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Here we are. You and me, alone. After years of flirting, innuendo, furtive looks, we're finally getting down to it. I'm finally getting down to it. Dammit.

You smile. You take in the sight of my long dark hair, my full hips, my generous breasts, my tanned skin, my glistening pussy. Your eyes travel up and down, scouting the regions your lips and your hands and your tongue want to traverse. I watch the growing hunger in your eyes. And I'm aching for you. We've waited so long. I've waited so long.

I can see the bulge in your pants, the lump in your throat, the ragged breath. I imagine you're dying to tear your pants off and thrust deep into me. And I imagine you're wondering how good it feels, warm and wet inside me. I wonder too. I wonder how it feels.

You push me to your bed, and you make me sit on the edge. "I don't know where I want to start," you say, kneeling in front of me.

I smile. "I'll leave that decision to you." I don't know where to start either.

You kiss me, pulling me close to you. Your hands travel all over my arms, my back, my breasts, my neck, my thighs. Your breath is hot in my mouth; your tongue invasive, inviting. You grind your hips against mine, and my juices smear the crotch of your pants. I don't know how long you can wait before you push inside me. I don't know how long I can wait.

I have to tell you soon.

Your hand travels between my thighs, and I realize that this is it. If I'm going to tell you, I have to tell you now. Oh God, it's hard to think. How does one decide how it happens for the first time?

But before I can figure out how to say it, your fingers push into my wetness, and I gasp. You stop kissing me and you look into my eyes. Waiting, watching. My mouth hangs open, and your fingers start massaging me.

"Oh God," I whisper. I close my eyes and shiver.

"You're so wet, Tessa."

I nod. My throat is dry. Oh God, I have to tell you, before—you move your fingers again, and shivers run through me. Shit, how am I supposed to think when your fingers feel so damn good inside me?

"So... good," I manage to say between gasps. "I didn't... know... that could feel so good."

You pause. "Tessa, you've never...?"

I open my eyes and look at you. "Never."

You pause. "Back in college, all your boyfriends...?"

"Never," I say again. "They tried though."

"You weren't interested?"

"I didn't want to start off with a fumbling, drunk frat boy," I grinned. I looked down.

"Should I stop?" you ask. Your fingers are still inside me. You don't look like you want to stop.

"No." I move my hips, so that your fingers slide inside me. I close my eyes and swallow my saliva. My throat is so dry. I open my eyes again. "I want this." I bite my lips. "Don't you?"

You smile. "I don't think anyone could say no to you." You start moving your fingers again. I moan. Your fingers rub harder inside me.

"I've never let anyone touch me like that before," I whisper. You move closer, and you put your other hand on the small of my back.

"I'm flattered you let me. I can't believe you're still a virgin," you whisper into my ear. You start kissing my neck again, softly. Your fingers move faster, and I'm getting wetter.

"I didn't want to lose it to someone who didn't know what they were doing," I confess. I arch my back and offer up my neck to your kisses.

"And you think I know what I'm doing?" Your fingers are moving faster and faster. My hips are moving to a rhythm I've never known but always imagined.

"You always seemed to know what you wanted to do with me," I whisper.

"I didn't think you'd ever let me do anything with you," you whisper back. Your fingers slide in and out of me, slick with my juices. Your lips move down to my breasts, licking and sucking my nipples.

"Well, here's your chance. You have a twenty-two-year-old virgin to deflower." I don't know how I can still manage to keep up my end of my conversation. Waves are crashing over me, threatening to drown me in sensation.

"A beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, witty, sexy, dripping wet twenty-two year-old virgin," you moan, as your lips and your tongue explore the breasts you've been fantasizing about for years. "I didn't know people like you still existed," you say hungrily. You sound like you're getting lost in it too.

"I guess horny virgins are a rarity after college," I manage to retort. I thrust my hips to meet your fingers as they slide into me again.

You look up, into my eyes, fingers steadily stroking me. "I always wanted you Tessa.... I don't know if I can stop at just finger-fucking you."

You want me. I always knew you wanted me, but to hear you say it out loud, while your lips are on my skin, your fingers inside me, your cock hard for me, it sends me over the edge. I start shivering and twitching, and your fingers move deeper and harder inside me. Oh God, oh God...

Convulsions rock my body, and I give a little cry.

"Shh," you whisper. I crumple against you, panting, sweating despite the air-conditioning. You run a hand up and down my back as I rest my head on your shoulder.

"Oh God," I whisper.

"Are you okay?" you say as you kiss my hair.

I look up at you. "You know, I didn't come here so you could stop at finger-fucking me."

You take my hand and you bring it to the bulge in your pants. It's rock hard, and it's hard for me.

"That's good to know," you say.

I look into your eyes, "So would you like to finally fuck me, after all these years?"

"Tessa, I want to take you, and fill you up, and own you. I want to feel you around my cock. I want you, Tessa."

I look into your eyes. You're waiting for me to deny you, to refuse, to change my mind. Instead I take off your shirt and undo your pants. "So take me." I part my legs, and feel my juices dripping onto your bed.

You take off your pants and your boxers. I finally see it. You're so hard for me, and I'm aching.

"This might hurt a bit," you warn me.

"And after that, it's going to feel so good."

You smile. You kneel between my legs. You pull me close, and you hold your cock against me. That first contact sends tremors through me, and I know I can't stop now.

"Do it. Take me. I want to fuck, and I want to fuck a lot. Show me what it's like."

You push into me, slowly. It hurts, like a wound getting bigger and bigger. It feels like my skin is ripping, and then you push further in.

"Fuck, Tessa, you're so tight," you groan.

My mouth is agape, and I'm barely breathing. I realize my whole body is tense. You push all the way inside, and I gasp.

"Oh Tessa, you're so tight around me." You hold me close, crushing my breasts against your chest. "Is this okay? Are you okay?"

I nod.

"I'm going to move now, okay?" I look at you and nod. You pull out a little, and thrust again. This time I feel it. Oh, it's glorious. I gasp.

"Oh fuck, yes."

Slowly, so slowly, you move your hips, and your cock pushes in and out of me, and I have no more space in my mind for words or decisions. I can't even think. All I know is your cock, filing me up. Why did I wait so long?

I run my nails down your back, and you groan.

"You like this, Tessa?"

"God, yes." I'm so glad I waited for you.

"I want to fuck you harder," you say, your voice tight. "I want to own you, Tessa. I want to be so deep inside you, and I want you to be mine, all mine."

"Just fuck me, lover, and don't ever stop."

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