tagLoving WivesClaire Meets Tom

Claire Meets Tom


Claire and I had been married for twenty years. We are a conventional and happy couple with many friends and with a happy lifestyle. Our two children are at university and so, after many years of hectic family life, we at last have the house to ourselves. We are not particularly well off financially but we have had a happy life together.

Claire at 42 is a tall, well built girl with good strong shoulders and well rounded hips supporting well curved buttocks. She has a very good posture and a lovely face with a few gentle laugh lines, enhanced by full lips covering straight teeth. Her generous lips are made for kissing! But her most striking attributes are her breasts. These are firm and well rounded; they are not enormous at 36 C, but they stand as proud and firm as those of a young girl, but with large areola and good size nipples that harden rapidly when aroused.

After twenty years it is true that our love live had become somewhat stagnant. But we were a carefree couple who enjoyed indulging in some erotic activity. For example, I knew that Claire was proud of her body and that she was not adverse to allowing a discrete display to a stranger. She wore low cut tops, often leaving a couple of buttons undone on tight blouses; and tight well cut skirts, dresses or trousers. This had never bothered me. On the contrary, it gave me a thrill to see other men admiring her figure, and if one got the chance to look down her chest I had often started to get erect.

She certainly had not held back when we had once played strip poker with friends. She was on a loosing streak and, much to the excitement of the other players this had resulted in her discarding all her clothes except for her bra and panties. It was exciting watching my wife, almost naked in front of these four male colleagues. There was silence in the room as she lost the next hand. Another item of clothing would have to go. My cock was solid as the dealer stood and announced. "You know the rules, Claire."

She looked apprehensive as he went behind Claire's chair, slipped his hands over her bra encasing erect nipples, then unclasped her bra at the back. He pushed the straps down and removed it from her arms. Claire was blushing and coy as she crossed her arms over her now naked breasts. The dealer took both wrists holding them up above her head. Her magnificent breasts were now on display to all. But it was all in fun and the evening finished quietly shortly thereafter. It had excited me tremendously seeing my wife displayed like that to my friends. That night, as we made love, I commented on the boldness of the dealer. I asked her if she would have minded if he had touched her naked breasts. She sighed but did not reply. As I entered her I told her quietly that I would not have minded had he done so. She rose her vagina up to me as she breathed deeply. I pushed in hard sheaving my cock as I whispered that she had better play her cards more carefully next time or her naked breasts would be handled by all the players present. She moaned at the thought and the resultant lovemaking was spectacular for both of us!

From then on I fantasised about watching another man handle my lovely wife's breasts. I would often close my eyes and envisage that dealer kneading her breasts to the encouragement of the other players who would then also join in. I would go hard thinking about the possible scene as I stroked my cock. Perhaps, I thought, she could be persuaded to go even further. Perhaps one of the men would be rough on her breasts and force her to touch his hard cock. But there was no next time.

A few months later a bachelor friend of mine, Tom, had been invited to our house. After supper, where a lot of wine had been consumed, we returned to the sitting room where he made a point of sitting next to Claire on the sofa, leaving me in a chair facing them. I knew that he fancied her and, during the evening over supper he had showered her with attention, ensuring that the conversation always included her. She had enjoyed the flirtation and had occasionally deliberately lent down when serving him so that he could fully see her cleavage. Occasionally he had touched her shoulder or her hand but these seemed to be friendly gestures with no sexual intent.

Later, in the sitting room, as the conversation flowed I saw his hand come to rest on her knee. I knew then that something was going to happen. After all it was somewhat unusual for a man to place his hand on a friend's wife's knee and leave it there! Maybe it was not anything sensual but, on the other hand, maybe it was. Maybe Tom would want to touch her further? My cock started to stiffened. Shortly Claire excused herself, patted Tom's thigh and got up to go to bathroom upstairs next to our bedroom. The magic of the moment had been broken. I went to the kitchen to retrieve another bottle of wine in the hope of keeping the party going. I was desperate to see how it would develop. On my return Tom said that he would need a pee and I directed him to the cloakroom downstairs as I filled our glasses. Claire returned and joined me. I smiled at her as she entered. "You are a bad girl letting Tom put his hand on your knee," I said.

Unexpectedly, she came to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. She whispered in my ear: "I know. I nearly removed my bra and knickers just now."

"Oh, God." I choked.

"I thought that you would have liked that," she whispered again as she kissed me. My cock twitched.

I kissed her on the lips. "If you had I would have had to take my belt to you."

"Oh," she whispered. "Naughty thoughts need punishment, don't they?"

Tom returned to the room. He sat on the sofa again and made a remark at how lovee dovee we were as Claire extracted herself from my arms.

I gave Claire the bottle and asked her to put it back in the fridge to keep cool. She looked at me questioningly, took the bottle and turned to go to the kitchen. As she was leaving I spoke: "And darling...,"

She turned and looked at me. "Yes?"

"Leave both those other things out there as well."

"Oh, er... OK." she stammered. "I ... er.." I smiled at her and she left the room.

I returned to my chair and continued chatting to Tom.

The small changes to her dress were initially barely noticeable as she returned. The soft linen white blouse was in tact, although three buttons were now undone at the front instead of two, and it was now loose over the skirt whereas before it had been tucked into the flowery short summer skirt. Hardly noticeable. I didn't think Tom noticed. But I knew she had done it. In confirmation her breasts bounced as she walked across the room. As she passed the light stand the full shape was silhouetted through the translucent materiel. God, she looked good. She held her head high and pushed her shoulders back as she returned to sit next to Tom again. I could now see her nipples which were obviously excited.

Soon we were all chatting and laughing as if the interlude had not taken place. Once again his hand went to her knee. I was entranced and found it difficult to concentrate on the conversation as I watched that hand. Shortly, to emphasise some point he was making, he removed the hand to gesticulate, only to replace it a moment later. But this time it was half way up her naked thigh at the hem of her skirt. I gulped. My God. I watched as her hand covered his, gripping it. Was she holding him from advancing further, or was she encouraging him? My heart was pounding in my chest. I was unable to speak. The conversation died. He looked at me with a smile on his face. I remained silent. Claire also looked at me. Her nipples were now very prominently sticking out through her blouse. He must have noticed them? What should I do? They were both looking for me to react. My cock hardened.

Tom removed his hand from under Claire's. Nonchalantly he scratched his chin, and as his arm returned he raised an eyebrow at me as his fingers then gently brushed up and down the front of Claire's blouse. He returned his hand to her thigh. She gasped. My cock jerked. He could have been removing a piece of fluff from her chest, but we all knew that there was no fluff. It had been a deliberate move to make contact with her hard nipples.

I gulped. What should I do? I could stop this now and part of me wanted to do so; but the temptation to do nothing and let events take their course won. Claire was flushed and breathing hard. Tom continued smiling at me. Still nothing was said. His hand was now gripping her thigh and was moving up and down it.

I knew what I wanted. But I couldn't tell them.

I stood on shaking legs and went to the sofa. I eased her dress up and, to my delight, Claire's vagina was naked as I had expected it to be. It was now visible to us both. His hand moved to her slit and his fingers got to work. I went to the back of the sofa, placed my hands on Claire's breasts kneading her nipples through the material of her blouse. They were already standing proud. Tom watched my hands as I slowly undid all the buttons and eased the blouse open. Tom licked his lips and stared at the naked breasts no more than six inches in front of his face. Claire was breathing hard. I held both her arms up as the dealer had done a few weeks previously. I held them with one hand and with the other I held her left breast up from the bottom, easing the nipple with my fingers towards Tom's face. Tom leaned forward and kissed the naked nipple. He needed no further encouragement, sucking the nipple while massaging the other breast fiercely with his free hand.

After several minutes of heavy petting I let go of her arms. I spoke gently: "Claire, hold Tom's cock," I told her. She looked at me, and immediately started to caress his cock which was visibly straining in his trousers. She undid his belt and top button then eased the zip down. Shortly she had his growing cock in her hands.

I watched them closely as the two of them caressed each other avidly. After a couple of minutes I saw that his cock was now fully enlarged, sticking up from his crotch. Her hands continued caressing it. I noticed that it was a good size, probably thicker and slightly longer than mine. I desperately wanted to see it enter her. I took her hand, pulled her up telling her to kneel on the sofa. I guided her to bend over the back. I lifted her skirt again this time to expose her naked buttocks to him. I pushed her legs apart.

"Fuck her Tom. Fuck her hard," I told him. "I will hold her for you," I added as I held her waist and the bunched up skirt.

"Oh, God no," whimpered Claire as she turned her head and looked me in the eye. But she remained in position sticking her bottom out further.

Tom needed no further encouragement. His penis was as rigid as a walking stick with an enlarged smooth lump at its head. In its fully erect state it was significantly larger than I had first thought. He moved behind her rubbing the helmet over her labia. Shortly he pushed it in through the entrance of her vagina. After a couple of attempts he was still having difficulty, but soon the head was inside her. He pushed and then eased out. The head was covered with secretion. Claire cried out. I slapped her buttocks. He pushed in to her again and this time half of it was consumed. Three more thrusts and he was fully home. Claire sighed deeply and then moaned gently while raising her buttocks in time to receive his thrusts.

My heart pounded. Tom pumped hard. Claire was matching his actions by pushing her bottom out to him and in less than a minute Claire was crying out as she climaxed. Almost immediately I saw his buttocks clench. He pushed deeper. He then held still. He moaned as I knew that his seed was filling my Claire. A few moments later he withdrew the now floppy but still large penis from her labia. Spunk seeped out of her vagina. She turned and hugged Tom. "That was wonderful," she said.

Tom held her tight and turned to look at me. "It's OK," I said to him.

"Wow," he replied. "Wow, wow, wow." he laughed. We all laughed.

"Goodnight, Tom," I said deliberately to bring the situation to a close. Tom turned to go to his room. I helped Claire up the stairs. She wanted to go to the bathroom but I stopped her and pushed her gently onto the bed. In moments my mouth was between her legs and my tongue was working on her. I licked her clean as she cried out. After a couple of minutes of sustained licking she had an enormous orgasm, causing more secretion for me to clean.

Afterwards, as we laid in bed, Claire said that she was deeply shocked by my behaviour. But she kissed me tenderly and thanked me. "It was wonderful; and you were so masterful," she told me. I gently made love to her feeling the silky smooth wet vagina easily accommodate me.

Before we went to sleep she turned and kissed me. "Was I naughty?"

"Oh, yes," I replied as I kissed her little nose. "Very naughty." I paused. "I will take the belt to you tomorrow..."

She shivered. "Oh, God, no!"

"Yes, ...In the morning, ...before Tom goes."

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