tagLesbian SexClaire Gets a Surprise

Claire Gets a Surprise


Claire was an attractive, curvaceous 22 year old who also happened to be a virgin. In college she had gotten involved with the group SaGA (Sexuality and Gender Activism). Her gender confusion reached fever pitch and, consequently, being paralyzed by her inability to decide what gender she was, she ended up never having sex with anyone. Naturally, as any healthy woman would do, she masturbated regularly, which at least kept her hormones in check.

Now she was out of college, and working as a barista. She was still gender-confused, but of late she had reacquainted herself with an old kinky behavior that she had engaged in during high school: she liked to masturbate in public, in a place with minimal risk, but just enough chance of being caught to make the experience highly charged, and thus highly erotic.

Claire awoke on a warm, somewhat overcast Spring morning, on her day off, which happened to be Tuesday. She was feeling particularly horny, and decided to visit her favorite public place for masturbation: a local park, recently remodeled, with beauty all around. There was a delightful area with a small decorative pedestrian footbridge overlooking a bubbling brook. It was ideal for her purposes, as it was quite off the beaten path, and on an overcast Tuesday morning, there was unlikely to be anyone in the park at all, and certainly not anywhere near the bridge.

She showered, then dressed in jeans, a light print sweater, and sneakers. She packed some tissues in her pocket, brought a blanket to sit on, and made her way to the park. As expected, no one was there except a few workers at the entrance, far away from the bridge. She meandered along, checking for people along the way. Upon arriving at the bridge, she stood at the railing overlooking the brook, feeling at once content with the beauty around her, and excited by the prospect of what was to come. Once more she surveyed in all directions to be sure of privacy, and then placed the blanket on the wooden floor of the bridge, the tissues next to her, and sat down, with her back against the wooden railing. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of clean, fresh air, and felt elated.

Slowly she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She slowly slid her hand down in to her panties and began to massage herself. She always liked to take her time in this situation, to enhance the arousal. She rubbed calmly and deliberately. She never tired of the touch of her fingers against her clit (yes she loved her Magic Wand, but they were two completely different experiences, each with its own particular spell). Massaging up and down, then in a figure eight, she savored the steadily growing arousal. She lifted her bottom off the blanket, enhancing the delightful feeling. Sitting back down, she pressed herself against her hand, and against the railing, tightening muscles that pulsed with excitement.

Claire had always been careful, but today she was feeling a higher need for risk. She wanted to massage her breasts, but with no clothes between her and her body. She glanced around the four corners, and seeing no one, she slowly pulled her sweater over her head, and placed it beside her. She then removed her sports bra, her ample breasts spilling out. Who cared if she was caught? She was lonely and this gave her a respite from that loneliness.

The feel of the warm spring air against her nipples made them instantly hard. She took one hand and began massaging a nipple, and with the other hand continued to stroke slippery clit. Reaching a higher level of arousal, breathing deeply, she couldn't help herself: she unzipped her jeans further, and pulled them down to her ankles, followed closely by her thong. She was now naked except for the jeans restraining her feet. She spread her legs widely apart. The air felt oh so good against her naked body.

More massaging and stroking, more manipulation of breasts and nipples. This was good, really good. Claire felt free and alive. She had no interest in rushing the process. A slow and prolonged orgasm was always the best, and with the fresh air all around, this was going to be one of the best orgasms of her life.

Out of habit, she once more scanned the horizon, and, finding no one around, she closed her eyes and concentrated. She thought of all the sexual experiences that she could have had in college if only she had been more open to it. Disembodied penises and pussies floated in her head, charging her inner engine further.

She was exceptionally wet, and her rubbing fingers elicited a squishing sound, which was not the least bit unpleasant.

She was rhythmically vibrating and swaying freely, about half way to her climax, when she heard a woman say, "Hi".

Claire panicked, and without looking at the source of the voice, leaped up from her sitting position, grabbed her sweater and bra, and attempted to run. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that she was bound at the ankles by her jeans. She tried to take a step, and fell face forward, rather hard, contacting the wooden bridge floor first with her knees, then her hands, breasts, and finally her forehead, with a sickening crack. She saw stars and could not move.

The woman ran over, reached down to touch Claire's back, and said, "Are you all right? I'm so sorry. I only meant to surprise you, not scare the bejezus out of you". She proceeded to turn Claire over, her naked body now fully exposed. There was a small dribble of blood on her forehead. The woman grabbed a tissue from Claire's stash, and placed it gently on Claire's forehead to absorb the blood, and wiped it clean. Claire was more dazed than hurt, but as her senses returned, she was mortified by what was going on. She looked up to see a splendid female form of about 25, with a beautiful face, long auburn hair, and penetrating eyes. She was dressed similarly to Claire.

"Oh my God. Thank you for your help, but I am as embarrassed as I've ever been, so you'd better go before you say anything else, so I can recover a tiny bit of my dignity."

The other woman laughed. "Before I go, let me tell you a couple of things, and if you then want me to leave, I will. My name is Tyler. My father wanted a boy, and instead he got a lesbian. He had difficulty with it, but basically accepts me for what I am. He does not understand the complexity of gender issues. Now, shall I leave?"

Claire was stunned. It was like listening to herself talk during a SaGa meeting. She relaxed a tiny bit. "Could I at least pull up my jeans?". Tyler laughed again, and helped Claire up. Claire was still a bit woozy, and had to lean on Tyler. Tyler moved Claire over to the blanket, reached down to pull her thong up (oh, how nice that felt), and then her jeans, which she gently buttoned and then sat Claire down on the blanket. Claire felt as though in a dream, while at the same time still feeling very sexually charged. She had no desire to put her bra or sweater on, and remained proudly displaying her exceptionally well proportioned breasts. She could see that Tyler was staring at them. Well, afterall, she was a lesbian, so why not?

Claire said, "So, you didn't leave me, and you were kind in my moment of panic and humiliation, and didn't judge me. I owe you a deep thank you. My name is Claire. Despite your ministrations, I hope never to see you again, although I must admit that I'd rather you stay just for now, while I recover."

Tyler laughed again. "Re-covering is not exactly what you are doing, or your sweater would be back on by now. Your breasts are oh so fine, and I love the hard erect nipples. Never seeing you again is not what I had in mind, especially as I've already seen so much of you. Claire, you seem to be a delightfully quirky woman with a kink that perfectly dovetails with my own. You are also beautiful and I am very attracted to you. Might I suggest that you resume your previous activities, while I sit across from you, doing the same?"

Now this was something that, in all of Claire's fantasies, never once occurred to her. But she instantly felt a twinge in her pussy, telling her that she actually liked the idea, no, loved the idea. How to appear less than thoroughly eager?

"Are you sure this is such a good idea? If you found me, someone else might find us."

Tyler replied, "Not likely. I've been lurking here for an hour, hoping to catch just such a sight as you, naked, doing what I, too, love best to do. I have not seen a single soul passing even remotely close to this bridge. While you are an exhibitionist, I, on the other hand, am both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. This is why I say our kinks perfectly dovetail. What do you say to my proposal?"

Claire could no longer restrain her enthusiasm, and responded, "What the heck. I can't exactly erase the image of my body sprawled naked on the deck, that is no doubt permanently embedded in your brain, so why not?"

"Great", said Tyler. "I have no blanket, so I'm going to remove my jeans and panties to sit on". And she proceeded to remove her sneakers, her jeans, and her panties, without the slightest embarrassment, which gave Claire a jolt of satisfaction and admiration. Claire was surprised to see that Tyler had a shaved pussy. Yes, that was a very popular look, but Claire had never quite been able to bring herself to jump on that bandwagon.

Tyler sat across from Claire, on her jeans, spread her legs, and gave Claire a full unobstructed view of her obviously wet pussy. This excited Claire a great deal. She stood up, pulled her jeans and thong down, and this time, she removed her sneakers first, so that she could fully remove her jeans and thong, as Tyler had done. She was now completely naked again, and frankly, feeling great.

They stared at each other, and both began to stroke. They smiled at each other, closely examining each other's important body parts. Claire was pretty far along already, and the extra excitement of being watched made her mount to a frenzy in short order. Tyler was not far behind, as apparently she had been watching Claire for some minutes. Clearly Tyler was enjoying the experience, shaking involuntarily, and getting a glazed look in her eyes.

Just before Claire seemed to be about to cum, Tyler said, "Claire?" Claire reluctantly stopped, and with some annoyance said, "Once again you have impeccable timing. Why are you stopping me?"

"I'm sorry, Claire. It's just that my apartment is 2 blocks from here, and I thought perhaps we could move to a more private venue, and explore some other activities best done behind closed doors. Let's see what comes of it, so to speak."

Claire laughed. Her mind was racing. She liked the idea. "OK", she said.

Both women got up. Tyler crossed the bridge, took Claire's hand, and kissed her deep and long. Claire returned the kiss, with deep tonguing. She reached between Tyler's legs and slid her hand back and forth along the wetness. Tyler pushed her hand gently away and said "not here". She took Claire's hand in hers, licked her own wetness, smiled, and together they walked away.

They were at Tyler's apartment in 10 minutes, having said barely a word to each other on the way. Upon reaching the apartment, Tyler inserted the key, and entered, followed by Claire. Tyler softly closed the door behind them.

Thus began a deep and abiding friendship. BTW, from the moment the door closed, Claire never again suffered from gender confusion. Tyler and Claire did, from time to time, return to the bridge to relive the good old days. Ah, what we do for love.

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