tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaiming Lily Ch. 02

Claiming Lily Ch. 02


I couldn't get work done for the life of me. All I could think about was leaning her over my mahogany desk and ravishing her delicious cunt. How could she have been a virgin? Her pussy was completely bare besides that cute little landing strip. I thought for sure every time she'd brought a man inside her home she was squirming under them with their miniature cocks lodged in her pussy while she faked an orgasm. You should've seen them; for such a beautiful woman she had terrible taste in men. But that was all over now. I was the one who popped her cherry and I will be the one to take everything from her.

I didn't like hurting her but last night wasn't the end of her pain. One night of torture wasn't going to make Lily submit and accept her new life. I had a lot more in store for my sweet little prize. Some of it she'd hate and some of it she'd grow to love but she didn't have a say in what I did to my property. The days of her having a say about anything pertaining to her mind, body and soul were stripped away and given to me.

I was taken away from my thoughts with a knock on the door. I ran my fingers through my hair. Why did everyone have to annoy me? "Come in!"

In walked a heavy set man with tattoos and piercings covering his face and body. He was bald and had a flaming red beard that ended at his collar bone. He reeked of whiskey and sweat and I wondered who could possibly be attracted to someone so vile. "Good morning Mr. Barkley, I heard you were interested in what I have to offer?" I'm not one for small talk so I just handed him the picture of exactly what I wanted. "I want this done exactly as seen here and brought back to me at one o'clock sharp." The look on the vile creature's face was one of pure ignorance and shock as he looked at my intricate illustration. I sighed and opened my desk drawer and tossed the manila envelope at his feet. He opened it and when he looked inside his jaw dropped as I expected it would. It was obvious the man had never seen $500,000.00 before in his entire pathetic life. "Now I know that my expectations are very high. However, I have seen your work and I know you will get it done to my liking. However, if my needs are not met then you will have a permanent reminder of my distaste on that dense head of yours. Now get out of my house. And do me a favor and shower will you? I don't like rats in my home."


As my eyes fluttered open my mind began to race with images of last night's encounter with the paddle and cane. Right when the memories came flooding back so did the pain. My ass was sore and my feet felt cut open and raw. I tried to move my hands to rub my sore bottom but of course they were cuffed to the headboard. My legs were also cuffed and spread obscenely. My mouth was still gagged and I was used to the constant feeling of saliva dripping from the sides of my mouth. I felt a little breeze tickle my slit and I shivered. My pussy instantly began to tingle and a little knot of need began to grow inside me. It seems wrong but I was dying to touch myself; to rub my clit until I was shaking all over from the throws of an orgasm. I groaned. It was then that I heard a door click and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. Maybe if he believed I was asleep he wouldn't do anything to me. Of course that wouldn't last long but it would have to do.

It was then that I felt a warm gentle hand stroke the back of my thigh. I couldn't help but shiver. The hand instantly went to my pussy and began pumping a finger in and out. I knew my virginity was gone so there was no point in fighting it for now. "You're still so tight my delicious little slave. It was such a pleasure to pop your cherry last night." He took his finger out and moved his finger to my asshole and began teasing it with his finger. I tried to buck away from the teasing sensation. "I can't wait to take the rest of your virginities. By the time I'm done with you you'll be begging to suck my cock and bounce that slave pussy and tight little asshole up and down on my cock just wanting to milk the cum from my balls." I shivered at his words. How could he expect to fuck my ass? It's so small compared to a cock and the act alone is downright gross and degrading.

"Now you have a long and rough day ahead of you my little slave so I have a little gift for you." He obviously didn't understand that freedom was the only thing that was considered a gift to me. I heard a clicking sound as he put something around my neck. He then got up and walked over to the side my face was facing. He put a mirror far enough away that I could see clearly what was around my neck. It looked like an all pink choker with a rectangular piece protruding from the front that was encrusted with diamonds and jewels of all assortments. "Now Lily, I paid a fortune for this little piece around your neck so it will remain on you at all times. If you try to remove my present it administers a shock that will make your body quake and bring you to your knees where you belong. I also have a remote that can increase the height and time of your shock. The remote can also administer a shock when I see fit."

Now that I took a closer look I realized it was just a more intricately designed shock collar. The rage started to boil over again and I was about to burst any second. How could he put a collar on me like some animal?! My body then began to buck and spasm against my restraints as electricity coursed through my body. I bit down on the gag and drool began to pool on the sheets below me. I looked up at my captor watching down on me with distaste in his eyes. After the electrical current took its course my body was limp on the bed. All I could do was look up at my captor with pleading eyes. It seemed he understood for he smoothed my hair back, kissed my forehead and told me to go to get some rest. The last words I heard him say before he left me was: "you'll need it."


It was on the cusp of one o'clock and my patience was wearing thin. I wanted to get this over with so I could move along in my girls training. This would no doubt be the hardest part for her. The pain would be excruciating but I owned her screams of pain and soon enough I would own her screams of pleasure. I would be watching the entire process from my office and if that piece of filth touched my prized possession the wrong way there would be hell to pay. As I watched my sexy slave sleep I couldn't help but smile at her cute little form rising and falling as she breathed. It was always the little things that attracted me to Lily.

At 12:57PM the piece of garbage walked back in to my office. A part of me wished he was even a minute late so I could bust his knee caps. "Do you have what I asked for?" He then pulled out the product I asked for and I got up from my desk to inspect his handiwork. For a disgusting piece of shit I must say he did do some exquisite work. "Follow me, and if you make even one snide remark or try to pull one over on me I swear you'll never see the light of day again." When I opened the door the man's mouth dropped wide open. I could see his brown, rotting teeth as his lips turned into a smile. "Now I expect you to be swift and efficient. She should be awake in about twenty minutes so make sure she's tied tightly. I will be in my office." And with that I went to my office to view my precious little pet branded as my slave.


The first thing I heard when I woke up was a man's humming and heavy feet moving about the room. Something was off. Chase wasn't that heavy-footed. When I opened my eyes all I saw was velvety red plush carpet. How could I see the floor? Why was I not in the bed? Am I in a massage bed? Curiosity got the best of me so I tried to lift my head up to see what was going on but my head wouldn't budge. As a matter of fact none of my limbs would budge no matter how much I willed them. Something was definitely wrong and a part of me never wanted to find out what it was.


As I watched the computer screen I was praying the straps were buckled as tightly as they could. If she could move the slightest bit (and trust me she'd want to) then her body may suffer further than it had to. I looked at the filth heating up the branding iron and my eyes fixated on the glow. I wondered what Lily was thinking. She had no idea what was about to come. I tried to convince myself it might not hurt as much if she didn't suspect it coming but who was I kidding, it would hurt like hell. I didn't want to do this to her but I had to. If I didn't my business partners or associates would feel free to help themselves to her precious body and I couldn't let that happen. They always took interests in my slaves for I always had impeccable taste. However, this time was different. Lily was to wear my brand. No other slave, no matter how much they begged me was worthy of my brand in my eyes. Branding in the Organization X bylaws states that any girl who wears her Master's brand is strictly reserved for her Master unless instructed otherwise.

It was then I heard a piercing scream come from the monitor. I looked at my precious slave with wide eyes and I realized the branding iron was being pressed firmly into the flesh of the side of her right ass cheek. I could see her muscles tense and trying to fight her bonds. Her body began to break out in a sheen of sweat. Her screams began to mix with intense cries that racked her entire being. Even after the iron was removed she still screamed and cried as the burn sunk in and became a part of her and property of me. I saw the man inject her with a sedative and almost instantly her body slumped into the massage bed she was strapped to. I then sent my guards to escort the filth from my house since his job was finished. After I saw him shoved out like the trash he was I went to go inspect my lovely prize.

She was beautiful. The brand suited her well with her cute collar. It really was an intricate piece of art. I couldn't help but stare. Her flesh looked angry but I know once it healed that it would like exquisite. The brand was of a script uppercase C and the design was made to look like vines with thorns and roses. I wanted to run my hands along it but I knew it was too soon. Even though she was sedated and amidst sleep I didn't want to infect the freshly sore skin. After sitting down for awhile and admiring my pretty possession I figured I'd leave her in peace so I sent my maids to move her delicate body to the bed and set her up so she'd wake up as comfortable as possible. As I left the room I hoped she'd learn to accept and love her brand and hopefully in time learn to love me too.

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