The figure wrapped in black, as black as the night surrounding it, moved towards the building. Their eyes moved from side to side, ever wary of detection. The figure reached up, pulling back the hood of the cloak. The face that appeared there was that of a most beautiful woman.

Her hair was a soft red color, her eyes glowing bright green, as if someone was shining a light through an emerald. She surveyed her surroundings, seeing no one. There shouldn't be anyone around. It was a Saturday night and, this being a college town, everyone should be out at one party or the other. Or out having sex somewhere. She had passed several places where there was soft grunting in the bushes, cars rocking from side to side, or a simple "Yes." She had smiled, thinking about stepping in, having a snack and moving on. This one, however, was different.

The one she had in mind was named Sean. He was average height, average weight. Brown hair and shining blue eyes, the kind that you felt like could look directly into your soul completed the package. She had seen him the previous night. He had been hanging out with friends; they were teasing him about the fact that he didn't drink and with all the parties going on, he could get all liquored up and score. He had retorted that that was they ONLY way they could score. Get a woman drunk and she'll do anything. Even them. His friends had laughed and laughed with them. This was obviously an ongoing argument, but one none of them took seriously. She had followed him home, keeping to the shadows. Every now and then, he would turn, looking for someone following him. He kept getting that feeling that was being watched. He never saw her.

The woman grinned from where she stood, only eight feet below his window. This one, the one who wouldn't drink, would be sweet for her. She was tiring of finding drunks passed out and feeding off of them. Their blood was...'sour' was the only way she could describe it. Blood that was fresh and not contaminated was something of a rare treat. This one, however, she would not let get away.

Tensing her legs, she easily propelled herself up to his windowsill. Looking in on the dark room, she could see his still form lying on the bed, covered in a sheet. He was snoring softly, she could hear that even through the glass. Another sound gained her attention. There WERE other people here. She could here shouts from the other room. Something about "Fire! They're almost on us!" and "I'm out of ammo! Returning to base!" She softly cursed the makers of video game systems. How was she to get people alone if their family or roommates never left home?

She hopped back down to the ground, landing quietly, and went to the back of the house, looking for the garage. She found the door, trying the handle, vaguely surprised when it swung open. 'People really should lock their doors these days' she thought to herself, mentally chuckling. She looked around, her eyes adapting quickly to the darkness. She smiled when she found what she was looking for. A toolbox.

Opening the toolbox quickly, she found a hammer. She picked it up, testing its heft. It wasn't the best for the job, but it would do. As she rose, she saw, there behind the door where she entered, exactly what she wanted: a ten-pound sledgehammer. She tossed the regular hammer back into the toolbox, kicking it shut. She picked up the big hammer and, holding it easily in one hand, headed for the basement.

Easily making her was down, she opened the fuse box. She wasn't electrically inclined, despite being almost two hundred and fifty years old. She stepped back to the middle of the basement and flung the hammer into the fuse box, being rewarded with a shower of sparks and cries from the house above. She picked up the hammer and carried it up the steps to the back yard. She carelessly tossed the hammer into the bushes, not caring if anyone found it. By the time they looked there, she would be gone, her prize in tow.

Making her was back to the window she propelled herself up again, looking back in the window. She froze as the people from the house ran outside. They were upset the power had gone out. "Now what do we do?" one boy asked. She smirked, hearing a "grown man" whining like a little schoolgirl. She looked back to the bedroom, seeing her prey moving slightly in his bed. She was beginning to think he might be a sensitive, one who can 'feel' psychic abilities, though possessing none of their own.

She smiled. That would make this all the more sweet. Untainted and sensitive to her thought. 'Perfect' she thought to herself. However, there was still the slight problem of getting in. Invitations are hard to come by if no one's home. 'That's fine,' she thought to herself. 'Piece of cake.'

She closed her eyes, focusing on the man in the bed on the other side of the pane of glass. She heard him moan almost immediately. She focused her mind, reaching his with ease. 'Invite me in,' she sent to him. 'You want me to come in. You must invite me in.' She opened her eyes to see him sitting up in his bed, his eyes closed, but his eyeballs twitching behind the lids.

'That's it,' she sent. 'Come over her and open the window. Invite me in.' He pulled the sheet off of himself, standing up, wearing only red flannel boxer shorts. Even with his eyes still closed, he walked to the window, opening it. He stood there for a moment, trying to get his mouth to work.

"C-come in," he said, stuttering. Talking while asleep wasn't easy, especially if there was mind control involved. She leaned into the room, letting herself unfold like a panther leaving a tree. She reached out and touched his face, running her hands over his smooth skin. She shrugged her shoulders, letting her black cloak fall to the floor. She wore all black. The color was best suited for her pale skin.

She had on a black button up dress shirt, one that hugged her curves wonderfully. No one would mistake her for a man, not even a blind monk at a hundred yards. Tight black jeans hugged her behind, showing it off. She liked her behind and she knew that men liked it too. And maybe some women. She wore no shoes, preferring the feel of the ground on her feet.

She smiled and released her control of Sean's mind. His eyes snapped open, panic filling them. "Who are you? How did you get in here? Where is everyone?" He looked like he was going to run like a scared rabbit. The woman reached out, putting a finger to his lips. "Shhh..." was all she said. Sean stopped talking, but still had a look of terror in his eyes. She sighed to herself. Terror was always a bad thing. It put too much of the wrong chemicals into the system. She had to calm him down.

She removed her finger and looked up at him. It wasn't much of a stretch; he was only about four inches taller than her. She smiled at him, trying to calm him down. He only squinted at her, not trusting her. "I am Lady Alexis. I am a vampire. I have been alive for almost two hundred and fifty years. As to how I got in here, you invited me in and opened the window, thanks to my suggestions, of course." She gave him a slight bow, relishing in his discomfort. "Does that answer your questions?"

Sean blinked and swallowed hard. "Yeah. I guess so. Hey! Wait a minute. A vampire? Oh, God. You're going to kill me, aren't you?" He started to back away from her, backing into the bed, falling backwards, sprawling.

"Kill you? Never, my pretty." She laughed. It was a musical sound, sending shivers up and down his body. She slowly stalked toward him, showing off the small fangs at the corners of her mouth. She stood at the foot of his bed, keeping her knees between his legs.

"If you're not going to kill me, what do you want?" Reason was starting to surface in his mind. 'Vampire?' he thought. 'Doubtful. For all I know, this is just a hooker my friends hired for me.' "Vampires live on blood. That has to be what you want." He stood up, pushing her back slightly. Standing, he felt better. He was in a more dominant position. He was taller than her and, judging by how she looked, heavier and stronger than her. He tightened the muscles in his arms and shoulders, trying to seem vaguely intimidating. He wasn't sure if it worked.

She chuckled again, once. "What I want, Sean," she started, his eyes widening at her mentioning his name. "Is you. You are now mine, body and soul. I hereby claim you as mine to use as I see fit. Do you understand?" She looked him in the eyes the entire time she said this, pushing with just the smallest amount of mental force. His eyes glazed over momentarily, the cleared. He shook his head.

Sean smirked and crossed his arms across his chest. "Ok, 'Lady Alexis' I don't know who put you up to this, but look; you look like a nice lady and all, but I have class tomorrow and it's almost three thirty in the morning. Tell you what, whatever they paid you, I'll give you the same to go away. No offense or anything, but..." His remark was cut off and she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the floor.

"You will not speak again until I tell you to, do you understand?" Sean made choking noises, his head bobbing up and down rapidly. She dropped him back on the bed, him holding his throat. "You are mine, Sean. Classes, school, girls, friends...none of these things mean anything to you anymore. You belong to me. Well, actually, you don't yet, but you will soon." She walked seductively toward him, unbuttoning the top two buttons on her shirt. Sean was still breathing quickly through his nose, trying to remain calm and failing miserably.

"So, Sean. Do you find me attractive?" He nodded slowly, needed no mental prodding from her on this. "Then you will find these attractive as well." She unbuttoned more of her shirt, showing him the tops of her firm breasts. One of the benefits of being Undead was that her body never aged; therefore her breasts would never sag. She never had a bra when she was alive and she didn't need one now. She moved up to him, straddling his waist, feeling his crotch warming, blood flowing that direction.

She reached out and grabbed his head with both hands, pulling him to her breasts. She sighed loudly as his warm tongue darted out to lick her breasts, his body taking over for his mind. She pulled his head hard, growling softly. He started nibbling on her precious globes, moving his hands around front to open her shirt the rest of the way. Once opened, he leaned back to look at her body. He shook his head, still not entirely believing what was happening. He looked up at her, looking into her eyes. They glowed green in the darkness, entrapping him. He gaped at her eyes until she pushed him down, holding his wrists above his head.

She leaned her head down, nuzzling his neck right over the carotid artery. "Mmmm." she purred, smelling his blood, but also still smelling his fear. "Not yet. There is still some to be done." He looked at her, not understanding. Then he gasped as she licked his neck right over that spot, nipping at his skin. He had always like his neck licked and sucked. His pulse started racing, blood trying to be everywhere at once. His penis won, turning into a throbbing erection, twitching against her. She looked down at the junction of their bodies and smiled. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She quickly slapped them onto one wrist, through the bed frame and onto his other wrist. Sean looked at his wrists and then down at her. Her eyes were glowing again, this time with anticipation. He smiled. If she wasn't a vampire, he was going to enjoy this. He might even if she was.

She slid down his body, dragging her skin against the bulge in his boxers. Sean groaned and shifted in response, trying to push himself through his shorts and against her skin. She used one hand to drag her nails down his stomach, digging them against the muscles of his abdomen. With her other hand, she reached into the flap of his boxers. Suddenly he cried out and arched his back, the cold of her hand incredibly erotic against his hot, blood filled member. She stroked him a couple of times and then licked the small droplets of pre-cum from the tip. He groaned again, trying to push his cock into her mouth.

She chuckled softly. She put him back into his shorts, causing him to moan pitifully from the lack of her touch. Lady Alexis pulled down his boxers, exposing his twitching cock to the cool night air. She looked him in the eye and licked her lips. He arched his back, trying to raise his hips to her mouth, wanting nothing more than to feel her touch again. She grasped his shaft with her hand, causing him to shudder, pushing his hips into her hand, trying to please himself with her hand. She increased her pressure to an uncomfortable level. "You will not please yourself. I will please you. I was please you as no mortal woman ever has and then I will take what I want." Sean could only nod, trying to restrain himself from thrusting into her hand.

"Very good, slave." Alexis said. She lowered her mouth to his purple head, sucking on it lightly. Sean started to push against her mouth, and then pulled himself back down, not wanting the feeling to end. Sean struggled against the handcuffs, wanting to touch her, run his fingers through her hair, but to no avail. They were stronger than he was, especially with how close Lady Alexis was to his nether region. His eyes glazed over and closed as she played with his balls, the coolness of her hand causing them to tighten up.

Lady Alexis bobbed her head slightly, feeling all the fear drain from his body. Now it was replaced by lust, a lust for her. She dragged her fangs up and down the side of his shaft, occasionally touching the sensitive head, causing Sean to jerk in response. She moved her head a little faster, pumping her fist in the opposite direction, meeting her mouth the middle. She started twisting her fist, adding another level to his pleasure. "Oh, yes!" he hissed. She smiled around his shaft, the bulbous head filling her mouth.

Sean moved his head from side to side, trying to hold back his orgasm. He wanted her to do this forever. The feeling of her cold mouth and tongue on his cock was like nothing he had ever experienced. This was like the time he and a girlfriend experimented with ice, but only more so. This cold was agonizingly wonderful. She kept scraping her nails along his skin, moving from his stomach to the insides of his thighs. It tickled and dragged groans from his throat at the same time.

Lady Alexis decided to give him another level of pleasure. She started twisting her head from side to side in the opposite direction of her hand. Sean felt his eyeballs roll back in his head, sparkly patterns erupting like fireworks. His ab muscles started tensing, his orgasm approaching quickly. 'Do you have to tell a vampire you're about to cum?' a voice in his head asked. 'Only right.' another part said. He agreed. This was not a time to be impolite.

"Lady Alexis, I'm about to cum!" He almost screamed as he said it, the pleasure overloading his brain. Lady Alexis knew, but was impressed he would actually say something. 'Pure AND a gentleman. I'm going to love corrupting him.' she chuckled to herself. She moved her mouth, pushing the head of his cock into her cheek. She used one of her fangs to open the artery that ran along the top of the shaft, moving her mouth back in time to suck the blood into her mouth as the first shot of his ejaculation landed on her tongue. She bobbed her head quickly, wanting everything he had. He was only too willing to give it to her. He gasped as he felt the piercing of his shaft, feeling his blood and semen mix in her mouth. Lady Alexis moaned as the fluids combined in her mouth, the taste one of her favorites.

She continued pumping him into her mouth, the trickle from his shaft and the load from his orgasm slowing. She took all she could in her mouth and swallowed. The sweet, tangy taste of the blood joined with the salty taste of his cum. She felt the rush of energy from the blood, the semen only intensifying her lust.

Sean finally opened his eyes, still a little dazed. He grinned at her. "Thank you, Lady Alexis. That was incredible." His joy was suddenly turned to fear as she grabbed his throat again, holding him in place with one hand.

"I did NOT give you permission to speak, slave. From here on, you will call me Mistress. Do you understand?" She continued as he nodded. "I have pleasured you. Now, slave, you shall pleasure me. If I am not pleased with your efforts, you shall not see the morning. Do you under stand THAT?" His eyes widened as he nodded. "Good." She got off the bed, standing to the side of him, his gaze lingering on her breasts.

She turned her back to him, eliciting a soft sigh. She unbuttoned her pants and hooked her thumbs in the waist. Looking back over her shoulder, she watched him watch her. She pulled down on her pants slowly, wiggling her hips back and forth. Sean wanted nothing more than to touch her skin, feel her touching him again. To give her as much pleasure as he could, as much as she wanted. He wanted to be hers and hers only.

She smiled back at him, 'hearing' his thoughts in her head. "Sean, you already ARE mine. I have tasted your blood. We are forever linked. You shall be my slave for the rest of eternity." She pulled her pants over her hips, over her behind, still wiggling, but now it was for show, not for removal of clothes. She stepped out of her pants and turned back to face him. He almost pulled the handcuffs free as she stood there, completely naked, beautiful beyond words. He pulled harder; trying to get to her shaved mound, almost close enough to touch.

She stepped onto the bed, standing over his chest. She stuck a finger into her mouth, getting it wet and trailed it down between her breasts, down her stomach and onto her sensitive bud, moaning slightly. "Is this what you want, slave?" He nodded in response, his eyes never leaving her finger. "TELL me, slave. Tell me what you want."

He looked up and her and said "You, Mistress. I want you. I need to have you. I want to give you pleasure. I want to lick your wetness. I want to feel your juices on my face. I want to taste you, every part of you." He strained against his bonds, fighting hard. "Mistress, please. Let Your slave please You. Please, Mistress. Remove the handcuffs and let Your slave please You."

She smiled down at him and stepped off the bed. She picked her shirt up from off the floor and reached into the chest pocket, producing a key. She stepped back onto the bed, kneeling over his chest. He leaned forward to taste her, but she pushed his head back down. He whined wordlessly. "You will NOT please me until I say so and you will do it HOW I tell you. Understand?" He nodded his head, not trusting himself to speak. She ran her hand through his hair. "You learn quickly, slave." Lady Alexis reached up and undid the handcuffs. Sean rubbed his wrists, trying to get circulation back to his arms.

"Slave, I order you to put your arms to your sides." He did as he was told, although the 'pins and needles' feeling was excruciating. She moved toward his head, straddling his face, her wet, puffy lips mere inches from his face. He almost raised his head until he remembered what she had said. Her way. He forced himself to lay still. She smiled down at him. "VERY good, slave. You learn quickly. Now. Please me using only your tongue. If you use your hands or any other part of your body, this ends now. Do you understand?"

Sean nodded quickly, raising his head, plunging his tongue into her. She groaned and settled onto his face, watching him with those flashing green eyes. He was vaguely surprised when her folds were warmer than the rest of her. 'Must be the blood' he thought. He pushed his tongue into her as far as it would go, moving it back and forth, trying to taste each and every piece of her womanhood. He bumped her protruding clit with his nose, causing her to groan again, pushing herself onto her face harder. He wanted to use her hands on her, wrap his arms around her. He needed her now. He knew that. He would be forever hers.

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