tagNonHumanClaiming the Slayer

Claiming the Slayer


Kiara must have passed out, because when she awoke, she found herself lying naked, on her side in the center of a large elaborate bed draped with black and gold velvet covers. Warm breeze cascaded from a large squared opening of the ceiling above the bed, causing her nipples to swell. She smiled as she marveled at the beauty of the full moon, which appeared to be magnified, solely for her viewing pleasure. She gasped in awe as the moon's magical beams illuminated her beautiful mocha skin.

Propping herself up on an elbow, she gasped as she looked around the majestic bedchambers. The floors were glossy black marble with glittering gold flecks. The walls were the same. The ceilings were high, and supported with large black columns, also adorned with flecks of glittering gold swirls. She could of sworn she heard waves crashing, off in the distance, and became slightly startled as a familiar, unseen presence graced the room.

"Kiara," Ulhulrikas' voice murmured from somewhere in the large chamber. She closed her eyes as his words seemed to dance over her skin, like millions of tiny fingers, sending chills careening down her spine.

"Where am I?" She asked with ease.

"Where you want to be," Ulhulrikas' voice spoke softly to her before he appeared in a long black flowing robe. "My darling, you look beautiful under the light of the moon." He appeared to float toward her. "Even more beautiful than when you are in warrior mode," he breathed huskily.

Kiara attempted to get up until Ulhulrikas waved his hand, and some unseen force pushed her to her back, holding her fast. His black eyes began to glow with lust as her arms were drawn above her head. From nowhere, thick black silken ties slithered over her arms, tying themselves to her wrists.

"Let me go," she pleaded, suddenly knowing his true intentions.

"I cannot," he whispered." With another wave of his hand, Kiara's legs were spread wide as another set of thick black silken ties appeared, snaking themselves around her ankles, and held, by the unseen force.

Ulhulrikas shed his robe, exposing his chiseled physique to Kiara. She gulped as his large, anaconda like cock twitched, dripping with excitement at her lying sprawled naked and helpless across his bed.

"You are mine, slayer," he said, as his eyes continued to dance with sadistic lustful yearnings. "My patience wears thin, and let it be known, from this night on, I claim you as my own." He ceased his speech for a few seconds, then let out an appreciative, deep purr. Then she knew he'd scented her desire. "I positioned you in this manner so that you're completely vulnerable to me," he said with a smile that inflammed her insides.

"No!" she cried out. She almost hated him now more than ever. Squeezing her eyes shut, Kiara wanted to pummel him with all she had inside her. Secretly, deep down, she quivered with sexual excitement as her arousal dripped down alongside her thigh. "Ulhulrikas, I swear, if you don't take me back home right now, I'll rip out your black heart with my bare hands!" Her chest heaved uncontrollably, almost in time with the convulsions of her pussy. Liquid heat gathered beneath her plush ass cheeks as his incisors lengthened. His eyes now aglow, appeared to mix with the light of the moon. Mischief danced in the green orbs as a dark chest appeared on the bed.

"Relax beautiful Kiara," he murmured. "I mean you no harm," he said, opening the chest, pulling out a familiar looking sex toy. "I need to lick you, drag my fucking tongue up the inside of your luscious thighs, through your slick juices, as my beast rolls slightly to the surface," he said almost in a demonic voice.

"Oh, fuck," she mumbled and pumped her hips a few times as his sinfully sweet words triggered the start of a demanding orgasm.

"Recognize this?" he asked with a smile, as the familiar hum of her vibrator caught her attention.

"How did you?" She gritted her teeth as her body detonated into several phases of climaxes. She peered at him through hooded slits as the mind numbing sensations left her gasping for air. Damn him, for possessing the ability to get her off with mere words, and damn him for entering her home and confiscating her sex toys.

"What about this," he asked, pulling out a black gold tipped vibrator. Moonlight glinted off his fangs as he lay between sprawled mocha legs, violating her wet, wanton flesh with her own toy and his tongue.

"Uhh," Kiara moaned, then suddenly bit down hard on her own lip. This was one power struggle she couldn't afford to lose, but her body had other things in mind.

"Don't fight me, sweet Kiara," he breathed as he gently tickled her labia with the toy. Slowly, he entered her and pulled out. Gently, he continued his teasing strokes, until the entire toy disappeared inside her aching pussy. She began to shudder and squirm as Ulhulrikas' strokes became more demanding and harsh. Her deafening screams of pleasure echoed throughout the bedchambers while she arched her back, and shuddered in pleasure.

She gritted her teeth, damn near biting her tongue. "Ulhulrikas!" she belted out in fury, until the vampire bent down while he continued savagely pumping the toy in and out of her body. A thick tongue swiped at her engorged clitoris. The swelling bud threatened to burst if touched again.

"Call my name in pleasure, not anger," he hissed through gritted teeth before blowing on the tasty nubbin he planned to devour. "Do you think you're ready for me," he asked with a devilish smile. After all, we Vrukolakas are gifted with girth and length." He winked at her. "Think you're body will adequately harbor my cock," he mused, as his nose wrinkled in an animalistic way and a deep growl dredged up from his mighty chest. "I want you so bad, until it destroys me," he growled as he tossed the vibrator aside, and ascended her body.

Kiara moaned as large cool hands grasped and squeezed her breasts. Tears of pleasure formed in her eyes as she helplessly observed Ulhulrikas flicking his thick tongue across her chocolate dipped peaks.

He paused momentarily, to watch her moan in pleasure through narrowed green slits. "Say my name," he said in a deep groan. He roared with anger when she violently shook her head.

With a growl, he entered her with one swift thrust of his hips. Kiara's pussy gripped him hard, as demanding spasms violently rocked her body, milking, and clenching Ulhulrikas' cock with so much strength, he roared, pushed deep inside her, and held on for the ride. "Motherfuck!" he hissed through gritted fangs. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he groaned. His roars of pleasure slightly rocked the bedchambers, she was sure.

"Untie me!" she demanded, as she felt him swell inside her. He pumped so hard, he'd scooted her towards the head of the large bed. Immediately, the black ties loosened, and her arms and legs were free to wrap themselves around his pale, hardened body. Her cries of pleasure echoed in the room, along with his demanding howls. He plowed his cock deep inside her as their cries mingled with the hard slapping sounds of sweat laden bodies.

"Do you want me, slayer!" he hissed as he quickened his pace, and she was forced to keep up. "Answer me!" he grunted as the ground began to shake, or was it another gut wrenching orgasm he managed to invoke from her body? She wasn't exactly sure until it hit her like a locomotive, coursing along at top speed.

"Yes!" She screamed in pure unadulterated pleasure, allowing her reservations to melt away. She'd wanted this all along, for the last six months. She screamed, and licked her lips at Ulhulrikas' furious pace, while howling in pleasure at his brutal pounding and his demonic cry as he came deep inside her.

"Fuck, you're fucking insatiable!" he moaned in a deep voice, as he continued pounding into her, his hips violently jerking as another release wracked his demanding body.

Kiara howled, and thought she'd seen stars dancing before her eyes as another orgasm bolted through her body, like lightening as he found the sweetest spot on her neck, penetrating it with his fangs. Then another hit her so hard, she thought she die as she sobbed in pleasure and exhaustion.

Collapsing in a sweaty heap, Ulhulrikas wrapped his muscular arms around her tired body, possessively turning her over on her side. Although she didn't smile, somewhere deep inside, happiness bloomed from the darkness she'd held within.

"Sleep now," the vampyre commanded, making the slayer drowsy.

"What will happen when the sun rises?" she asked with concern as she wearily pointed towards the ceiling.

"I am a product of the Olympians," he murmured against the crook of her neck. "I possess the god given ability to exist in the sun. More will be revealed when you awake. Now sleep, slayer," he commanded with a simple wave of his hand.

Kiara gasped at that small bit of knowledge as her body became numb and she fell helplessly into dark slumber, at the hands of her dark lover.

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