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Claiming Toys


"Tonight you're coming home to meet Sarah," he told me over the phone as I made my way to his office for our lunch date.

I blushed and my pussy started to gush. He didn't have to tell me what that meant, I already knew. I knew it was going to be happening, I just hadn't expected it to happen so soon.

"Tonight? I'm not ready," I replied as I navigated through traffic.

"Too late. She's expecting you for dinner AND dessert," he said. I could just picture the smug look on his face. His words had their desired effect and my pussy was wetter than before.

"I'm on your block," was all I could say then I hung up the phone. I pulled up in front of the building and waited for him to come out. He would know instantly that I was turned on.

"Hello toys," he said when he got in the car. "Head to the usual place."

"Hi," was all I could utter. My mind was swirling at the implications of what he'd said on the phone. Suddenly I realized that this was the last day of preparation. As wet as I was before, I was sopping wet now.

I pulled into the motel parking lot. After I parked, he grabbed the bag he'd brought with him and we went inside. He collected the key as I waited next to the elevator. He took my hand possessively and led me to our room.

I had started shaking as it all began to sink in. After we got in the room he pulled me close, wrapping his arms around me as he kissed me softly. He whispered, "After this afternoon you'll be ready for Sarah and we will all be so much happier for it."

"I know, I think," I replied. My hands were still shaking as he undressed me and led me to the bed. I moved to the middle of the bed and wordlessly got on my hands and knees.

He smiled as he undressed. His cock was rock hard and standing proud. He ran his hand up and down it a few times before getting the huge black dildo out of the toy bag along with a tube of Anal Ease.

He coated the giant toy with the lubricant then rubbed some around my ass hole. I whimpered as he easily slipped his index finger into the hole. He massaged and stretched the tight tunnel as he told me how good it felt and how much the cock in his hand was going to stretch me.

His finger slipped out and I could feel the tip of the dildo pressed against my ass hole. He gently and slowly pushed the toy inside me with one hand as the other slipped between my legs and found my clit.

I moaned in pleasure and pain as the dildo tried to push past my sphincter. This was as far as we'd gotten and I knew today was the day it would all be jammed inside me.

The finger action on my clit intensified as he tried to distract me. He took a deep breath then pushed the dildo into me. I cried out in pain as it stretched my ass wider than it had ever been stretched.

"Oh god," I whimpered as he gently fucked me with it. "It's too much."

"You're wetter than I've ever seen you," he chuckled. "Cum for me and I'll pull it out."

I groaned as his fingers moved faster on my clit and he fucked me more with the toy. "Sarah is going to love you," he said as he slammed the dildo deep inside me and held it there.

He climbed on the bed behind me and rubbed his cock against my clit. His other hand reached across my back and grabbed a handful of hair. He pulled my head back then leaned forward.

"Cum for me toys," he ordered. I gasped as I started to cum uncontrollably. He rubbed my clit as I came and didn't stop until he felt me cum again.

When I was done he forced me to suck his fingers clean as he jerked off. It didn't take long for him to cum all over my ass and the toy still buried inside it.

When he was done he rubbed his cock in his cum and moved so he was kneeling in front of me. "I changed my mind. Get me off with your mouth, then I'll take the toy out," he said as he made sure it was still securely buried in my ass.

I whimpered as he forced his cock past my lips and into my mouth. His cock grew hard again quickly as he slowly fucked my mouth.

"Oh babe your mouth feels so good," he moaned. "So nice and warm. It will be so nice to be able to feel it whenever I want. And to know that Sarah will be always taken care of, whenever she wants. I can't wait to see her take you ... own you. Then I am going to fuck your pussy so long and hard and deep you'll be sore for days."

"I'm going to cum soon and you're going to swallow for me like a good toy."

I looked up at him and he smiled back at me.

He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth as he watched the end of the dildo bob up and down. His fingers were wrapped up in my hair, holding my head still as he fucked my mouth faster. "Yes ... yes ... YES!" he cried out as he started to cum. After the first spurt he pulled out and covered my face with the rest.

"Mmm... I am going to love using all of your holes," he said as he got off the bed to clean up and get me a washcloth. He wiped my face clean then gently removed the toy.

"Go take a shower so I can get back to work", he ordered. I took a quick shower while he washed off the toy then watched TV.

On the way back to the office he told me more about the evening's plans. "We will be expecting you around 7. You will do as you're told when you're told.

"If Sarah is pleased we will officially take ownership of you and you will finally be ours," he said. "And I will be a very happy man."

He kissed my cheek before he got out of the car. "Bye toys."

On the way home I tried to think about what he'd said but I was too distracted by how empty my ass felt with the toy no longer in it. I knew the strap-on Sarah was going to use would be bigger. He'd told me it would be the biggest he could find so there would be no doubt as to who owned me.

When I got home I headed straight for my bedroom and got undressed. I pulled out my favorite vibrator and easily slipped it inside my pussy. I was already sopping wet. I sucked on my nipple as I fucked myself with the toy.

My ass was still sore from earlier which only served to make me more turned on. I tried to imagine what would happen later. Feeling her mount me from behind as he watched, driving the huge cock into my ass ... grinding her pussy against mine as she fucked me.

As I got close to my orgasm I shoved it in as deep as I could, turned on the vibrations then rubbed my clit with my fingers. I cried out their names as I started to cum.

I laid back against my pillow, the toy still buzzing inside me as I thought about your words, "We will officially take ownership of you."

They were the most amazing words I'd heard all week. I couldn't wait until dinner.

It was soon time to go. I packed an overnight bag, took a long hot shower and got dressed. I decided to wear a long skirt, no panties, his favorite shirt and a push up bra. I added just a little make-up and did my hair. I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror but it was the best I was going to be able to do given how nervous I was.

I made my way to their house. My hands were shaking. It had been daunting enough to meet him for the first time, knowing what it would lead to. I knew he liked what he saw and wanted to own me. Sarah, however, was a completely different story.

I only knew what he'd told me about her. I'd never had any reason to meet her before. He assured me that this was something she also wanted. At first she'd been hesitant he said, but after a bit of discussion she was willing to at least meet me and see how it went. No promises.

I pulled up to their house and parked in front as I'd been told. I made my way up the walkway to the front door and rang the door bell. I could hear movement inside as someone hurried towards the door. He opened the door.

"Hello toys," he greeted with a huge smile on his face. "Cum inside.

"Sarah's putting the baby to bed and will join us shortly," he said as he led me to the living room.

I sat down on the couch and he moved to stand in front of me. He unzipped his pants and showed me his hard cock. "I will be impaling you with this later when I am claiming you as mine," he whispered.

"Oh," was all I could mutter. My pussy was soaked again and I was at a loss for words. He tucked his cock away and zipped up just before Sarah came in the room.

"Hello," she greeted. "I've heard so much about you. Please stand up and let me have a look at you."

I blushed as I stood up and slowly turned around in front of her. When I stopped she came over for a closer inspection. I stood still as she ran her fingers through my hair and cupped my breasts. She squeezed my ass then slid her hand down the front of my skirt to check how wet I was.

"She's drenched," Sarah told him then offered the fingers to me to lick clean. I quickly cleaned and lightly sucked on them. "We'll have an 'appetizer' before the pizza arrives."

I looked at him, then back to Sarah. She pulled me close and kissed me softly. Her lips were soft and wonderful feeling. I moaned softly as the kiss intensified and her hand cupped my ass cheeks, pulling me closer to her. It had been a long time since I'd kissed another woman and fireworks were going off all over my body.

Sarah walked me back towards the couch while we continued to kiss. She pushed me back onto the couch then straddled my thighs as she pulled up her shirt and bra. I gulped as she cupped them so the nipples were close together and pressed them against my lips. I had no choice but to lick and suck on them. Sarah moaned her appreciation.

He watched from the nearby rocking chair, wanting an invitation to join in but content to just watch. I saw him have to readjust his pants a few times.

Sarah moaned louder as I sucked harder on her nipples. She gasped loudly when I grazed my teeth over one.

"Gentle," she whispered. I blushed. He had told me her nipples were still a bit tender from nursing and I'd forgotten.

"I'm sorry," I replied and covered her breasts with soft kisses and licks.

Just then the doorbell rang. I stopped what I was doing, expecting Sarah to get off me while dinner was paid for. She smiled, "You weren't told to stop."

I swallowed hard as I glanced up at her then at him. He motioned for me to continue as he stood up to answer the door. I buried my face against her breasts.

"Evening," he said to the delivery guy.

"That'll be ..." there was a pause as the guy looked past him to see Sarah and me on the couch. Sarah had started grinding her mound against my thigh. He smiled and moved slightly to give the guy a better view.

"We're trying out a new toy," he told the guy as he handed him $20 and took the pizza. "Keep the change."

"Oh ... Right. Thank you," the guy stammered as he stared at us and adjusted his pants.

"Have a good evening," he said as he closed the door.

"You're a lucky bastard," the guy replied before the door closed completely.

"Put it in on the table, honey, and get plates and stuff," directed Sarah. "Then come back to see Toys get me off."

I looked up at her and she smiled back. "If you get me off now then I'll let him fuck you. If not then you will only be fucked by me with that giant dildo."

"But that's not fair," I protested. I didn't want to be responsible for him being allowed to fuck me.

"I am the boss always," she answered as she made a fist in my hair then pulled my head back against the couch. "If you want to be his toy too then you need to please me first. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am," I replied. He was watching from the doorway with a huge smile on his face.

"Get on your knees," Sarah directed as she slid off my lap. She quickly undressed and handed him her clothes to fold and set aside. She sat on the edge of the couch then leaned back as she spread her legs wide. "You can start."

I leaned forward and lightly blew air across her mound then reached up with my hands to spread her lips. She was glistening and her clit was erect. I blew air directly on her clit and she moaned.

I covered the entire area with soft kisses before I quickly licked her clit several times then went back to the kisses. He had never said how she liked to be eaten so I was on my own and pleased when my actions caused her to moan.

I completely ignored her clit as I licked all over her pussy. I would circle dangerously close then back off. She groaned his disapproval. I glanced up and saw she was playing with her breasts as she watched me.

I dipped my tongue in her pussy, scooping up some of her juices, then licked Sarah's clit hard with one long wide stroke. I pulled back slightly and blew air over her clit. She gasped in surprise at how it felt then again as I sucked hard on her clit.

"Oh yes," she gasped as I sucked hungrily on her clit. I smiled as I could feel her body tensing and switched to gentle circles around her clit.

"Go back to what you were doing, I was so close," Sarah whimpered. She was super wet when I dipped my tongue into her pussy, flicking it in and out a few times.

"Suck my clit," she demanded. I licked closer and closer but didn't touch her clit at first. I took a deep breathe then blew the air across her clit before sucking hard on it.

"Oh ... god ... yes!" she cried out as she came. I licked and sucked as she continued to orgasm only stopping when she pushed me away.

"Good girl," she cooed as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm. "Honey, clean my cum from her face to thank her for letting you fuck her later."

He kissed Sarah then helped me to stand up. He kissed me hard then licked all of Sarah's juices from my face. "Thank you Toys. I can't wait to drill you later."

"Dinner time," Sarah announced as she stood up. "Can you get my robe honey?"

He ran down the hall to the bedroom and got her robe then returned to find Sarah kissing me again. "Thank you," she said as she slipped on the robe and we all moved into the dining room.

Sarah and I sat at the dining room table while he placed a slice of pizza on our plates and poured soda into our glasses. As we ate Sarah asked questions about me, my daughter, my work and a hundred other things. I felt like I was at a job interview.

As we finished our pizza he asked Sarah if she was ready for dessert. She smiled at me and nodded her head. "Cherry popping time," he said and motioned for me to stand up and follow them.

They led me down the hall and he asked me to step into the bathroom. Sarah stood in the doorway and watched. "Undress and sit in the tub," he directed.

"Why?" I asked.

"Starting today you'll be shaved every few days," Sarah answered. "We prefer bare genitals."

"I don't ..." I said.

He interrupted. "What you did and didn't do before doesn't matter. You will do as we say, when and how we say it. You belong to us now."

I swallowed hard and did as I was told. I blushed as I removed my clothes and laid in the empty tub. He smiled as he pulled out the shaving cream and a razor. I knew he had wanted to do this for some time but had allowed me to resist as he didn't own me fully yet.

He spread my legs wide and splashed some warm water on my pussy then covered my furry mound with shaving cream. I closed my eyes as he used a new razor to carefully remove all the pubic hair from my pussy. When it was bare he washed the remaining shaving cream off with a wash cloth. Sarah leaned over the edge of the tub and ran her fingers over my hairless lips.

"Very nice," she commented. "Get out of the tub and come with me to the bedroom while he cleans up the mess."

He swatted my ass lightly as I passed him then started to clean the tub. Sarah walked down the hall to their bedroom. She pointed to the bed, "Lay down in the middle of the bed."

She picked up a bag of toys and looked in it for a moment then selected a vibrator. "Good girl. You're very good at following directions. Now let's see how good you are at cumming."

She set the vibrator on the bed next to me then took my hands and tied them to the headboard. She spread my legs wide so she could see my pussy as she toyed with my breasts, rubbing a nipple between her fingers. "You seem to like this," she commented then she picked up the vibrator. I watched helplessly as Sarah turned it on then lightly ran it across my inner thigh then propped it so it was lying against my pussy but not between the lips.

The vibrations had their intended affect and I whimpered softly. She sat down next to me and kissed me softly as her hands cupped my full breasts. I was on overload from everything that had happened and knowing what was on the agenda.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered against her lips. She smiled then kissed me harder, tugging on my nipples. I moaned loudly as my body shook and my orgasm started. Sarah pressed the vibrator between my lower lips to press it directly against my clit. I gasped as I kept cumming.

"Did you like that?" Sarah said as she looked at him in the doorway. He had a stunned look and goofy smile on his face and a huge bulge in his pants.

"Very much! I loved watching you kiss her as she came."

"Do you think she's ready for the rest?"

"Without a doubt," he answered as he came into the room. He undressed then helped Sarah out of her robe.

"Would you like to use her mouth first?" Sarah asked. I felt like I really was a toy the way they talked about using me.

"No, I think you should put on the toy and seal the deal," he replied as he caressed my breasts.

"I agree," Sarah answered. She rummaged through the bag and pulled out a strap-on with the huge dildo he had used on me earlier that day. My ass clenched remembering how it had felt inside me. He helped Sarah put it on then lubed it up before untying me and rolling me over onto my hands and knees.

Sarah got on the bed behind me and caressed my ass cheeks as the toy rested in my butt crack. He helped her guide the tip to the entrance of my ass hole and kept it lined up as Sarah moved her hips forward. She wasn't as patient as he had been and didn't stop until the dildo was firmly ensconced inside me.

He smiled as he slid under me and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. "Do you agree to give yourself to us based on the terms we have negotiated?"

"Yes," I whimpered. He lifted his hips and slammed his cock into my pussy.

"You are ours," Sarah said as she started to fuck my ass with the toy. He moved in sync with Sarah as he lifted a breast to his lips and sucked hard on the nipple.

I had never felt like this. Sarah fucking my ass with the huge dildo was nearly more than I could handle with his large cock in my pussy too. They were stretching and using me like I'd always wanted. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my thighs I was so wet.

They fucked me harder and faster as I looked down at his face. He smiled at me with a look that said, "Told you so."

"Are you going to cum for me Toys?" he asked. I nodded my response. "I didn't hear you."

"Yes," I moaned.

"Good. Then I'm going to fill you with my hot sticky cum," he replied. "When you've been filled, you're going to watch as I fuck Sarah on top of you and make her cum over and over again."

He started fucking me faster as he pulled my face closer to his just before our lips met he turned his head and bit my neck. I gasped and started to cum. He sucked hard on the flesh of my neck and left a huge hickey before shoving his cock deep inside me and filling it with his cum.

I fell against him as my pussy milked his cock and Sarah slowly slid the dildo out of my ass. It felt so empty and stretched. We laid in a pile for a few minutes as we all caught our breath. "Are you ready to get me hard again?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Get in the middle of the bed again with your hands out."

I moved into position and he retied me to the headboard. Sarah rubbed her clit as she watched him stand on the bed and press his cock still covered with my pussy juices against my lips. He moved his hips and shoved his cock into my mouth. I was incapable of doing anything to stop him as he fucked my mouth.

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