tagGroup SexClaire & the Painters Ch. 01

Claire & the Painters Ch. 01


My family had all left for the summer holidays leaving me at home alone. Mum and Dad had taken my two little brothers up north for a few weeks, and my older brother John had gone overseas with some friends from uni. I had been left to look after the house, and my parents had given me a generous housekeeping budget. They did, however, want me to get the house painted while they were gone.

The two painters came over one day to quote for the job, a couple of reasonably trim guys, wearing their shorts in the hot weather. I showed them around the house, told them we wanted all the exterior walls, fascias, verandah posts and door and window frames painted, and left them to it.

I was spending every night I was home alone downloading porn, although that wasn't too often -- sluts never have too much trouble finding company. The night before, I had found a photo series of a woman seducing three painters when she brought them coffee. Its topicality struck me at the time, but I didn't think about it much, and certainly hadn't laid any plans to try something similar myself. However, I was feeling mischievous, and saw a chance to reserve some of my budget for clothes.

I changed into my bathers, slung a towel over my shoulder and went out to the boys on the verandah. I asked how they were getting on, and as they undressed me with their eyes they told me they'd measured up about half the house. I told them to come and find me in the pool when they wanted me, then walked off to the pool, imagining them staring at my arse, the thought turning me on a little.

About five minutes later I surfaced by the side of the pool to find Nick squatting at the edge. I realised I could actually see up the leg of his shorts to where his cock was nestled against his thigh. He handed me the towel as I climbed out of the water. I invited the guys to sit by the pool and write up a quote while I went inside to get us some drinks.

The three of us were sitting around the circular table with our drinks -- lemonade for me, beer for Harry and orange juice for Nick -- when I laid out my proposal to them. Basically I would pay for materials if they would accept sexual favours for their labour. I was prepared to give them a blow job each every day they showed up. In addition, since they could start that Friday, I would be their slut all night after they finished for the day, and once again when the job was done.

When I pointed out that I wasn't setting a limit on the number of days they could work they started to waver. Then I mentioned that being a bit of a tart, I was likely to want them more often than our agreement called for. Finally I stood up, untied my top and offered to pay them for their time spent on the quote.

I discarded my top and dropped to my knees between their seats as they relented, and fished their hard dicks out of their shorts. Standing, they took their cocks in their hands, and I wrapped my arms around a leg each as I lapped enthusiastically at the proffered organs, my mouth wide open as I ran my tongue freely over the glistening heads. Varying the pace, I dove onto Nick's pole, bobbing my head a little as he bucked his hips, trying to go deeper. My left hand wandered from his buttocks to his balls, my fingertips tenderly brushing his hairy skin. With my right hand I pulled on Harry's shaft, pressing the warm flesh of his dick to my cheek, rubbing it against my face, smearing myself with the slippery fluid seeping from it.

I popped Nick's knob from between my lips, took a deep breath, and engulfed Harry's cock in my mouth as Nick began to grind himself against my face. I could feel his pre-cum matting my hair as I lavished attention on his mate's straining erection.

As I relinquished Harry's dick I changed the pace again, and began to service my two tradesmen lick for lick, first one, then the other. I pecked kisses on the very end of their cocks, swirled my tongue once around the head, slid all the way down and up again with my lips gripping their shaft, and licked all the way from balls to head.

Then I took Nick into my mouth again, but this time I slipped him down my throat. Harry started to rub himself through my hair again. Just when Nick thought I was through with him, I stuck out my tongue and licked his balls with his shaft buried in my mouth to the hilt, a trick I love to use if guys aren't too big. I slid up his prick as slowly as I could, rippling my tongue against his shaft, and then turned to give Harry the same treatment.

As I started on Harry, Nick stepped closer to me. Now he was standing with his legs either side of my shoulder, as he slowly bucked his hips, rubbing his cock over my face and through my hair. When I had worked my way down and up Harry's prick, I grabbed it by the base, holding it so I had the two cockheads right in front of my lips. I stuck my tongue out and moved my head in figures of eight to lick all around the two boys' organs, and felt Nick's ankle push against my soaking crotch. I ground my hips, humping against his leg like a horny dog.

Once more I bobbed my head all the way down Nick's cock, pressing my nose hard into his pubic hair as I tried to get his cock as far back in my mouth as possible. I pulled off him, gasping for breath, and a mixture of my saliva and his juices drooled from my lips, hanging in thick strings between his organ and my mouth before they dropped onto my breasts. I turned to give Harry the same treatment, but he was ready for me and began to thrust, gently at first. I rocked into him, matching his movements. He didn't lay his hand on my head, as many guys would, and I enjoyed the feeling of willingly, even eagerly, having my mouth fucked.

Soon my chest was drenched in slippery drool, and I leaned back. The boys took one breast each, and began to rub against it, their lubricated shafts sending thrills through me as they slipped over my nipples. Both hands were buried in my lap, my fingers flying deftly over my labia. As I neared orgasm I brought my left hand behind me, sliding a slick finger into my arse as I began to writhe and moan.

Between that orgasm and the next I slipped another finger up my backside and sucked quickly on the proffered dicks, swapping quickly between them. As my moans subsided to whimpers for a second time the guys took a half step back and started to wank hard. I took my right hand from my crotch and licked it slowly, savouring my juices, as I gave the boys a smouldering glance.

"Lick the other one," encouraged Nick, and so I did, sucking the fingers I had just pulled from my arse. I was thankful I had showered before the boys had arrived, so the experience wasn't as unpleasant as it could have been. The first stream of cum struck my hand and splashed over my lips. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, but very little of the flying ejaculate actually landed on it, most of it striking my nose and cheeks.

When the boys were done they wiped themselves clean in my hair, and I smiled up at them, squinting a little into the setting sun.

"Ah, this is the life...The warm sun on my tits, your warm cum on my face...You guys had better take all three weeks to paint the house."

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