved up her sides, sliding under her shirt, and feeling her skin for the first time in years.

"I hope you took your pill," CJ said. It was crude, but he remembered her reputation of guys reminding her of that when she'd gone out with them.

She chuckled, getting the joke. "Don't worry, I don't need them, big guy. I'm 'fixed', you could say. Kids are nice, but I never really wanted any."

They made love like they'd fucked before. He realized that his teenage fantasies of Michelle being his best lover weren't mere myths; she was the most vocal, sensual partner he'd ever had outside of Emily.

Michelle also told CJ in the heat of their fucking that so often while with her ex-husband, she'd thought of him, how no one had ever filled her up like CJ's big cock did right now.

CJ was happy to see she was multi-orgasmic, cumming three times while riding him. Jesus, she would be so perfect for Em, he thought.

"God, you're so fucking huge," she cried, bouncing up and down on him. "Just like I always imagined you when I used to think about us doing this."

"It's your turn now," Michelle panted as she reached behind her with one hand and fondled his balls. He felt her pussy tighten with a fourth orgasm and he could hold back no longer.

He cried out, "Oh fuck, Michelle. Fuck me, baby..don't stop!"

Her pace quickened as he shot streams of cum inside her, CJ holding her hips and guiding her bouncing as he emptied his cock into her.

She slid off and onto her side beside him. "So did I satisfy you?"

"God, baby, you were great. You know, I've been discussing with my wife about something we wanted to try in bed. A threesome. Her, I, and another girl. She thought I was nuts at first, then she got turned on seeing it in a porno film I brought home."

"I think she's ready, but I hadn't really found a girl that would be good for her and I think she's too shy to approach women that way. I didn't know the best one would be coming up to me and playing catch up ... waiting for me to take her to a room and fuck her first."

That immediately got her attention. "You want to do two girls? Me and you wife at once?"

He gave a slick grin. "You got it, baby."

"Oh my God," she gasped in delight. "I've always wanted to do that, but my ex…well, he wasn't really open minded about sharing me with anyone, guy or girl. Never mind that I had no knowledge I was "sharing" him with his little whore, but it sure wasn't in a threesome. But your wife…she's okay with this?"

"She wants to try it one time. But be warned, Emily's gotten to be a real nympho in the bedroom."

Michelle was definitely excited; he could see it in her eyes. "So when do I meet this nympho wife of yours?"

"Kids are with my father in law in Philly all weekend. You want to come over tonight?"

Michelle indicated that she would. He gave her directions to the house.

"And wear something sexy," he added. "Not that it won't be on you very long, but it'll give Em something to look forward to."


At home, Emily answered the phone.

"Hi, munchkin."

"CJ, where are you?"

"On the way home. Put on something sexy; I got a surprise for you."

"What are you up to?"

"Now it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now, would it, baby?"

"Are you up to no good?"

He laughed a little. "Now you're just going to have to wait and find out, aren't you?"


Michelle pulled up to the address CJ had given her, freshly showered from their earlier fuck section at the motel; she certainly didn't want to meet the wife after Michelle had just been with the woman's husband in bed only an hour or so before.

A petite brunette answered the door. Michelle hadn't expected CJ's wife to be so tiny; especially a woman that had given birth to five additional children of his.

Michelle introduced herself, filling in on hers and CJ's school history, eyeing the little woman the entire time. She found Emily pretty in her own way, with pert breasts and a small, rounded ass.

Emily and Michelle talked for awhile and Em found that she liked the beautiful blonde that had been CJ's "dream girl" in high school. Actually, they had laughed about that and how bashful he had been then.

Emily then gave her a sly look. "Well, he's not too bashful anymore, especially in the bedroom."

Michelle could certainly vouch for that, but she said nothing.

Somehow then, the conversation had turned to men, love and sex, in a giggly way.

"I bet he's better in bed than my ex-husband," Michelle then said suddenly.

"Who?" Emily asked.

"Who else, silly? CJ!"

Emily turned pink and giggled, forming an idea.

She then looked at Michelle with a gleam in her eye. "You want to find out?"

"You mean you'd actually---"

"He's been wanting a threesome with us and another girl. What better way to find out how good he is?"

Michelle thought she would die with lust right there.

Emily then pulled her up. "Come on, let's go. We can surprise him in more ways than one."


CJ arrived home a little later. "Em?"

When she didn't answer, he went through the house, hoping she didn't go out somewhere when Michelle was due at any minute. Since he had just seen her car down the street, he presumed Michelle would be coming up the walk at any minute.

"Emily?" he called.

"Back here," she called from the bedroom teasingly. "I'm all ready."

He grinned, thinking about her about to have a girl and him with her. He then walked back, not expecting what he found there.

There on the bed, were Emily and Michelle, arms around each other; Emily in an lacy ivory bra and panties, and Michelle in a black bra and thong, and neither one of them left much to the imagination.

"Is this the surprise for me you were talking about, baby?" Emily asked, caressing Michelle's body.

He nodded, feeling his cock grow in his pants. He was about to have possibly one of the hottest evenings of his life, both with his wife and high school fantasy.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked as Michelle kissed and nuzzled Emily's neck. "Get your damn clothes off and get in here."

Em didn't have to ask twice. He was naked within seconds.

Michelle came over and wrapped her hand around his cock.

"Will you fuck me with that big dick of yours?" she cooed sexily.

Emily said, "We have to make it really hard first, to take on both of us," and slipped her mouth over the end of CJ's shaft and sucked her way up and down. As she released him, a string of saliva joined her lips to his cock.

"Here, Michelle," she breathed, "Your turn."

Looking down, CJ could see Michelle's blond head bobbing up and down as her lips engulfed his cock. Behind her, Em was encouraging her to suck and play with his balls too, while she massaged Michelle's firm tits.

Michelle had her hands on his thighs as she used her lips and tongue on him, from her mouth came the sounds of a good blow job.

By this time he'd collapsed back onto the bed, he had pulled Emily into a passionate kiss and slipped two fingers into her pussy as Michelle's wet mouth worked on his cock.

As Michelle sucked and licked away, Emily ran her fingers over his chest as he still finger fucked her.

"Mmmm, you lucky man; you're going to put that nice big cock into your high school dream girl soon."

"And my fuck slut wife," he said huskily.

With that, Emily gently moved Michelle out of the way.

"Michelle, this is what to do. He really loves getting fucked like this."

She took off her bra and panties, then straddled CJ, exposing her trimmed cunt, and looking at him, gripped his shaft – still glistening from Michelle's sucking and gently inserted the tip of it into her cunt.

Her face radiated pure pleasure as she gradually impaled herself on to his throbbing cock.

"See, Michelle," she gasped, "Gently slide it all the way into your cunt, then tease a little before giving it a good fuck."

Emily's eyes grew wide as his cock slid further into her hot cunt; he bucked his hips and she cried out then moaned as the last inches filled her.

Breathlessly, she gasped, "Oh fuck! God, Michelle, his cock feels so good inside me."

With her eyes shut, Emily gently began to ride him and he could feel her cunt muscles gripping his cock.

All the time she kept up a murmuring "Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck, fuck me, baby!"

Michelle looked on in fascination, fingering her cunt as she watched CJ's generous cock slide in and out of Emily's pussy.

"Oh Michelle, just a little more, then you can have this nice hard dick in your own pussy!" Em cried.

"Looks like Emily is having fun," Michelle said as she still fingered her own pussy.

Then Michelle licked her lips and said to CJ, "My cunt will have to be very wet to take on that big cock. How would you like to lick me to get it nice and wet?"

CJ nodded, then Michelle pulled off her panties, straddled his face and lowered her own willing cunt onto his mouth.

He could hear Emily crying out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck, fuck me," and feel her juices running out of her cunt and soaking his loins as her cunt milked his cock.

Michelle's musky juices filled his mouth as he tongue fucked her, lapping at her sweet pussy until she was gasping in pleasure.

From behind her, CJ could feel Emily riding him faster and her moaning was more frantic and she was crying out, "I'm cumming, oh fuck, I'm cumming now!"

As she came, Emily collapsed forward over Michelle, his rock hard cock still inside her. It took her a few moments to calm down.

Emily then she grinned and said "Wow, what a fuck! And Michelle, his cock is still stiff and it's ready for you."

It took seconds for the girls to swap positions and Emily gave his cock a gentle wank as Michelle positioned herself over his manhood. Emily slipped his cock, still slick with her juice, into Michelle's pussy.

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